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The right gaming computer desk enhances a user’s computer gaming experience. Computer gaming enthusiasts have various needs that can’t be addressed by regular tables or desks. If you’re a serious gamer yourself, you’ll need an elaborate setup not just to handle the enhancements you’ve given to your gaming console, but also to be able to sit and play comfortably for hours.

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As not all PC gaming desks are made equal, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best ones that could provide you the functionality you deserve and the most bang for your buck.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 gaming computer desks for sale online:

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic, the maker of the famous 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro, is a household name in the gaming furniture industry. Its most well-known product is one of the most affordable gaming station computer desks on our list. Affordability is not its selling point. However, its stylish, unique design has been thoughtfully executed to address the most common needs of gamers.

We're talking about durable steel construction, carbon fiber top, built-in wire management, controller stands, under-the-desk basket, and so much more! Atlantic is the preferred custom gaming desk manufacturer of serious gamers and it's easy for us to see why. It's also worth noting the fact that it's garnered almost 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

A sleek gaming station computer desk that features a fiberboard top secured on tough steel framework, it's one of the most sought-after desks of gamers. What's amazing isn't the variety of colors you can choose from, but the height adjustable feature that makes this an ergonomic, convenient, and comfortable surface for playing!

Measuring 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches, it's a large surface that will allow you to mount up to three monitors across the table. It also lets you keep other components and accessories close at hand and loaded on the desk without fearing possible breakage or erosion.

If you're on the lookout for a cheap gaming desk that's also elegant, simple-looking, and hardcore, this one's worth considering.

Bernardina Gaming Computer Desk

Bernardina Gaming Computer Desk

Bernardina Gaming Computer Desk, a small gaming desk, can easily be mistaken as boring with its simple design. However, its space usage and features provide efficiency and organization. It comes with the necessary storing components gamers need.

The design of this four-legged table gives it its symmetry and sturdiness. It's also responsible for balancing the heavy weighted desk that's made of PVC. There's enough space for you to mount your gaming set including several consoles, accessories, and of course, a couple of monitors.

There's also plenty of space available for your speakers. As a bonus, it's easy to put together, which means you can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience much sooner!

DXRacer Gaming Desktop

DXRacer Gaming Desktop

The DGD/1000/NR Newedge Edition Gaming Desktop is from DXRacer, a brand that's known for creating ergonomic gaming chairs. Fortunately for us gamers, the company finally released the perfect wooden gaming desk to pair with their famous chairs.

One of your first thoughts when seeing the desk for the first time is it has a masculine design with a bit of slope. Its frame is constructed using solid steel to offer a solid base, so the entire unit is capable of storing several consoles, multiple monitors, a keyboard, and other gaming accessories. There's definitely plenty of space for storage with this PC gaming desk.

Of course, you can't expect any less from a manufacturer with experts knowledgeable on crafting the best gaming setup.

Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

Do you want maximum desktop space without crowding up your game room? Who are we kidding here? Of course, you do! This l shaped computer desk's space-saving design and generous desktop space give you all the desk features that you didn't think you actually need. The amount of space you get to enjoy is not even the best part of this gaming computer desk for multiple monitors, but its sturdy frame that neither shakes nor wobbles!

The frame of the piece is made of pure steel with a stunning finish. You won't need to concern yourself about running short on space as it can definitely allow you to mount every single component of your PC/gaming setup. There's even extra room so you can add more!

Burch L-Shape Desk

Gaming Computer L-Shape Desk

The sixth product on our top 10 gaming desks list is from Latitude Run, the Burch L-Shape Desk. As its name suggests, the unit is built like an L-shape. It's produced with durable metal for the two-tone trestle bases and black tempered glass for the top, which gives this desk a classy touch and luxurious feel.

The L-shape offers the desk an excellent size that can sit two to three monitors. A distinct advantage you can enjoy with this specific product is its shape, which allows it to be a corner gaming desk. Depending on your room's available space, you can let the unit sit in one corner to make excellent use of space or let it be your game room's focal point as it sits at the center of the room.

Computer Table Writing Desk with BIFMA Certification

Computer Table Writing Desk

Need's 63-inch computer desk comes with the simplest of desk designs. Although the unit doesn't catch your attention compared to other gaming desks on our list, you can't deny the fact that it’s handsome as it’s constructed using solid 1.22 mm thick metal frame. Also, the top's generous size allows you to have a spacious, straightforward workstation, stripped with no fuss at all.

