Small Desks For Bedrooms

When you need a secluded spot to get some important work done or to write in your journal – or when your children are old enough to do homework in their room – the easiest solution is to set up a small bedroom table which can hold a laptop or schoolbooks.

The smarter approach, though, is to put a small desk in the bedroom. Many alternatives are available to fit any budget and size constraints.

There’s a standard size for small bedroom desks: 30 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 30 inches tall. Models which are smaller than that usually aren’t much smaller, shaving a few inches from those dimensions at most.

For rooms with more space, however, there are small desks as wide as 48 inches. They’re ideal for writers or students who need additional space to spread out research papers or books, as long as their bedrooms are large enough to accommodate four-foot workspaces.

Most people don’t need a stylish desk for their kids’ bedrooms, and numerous options fit the bill at very reasonable prices. The furniture is most likely constructed from MDF, and even though white is the most popular color for the veneer or paint on these small desks, they can be found in every variety of wood grain or color imaginable. Inexpensive plastic bedroom desks are available as well, as are “throwback” wooden school desks with foldback tops.

Adults who plan to use their bedroom desk regularly, and would like it to fit with the room’s existing décor, are likely to choose small, pressed wood-and-veneer computer desks in standard, L-shaped or peninsula styles. However, small contemporary glass-and-metal desks, and those made from premium, solid wood, can also be tucked into small spaces and blend well with bedroom designs from modern to colonial. Another space-saving option is a wall-mounted desk that folds back into the wall when not in use.

Some small bedroom desks have multiple drawers and shelves, and even hutches or attached bookcases. Others offer adjustable height settings, or are mounted on legs with caster wheels so they can be moved out of the way as needed.

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Slanted Small Bedroom Desk
Slanted Small Bedroom Desk

Featuring a ladder-style design, this desk comes in a walnut, autumn driftwood, or Fairfax oak finish. Crafted from engineered wood, it has three shelves, including the main desk space. Even better, a built-in charging port is included so you can stay in the loop.

This desk would be a great option for a studio apartment. Its clean-lined finish and tall stature will give you more than enough room to work and decorate, whereas the main block is big enough for a laptop and mouse. However, we do not recommend it if you need more than one computer screen, as a large computer won’t fit. 

Modern Desk for Small Bedrooms
Modern Desk for Small Bedrooms

This desk has a two-toned dark wood and black finish. Crafted from manufactured and solid wood, it features a mid-century modern style. It has one closed drawer and a larger open one for files. Cable management is also included.

We love the cool mid-century appearance of this desk. A teak office chair would finish the look impeccably. We recommend this desk for a room with wooden floor, as the darker finish may look out of place on light carpet. Add a cream rug underneath and a geometric painting above for a chic and cohesive accent touch. 

Compact Small Desk
Compact Small Desk

This desk is available in either a beech or walnut finish. Made from manufactured wood, it has a generously sized open space underneath to fit larger office chairs and two drawers to the side with open-concept handles.

An ideal choice for a teenager or child’s bedroom, this desk is simple and understated. For the lighter wood option, we recommend sticking with cream or other neutral colors for a warm and cozy look. For the walnut finish, green bedding would complement the darker tone well and add an elegant vibe to any room. Finish with a curved office chair.

Bright Desk with Nooks
Bright Desk with Nooks

Featuring a white finish, this manufactured wood desk has a classic rectangular shape. It contains four drawers, two wider ones below the desk surface and two small ones above in the hutch section. The legs are slim with a slight curve at the bottom.

This desk will brighten up any room, meaning we recommend it if you don’t have much space in your bedroom. The tall legs will give the illusion of more space, whereas the numerous nooks and crannies will offer you a place to store makeup or other vanity essentials. Alternatively, use the lower drawers for office supplies and the top ones for pens.

Unique Small Bedroom Desk
Unique Small Bedroom Desk

The unusual look of this desk stems from the geometric detailing on the front, as well as the mid-century modern tapered legs. Available in three finishes – natural, whitewash/brass, and whitewash/silver, it is crafted from solid mango wood with sturdy iron legs.

The subtle Art Deco vibes of this desk will transform any room into one you’ll love to spend time in. No matter which finish you choose, jewel tones like amethyst purple and emerald green will complement the metallic legs. You can incorporate these colors via a rug, a throw on your bed, or via bedding if you want to go all out. 

Dawnyell Desk
Dawnyell Desk

This desk is made of wood and pure color with a wide, thick desktop and a fine wood texture. The surface of the table has a natural flavor. There are two wide drawers on the desk. Each drawer has a lot of space for you to put books, pens or other small things in it.

Slim Desk for Bedroom
Slim Desk for Bedroom

Designed to be ergonomic, this standing desk comes with wheels so you can move it around without hassle. It can be adjusted via a lever. The desktop is made of engineered wood and has rounded edges for a less severe look.

This desk is best for those days when you work from home. It is slim enough to be stored away in a corner somewhere when not in use but will hold a computer comfortably. Plus, as it is adjustable, you can sit at this desk despite it being built for standing purposes. Pair with gray and white décor. 

