Where To Put A Desk In A Bedroom

Regardless of your home's size, you may need a space to do your work or designate as your child's homework area. This space can often be found in a bedroom, although that may not always be your first choice.

Bedrooms are already full of furniture, and placing a desk here is often troublesome due to a lack of space. However, the right bedroom desk can be a perfect solution if placed in an optimal location.

You need to identify a part of the room where you can be productive, avoid distractions, and not feel cramped. Here are a few convenient and functional places to put your bedroom desk.

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Next to Your Bed

Traditional bedroom design
Traditional bedroom design

If adding more furniture is an issue in your bedroom, consider placing a small desk next to your bed. It can serve you both as a nightstand and as a workspace. On the end closest to the bed, place a lamp for late-night reading or to brighten up your workspace on overcast days. On the other end, place a small organizer to keep your pens, pencils, clips, and other office supplies close at hand.

Across from Your Bed

Scandinavian bedroom design
Scandinavian bedroom design

If your bed is snug up against one wall, consider placing your bedroom desk across from it on the opposite wall. This is a way to divide the room into a sleep zone and a work zone.

Add a bulletin board or whiteboard above the desk and a few shelves. Several small desks come with drawers or even shelves to store everything you need in one compact area. However, avoid too much clutter, especially if this is the space you first see upon waking each morning. You don't want to start the day with anxiety over unfinished work.

Tucked in a Corner

Angled corner desk
Angled corner desk

Corners are ideal spots for a bedroom desk and designated workstation. You have some fun options when it comes to the shape of your desk, including angled corner desks and L-shaped desks, which provide extra space to spread out your work papers or add a second monitor.

The only potential downside to placing a desk in a corner is facing a bare wall is making you feel disconnected and even lonely. Add inspirational decor, including artwork and shelving for plants. Create a comfortable nook area that you can't wait to get to each day.

Situate on an Angle

If staring at a wall, even if it is decorated, bothers you, consider placing your bedroom desk at an angle. Instead of facing the wall, position the desk facing outward into the room with a chair against the wall or even backed into a corner. If you have a built-in bookshelf, angle your desk near it to provide instant space for needed work supplies.

Modern bedroom design
Modern bedroom design

By facing outward into the room, you may feel less isolated and be more productive. As a bonus, this type of desk setup will also be a benefit when serving as a background for any online meetings where participants can see you and your work area.

Up Against a Window

With natural light streaming in, and a view of nature or your neighborhood, setting up a desk against a window is an ideal solution. Being able to see out in the world keeps you connected and also brightens your mood.

Bedroom desk against the window
Bedroom desk against the window

The opposite effect can also occur, however. If there is a lot of movement outside your window, you may be distracted from your work. This is something you'll need to weigh into your decision when considering if a desk against a window is a good option.

At the Foot of Your Bed

The foot of your bed is often lost space in many bedrooms. Consider adding your bedroom desk here if it doesn't disrupt the traffic flow in the room. Treat it like you would a console at the back of a sofa.

Ensure you close your laptop and keep clutter at bay by using the desk drawers so you won't see so many work reminders upon waking.

Create a Closet Workspace

Do you have a small closet in your bedroom you can use as a workspace? A closet is like having bonus space in your bedroom. You can get creative by placing a desk and various shelves throughout the tiny room.

As long as you have another place to hang clothes and store other items, you'll be pleased with your converted workspace.

You can either leave your closet open when not working, with the chair tucked under the desk, or you can close it off, hiding it from view.

Make it Portable

If space in your bedroom doesn't allow for a permanent workstation, consider adding a desk on wheels. A portable desk or cart can be moved from room to room or tucked to the side at night when not in use. Look for one with storage options so you can keep your work supplies together, so they are easy to find.

Portable computer desk on wheels
Portable computer desk on wheels

Use a Wall-Mounted Unit

For tiny bedrooms, a full-sized desk may not be an option due to a lack of space. You can set up a temporary workspace by installing a wall-mounted Murphy desk that can accommodate your laptop during work hours then fold up against the wall when you are done for the day.

Floating desk
Flaoting desk

You can enhance the workspace's functionality by adding a series of floating shelves to store office essentials and keep slimline plastic containers under your bed for printers, copy paper, and other bulky items. Disguise the appearance of the containers by adding a valance to the base of your bed frame.

The Wrap Up

Creating a workspace in a bedroom can easily be done with a small desk and a touch of imagination. Try placing a desk temporarily in one of these areas to see how you adjust and whether the space is functional. If you have more space available, you can even move it around several times until you find the perfect solution.

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