Battery Operated Table Lamps

Cordless lighting is not only safer, but it also adds better aesthetic value to a house than traditional lights. The operational lifetime of LED bulbs is outstanding. They are not composed of any toxic chemicals, are very energy efficient, and can stand for long in rigged conditions as well.

Battery operated table lamps can range in size from one foot to 2.5 feet. You can find plenty of alternatives with different base materials like ceramic, metal, plastic, raisin, solid wood, glass, and crystal. The designs also vary from traditional and classic pieces to contemporary and transitional ones.

While you will discover old and famous, thin, oval, round, or pot-like table lamp bases in the market, you will also stumble across different types of shades for them. The shade designs may include the traditional upside-down trapezoid with an opaque composition, a mesh of wires, intricate patterns on a metal base surrounded by a stainless steel sleeve, or a polygon wireframe without any actual shade to cover the structure.

In addition to the battery operated table lamps, you can also find portable models in the market that can be stuck on a wall, inside a cupboard, or over the door frame with a patch that comes with the product. Clip-on reading lights, as well as mini-LED lamps with eye protection tech, can be bought for use on the go.

Several battery-operated table lamps in the market come equipped with Bluetooth. You can control the lights with a mobile application. Some models have a charging socket in them. Many models these days offer a sensor that can turn the light on or off with a wave of a hand or touch panels with operating controls on them. However, you can also find a combination of modern tech like Bluetooth and USB with a ball-accented pull-chain for a transitional feel.

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Galva Metal Novelty Lamp
Galva Metal Novelty Lamp

This eye-catching Life-Size Modern Decorative Lamp is battery-powered and has an Edison style bulb that creates an aura of old-world charm. The elegant prop adds a gorgeous touch to any space with its graceful marriage of beauty & practicality, while being fabulous indoor, outdoor decor.

Mccarrell Glass Table Lamp
Mccarrell Glass Table Lamp

It can be challenging to get a new light source in a house fully furnished, so the “portable cordless lamp” is a good choice. The lamp has no need for power outlets and can be put anywhere without outlets. It emits bright but not harsh light which won't hurt eyes. The soft ambient light with the beautiful glass design make it a very nice home decor, to create cozy warm atmosphere. We hope this battery operated lamp can bring you a new and distinctive life experience.

Adontae Metal Table Lamp
Adontae Metal Table Lamp

The life-size vintage decorative lamp is powered by two D batteries, with an Edison-style bulb. It creates an aura of old-world charm and adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty and practicality. The eye-catching prop can be hung, used on bars and patios or on porches. It's fabulous indoors or out, day or night!

Chinemerem Metal Novelty Lamp
Chinemerem Metal Novelty Lamp

The geometric line frame design with modern beauty is suitable for table setup and home or office decoration. The light bulb emits a warm yellow light, while indirect lighting quickly improves the overall atmosphere of the room. The triangular bracket holds the bulb in midair, while its light pattern trickles down from above, creating a unique effect.

Aniki Metal Novelty Lamp
Aniki Metal Novelty Lamp

The life-size vintage decorative lamp is battery powered, with amber glass bird bulb, warm white fairy lights and diamond metal frame in black color. It adds an aura of old world charm, with the graceful marriage of beauty & practicality to any space.

Adonte Metal Novelty Lamp
Adonte Metal Novelty Lamp

Set of 2 gold battery lamps-the life-size vintage decorative lamps with clear bulbs, warm white fairy lights and metal base in gold color creates an aura of old-world charm. This eye-catching prop for tables, bars, patios, porches; fabulous indoor & outdoor decor day & night.

Metal Novelty Lamp
Metal Novelty Lamp

This eye-catching vintage decor will add glamour to any space. It can be used indoors or out, day or night. It is perfect for tables, bars, patios, porches—anywhere you want to add a touch of old world charm.

Behah Ceramic Lamp
Behah Ceramic Lamp

The moon lamp is a symbol of divine and charming beauty and brings warmth and happiness to its users. Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, the sphere's curves and mountains were designed to really portray the moon's surface.

Keppler Glass Novelty Lamp
Keppler Glass Novelty Lamp

Add a modern accent to your living room or bedroom with this gorgeous table lamp. The cylindrical drum shade is made of linen fabric and sits atop a distinct, rounded body with crackled mirror details for a unique, contemporary aesthetic. The three-way rotary switch allows you to adjust the intensity of the light as needed.