Helina Desk
Helina Desk

The 47” writing computer desk is very suitable for the bedroom. It is a small desk for small space, with a modern industrial style, vintage brown and space-saving design. The small desk is made of P2 class participle board, which is waterproof and scratch resistant, safe and comfortable to use. Dual cable management hole keeps workstation tidy without cord chaos. 10-MM adjustable foot pads keep desk stable although on uneven floor.

Leaning/Ladder Desk
Leaning/Ladder Desk

The Leaning Writing Desk by Coaster offers a clean-lined sled base, angled side supports and open ladder-style frame to help keep the rectangular desktop and three shelves in place. Made from solid and engineered wood with a two-tone finish, it offers a spacious top for your PC or laptop, saving you on space while giving you plenty of it to stay organized as you work from home. A drawer and a cubby within the desk let you tuck away quick grab items while shelves proudly display photo frames and decor.

Little Italy Leaning/Ladder Desk
Little Italy Leaning/Ladder Desk

This stylish desk offers a space-conscious work surface for any bedroom, living room, or home office. It features a ladder-style design with exposed cubbies and open shelves for books, paperwork, and display items. Use its 36" wide surface for your laptop or notepad and keep a cup of writing utensils handy. Cables are kept out of sight through cable management cutouts in the desk's surface and a wall anchor provides added stability.

Izidora Folding Computer Desk
Izidora Folding Computer Desk

This writing desk is great for office workstation, meeting desk, home desk and computer desk. Economical and practical, necessary for home.

Genthner Desk
Genthner Desk

The 39" Writing Desk is ideal for smaller spaces like dorm rooms, or for turning an unused corner of your living room or bedroom into an unobtrusive office area. It’s made from engineered wood with a solid finish in the color of your choice. This desk has a 39" wide work surface and its drawer gives you a place to stash pens, papers, and chargers. We love that it has a finished back, so you’re free to choose a spot anywhere you like.

Kilby Glass Desk
Kilby Glass Desk

Clean-lined industrial style defines this writing desk, which is just right for your home office or an open corner in your living room. The powder-coated black metal frame features side supports and a stretcher bar in the back for extra stability, while a lower shelf with a backboard crafted from engineered wood features a rustic finish. A tempered glass desktop makes it easy to clean and spacious enough for a laptop, an accent lamp, and more. The desk measures 33" across and shows off a small footprint perfect for space-conscious rooms and apartments.

Computer Desk
Computer Desk

The Auriemma offers a wide desktop design that provides spacious space to keep a computer or write. The CPU holder shelf is height-adjustable and equipped with a drawer and 2 tier shelves to store items and a hook to hang headphones or any other things.

Magallanes Writing Desk
Magallanes Writing Desk

These pieces are great for small spaces that still need to be functional! Hinged sides allow the user to quickly set up and take down the product if they need the space for something else.

Baber 19.7"D 2-Drawer Writing Desk, White
Baber 19.7"D 2-Drawer Writing Desk, White

This 39.4'' wide computer desk streamlines your workspace with extra storage and a sleek look. The engineered wood desktop measures 23.6'' deep and is ideal for a computer, work light, and caffeinated beverage; the body features two soft-close drawers with cutout pulls that make it easy to stash office supplies, charging cords, and extra papers. We love the straight, flared legs that leave plenty of foot room and reference mid-century modern design; plus, this desk has a finished back so it looks just as good up against a wall or in the center of the room.

Alanna Desk
Alanna Desk

This writing desk has an industrial design that blends with a traditional decor, allowing you to use it in either a home office or living room setting. It sits on four hairpin legs for plenty of support, and the top is made of engineered wood with a rich maple finish. A central drawer with metal glides and two open shelves on either end give you ample storage space for office supplies.

Lukas Rectangular Desk
Lukas Rectangular Desk

This desk offers the form and functionality you need with plenty of room to spread as you work while punctuating your room with an element of style. A single drawer allows for hiding away your workplace essentials and keeping your space neat. Expertly crafted with close attention to detail, this desk is constructed from solid beech wood that has been steamed to bring out a light natural wood tone, which will develop a beautiful patina over time. The circular detailing at each corner highlights the natural beauty and simplicity of each piece.

Hesslen Desk
Hesslen Desk

The desk's frame is crafted from wood in a rustic finish and features a stylish "V" shape. The metal frame support adds stability to the structure and lends an industrial feel to this desk. A wooden shelf on the table top is perfect for displaying indoor plants or office supplies.

Willowood Writing Desk
Willowood Writing Desk

The Writing Desk from this manufacturer is ideal for home offices and students. It provides the perfect amount of space for you to work with, capable of holding your vital office hardware, while simultaneously still giving you space to read and write. The desk drawers give you the much-needed storage capacity you didn't know you wanted. Store documents or office supplies that would otherwise take up much-needed desk space. You can also use this Writing Desk as an aesthetic piece of furniture, completing the last piece of the puzzle to your home's interior design.

