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Outdoor Solar Post Lights

There’s nothing better than using free solar energy to brighten up a home! These days, every single thing under the sun is soaring in price, which is why it is getting more and more attractive to take advantage of outdoor solar post lights.

They're the lighting options that won’t just help you save money on electricity costs, but they will also help you go green and maintain your home’s safety during nighttime.

They're perfect as well regardless of whether you’re remodeling, updating, or building a new home! As they’re available in all sorts of styles, sizes, and quality, you need to be careful of what you invest your money into.

In terms of style, you will be able to find outdoor solar post lighting options that will fit your home’s aesthetic appeal. From a tall, stately Georgian estate to a petite bungalow in California, outdoor solar posts make great backyard or front yard additions. To determine the right style for your new lighting fixtures, determine what your home’s style is as well as the colors that are mainly used in your home’s exterior including the roofing, siding, and stonework.

Beiges, red brickwork, and earth tones work best with solar posts that are in similar finishes like copper, brass, and bronze. If your home has black, grey, or slate tones, then choose the posts with white, zinc, nickel, chrome, pewter, and black finishes. You shouldn’t forget proportions as well. Your home may be built in between 1950 and 2004. If so, then it’s likely that your home’s exterior elevation is quite shallow compared to older or newer homes. Posts that are shorter will be your best options. For a newer or very old home, taller posts will look better. A townhome will also demand taller and narrower proportions for lighting.

It is also important that you maintain your outdoor solar posts if you want to ensure your family’s safety and security. If there are broken or burnt out bulbs, then you should replace them. Clean grimy lenses as well using a soft damp cloth. If your light fixtures become corroded, replace them immediately. Lastly, trim branches, shrubs, and bushes so you prevent light obstruction.

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12-Light LED 87" Post Light
What's unique about this lamp post is the planter that’s integrated into the entire unit. As it has a steady base in the form of a lantern, you don’t have to stake the pole into the ground. Simply add your favorite plant and your yard will get an instant boost in aesthetics!
Solon Outdoor 1-Light 61" Post Light
Bring forth brightness and elegance into your outdoor space with this cast aluminum lamp post. It's an eco-friendly lighting fixture that can stand up to 61 inches tall. It can be mounted in several ways and is powered using rechargeable batteries.
Royal Solar Powered 33-Light LED 89" Post Light
With a cast aluminum build, this light post lantern is rust-resistant and lightweight. It features a 19th-century lamp design, making it an excellent choice if you’re going for something classy and elegant. Despite the "old world" look, it's solar powered and comes with LED light bulbs.
Bayport 27-Light Lantern Head
An excellent piece that’s impressive, this light post will undoubtedly bring style and sophistication into your property. It will captivate you every single time it’s switched on. It’s made of cast aluminum, so it's both durable and long-lasting.
Imperial 1-Light LED 97" Post Light
The best feature of this well-crafted lamp light post is not its good looks but its convenience. It's easy to use and you get a powerful lighting source that will enhance the appeal and safety of your outdoor space.
Heritage Solar Powered Flame 3-Light LED 78" Post Light
This is an ultra-slick and elegant lamp post with a spacious planter. The LEDs that are added to the fixture can provide a candle effect flame. They're encased in frosted glass, giving the entire lighting fixture a traditional appeal that everybody will love!
Heflin Solar 1-Light LED Lantern Head
This post light is given a seedy textured glass to give it a unique look when it switches on at dusk. As it’s solar-powered, it makes your life a lot easier as its installation doesn’t require any wiring and it needs little to no maintenance.
Adler Solar Power Motion 1-Light 81" Post Light
The installation of this vintage-style solar post light is simple as it already comes with all the hardware you need. It comes with a motion sensor and it switches on and off automatically. The best part about this option is the pole which is adjustable in height!
Crisler Solar 3-Light LED Lantern Head
This solar LED post light is crafted from cast metal and given a weather-resistant matte black finish. It's designed to be used together with a 3-inch diameter pole. As it’s solar-powered, the installation of the post light is quick and easy.
Victorian Solar 13-Light LED Lantern Head
A powerful yet soothing and relaxing outdoor lighting fixture, this elegant 13-light LED lantern head is very functional with its adjustable motion sensor options. It’s energy efficient as it’s solar-powered and it comes with bolts for wall mounting.
Almonte Victorian Bulb Solar 1-Light Lantern Head
Not everyone wants matte black for a lantern head's finish. If what your home needs is a clean and crisp-looking lighting fixture, then you need this model from Charlton Home. Its metal construction is of superior quality so it’s guaranteed to last you for years!
Croley Solar Powered Vintage 1-Light LED 65" Post Light
This one is an excellent lighting fixture for outdoor use as it’s tough and capable of staying on even during extreme weather conditions. Also, even after years of use, it won't show any signs of wear and tear like fading or cracks.
Croker Solar-Powered Mini Vintage 1-Light LED 42" Post Light
With a long lifespan and beautiful aesthetic, it will be everything you need to illuminate your yard. It comes with premium solar panels that are capable of providing power to the entire lighting fixture. This means you don't have to connect it to a power source! Pretty convenient, right?
Crofts Solar Powered 1-Light LED Lantern Head
With this post light, its design is not just aesthetically pleasing; it's also versatile as it can easily blend into any outdoor decor or style. It's also given a body that’s durable and weather-resistant so you don't have to worry about rusting.
McAnulty Solar Vintage 1-Light 42" Post Light (Set of 2)
With its classic style and energy efficiency, these post lights are some of the best fixtures to use if you're looking into boosting your outdoor space's aesthetics, safety, and security. Each post measures 42'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D.
Everest Solar Powered 11-Light LED 92" Post Light
Everest Solar Powered 11-Light LED 92" Post Light
Adler Solar Powered 1-Light Pier Mount Light (Set of 2)
Adler Solar Powered 1-Light Pier Mount Light (Set of 2)
72" Street Vintage Outdoor Garden Triple Solar Lamp Post Light Lawn - Adjustable
72" Street Vintage Outdoor Garden Triple Solar Lamp Post Light Lawn - Adjustable
4 x 4 Solar Powered Post Cap Light Wood Fence Posts Pathway,Deck,Fence Light
4 x 4 Solar Powered Post Cap Light Wood Fence Posts Pathway,Deck,Fence Light