Lowel Desk Lamp
Lowel Desk Lamp

There are 16 kinds of egg lamp lighting modes, 4 kinds of flashing modes, with brilliant and colorful light. You can choose to adjust the light color and mode to create different atmospheres according to the environment and needs. The light and flash mode is changed by the wireless remote control, which can adjust the brightness of different lights, and the operation is simple and convenient. There is a waterproof plug design at the bottom of the bulb, which protects well against water damage on the charging port and switch. The egg night light is exquisite and compact, with soft light. It can be used in bars, restaurants, resorts or other places to create a unique atmosphere.

Mosche Metal Novelty Lamp
Mosche Metal Novelty Lamp

Table lamps are more than just a source of light in your abode—they lend an artistic appeal to any space. Try adding one to your nightstand for a mini makeover of the master suite, or stage one on the entryway console to greet guests with a warm glow. Take this example: crafted from metal and featuring pipe detailing and a cage shade, it's battery operated so there's no need to place it near an outlet!

Grasonville Metal Novelty Lamp
Grasonville Metal Novelty Lamp

This lamp creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. It is a pretty and romantic decoration for bedrooms, great for commercial occasions, and makes an ideal gift for family members and girlfriends.

Pennie Wood Table Lamp
Pennie Wood Table Lamp

This pair of table lamps has a cohesive look, whether on the same sideboard or in separate spots. The bases and stands are crafted from metal with a dark brown finish that resembles wood for a blend of industrial and rustic styles. One lamp has an angled arm and a traditional acrylic lampshade etched with lines; the other features a crossbar-shaped base and a circular lamp shade with a honeycomb pattern. The lamps come with white LED lights powered by three AA batteries (not included).

Delante Novelty Lamp
Delante Novelty Lamp

These lamps feature an attractive appearance, giving out soft light that makes your night different.

Volga Table Lamp
Volga Table Lamp

The LED color-changing table lamp combines versatility and fun, offering three levels of regular white light as well as a wide range of colored light options on a convenient touch bar switch. It's perfect for use in the bedroom as a nightlight or outside for mood lighting. With an outdoor certification for damp locations, this lamp is sure to satisfy your needs at home or while camping. This lamp reaches a full charge after charging for about 2-3 hours, and the battery lasts for a minimum of 5 hours. You can purchase it in black or white finishes and coordinate it with other products in the LED color-changing table lantern collection...

Metal USB Desk Lamp
Metal USB Desk Lamp

PLEATE table lamp is a wireless LED table lamp with a dimmable warm white built-in LED light source. The lamp is distinguished by its slim, compact design, which makes it ideal for use as a design table lamp, bedside lamp or to illuminate your party tables. The lamp is equipped with a 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Nightside Stepless Dimmable Bedside Lamp with USB Port, Retro Industrial Amber Glass Shade
Nightside Stepless Dimmable Bedside Lamp with USB Port, Retro Industrial Amber Glass Shade

This table lamp is equipped with a practical USB port charging function that allows you to use the lamp without worrying about tangled wires.

Metal Desk Lamp
Metal Desk Lamp

The solar lamp is a soft and elegant solar-powered desk lamp that is simple without superfluous decoration. It shows prime quantity, modern fashion, and provides three lighting models for different needs, making sure you never have to work in the dark again.

Firefly Metal Table Lamp
Firefly Metal Table Lamp

Firefly is a portable table and peg lamp designed to be flexible and functional. The design is inspired by the classic table lamp, with a silhouette that evokes an empathetic connection to its pure function. The removable head houses all of the technology: magnetic coupling system, rechargeable battery via USB-C, LED source, and five-step dim control. It can last up to 24 hours on a full charge. An anti-slip base is included with the table lamp version and to maximize safety for public use an innovative anti-theft kit is available with two-point security: one to affix the base to the table and the other the head to the base.

Metal Novelty Lamp
Metal Novelty Lamp

The lamp has a black metal base and a purple open-top glass shade. The straight lines of the base contrast with the curves of the shade, creating an aura of old world charm. This lamp adds a gorgeous touch to any space. It can be used on tables, bars, patios, porches indoors and out.

Emircan Metal USB Desk Lamp
Emircan Metal USB Desk Lamp

The American 6.8" desk lamp with USB can be used in the bedroom, guest room, office, outdoor, etc. This desk dimmable lamp is made from high quality materials and features special led chips with a lower defect rate than standard models. Its wall decor lantern's good design guarantees both safe operation and energy savings.

