Computer Desk For Small Spaces

When personal computers were first becoming popular, there was another word for computer desk. It was “desk.” People put their newfangled home computers wherever they could, since there was no furniture designed specifically for them.

Today, despite the emergence of powerful tablets and smartphones, computers are ubiquitous – and will remain so, at least for the foreseeable future. And there’s an enormous range of computer desks on the market with pre-drilled openings and built-in channels for cables, monitor shelves and keyboard trays.

Some larger computer desks have space for peripherals as well, but when you’re trying to set up your home office or gaming computer in a small space, less is more. You simply need a compact unit that takes care of the basics. Thankfully, many options are available in widths between 20 and 26 inches.

Most small computer desks are inexpensive because they are mass-produced from materials like laminated “manufactured” wood – and they can drive you crazy, since they’re likely to require assembly. There are alternatives, however; some pre-assembled or higher-quality one-piece units can be found, albeit at a higher price.

Compact computer desks come in a wide assortment of designs. A standard unit could be a simple “table with legs” with enough space for both a monitor (or laptop) and keyboard, perhaps with caster wheels on the legs so it can moved easily. Some glorified tray tables are even sold as computer desks, which is fine if they meet your needs.

Moving up a notch, the desk may have a pull-out keyboard tray, a monitor stand and perhaps a lower shelf for the tower. You can also opt for more stylish glass versions of these desks, with steel legs and accents, giving your workspace a modern look and feel.

You’ll find that most small computer desks are advertised as “ergonomic,” which is said to ensure maximum comfort for the user but doesn’t really guarantee that the desk will be comfortable for you. It’s best to sit down and give the desk a spin, if possible, instead of relying on a manufacturer’s claim.

What’s more important is that there are sufficient holes and channels (sometimes billed as a “cable management system”) for the cables you’ll need to run, so you don’t have to deal with messy and potentially-dangerous wiring once your computer desk is set up.

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Epolito Desk
Epolito Desk

Our writing desk will be a great addition to your home or office, providing a more enjoyable working environment for you! With the detachable tabletop organizer, it can meet your different working demands according to your needs and likes. Featuring 2 large drawers and a tabletop organizer with 2 mini drawers and shelves, there is ample space to store your many office supplies to make your office organized and tidy. The wear-resistant surface makes it not only durable but also elegant to match various decoration styles. This writing desk will be the best choice to decorate and organize any space.

Helina Desk
Helina Desk

The 47” writing computer desk is very suitable for the bedroom. It is a small desk for small space, with a modern industrial style, vintage brown and space-saving design. The small desk is made of P2 class participle board, which is waterproof and scratch resistant, safe and comfortable to use. Dual cable management hole keeps workstation tidy without cord chaos. 10-MM adjustable foot pads keep desk stable although on uneven floor.

Little Italy Leaning/Ladder Desk
Little Italy Leaning/Ladder Desk

This stylish desk offers a space-conscious work surface for any bedroom, living room, or home office. It features a ladder-style design with exposed cubbies and open shelves for books, paperwork, and display items. Use its 36" wide surface for your laptop or notepad and keep a cup of writing utensils handy. Cables are kept out of sight through cable management cutouts in the desk's surface and a wall anchor provides added stability.

Devane Desk with Hutch
Devane Desk with Hutch

The DeVries Desk with Hutch is perfect for any student or one working from home. It comes equipped with six round magnets, one hook magnet and a large magnetic bulletin board to help keep notes, reminders and schedules in clear view. The pull-out keyboard tray on roller slides provides easy access to a keyboard and mouse, while several tiers of shelving offer plenty of space for basic school or office supplies. This functional unit can be placed against the wall or used freestanding and is constructed with particleboard and melamine veneer for durability.

Putnam Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Putnam Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This adjustable standing desk is the perfect solution for creating a comfortable home office environment. Our electric height adjustable desks come in a range of sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your living space and needs. The stable adjustable height, as well as the 2-position memory function, provide you with a comfortable office experience. Plus, the easy and user-friendly installation makes it simple to get started using this brilliant desk.

