4 Expert Tips To Choose A Corner Desk

Space-optimizing corner desks solve the common modern-day dilemma of needing a wide top surface in a small room or home office! Making the most of the corner where two walls meet, these models can provide extra legroom, plenty of desk space, and a separate work area without revolutionizing the entire room.

Our expert tips will help you choose a corner desk that matches your work habits as well as the rest of your furniture. Have a seat, and let's begin!

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What are the different types of corner desks?

While always featuring their signature L-shape, corner desks are still available in lots of popular designs, just like traditional rectangular models. It's important to know how you're planning on using it and how much storage you'll need in order to choose a corner desk that works for you:

  • A writing desk follows a rather minimalist design, usually focusing on a large desktop rather than lots of storage. It's the most practical choice if you need a desk to alternate writing (or focusing on other types of crafts or paperwork) and using a laptop, but they're not really made for big computers;
Small Corner Writing Desk
Medium Corner Writing Desk
Light Wood Corner Writing Desk in Beige
Left Hand Corner Writing Desk
Dark Wood and Metal Corner Writing Desk
Modern Wood and Metal Corner Writing Desk
  • As the name suggests, a computer desk is an ideal option for modern home offices: its layout provides storage for all the components of large computers, including handy features such as keyboard trays. It still prioritizes functionality and simplicity, but it's a better choice for those who mainly sit down to work on their computer;
Reversible Corner Computer Desk
Height Adjustable Corner Computer Desk
Dark Wood Full Corner Computer Desk
Light and Dark Wood Corner Computer Desk
 Corner L-Shape Computer Desk in Cream
Corner Computer Desk with Hutch
  • An executive desk could be a convenient compromise between the first two, as it provides both a wide surface area and plenty of storage. Because it usually involves rather large models, it might not be the best choice for rooms that already feel quite busy;
Corner Metal Leg Executive Desk with Hutch
Wooden Corner Executive Desk
L-Shape Corner Executive Desk
Cherry Wood Corner Executive Desk
Oak Corner Executive Desk with Hutch
Medium Corner Executive Desk
  • A credenza desk blends modern functionality and a traditional design with plenty of cupboards or drawers: perfect if you need lots of paperwork or stationery near your computer and if you're looking for something that complements everyday pieces of furniture.
Wooden Credenza Corner Desk
Credenza Corner Desk with Hutch in Grey
Two Piece Credenza Corner Desk Set
L-Shaped Credenza Corner Desk and Chair Set
Modern Credenza Corner Desk

The following options are a bit rarer to find as corner desks, but they might be worth scouting for if you think they'd make your life easier:

  • Look no further than height-adjustable and standing desks if you're trying to correct your posture or striving for a more active lifestyle;

  • If you have a particularly small room, you might want to go for a floating desk, an even more space-optimizing option with no legs, mounted directly onto the wall.

How big should a corner desk be?

  • As a starting point, keep in mind that most corner desks have a width ranging from 20 to 40 inches, but you can find plenty of smaller options if you're tight on space and bigger models if you don't have to worry about size (jealous!);

  • To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you measure the exact spot where you're planning on placing it;

  • The most common width is between 20 and 30 inches. Don't forget about the chair, though! If you buy a huge corner desk with plenty of legroom but that just about fits, you might not be left with enough room to pull it out. Measure the depth of the chair if you already have one, or allow for an extra 15-20" to see if it would fit.

What is the best material for a corner desk?

  • Wood is the best and most popular material for a corner desk. Durable, solid and versatile, these desks are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, allowing you to match both the most traditional and most modern rooms… and everything in between;

  • If you're after an even more modern result with an urban-chic look and sleek shapes, you might want to consider choosing a corner desk made of metal. These bad boys are sturdy and durable, ideal if you're going to use them for particularly heavy items;

  • Striving for a quirky design? Some corner desks are also available in a combination of the two materials;

  • A wooden or metal corner desk with a glass top can create an illusion of space that can make even the smallest rooms look a bit airier. However, you'll probably have to wipe it and dust it more often.

Manufactured Wood Corner Desk
Glass and Metal Corner Desk
Metal and Plastic Height Adjustable Standing Corner Desk
Metal and Wood Industrial Corner Desk
Glass and Golden Metal Corner Desk
Solid Wood Corner Desk

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