Decorative Recessed Light Covers

Recessed lighting is incredibly versatile as it can provide both task and ambient lighting to any area. Also referred to as can lighting and pot lighting, it is a type of lighting fixture that is mounted on a wall or ceiling which is mostly the case.

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You already know how useful a recessed light can be from its versatility. But, did you know it can boost a room’s aesthetic appeal, too? It can if it is paired with a decorative recessed light cover. It often comes in the form of a trim ring and it is available in different colors as well as metallic finishes. A decorative cover can also be square in shape, which is perfect if the round ones are too plain, boring or conventional for your taste.

The trim ring or light cover for recessed lighting also serves a purpose apart from aesthetics and that is to cover the point wherein the downlight and ceiling join together to create an ultra-smooth transition in between the light and the surface.

The material and color of your decorative trim should complement or match the room. If your goal is to maintain the focus on whatever your recessed light is illuminating, then opt for a thin trim with a color that is the same as your ceiling. Maybe what you want is to emphasize your ceiling. If so, then you can opt for colors and materials that will draw the eye upwards.

As you are thinking of getting a decorative trim, you should consider getting one that has lenses as it helps in blocking you from seeing the bulb that can have a glare. But, it will still depend on what you're trying to achieve. A lensed decorative trim for recessed lighting can also let you protect your light fixture if it is installed in your shower room. Whenever you take a hot shower, your bathroom steams up. Remember that electricity and moisture don't mix well. Putting a lensed trim over your lighting will block moisture from reaching the fixture and causing damage to your electrical system.


Decorative recessed light trims come in several different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches in diameter. What's the best size for you will depend on your personal preferences. If you want to produce a broader amount of light, then you should get a larger-sized trim. For smaller trims, they are less conspicuous so they're architecturally desirable and modern. The common applications for 6-inch trims are wall wash illumination and general residential downlight because of their ability to support various lamps, efficient optics, and wattages. As for 5-inchers, they have become popular as they are excellent for general lighting in small-scale settings and task lighting. 4-inch line voltage trims, on the other hand, are useful for accent and task lighting. They also work for areas that have lower light level requirements like over a counter or bar. The market also carries 4-inch low voltage M16 lighting trims which are inconspicuous but ultra-powerful precision accent light.


Once you have determined your preferred trim size, it's important that you understand the trim style that you want. The right style for you will be based on the desired effect you're going for, as well as the trim's application. Baffle trims are popular choices. They're best used in living spaces like dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, and living rooms. These trims feature huge uniform grooves that have been designed to absorb any excess lighting. Reflector trims are best used in kitchens, commercial spaces and very high ceilings as they maximize the light that has been produced by the bulb. They are also available in multiple tints that can warm a room or obscure the light bulb from view. Adjustable trims, on the other hand, are used for task lighting, general lighting, wall washing, and accent lighting. They allow bulbs to float within the housing and give users the ability to reposition bulbs so they can reach the desired areas. Now, it's time for you to check out your available options. Here are some of the best decorative recessed light trims we've found online:

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Vertex 4.5" Decorative Recessed Trim
Update your room’s lighting with this item. This recessed lighting solution makes use of crystals to cast its unique lighting profile. Together with the shiny chrome finish, it’s elegant and eye-catching. It’s also effortless to install as all you need are already in your toolbox.
Vertex 3.5" Decorative Recessed Trim
With its unique design and use of a geometric pattern and crystals, this recessed lighting solution is sure to catch the attention of your friends and family. Furthermore, it helps create a sophisticated and elegant vibe for the room. It’s a lighting solution that works well with mid-century, contemporary or modern interior design themes.
10.25" Recessed Light Shade
This recessed light shade features a combination of chrome metal and glass, making it a perfect addition if your room comes with a contemporary or modern theme. With screws for primary attachment, it's a light shade that anyone can install easily using everyday tools already found in most homes.
Decorative Recessed Light Cover - Florence Patina - 6" Diameter , Outer Edge: 8" Diameter
With a lovely patina finish, this lighting cover is an excellent choice if you’re going for that classic elegance. With an easy installation setup, you can update your old ugly lighting cans almost instantly. The light cover is about 8 inches in diameter.
Decorative Recessed Light Cover - Belcaro Walnut - 6" Diameter , Outer Edge: 8" Diameter
This light cover features a Belcaro Walnut color theme. It's not only elegant but it exuberates a warm and homey vibe too. It's also easy to set up. Once the necessities are in position, you only need to snap the cover into place.
Improve aesthetics of your home with decorative recessed ...
Do you want to change the lighting in a room? Use a decorative recessed light cover to match, complement, or highlight the decor and colors of your room. These make an ultra-smooth transition between a surface and light, boosting the aesthetic appeal of the room.
Decorative Recessed Light Covers: For Better Lamp Design
This lighting is very versatile and will give ambient light and a classic elegance to any room it is installed. It has a patina finish with a solid inner rim that gives it a copper look and a dark outer rim with a brushed leaf motif.
Decorative Recessed Light Covers: For Better Lamp Design
Decorative Recessed Light Covers: For Better Lamp Design
Decorative Recessed Light Trims
Decorative Recessed Light Trims
Recessed Lighting: Decorative Recessed Light Covers ...
Recessed Lighting: Decorative Recessed Light Covers ...
Decorative Recessed Light Cover
Decorative Recessed Light Cover