Dawnyell Desk
Dawnyell Desk

This desk is made of wood and pure color with a wide, thick desktop and a fine wood texture. The surface of the table has a natural flavor. There are two wide drawers on the desk. Each drawer has a lot of space for you to put books, pens or other small things in it.

Adilene Desk
Adilene Desk

The Mid-Century Modern Writing Desk offers a touch of modern style to your office or task space. Crafted from engineered wood and solid and engineered wood, it rests on a two-toned finish base. A rectangular desktop shows off clean lines and gives you ample room to spread out your laptop and work materials. An open shelf allows you to store textbooks and stationery, while a single drawer provides convenient storage for keys, remotes, and important cables. Best of all, a cable management cutout keeps your cords organized and out of view.

Kilby Glass Desk
Kilby Glass Desk

Clean-lined industrial style defines this writing desk, which is just right for your home office or an open corner in your living room. The powder-coated black metal frame features side supports and a stretcher bar in the back for extra stability, while a lower shelf with a backboard crafted from engineered wood features a rustic finish. A tempered glass desktop makes it easy to clean and spacious enough for a laptop, an accent lamp, and more. The desk measures 33" across and shows off a small footprint perfect for space-conscious rooms and apartments.

Holyoke Desk
Holyoke Desk

The Clifton computer desk offers a clean, uncluttered work surface in an efficient design that fits well into any small space. The spacious desktop is constructed of laminate and includes a raised top shelf for your monitor and a lower bottom shelf for your hard drive and other supplies. The two-shelf desk has a modern silver frame finish with perforated lower edges for an eye-catching contrast.

Thelen Solid Wood Desk
Thelen Solid Wood Desk

The Thelen Solid Wood Desk is an ideal anchor for your workspace, whether that workspace is a studio apartment or an office short on square footage. Crafted from solid wood, the frame of this desk pairs a clean-lined silhouette with a neutral finish.

Sarisha Glass Desk
Sarisha Glass Desk

This glass desk is a perfect pick for home offices, spare rooms, apartments, and any other small-scale spaces. The powder-coated steel base with tempered glass tops brings sleek contemporary looks home. The sliding keyboard tray pulls out when you need to get to typing, then slides back after you've tackled your to-dos. With this petite computer desk, you’re one step closer to that well-edited workspace you've wanted.

Inaayah Desk with Hutch
Inaayah Desk with Hutch

The clean lines and solid finish of this writing desk make it an ideal anchor for your home office. The piece includes a hutch for keeping papers, pens, pencils, notebooks, and beyond. This budget-friendly and understated contemporary piece is ideal for crafting DIY masterpieces or working on your next great novel.

Rosita Multiple Layer Computer Desk
Rosita Multiple Layer Computer Desk

This computer desk with a shelf is practical, modern and stylish. The desktop is made from durable materials and supported by iron tubes. There is space for storage as well as a good-looking desk to decorate your home or office. The printer, fax machine, and other electronic devices can be placed on it; the shelf on casters enables you to move your computer desk anywhere.

Ariella Desk
Ariella Desk

The compact writing desk makes a tidy addition to any small study or corner of an unused room, offering a place to pen thank-you notes, research recipes, and tackle your to-do list. Turned spindle legs bring out this design's traditional side, while a single drawer on soft-close glides offers a spot to stash a wireless keyboard, pens and other essentials.

Gwen Desk
Gwen Desk

This classic writing desk from Coaster is made of engineered wood and features Mission-style appeal. A single drawer with ball-bearing glides offers plenty of room for supplies, while the 26” wide by 18” deep top surface gives you space for your laptop and favorite beverage. This versatile piece can also be used as a nightstand, end table, or crafting table.

Jordynne Glass Desk
Jordynne Glass Desk

Bring contemporary appeal to your space with this sleek writing desk, an ideal home for all the essentials that blends seamlessly into your arrangement. The white powder-coated iron frame and tempered glass top shine in any setting, especially when paired with open x-framed sides that let you show off your favorite decorative items. At 30'' H x 29'' W x 19'' D overall, it offers an impromptu workspace without overwhelming your restful retreat.

