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Desk Chairs Without Wheels

A desk chair with wheels is convenient for moving about an office or home, but it’s a poor choice if it sits on a wooden floor that is easily scratched – or if the desk and chair sit on a riser or platform. In the latter case, that can make a wheeled chair downright dangerous.

Fortunately, there are many options for those who prefer (or must have) a desk chair without wheels. Some of these chairs have seemingly been with us forever, like the wooden teacher’s chair with slotted back, or the metal or plastic stackable chairs found in many multi-purpose rooms and auditoriums. They may not be the most comfortable choice for people who spend eight hours a day at their desk, but they’re serviceable and inexpensive.

Another possibility is what’s known as a “guest” or “board” chair, the type often seen opposite an executive’s desk or around a conference table. These feature either standard legs or a cantilevered metal base; they are usually comfortable, but many cantilevered chairs have arms which prevent them from sliding under a desk when not in use.

To be used at a desk, guest-style chairs must have an upright back or a tilt/rock function. That’s important because some cantilevered chairs are designed to tilt slightly backward, leaving the user in a position from which it’s difficult to reach a desk. An adjustable desk chair without wheels, as you would expect, will normally cost more than a stationary one.

The majority of wheel-less desk chairs are made from wood, synthetic material or plastic (inexpensive ones may be fashioned from medium-density fiberboard), often with leather or foam padding. Higher-quality, more expensive chairs are likely to have steel or aluminum supports and accents, along with steel, aluminum or wooden legs. The legs and accents are primarily chosen to match the rest of the materials used to construct the chair.

The choice of a desk chair is usually based on function rather than form, which is why most of these chairs are black or brown and blend in well with traditional office furnishings. However, many alternatives can be found in a variety of colors, materials and upholsteries suited to a more modern office.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

White and Silver Desk Chairs Without Wheels
White and Silver Desk Chairs Without Wheels

For those who suffer from back pain, these contemporary-style contoured white faux leather desk chairs without wheels have built-in lumbar support. The chair contains a curved silver chrome base and arms and was ergonomically designed. 

Pair one of these modern desk chairs without wheels with an all-white rectangular wooden desk for a cohesive look. The desk chair is stuffed with foam with a comfortable high back which lends itself to spending long hours working away at your desk with full support. 

Two Toned Swivel Desk Chairs Without Wheels
Two Toned Swivel Desk Chairs Without Wheels

Hip with a slightly retro look, these desk chairs without wheels sit on a 4-star metal base with a two-toned black and brown polyester blend seat. The backrest is a unique diamond shape with lumbar support with no armrests. This desk chair is able to swivel 360 degrees around. 

Pair one of these ergonomically designed desk chairs without wheels with a walnut-colored mid-century modern wooden desk. Place a tripod-style vintage floor lamp beside it with a pattern antique throw rug underneath to make your home office space feel inviting. 

White Solid Wood Desk Chairs Without Wheels
White Solid Wood Desk Chairs Without Wheels

Painted a bright white, these desk chairs without wheels are constructed out of solid wood with a slatted-style open back. The backrest features an arched top which gives it a traditional feel. It sits on four legs with lower support beams and molding details on the front legs. 

These all-white wooden desk chairs without wheels would pair beautifully in a bedroom setting with white dressers and a matching work desk. Feel free to add a pop of color by incorporating a comfy padded seat cushion in a blush pink or even a fun print. 

Brown Mid Century Modern Desk Chairs Without Wheels
Brown Mid Century Modern Desk Chairs Without Wheels
$235.99 $217.99

Elegant and refined, these desk chairs without wheels sit on four solid oak cross legs with non-slip protective grips for added protection. The seat is upholstered in quality faux leather with channel tufting across the backrest. 

These desks without wheels were ergonomically designed for long sitting sessions of up to eight hours. They’re able to swivel 360 degrees for added mobility in your home office. Plus, there are two metal armrests and the seat is stuffed with foam for even more added comfort and support. 

Contemporary Grey Desk Chairs Without Wheels
Contemporary Grey Desk Chairs Without Wheels
$280 $230

Available in an array of neutral tones, these desk chairs without wheels sit on a four-legged star-style black steel base. The seat and upper backrest are upholstered in a grey polyester blend stuffed with foam. The material is both stain and water-resistant for added durability. 

These modern desk chairs without wheels are ergonomically designed and able to swivel, so it makes a satisfactory option for your home office. They’re compatible with all flooring, including linoleum, hardwood, tile, and concrete, which allows them to work in any number of settings. 

