Mushroom Lamps

Good lighting can entirely make-or-break a room - so a good lamp is always going to be in fashion. Moreover, as we look at iconic lamps going back through the decades, one that stands out is the mushroom lamp. Popularized in the '70s, this subtle statement lamp with an unforgettable domed silhouette is coming back now - trust us, you're about to see it everywhere.

Why? These types of lamps seem unassuming, but their shape gives them several attractive qualities. For example, the fact that they cast their light downwards simply makes rooms feel cozier - and the very fact that they're shaped like mushrooms gives any room they're in a little bit of a whimsical glow.

Are you looking for mushroom lamps with which to decorate your house? These type of lamps are easy to spot because they do in fact resemble the fungi for which they're named: They usually have a simple, straight base with a domed, cap-like shade. The shade - as opposed to many other lamp designs - typically is made from a hard material, such as ceramic, instead of a semi-transparent fabric.

It's this detail - one that makes it unique among lamps - that makes this type of lamp very attractive to mod designers, both in the '60s and '70s as well as today. These type of fungi-inspired lamps have additional perks: Because they're usually quite simply styled, they fit naturally with a large range of styles and aesthetics.

What does this mean for you? It's simple: Mushroom-inspired lamps are an excellent investment. As they're formed of a hard shell and a simple base, they tend to last for a very long time - and because their style is so versatile, you'll be able to use them no matter how often your personal style changes.

When you're looking for one of these lamps, consider whether you'll want to use it for the floor or the table; whether you'll want the lamp to provide enough light for reading, or just enough for atmospheric, moody ambiance. For the former, you'll likely want a lamp with a taller base or the potential for a slightly more powerful bulb.

Mushroom designer lamps are practical, affordable, and long-lasting. To help inspire you to use them in your home, we've selected ten particularly beautiful variants. Which do you like best?


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Silver Metal Table Lamp
Silver Metal Table Lamp This 25" tall table lamp has a burnished silver dome, LED compatibility, and sleek modern charm. It has a diminutive enough profile that it can blend in with rustic and more mod aesthetics. (It also comes in silver and gold!)
Rose Gold Table Lamp
Rose Gold Table Lamp For a mushroom lamp with a very striking silhouette, check out this rose gold, silver, or burnished black metal offering. It's heavy, it feels high-quality, and is LED-compatible. It will fit in nicely with both retro and modern aesthetics and has a classic styling that will appeal to many!
Retro Modern Table Lamp
Retro Modern Table Lamp This lamp is very similar to the previous one, but has a much taller length - still a tabletop lamp, but one that will have a larger amount of light. With 25" of height, this slim lamp offers a sustainable, LED-compatible way to bring ambiance to your home.
Black Desk Lamp
Black Desk Lamp With two sleek pull-strings, this lamp offers easy functionality and visual interest along with its black mushroom-dome. It's 18" tall, making it a table lamp that offers an intimate glow. It has a clamp for a base - you can use this with the tiniest of tables, just by cinching it on the edge.
Blue Mini Table Lamp
Blue Mini Table Lamp This original metal, powder-blue mushroom lamp looks like something that jumped straight from mid-century designs to modernity. With its sweeping base, domed hood, and tiny shape (only just over 8" high!), this lamp is a great addition to any bedside table.
Marble Table Lamp
Marble Table Lamp This mushroom lamp with a marble base has a traditional black metal top that pairs nicely with the more unique, solid grayscale base. It's 19" tall, LED-compatible, and can bring easy sophistication to any space. It feels hefty and definitely makes a statement in any room!
Brushed Steel Table Lamp
Brushed Steel Table Lamp This mushroom lamp has a double-domed effect - one dome at the top, and another echoed beneath. Available in three metallic hues (black, gold, and steel), this unique lamp offers a touch switch for easy use.
Metal Mushroom Floor Lamp
Metal Mushroom Floor Lamp Want a mushroom floor lamp? This taller entry is almost six feet high, and it's a very simple, clean addition to any room. It's LED-compatible, and it's got a modern silhouette that will work with a wide variety of styles.
Tree Floor Lamp
Tree Floor Lamp For a completely different take on the traditional mushroom lamp, check out this floor lamp that includes several little mushrooms for optimal light placement! It comes with a dimmer switch and a lightbulb for good ambiance and easy setup.
Plastic Floor Lamp
Plastic Floor Lamp This sustainable floor lamp looks like something straight out of the '60s (or an animated movie), and lends whimsical charm to any space. It's 51" tall, offers minimalistic white design, and has a built-in LED. What's more, it's weather-resistant and can be used safely in a damp or moist environment.