Latitude Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Latitude Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The ErgoCentric Adjustable Height Desk is a unique piece of furniture that adapts to your height. The adjustable frame allows you to set this desk at your preferred working height and forget about it! This ergonomic office desk is backed by a stabilizing pedestal base with adjustable floor glides. It's perfect for those who prefer sitting up a little higher, an adjustable office desk like this one can be your best investment. Complete your height adjustable desk setting by coupling it with your favorite standard height office chair or drafting chair.

Pierro Solid Wood Desk
Pierro Solid Wood Desk

This sleek writing desk is crafted from solid wood and has an open design for an elegant look. It sits on four crisscrossed legs to keep your office supplies within reach, and its upper shelf provides a space for decor, plants, and other office must-haves. The desk's finished back makes it a great addition to any room.

Cassiopeia Desk
Cassiopeia Desk

The Cassiopeia Writing Desk is a versatile desk for use in any home or office. It is constructed out of strong boards and painted with a neutral color to fit in anywhere. The compact desk works perfectly in a small home office or apartment, and it can also be used as an entryway table or sofa table.

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What we are looking for:


Computer desks made for small spaces may all be designed for a specific purpose, but added drawers and design choices will both alter their size. A standard small computer desk will measure 20 inches or less. David Netto states that this will give you just enough room for a computer and accompanying accessories. However, bear in mind that you'll need a slightly wider desk if you work with two screens, otherwise a small computer desk may not be the most compatible option with your needs. Still, a computer desk for a small space can still be practical. Many narrow desks are built in a ladder style, which will take up the least amount of room but aren't the best option if you have low ceilings.

Material and Maintenance: 

Though it is possible to find a solid wood computer desk, the majority are made from manufactured wood, more specifically MDF. Some small computer desks are overlaid with veneers. Veneers will lend your computer desk a more sophisticated and expensive look, and many have a glossy sheen, too. If you work from home and plan to use your desk often, consider purchasing a protective lacquer for your desk. Manufactured wood shows marks and chips more easily due to the nature of the material but protecting it with a lacquer or similar protective layer will help prevent this to a degree. Cleaning your desk with a dry cloth will also help to prevent smears from polish and other cleaning agents.


If you have a small space, you'll most likely be looking for ways to make it appear larger. You can do this in several ways, but, per Katie Ridder, the easiest way is to opt for desks with a bright style and finish. A cherry wood desk may look beautiful, but its darker hue will automatically make a space appear more old-fashioned. In general, narrow spaces look even smaller when they feature dark furniture pieces, which is why it's so important to think about how to open up the space you do have instead. White and light gray are two of the most popular light color options for desks. They will also match most décor schemes, making them a good choice even if you decide to change up your décor in the future.


Storage is vital when it comes to a computer desk for small spaces. This is because you want to maximize the space you do have, rather than needing to add more furniture later on. As mentioned above, ladder-style desks have shelving that extends upward, making them a great option if you have a long but narrow room. A regular small computer desk may include nooks or thin slots for letters, both of which are useful additions if you work from home full-time. Additionally, drawers are an oft-overlooked aspect of small desks. Ken Fulk recommends looking for a desk with at least two drawers. This is enough space to store documents and office supplies but doesn't give you any space to clutter up your office area.

Additional Features: 

When it comes to a computer desk, Kerry Joyce states one of the main extras you should be looking out for is wire storage or some sort of cable management. Included cable management will prevent frustration and a messy, cluttered look when you have a lot of things plugged in at once. Another extremely helpful extra feature is built-in outlets. This feature will allow you to charge your work phone, tablet, or any other work-related device so you can stay up to date without having to leave your desk. Moreover, though it isn't necessarily an additional feature, a large gap beneath your desk surface means you can buy a bigger and more comfortable chair to suit your preference.

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World Pride 2 Tier Computer Desk with Printer Shelf Stand Home Office Rolling Study Table Black

A two-tier computer desk with a printer shelf on the top and a shelf for the computer on the bottom, as well as a little compartment for storing books or CDs, all made out of aluminum and black-painted wood.