Agostini 36'' Console Table
Agostini 36'' Console Table

This clean-lined console table adds personality to your entryway or living room. Perfect for staging framed photos, artful accents, or potted plants. Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern designs, this piece is founded atop four splayed legs with dipped feet to create a subtle contrast. A single storage drawer provides a place to tuck away keys, mail, and more. Made from a mix of solid and manufactured wood, this compact design fits smaller spaces.

Solid Wood Desk
Solid Wood Desk

This desk is made of solid wood and has the most important stability and durability. The surface of the desk has a wood grain pattern that gives it a natural feel. Not only does it look beautiful, but it's also easy to clean if water spills. Also, if you want a work space that is 50 cm deep, you can use your computer without occupying the space in your room.

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What we’re looking for:


Depending on the style of the small desk you go for; the width will vary even if you are looking for a smaller-than-average desk. If you go for a ladder desk, the width will automatically be less, approximately under 30 inches wide. A regular small desk will measure on average 35-40 inches wide. Billy Cotton recommends leaving around 70cm between where your bed ends and your desk begins for a spacious look. If this isn't possible, try to leave as much room as possible between your desk and bed. The more room between the two, the less cramped your room will look.


Just because you're looking for a smaller desk, it doesn't mean you can't still find one to fit your style. Rodney Lawrence shared that you should prioritize finding a desk that will fit in smoothly with your existing décor. If you have a bedroom that's light and airy with a focus on contemporary furniture, you should buy a desk that's clean-lined and in a lighter color like white or natural wood. Conversely, if you are a fan of mid-century modern, a desk with tapered legs will nod to this style whilst still being versatile enough to fit a variety of décor schemes. Overall, remember that a desk should fit your style -- if that's eccentric, don't be persuaded to buy a simpler desk because you think you should. It's all about buying a desk that fits into your room, both size-wise and aesthetic-wise.


As small desks tend to be more compressed, you may not expect them to have much storage. However, a few will have storage-like aspects that are cleverly incorporated into their design. For example, a tall ladder-style desk will usually have shelves above the main desk space, which you could use as storage or as a place to decorate. For traditional desks, Courtney McLeod states that even the smallest nooks can come in handy when it comes to storing office supplies. You'll need to look out for a desk that has full drawers or larger nooks included if you plan to use your desk as an every day, work-from-home space.


Many small desks are made of manufactured wood, or a solid and manufactured wood mix. Manufactured wood can chip or mark easily, which is why it's so important to maintain it properly. If your desk is made of manufactured wood, you might want to consider coating it with a clear lacquer/varnish coat to protect it from scratches. Of course, solid wood marks too, but it does not chip as easily as manufactured wood. Take into consideration the look of the materials used, too. A desk with a distressed finish may hide wear and tear better, but it will also wear more quickly due to the purposeful damage done to the surface.

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Simple yet stylish arrangement for a workspace corner in a bedroom, furnished with a minimalistic desk made out of white-painted solid wood with a drawer on the front and a storage wicker basket on the side.

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A vintage take on an elegant vanity cabinet made with the use of an old-fashioned desk with mirrored surfaces and drawers on the front. The desk comes with a matching stool made out of bright pine wood for seating.

Annie Writing Desk with Hutch

Complete your home office design with this practical writing desk with hutch. It features three stable and solid tiers. It provides some space for a laptop and some office supplies. Simple, stylish design looks good in any indoors.

Annie Writing Desk

Stylish and practical writing desk suitable for home offices or bedrooms. It offers a simple and functional stylization. Dark brown wooden frame is resistant to wear and matches any decor. This desk is sturdy on flat surface.

Ericka Writing Desk

Crafted of manufactured wood with laminates in a neutral solid hue, this magnificent small desk for bedroom or office measures 29.9" H x 38.97" W x 17.9" D. It features enough space for your laptop, speakers, task lamp, and more.

Rickard Writing Desk

With its sleek, minimalist lines of this attractive Writing Desk with 2 Drawer, this Rickard Writing Desk will redefine your workspace or any other room. Its 2 drawers will create a good spot for small office supplies. Measures 30'' H x 47.24'' W x 19.69'' D.

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An aesthetic traditional desk of wooden materials finished in mid browns. It has a rectangular top, a drawer, open front shelves, a shelved door cabinet. C-handles are of metal. A hutch has several size-varied open front shelves.

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A simple desk with a clean straight line frame of grey square metal tubes. Upright posts are joined by several straight stretchers and an X-crossed one at the back. A rectangular top and 3 square shelves are of wooden materials in light browns.

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The computer desk made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a shiny finish nicely matches with the beige-painted walls and the gray carpet. The desk also has an additional drawer on the front for some extra storage.

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Traditional arrangement of furniture in a compact and cozy bedroom with a workspace in the corner, made with the use of a walnut desk with an unfinished look and a light tint, fitted with a single white-painted chair.

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Modern design for a mobile office desk on wheels, made out of hardwood with a black coat of paint and a shiny, polished finish, paired with a small file cabinet on wheels with three drawers for documents storage.

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