Beige Upholstered Desk Chairs Without Wheels
Beige Upholstered Desk Chairs Without Wheels
$156.99 $109.99

Effortlessly sophisticated, these desk chairs without wheels showcase a widely designed high-density padded linen upholstered seat. Both the seat and backrest feature channel tufting. The chair sits on a black large metal four-pronged base. 

For added flexibility and function, these desk chairs without wheels come with a removable height switch which allows you to rock in the seat if needed. Also, the linen fabric is both wear and fade-resistant, making it an optimal choice for long days spent sitting at your desk. 

Brünhild Single Sofa Chair Reclining Backrest Headrest Adjustable Angle Can Be Rotated
Brünhild Single Sofa Chair Reclining Backrest Headrest Adjustable Angle Can Be RotatedThis multifunctional chair is an excellent option for an apartment, dormitory or apartment. With its innovative design, the backrest and headrest can be adjusted in multiple stages to meet the needs of doing and lying. There is a convenient magazine storage bag on the armrest. Its cotton and linen fabric makes it comfortable to sit on and breathable. Solid wood feet make it strong and durable. The seat rotates 360 degrees, which is both a single sofa and an office computer chair.
Xylina Genuine Leather Task Chair
Xylina Genuine Leather Task ChairThis Genuine Leather Conference Chair has a sleek silhouette that brings mid-century modern-inspired style to your home office. Hand-in premium genuine leather, the textured surface complements a high-density foam padding seat that provides the perfect balance of softness and support. The functional 360-degree swivel and height-adjustable seat allow you to move easily when you work. Blending comfort and style, this Genuine Leather Conference Chair will instantly elevate your working area.
Kerney Task Chair
Kerney Task Chair
$226.99 $202.99
You can improve your productivity and feel more comfortable while working at the office or home with this stylish yet functional desk chair. The dot tufting on the seat back lends a mid-century retro sense, while the premium faux leather upholstery provides optimal comfort. The 360 degrees swivel and adjustable height by gas-lifting create a customized experience for you. This ergonomic office chair offers proper body support and comfortable long-time use for both work and relaxation. With its stylish visuals and unparalleled comfort without sacrificing functionality, it's a perfect versatile desk chair for office setting or homeschooling and studying in any space in your home.
Whiting Genuine Leather Task Chair
Whiting Genuine Leather Task Chair
$324.99 $269.99
This Genuine Leather Swivel Desk Chair offers superior style and comfort for your home office or study room. The chair features premium genuine leather upholstery with soft high-density foam padding cushion seat. The minimalist armless office chair is designed to maximize comfort and coziness, while channel-seamed cushioned detailing offers a mid-century retro luxurious feel. Perched atop a durable four-star aluminum base to provide sturdy support. Featuring a 360 swivel seat to ensure its easy mobility, the task chair is perfect for any casual or professional working area that offers comfort with a convenient and elegant design.
Chambord Task Chair
Chambord Task Chair
$118.99 $79.99
This task chair is ideal for both factory-chic and modern farmhouse aesthetics. The chair's base stays put atop five curved feet and features a rounded footrest.
Tussilage Task Chair
Tussilage Task Chair
$203.99 $169.99
This stylish task chair is crafted from metal and engineered wood. Its neutral hue meshes well with any color palette in your home. It is a good choice for you if you are looking for a task chair that could save space. This chair is also perfect for the dining room, living room, or guest room.
Wrenshall Side Chair
Wrenshall Side Chair
$81.99 $72.99
Showcasing a silhouette reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, this streamlined office chair brings a dash of mid-century modern flair to your space. Made from molded plastic, its scoop seat is founded atop four splayed beech wood legs in a natural stain for a hint of warmth. Crossed metal braces help this compact chair support up to 265 lbs., while the foot glides below protect your floors from scratching and scuffs.
Terrance 24" W Leather Seat Waiting Room Chair with Metal Frame
Terrance 24" W Leather Seat Waiting Room Chair with Metal Frame
$279.99 $279.99
For your visitors to be welcomed in comfort, or for use in the workplace as a side chair for guests, place this chair in your reception area or office. The soft leather padded seat and back make guests feel very comfortable while business is being conducted. When looking for a stylish chair side chair for your home or workplace, this is sure to be the perfect fit.
Cohen Velvet Side Chair
Cohen Velvet Side Chair
$223.2 $159.99
This side chair features a curved silhouette and tapered, gold-finished legs for a mix of mid-century and contemporary glam styles in your dining room or bedroom. The chrome legs support a seat and the back is upholstered with velvet for a luxe look. The upholstery is filled with foam to give you plenty of support whether you're getting ready for the day or relaxing with a drink in the living room. The semicircular back has vertical channel tufting to round out this accent chair.
Angeleen Side Chair
Angeleen Side ChairThis pair of side chairs offers extra seating space for happy hour or for pulling up to the kitchen table for Sunday brunch. Crafted from metal frames, the chairs rest on gold legs with metal bracing, bringing contemporary flair to your living room or kitchen. We love that the waterfall seats feature a clear plastic design for even more modern style in your home. Plus, this set comes with adjustable floor glides to keep you comfy and your floors scuff-free.
Amein Dining Chair
Amein Dining Chair
$199.99 $172.99
This dining chair will help you enjoy home-cooked meals in style, no matter how that new recipe turns out. Add it to a dining table of your choice or use it as a side chair for extra seating at your next party. Perfectly at home in modern and contemporary aesthetics.
Hanner Upholstered Armchair
Hanner Upholstered ArmchairFrom providing sensible seating arrangements in smaller spaces to rounding out interior designs, accent chairs make all-star additions to any home decor arsenal. This chair from the collection is a chic upholstered armchair that will last for years of use. Made with durable fabric and modeled for comfort, this upholstered accent chair is the perfect statement piece for any room or setting. This item is for residential use only. We hope you like what you see.
Apoloniusz Tufted Side Chair
Apoloniusz Tufted Side ChairAccent chairs can make excellent additions to a home decor arsenal. Perfect for desks, dining rooms, or sitting areas, this upholstered side chair strikes a traditional silhouette. Crafted from a solid wood base and upholstered in polyester fabric with button tufting, it's perfect for classic ensembles in need of stylish extra seating.
Keown Fabric Arm Chair
Keown Fabric Arm ChairThis chic side chair is more than just a spot to sit. Founded atop four angled legs for a nod to mid-century style, its base sets a contemporary tone. Its curved, openwork solid wood seat is padded with foam and wrapped in polyester blend upholstery to tie it all together.
Coutee Waiting Room Chair with Metal Frame
Coutee Waiting Room Chair with Metal Frame
$509.99 $255
The Mid-Back Leather Office Chair features a chrome base and eco-leather seat and back. Lightweight and easy to carry, it includes removable arm covers and can be assembled quickly. Ideal for personalized comfort, its curved contours help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned.
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Tips To Choose An Office Chair