Adjustable Lap Table Portable Laptop Computer Stand Desk Cart - 23.6“ Mobile Stand up Desk Tray Side Table with Wheels - for Bed Sofa Reading Eating Hospital Nursing White Laptop Riser

An aesthetic laptop stand which can serve e.g. as a desk or a side table. A frame of white coated carbon steel is built of 2 L-shaped height-regulated legs with locked wheels. A rectangular top and a frame stretcher are of MDF board in creamy hues.

Corner Desks For Small Spaces - Whitevan

Modern design for a handy office desk with a frame made out of gray-painted, metallic aluminum. The desk has surfaces made out of black-painted wood and has an additional shelf on the back for display and storage.

Narrow Computer Desks for Small Spaces | Minimalist Desk ...

A cool small contemporary corner computer desk entirely finished in white. It has a rectilinear frame, a rectangular top, a drawer with an edge pull, 1 full panel support of wooden materials. A rectangular metal frame is the second support.

Chase Computer Desk

Traditional setting for a space-efficient office room with a minimalistic computer desk made out of cherry wood with a polished finish. The office is fitted with a tall, floor lamp with a curved shape made out of brass.

Narrow Desks for Small Spaces Saving

Modern design for a narrow computer desk for small living spaces with a frame made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint and silver handles on the drawers, paired with legs made out of stainless steel with a brushed finish.

25+ best ideas about Computer desks on Pinterest | Asian

Ideal for small, contemporary studios, this wall mounted computer desk with a shelf for the PC station and an extendible keyboard one will be an ideal solution to many home office spaces. Practicality and style in one.

Great Computer Desk Ideas for Small Spaces You Must See

Contemporary setting for a cozy workspace area in a bedroom made with the use of a floating, wall-mounted computer desk with a frame made out of white-painted solid wood and an additional display stand.

Corner Computer Desks For Small Spaces: Corner Computer ...

A super contemporary corner desk with a hutch. Trapezoidal both a desktop, bottom, top and small side open shelves as well as a hutch back are of wooden materials in browns. Round upright posts are of grey metal tubes, shelves backs - of metal mesh.

The Lovely Side: 10 Desk Options for Small Spaces

Vintage look for a simplistic and space-efficient corner desk for small living spaces. The desk is made out of white-painted oak wood and has a small drawer in the front as well as an additional shelf on the bottom part.

Home Design : 85 Astounding Computer Desk For Small Spaces

A hip compact desk with a hutch. A desktop and open shelves are trapezoidal in shape, made of wooden materials in browns like a hutch back panel. A desk back panel and shelves back rails are of perforated metal, posts - of grey coated metal tubes.

Techni Mobili RTA-2706 Multifunction Computer Desk

Compact and space-efficient design for a multifunction computer desk, perfect for an office or a study room. The desk has a set of handy shelves and compartments for devices and documents, making it really functional.

Desks For Small Spaces | Joy Studio Design Gallery -

A simple yet efficient mobile computer desk on wheels for study or office rooms. The frame of the desk is made mostly out of black-painted aluminum with wooden elements, and it has a couple of handy shelves for storage.

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Simple and very minimalistic arrangement of furniture on a side wall in a living room, made to create a compact workspace. The frame of the desk is extremely thin and even has an extra compartment on the side for storage.

go2buy Compact Rolling Laptop Computer Cart Desk/Table with Drawer and Shelf for Small Spaces Furniture

Crafted from PVC laminate veneer, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, this compact rolling laptop computer cart desk with drawer and shelf will be a perfect proposition for all smaller office spaces.

Computer Desks For Small Spaces | Joy Studio Design ...

A contemporary take on a simple yet efficient computer desk with a frame made out of chromed aluminum with a gray coat of metallic paint and surfaces made out of plywood stylized to look like oak wood.

Computer Desks For Small Spaces

Ideal for contemporary studios or home offices, this computer desk will fit well into smaller spaces. Functional, ergonomic design bases on a solid metal chassis. Features an additional shelf for the monitor and an extendible one for the keyboard.

