4 Expert Tips To Choose An Executive Desk

An executive desk is the ultimate centerpiece for any office space. Of course, the desk you choose is primarily a practical decision. You'll need to consider how much working space you have, what storage comes available with the desk and how easy it makes organizing your work. However, an executive desk is inescapably just as aesthetic as it is practical.

Since this is the case, we've put together this list of expert tips to help you make the most practical and aesthetic decision possible.

What materials are best for an executive desk?

First and foremost, the materials you choose to have your desk made of will determine not only its longevity and strength but also the options you have for finishing. Let's take a look at the commonly available material types and what advantages you'll get with each.


Hardwoods are almost universally considered the best materials for executive desks.  For starters, hardwoods have the greatest longevity of any other type of wood. Their densely packed fibers make them naturally resistant to humidity fluctuations, direct water exposure and temperature fluctuations. All of which cause lesser woods to flake, warp and quickly decay.

Hardwoods are also among the most aesthetically pleasing types of wood available for executive desks. Their natural wood grains make them incredible works of art once finished and lend themselves well to blending into several environments. Natural wood grains look exquisite in daylight or cool white lighting and blend well with both modern and traditional office décor.

Manufactured wood

Manufactured woods offer less than hardwoods do when it comes to longevity, but just as much when it comes to style and finish options. Manufactured woods are made by attaching a (typically) hardwood veneer, to plywood, softwood or MDF core, giving the finished product the appearance of genuine hardwood. Occasionally, this core can be made from hardwood in the highest quality manufactured wood.

If you must choose a desk made from manufactured wood, try to avoid MDF with hardwood veneers. MDF is a particulate wood and because of its porous nature is far more vulnerable to water damage and humidity than other types of wood.

A plywood or softwood core offers a lot more longevity than an MDF core, so we recommend going this route if you need to maintain a budget but insist on high-end style options.

 Rectangular Manufactured Wood Executive Desk
 U Shaped Manufactured Wood Executive Desk
Corner Manufactured Wood Executive Desk
L Shaped Manufactured Wood Executive Desk
Light Manufactured Wood Executive Desk
Modern Manufactured Wood Executive Desk


Executive desks are rarely made entirely of metal, but frame and drawer elements commonly are. Full- sized executive desks are already heavy objects on average, so making one entirely of metal is often unfeasible due to concerns for shipping and handling.

If you are set on having a metal executive desk, there are distinct advantages to having a metal desk over a solid hardwood one. First, metal desks are far more water and temperature resistant than wooden desks, meaning you won't have to be concerned about flaking, rotting or warping even in a home with a lot of temperature fluctuation.

Of course, metal can rust over long periods of time, even when not directly exposed to water, however, this can be avoided by a yearly re-finish.

Metal L-Shape Executive Desk
Simple Metal Executive Desk
Wood and Metal Executive Desks with Hutch
Modern Metal Executive Desk
White Wood and Metal Executive Desk
Industrial Metal L Shape Executive Desk
Standard Wooden Executive Desk
Standard Brown Wood Executive Desk
Wood and Glass Standard Executive Desk
Grey Wood Standard Executive Desk
Black and White Standard Executive Desk
Dark Wood Standard Executive Desk
Medium L-shaped Executive Desk
L-Shaped Standing Executive Desk
Black and Brown L-Shape Executive Desk
Modern L-Shape Corner Executive Desk
Light Wood L-Shaped Executive Desk
Reversible L-Shape Executive Desk
Reversible U-Shape Executive Desk with Hutch
Brown and White U-Shape Executive Desk with Hutch
2 Piece U-Shaped Executive Desk
Manufactured Wood U-Shape Executive Desk with Hutch
U-Shape Executive Desk in White and Black
C Bow Front Executive Desk
Grey Wood Bow Front Executive Desk
Light Wood C Bow Executive Desk
Brown and Grey C-Bow Executive Desk
Bow Front Wooden Executive Desk
Bow Front Executive Desk with Hutch
Cherry Wood Executive Desk
Dark Wood Executive Desk
Simple Dark Wood Executive Desk
Grey Wood Modern Executive Desk
Ash Grey Wood Executive Desk
Dark Grey Large L-Shape Executive Desk

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