In order to remain comfortable for extended periods of time, interior designer, Jessica Davis notes that you should look at desk chairs without wheels that utilize breathable fabrics on the seat. You'll find that a lot of desk chairs upholstered in natural linens, poly blends, mesh, wool, or cotton lend themselves to feeling ultra-comfortable against the skin. There are also plenty of desk chairs without wheels containing faux leather seating or even solid wood constructions, which are often stain-resistant and extra durable. The base on many desk chairs without wheels is often crafted using steel or wood to properly withstand a person's weight over extended periods. For added comfort, the stuffing can be a range of high-density foam or sponge, giving support and structure to the seat and backrest.


According to Frances Merrill, the best desk chairs without wheels that will keep you both productive and comfortable all day long are ergonomically designed. With that in mind, look for desk chairs that feature a structured but curved backrest that is nicely contoured to fit the shape of your bodyCushioning and the seat shape is also vital component for desk chairs without wheels, so opting for a widely designed seat that allows you to sit back and feel fully supported is important. For those looking for a more streamlined and sleek frame, just ensure that your desk chair contains high-density foam padding in the seat to ensure a comfortable perch. A good portion of desk chairs without wheels either sit on four wood or metal legs or possess a four-pronged pedestal base which allows for proper weight proportion and balance.

Additional features:

Expert, Kerry Joyce notes that one of the key features of ergonomically designed desk chairs without wheels is that they can be adjusted in order to adequately support the person's back and core as they sit. Another key feature you might want to look for is the added ability to rock or swivel, allowing you to reach things around your work desk seamlessly. Built-in lumbar support is also available with some desk chairs without wheels, limiting the amount of strain on your lower back while seated. There may also be options with armrests that have adjustable height and width to allow for individualized support while typing on a computer. Also, added features such as a comfortable headrest or high-density foam under the upholstery help to take things to a whole new level in terms of comfort and support.

Knowing what you will be using the office chair for and how you will be using it are probably the two most important factors that should influence your buying decision.

If you are an executive who spends part of the day in front of your computer, but also long hours in meetings with colleagues and visitors, you definitely need a fully adjustable chair so you can sit back and look relaxed and friendly when you have someone on the opposite side of the desk, yet get all the necessary neck, shoulder and back support when working on your computer.

Someone who uses his or her office chair exclusively for computer work should place a heavier emphasis on ergonomics (see below).