SDADI Adjustable Overbed Table

An innovative practical overbed table. Its frame of white coated metal is built of a U-shaped foot, a square height-adjustable pillar and 2 posts supporting 3 open shelves. Shelves and a tilted top are of wooden materials finished in light browns.

small corner computer desks | Office Furniture

A small corner computer desk made out of vintage cherry wood with a red tint, giving it an elegant touch. The desk has a keyboard drawer and a couple of shelves for storage and is nicely finished with a modern office chair.

Gerardo 40" Computer Desk

A simplistic approach to a contemporary office desk made out of hardwood with a dark coat of gray paint. The desk has a keyboard drawer underneath the top surface and is finished off with a plastic office chair with a padded seat cushion.

Home Design : Small Desk For Living Room Desks Spaces

Ideal for a loft or contemporary studio, this small computer desk will fit into any tiny corner. Its white finish provides a universal and contemporary character, adding brightness to the space.

Tenleytown Computer Desk

Modern design for a minimalistic computer desk for offices, made out of light pine wood top with a frame made out of stainless steel with a black coat of paint. The desk has a handful of drawers and shelves for additional storage room.

Computer Desk For Small Spaces Uk | Home Design Ideas

A simple yet stylish look for a minimalistic computer desk with a frame made out of light pine wood with a glass top in a dark tint. The desk has an additional keyboard tray underneath the top surface which hides a handy drawer.

Small Desks for Small Spaces

A cool modern open frame desk with black trapezoidal both a desktop (a rectangular sliding tray is below) and 3 shelves of MDF. A frame is of grey metal tubes. Side posts hold small shelves. A narrow backing is of plywood and perforated sheeting.

Computer Desk Ideas For Small Spaces | Joy Studio Design

A hip compact contemporary computer desk with a hutch of white finished wooden materials. A desk has a rectangular top, 2 full panel legs, 2 open front shelves, a computer shelf on a side. A hutch has open shelves around a central one for a monitor.

Pull Out Computer Desk

An interesting space-saving contemporary desk with a pullout nesting computer desk of wooden materials in dark brown. It has upright angular legs, a rectangular top, a central drawer with an edge pull flanked by 2 tiny drawers with mini brass pulls.

Home Design Ideas Popular Of Small Space Computer Desk ...

Ideal for small spaces, this small computer desk will be a lovely accent to most of the home offices. It combines smoothly white and dark purple, providing a cosy, adorable propostion.

Awesome Computer Desks for Small Spaces : Home Interior Design

Ergonomy and functionality served in the best contemporary way. This designer computer desk will work out perfectly in modern studios or home offices. Crafted from solid, bright wood.

Small Desks For Small Spaces | Joy Studio Design Gallery

Minimalistic take on a small desk for small living spaces, made out of walnut wood with white-painted elements. The desk has a folding surface as well as a drawer on the bottom and top with two small shelves for storage.

Desk for Small Spaces with Modern and Unique Design

An aesthetic compact modern computer desk with a simple rectilinear frame made of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectangular top and 2 full panel supports with open shelves at outer sides.

Home Design : 79 Glamorous Desks For Small Spaces With

A pretty traditional computer desk with a hutch crafted of white finished wooden materials. It has a rectangular top, short angular legs, a drawer and a shelved door cabinet. A hutch has a rectangular top and several size-varied open front shelves.

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Ideal for small spaces, this computer desk will fit perfectly well into every corner. Its universal design will match both contemporary and classic decors. Features two convenient storage shelves, juxtraposed perpendicularly.

Computer Desks For Small Spaces | Corner Computer Desks ...

This corner computer desk constitutes an ideal proposition for a small studio or home office. Crafted in wood, this gentle constructiion features a long drawer and two, perpendicularly juxtaposed shelves.

Corner Computer Desks: Corner Computer Desks For Small Spaces

This small, L-shaped corner desk constitutes a perfect proposition for all smaller spaces. Dark wooden finish provides a classic appeal that shall fit into most of the decors.

Computer Desk For Small Spaces Small Computer Desks For ...