This 63-incher also comes with a height-adjustable feature to cater to your specific needs. This is an attractive feature for gaming desks as it allows different users to utilize the desk without experiencing any strains or aches.

It's flawless, offers quick assembly, and comes with a top that's anti-scratch and waterproof. This one's a good deal that's hard to resist.

Z-Shaped Gaming Desk Table

Gaming Computer Desk

As for this desk, it’s made with the needs of gamers in mind. As you switch off your room's lights, a spark inside you will light up and you're whisked into a hardcore game setting with FICMAX's signature Cool Fighting Ambiance Lighting, added to the sides of your new desk.

As for its frame, you get to enjoy a stable structure from its Z-shape and steel rod framework construction. Weighing approximately 64 lbs., it's strong, sturdy, plus it guarantees the best gaming experience.

We've had the privilege to test out the desk ourselves, and we've managed to place two large monitors plus two side speakers on the tabletop. With all that, it still has space for a couple more accessories. It's not the cheapest, but the unit justifies its price really well.

Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

Tribesigns produced a contemporary style gaming desk with this Modern L-Shape unit. As it has an elegant and modern silhouette, it can be used by anyone anywhere, may it be at home or in an office. The top is made of manufactured wood that's environmentally safe, and it sits on a rugged but reliable steel frame with a mechanical design.

It may be a no-fuss desk, but it comes with features that are ergonomic and convenient. We're talking about the adjustable leg pads that keep the entire table's structure stable even when it sits on an uneven floor; the abundant top surface that can be credited from its L-shape; and the CPU stand that ensures your CPU gets sufficient protection from scratches and spills. All these are combined purposely by the manufacturer to offer gamers with an option that has a professional look and sense to it.

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

 Glass L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

A sought-after contemporary glass gaming desk, the Belaire Glass Corner/L-shape Desk is certainly a thing of beauty. In fact, its aesthetics is more suited for professional offices. Don't mistake it for a regular desk though as this one comes with features that only gamers can appreciate like the sliding keyboard tray, steel frame, legs, and rim that are made for solidity, pure tempered glass top, and shelf for gaming accessories.

The desk's raised monitor shelving allows for adjustments so your monitors are at the most comfortable positions. With this piece, you'll be able to mount two separate setups from its sheer amount of space. The overall structure of the desk is perfectly strong and weighted, so it's great for several gaming setups.

Buying Tips

You now have a general idea of what the market has to offer. To help you determine the right desk for your specific needs, let's take a look at some of the aspects that require consideration before a purchase is made:

Identifying the Right Size

Most gaming computer desks are built for specific uses and placements. A tiny one is right if your setup is minimal, consisting only of a laptop, charger, and mouse. It's perfect if you are the type of person that wants a straightforward playing surface with everything laid out right in front of you; no sliding trays, no drawers, etc.

However, you may want your game room to have a desk that takes up an entire wall to carry your entire gaming setup. If so, then you’d need a tabletop that can handle several monitors, a CPU’s heavy weight, plus accessories. Your best bet is to choose an l shaped gaming desk with drawers, compartments, and/or shelves to keep everything organized and ensure they’re in their respective places. If possible, choose only a top-of-the-line table if you have a massive, expensive gaming setup to protect your investment.

Take Note: If you love playing CS:GO or you’re into competitive gaming, it’s imperative that your mouse gets enough room to move around.

Adjustability Feature

There are gaming desks that will allow you to change a unit’s height or configuration. Adjustability, specifically for a desk’s height, is an incredibly useful feature as it prevents you from suffering back and joint aches from sitting in front of the desk for hours. As a matter of fact, height adjustability is a must-have in the tech startup industry. A good gaming computer desk allows you to keep your back and neck relaxed regardless of how long you use it. It's especially important if most of your day consists of playing or working on your PC or laptop.


The right computer desk lasts a few good years. It is capable of carrying heavy weight from a full gaming setup without losing its stability and balance. If you choose from any of the desks we've listed above, you won't have to double check on your desk's stability as we swear by the strength of the products we've tested.

Tips on How to Organize Your Desk

A disorganized, unclean or messy desk doesn't just give a negative impression; it also makes playing and working extremely difficult. You won't just spend lots of energy and time in looking for stuff, you'll also find it hard staying focused on a task at hand.

So, to ensure your gaming desk is as clutter-free and clean as possible, here are the tips that we deem essential for you to heed:

  • Assign a specific area for every single component of your gaming setup.
  • Get a letter tray if you'll be using the desk as your play and workstation.
  • A cable management system will go a long way in ensuring your desk is neat, clean, and organized.

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