Ergonomics is the science (or art, if you wish) of designing your workplace in such a way that it optimizes efficiency and comfort while minimizing any chance of injuries. The whole thing can become extremely academic. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are people out there with a PhD in ergonomics.

Since this isn’t a science class, we will try to keep things more practical. Below are the main ergonomic factors to take into account when choosing an office chair:

The 90-degree rule

The University of Pittsburgh’s Dr Matt Tanneberg says a red flag that an office chair might not be the right fit for you is if your knees, hips and ankles are not comfortably resting at a 90-degree angle. In other words. If your hips aren’t at a 90-degree angle the chair is probably too short or too long for you. The same is true for the ankles and the knees. All joints should preferably remain at a 90-degree angle.


What is important here is that the backrest should be adjustable. You might find it comfortable if you sit on the chair for two minutes, but after five hours you could start feeling differently. The backrest should also provide proper support to the curve in your lower back. As a general rule, the backrest should follow the shape of your spine. The back of the chair should reach at least as high as the middle of your shoulder blades in order to adequately support that section of your back. Even better is if it reaches above the shoulders.


Feet should comfortably rest flat on the floor. If that is not the case, make sure the chair has a footrest. Otherwise you might end up with your feet kicking in the air like a toddler on his dad’s office chair - both uncomfortable and odd.


Armrests should be fairly close to your body. Of course you don’t want the experience to feel like being squeezed by a gorilla, but your arms should be able to rest comfortably on both armrests. Otherwise you’re going to put a lot of strain on your shoulders and neck. Read that again. You have no idea how many millions of people out there are suffering from constant neck and shoulder pain because their office chairs force them into unnatural positions.

They must also be at a comfortable height. Armrests with adjustable height settings are a good idea in this regard. If you do a lot of computer work, and depending on your desk set-up, you might want to consider armrests that enable you to pull up as close as possible to your desk.

Is an office chair without armrests a good idea? The short answer is no. If your budget is extremely limited, the thought might enter your mind to completely skip the armrests. You will certainly save money, but without that crucial support for arms and shoulders, you are going to pay later - both in terms of dollars and pain and suffering.


The chair’s seat is, of course, the area where the biggest part of your weight will be resting for what might be 10 000 hours over the next five years. There are two important principles here:

  • Size. The seat should not be too short or too long. This of course depends on the length of your upper leg, so you will simply have to sit down and make sure it goes up to a few inches behind the knee. Two to four inches behind the back of the knee is generally regarded as a good average.

  • Seat material/cover. If you skimp in this area, your behind, as well as your lower back, will pay the price in future. Memory foam remains one of the best choices because it will simply not wear out as quickly as ordinary foam. An office chair’s cover should be easy to the touch. Avoid abrasive materials or materials that will cause your body to overheat, or that could cause itchiness. A medium texture, breathable cover should eliminate most of the above.

  • Shape. You can stimulate the blood flow to your legs by choosing a seat edge that is slightly rounded and slopes downward. The University of Pittsburgh calls this a ‘waterfall front.’. Avoid anything with a sharp edge like the plague.

  • Thickness. This is where you can easily make a mistake. It doesn’t matter if the seat is made of memory foam or not, if it’s too thin it will eventually cause a lot of discomfort. In this regard take into account your body weight and the size and shape of your bottom. If you have a thin, pert behind you should be able to sit comfortably on a medium-thick seat, but bigger bottoms come with more weight, and need more cushion support.

Obviously, if you are buying an office chair for a specific person who will use it for a specific type of job at a specific desk, being able to adjust it is not as important as when you are buying one that will be used by more than one person for a variety of tasks over a period of time.

Modern office chairs often offer a variety of adjustment mechanisms, including movable lumbar support, tilt tension adjustment, and tilt angle control.

Furthermore, a swivel chair that is fitted with casters enables you to move effortlessly from one part of your desk to another. The same is true if you have a printer or other piece of modern electronic apparatus that’s not on the desk, and you often want to easily access it without having to get up all the time.

For some people what the chair looks like will be of prime importance, for others that will be less important. There are, however, a few points here that all office chair buyers could benefit from taking into account:

Your office decor

If you have a fairly large office with a tasteful, timeless ambiance, a chair with a more traditional design covered in leather or perhaps good quality imitation leather could be a good choice. The situation is different if you are e.g. the female head of design at a modern advertising studio, and the rest of your office says “I am a millennial. I am chic, I am with-it”. In that case an ultra-modern chair covered in trendy colors should do the trick.

Your position

It’s not hard to imagine how your job could affect your choice of office chair. We’ve already touched on this in the previous paragraph. Your office chair says something about you, so make sure it says what you want it to say.