A cool space-saving contemporary corner computer desk with a simple rectilinear frame of white finished wooden materials. It has a pentagonal top, a drawer with a metal knob, 5 upright square section legs joined by an L-shaped bottom shelf.

Paisley Home Office Computer Desk

Contemporary setup for a compact office room with a computer desk made out of black-painted solid wood with a keyboard drawer and a matching office chair on wheels with a seat upholstered in white faux leather.

Osp Designs Computer Desk

Modern computer desk with a very solid powder coated steel frame in black color. It includes practical elements like a pullout keyboard tray and lower storage shelf. Construction of this desk is perfect for small spaces.

BellO Glass Top Computer Desk - High Gloss Black

An aesthetic modern computer desk featuring rectangular both a top and a sliding tray of clear hardened glass. A base of black powder coated steel tubes is built of 2 gently curved X-legs and simple stretchers (a back dual one has a zigzag inset).

Space Saving Home Office Ideas with IKEA Desks for Small

This small, space-saving home office desk from IKEA constitutes a good proposition for all smaller or multifunctional space. Black finished, it will fit into most of the decors. The right-hand side constitutes a storage part for books and a lamp.

Furniture: Best White Computer Desk And Chair Set For ...

A cool modern open corner computer desk with hutch. A frame is of grey metal tubes and perforated sheets. A desk has 4 posts, a hutch - 2. Size-varied trapezoidal white shelves and a desktop, a rectangular tray and a hutch back panel are of MDF.

Small Desks for Small Spaces

Simple yet stylish approach to a small computer desk, perfect for small living spaces. The desk is made out of oak wood with a light tint and has two aluminum columns on the side, which hold up three tiers of shelves.

Small Computer Desks For Small Spaces | NYTexas

A modern computer desk for small spaces with a frame made out of aluminum with a chromed, shiny finish. The surfaces of the desk are made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint and a reflective shine.

Great Computer Desk Ideas for Small Spaces You Must See

This small computer desk constitutes a smooth proposition for smaller spaces. Its smooth contemporary design combines metal and glass elements, providing a solid, durable construction, that will serve its role for years.

Leann Space Saver Computer Desk

A cool modern computer desk with a frame of grey coated steel. It's built of 2 low bowed feet, 2 upright and 2 gently curved top supports and a perforated back panel. Side walls and a rectangularish top are of wooden materials in warm brown hues.

Julia Peninsula Computer Desk

Simple yet efficient design for a computer desk with a frame made out of light solid wood. The desk has a metal pole covered in a white coat of paint on the side, which holds up two tiers of shelves, one for the computer and one for CDs.

Computer Desk

A minimalistic computer desk with a frame made out of stainless steel with a black coat of reflective paint and a top surface made out of black-stained glass, paired with a handy keyboard shelf on a rail.

Meagan Compact Computer Desk

Rustic approach to a stylish computer desk made out of hardwood with a cover made to resemble walnut wood with a gray tint. The desk has an attached extension on the side, which provides a few additional shelves to the piece.

Laputa Upholstered Shoe Bench With Storage, Lightweight and Compact, Great For Entryway or Closet, Natural Wood Shoe Bench Ottoman With Padded Seat For Comfortable Seating

Easy to store and easy to fit inside a small room, this smooth computer desk enchants with its compact size. Measuring 964 X 492 X 790mm or 38" X 19" X 31, it will be a smooth accent. Made of natural oak wood and polished brass material.

Tangkula Computer Desk Wood Home Office with Pull Out Keyboard Tray For Small Places PC Workstation Office Furniture

Durable and sturdy, computer desk is made of high-quality MDF board and powder-coated metal frame, which ensures sturdy and durable & anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The curved design of the leg of the table is very smooth and beautiful.

Ferty Movable Computer Wooden Desk Table, Rolling Small Spaces Laptop Desk Shelf with Keyboard Tray Drawer Stand on Wheels for Home Office Study Workstation [US STOCK]

This movable wooden computer desk can be a great option for all smaller interiors. Featuring a keyboard tray and a smooth short bottom shelf, it is a really functionally designed space. The workstation is based on wheeled casters.