6 Floating Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

Just because you're short on square footage doesn't mean you can't have a proper work area. One great solution, that's way better than a small traditional standing desk, is a floating desk. Nothing can free up floor space better than floating desks!

These desks give you the work surface you need while taking up minimal space and have a clean look that makes the room feel bigger. Plus, there are loads of designs to choose from, ranging from the classic traditional to the more modern. No wonder these space-saving desks are all the rage!

If you're looking to make the most of your limited space, check out these 6 floating desk ideas for small spaces that'll fill you with inspiration.

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A floating shelf

Metal Manufactured Wood Floating Desk
Metal Manufactured Wood Floating Desk

Desks with storage space are usually bulky and cumbersome but that's not the case for floating desks with shelves. If you want your desk to occupy as little space as possible but still have enough room to store your essentials, a floating desk with inner compartments is the perfect solution. What's more, you can place this space-saving desk anywhere you want, whether in the bedroom, living room, entryway or kitchen.

Want to utilize the desk for other purposes besides work? You can simply put all your desktop supplies and accessories in the dropdown shelves or pull out drawers to create a clean surface for other activities. A floating desk can be turned into a makeshift vanity table, a TV console, and much more. Your imagination is the only limit when using a floating desk!

A hideaway desk

Brown Floating Desk
Brown Floating Desk

Do you want a desk that you can put away when you're done working? After all, an out of sight desk keeps visual clutter at bay.

There are certain floating desks out there that don't resemble desks at all, and space-conscious people are loving it! Collapsible desks look just like regular storage cabinets when closed but, when unlatched, a retractable desktop packed with storage space will come into sight. They take up so little wall space yet provide its users with convenient compartments to keep their bits and pieces close at hand. Moreover, these floating desks have a simple but attractive design that can serve as wall decor when not in use. What better way to fill an empty wall than with a multipurpose piece of furniture that converts into a little clutter-free workspace?

A fold-down wall mounted desk

Manufactured Wood Floating Desk
Manufactured Wood Floating Desk

If you want to carve out a dedicated workstation in your home but don't want to get a regular freestanding desk, you may want to consider getting a fold-down floating desk. These types of desks offer a spacious tabletop that can be tucked away and go unnoticed when you're not working, maximizing the space around you. On top of that, some fold-down models can turn into a chalkboard surface for to-dos when the desk is folded away.

You can never go wrong with a wall-mounted desk filled with shelves if you want a home for all your office supplies.

A minimalist desk with an extendable drawer

Modern Office Design
Modern Office Design

Considering the fact that everything is done digitally these days, there isn't much need for numerous shelves and drawers. This is why a growing number of people are choosing desks with little to no storage space. If you want to jump on the bandwagon of creating a simple and neat working area, a minimal floating desk is a great option. Besides, a clean desk equals a clear mind! Look for one with a cable management feature and an extendable drawer for an extremely organized set-up.

A minimal floating desk will not only save valuable space but will also provide you with a spacious desktop where you can be productive.

A floating desk with storage

White Manufactured Wood Floating Desk
White Manufactured Wood Floating Desk

If minimalism isn't your style, you might want to splurge on a floating desk with plenty of shelving space and jazz it up with greenery and eye-catching decors. Why? Well, a decorated workspace can actually increase productivity.

Want to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your home? Showcase your favorite decors and personal items on the shelves for added visual appeal. Are you a bookworm and ran out of space to store your books? Turn your floating desk into a mini bookshelf where you can keep your most-loved books within reach. It's time to transform your blank wall into a haven of items you love!

A drop-leaf floating desk

Drop Leaf Floating Desk
Drop-Leaf Floating Desk

Are you looking for something that's space-efficient and features a pretty straightforward design? In that case, why not go for a drop-leaf floating desk?

Perfect for compact spaces, drop-leaf desks include a versatile tabletop that serves multiple uses. Whether you want to eat, work on your computer, play board games, or spend time on your hobbies, these desks will come in handy. They optimize space by folding flat when not being used, making them terrific space savers for even the tiniest of homes.

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