If you are the MD of Microsoft your office chair should shout: “I’m the boss. I’m a nice guy, up to a point. But I don’t play around.” Think fully adjustable, thickly padded, neutral colors, projecting an overall feel of quality, reliability and authority.

On the other hand, if you are a junior manager choosing an office chair for your first ever real office after spending years in a cubicle, you would probably want your chair to say: “Watch me. I’m on the way up, although I’m not quite there yet.” Modern styling, brighter colors than the boss’s office chair, and contemporary materials should do it.

Experts recommend that you replace your office chair every five years, but that could depend on a lot of factors, including the number of hours the chair is used during an average week, the weight of the incumbent, how often he or she jumps up and down, or swivels the chair, or uses it as a trampoline.

The golden rule is the moment you start to develop all sorts of aches and pains in your back, shoulders or neck it might be time to replace your office chair.

If you keep the broad guidelines and tips above into account when choosing an office chair, you are bound to enjoy years of satisfying service from it. It’s not rocket science, in fact office chair hunting could be a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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An attractive modern desk chair with a chromed metal frame built of 5 raised gently curved prongs with levellers and a height-adjustable column. A squarish concave seat, a tall split flared backrest and a T-shaped arms are covered in black pleather.
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Ergonomic design to a modern, contemporary office desk chair without wheels, made with an aluminum frame painted in black. The chair has a thick, comfy seat cushion and a netted back, making it comfortable.
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A cool contemporary desk chair with a frame of chromed metal tubes composed of 2 C-supports joined at the top, at the bottom and in the middle. A square seat and a mid-height rectangular fullback are of white synthetic material with grooving across.
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A modern-looking office chair without wheels, with a frame made out of aluminum with a chromed, silver coat of metallic paint. The chair has an ergonomic back with a mesh-like material and has a soft seat cushion.
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Contemporary style for a simple and classy made out of aluminum done with a chromed finish and a shiny polish. The back of the chair is made out of ergonomic mesh and has a little pillow behind of it to make it comfy.
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A pretty modern desk chair with a chromed metal frame built of a raised 4-prong foot with levellers, a short column in a black casing, a bowed seat support, frame arms. A seat and a mid-height back, covered in black material, are horizontally ribbed.
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A modern take on an ergonomic office chair without wheels with a frame made out of shiny, polished chromed aluminum, fitted with a uniquely shaped seat and back, covered in a net-like material in a black color.
Desk Chairs Without Wheels - Rooms
A cool simple contemporary desk chair entirely made of metal with a vivid green finish. It has 2 quadrangular supports with curved bottom ends, a full panel square seat and a mid height tapered backrest with a wide horizontal perforated tile.
Comfortable Desk Chair Without Wheels ...
Finished in black leather, this comfortable desk chair without wheels constitutes a perfect proposition for a contemporary home office. Stylish and solid chrome base will provide stability and solidness.
Alessandro Desk Chair
A comfy modern swivel height-regulated desk chair. A frame of chrome metal is built of a 5-prong castered foot, a gas-lift column, flat padded loop arms. A square seat and a tall rectangular fullback are covered in horizontally grooved grey pleather.
Pulsar High-Back Mesh Desk Chair
A comfy ergonomic desk chair with adjustable height and tilt. It's of metal and plastic in white and black. It has a 5-prong castered foot, a column, adjustable flip T-arms. A seat is covered in black fabric. A contoured backrest is of white mesh.
Tenafly Mesh Desk Chair
A combination of industrial and contemporary designs in a compact office room, furnished with a computer desk made out of white-painted aluminum with a walnut wood top surface with a shiny, polished finish.
Roache Office Chair
Modern setup for a compact office room, furnished with a computer desk with a frame made out of aluminum with a partial coat of black paint and a wooden top surface, fitted with a wheeled office chair with gray upholstery.
Alice Mid-Back Desk Chair
A classic look for a workspace corner in a bedroom, furnished with a computer desk made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a drawer on the front, paired with a mobile office chair on wheels with a winged back.
Fanning Mid-Back Desk Chair
A retro-styled, vintage mobile office hair on wheels with a frame made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint. The seat of the chair has a winged structure and is upholstered in a faux leather material in a green color.
Loreley Desk Chair
Featuring synthetic black leather and rubber wheels, this adjustable Loreley Desk Chair constitutes a perfect way to bring the comforts of home to the contemporary office or study. It has the size of 22.8'' W x 22.6'' D.
Adjustable Ergonomic Lumbar Support Swivel High-Back Mesh and Leather Executive Chair
Tigh back executive computer office chair distinguishes itself with ergonomic design, offering the best comfort at work. Its 360-degree swivel wheel and chair can be more flexible in working station.