Cili Metal Lamp
Cili Metal Lamp

Rechargeable lamps are available with 20 built-in LED light sources, 360° with no dead angle lighting, and LED soft light for eye protection. The gold table lamp has a 39-inch long charger and can be used while charging. It includes a built-in 5000 mAh rechargeable battery that provides 5-6 hours of use after a 5-hour charge. Dimensions: 3.15" diameter x 10.24" height.

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Table lamps, even battery operated ones, should be made from durable materials such as metal, resin, or ceramic. According to interior decorator, Suzanne Kasler, the material can also have an effect on the overall aesthetic of the room. Metal and glass can create an industrial or modern feel, while ceramic and resin can fit into the contemporary or elegant categories nicely. If a shade is present on the lamp, they can be made from a range of materials including paper, canvas, cotton, and other fabrics to add another level of style to the room.


Table lamps can come in a wide range of sizes, and which size is best for you will depend on where you plan to place the lamp. For example, interior designer Darryl Carter says it's better to keep small lamps in more compact areas such as on a desk or as an accent light on a bedside table. Larger lamps look better in more eye-catching spaces such as on mantles, living room side tables, and dining room tables. Battery operated table lamps can also be suitable for use outdoors on a balcony or covered patio for some extra evening ambience.


The aesthetic of table lamps will depend on a variety of factors including the material the lamp was made from, the type and material the shade is made from, and the overall aesthetic of the room the lamp will be going into. California-based interior decorator Nathan Turner states that the room decor can help bring out and emphasize the aesthetic of the lamp too. If you place a brightly colored lamp in a whimsical or eclectic style decor, the lamp's aesthetic will be much more striking and fitting for that space.


Table lamps can come in a number of different colors, for both the base and the shade. Additionally, you may notice a variety of different color options for the light bulb itself. Designer Oliver M. Furth says the two most common light hues will be a bluish tint and an orange tint. The blue is normally referred to as a cool bulb, while the orange is a warmer bulb option. These temperature options can be great in certain areas, such as a cooler bulb fitting into an office setting well while a warmer bulb does better in a bedroom or as an accent light.

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Battery Powered Table Lamps. Remote Control Desk Lamp ...

A cool retro style table lamp. It has a base of metal and a cylindrical vertically ribbed lampshade of frosted plastic. It's lightweight, portable, powered with 3 AAA batteries, has LED bulbs, a motion sensor and turns on automatically.

Battery operated cordless table lamps : Lamp World

Futuristic design for a wooden table lamp, made out of solid hardwood with an unusually shaped frame. The lamps is also fitted with a drum-shaped cotton lampshade on the top, which provides a nice finish to the piece.

HongJing Retro LED Night Light Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Light,Activated Step lighting Lamps,Indoor/Outdoor Battery-Operated Light-Sensitive Portable Moving Table Lamp for Kids Room,Hallway

An aesthetic retro style portable table lamp. It has a cylindrical base of plastic in coppery shades and a conical creamy lampshade for LED bulbs. It's battery-powered and equipped with an on/off button, a motion sensor and anti-slip pads.

Battery Operated Touch Lamps Lamp Light Battery Powered ...

An elegant stylish battery-operated table lamp featuring a candlestick-type base in bronze shades. It's composed of a round foot, a decorative ball, a tall tapered stem with a ball finial. A classic conical lampshade is of plain white fabric.

Battery Operated Outdoor Table Lamp - Improvements Catalog

An elegant approach to a battery-operated outdoor table lamp for reading with a base made out of black-painted wood and a wicker frame. The lamp is fitted with a cotton lampshade in a white color, which gives it a decent finish.

Wine Bottle Tiffany 12.5" Lamp

Elegant setup made with the use of an old-fashioned, rustic cupboard crafted out of vibrant cherry wood with black elements, decorated with sophisticated glasses and a stained glass wine bottle to finish off the piece.

Glass Material Cordless Rechargeable Battery Operated ...

Minimalistic design for a cordless, rechargeable battery operated table lamp made in a futuristic fashion. The lamp is made out of clear glass with a matte container inside of it which hides the light bulb, creating a unique piece.

Ribbon Cordless Outdoor 24" Table Lamp

Designed to cast a warm, golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties, this battery operated table lamp will be a perfect proposition for one's indoors as well as outdoors.

Battery Operated Vintage Style Bulb Light Bronze Caged Lamp

Industrial style for a unique, retro-looking table lamp made out of bronze with a wire cage for a lampshade. The lamp is fitted with a couple of small, decorative light bulbs and is battery operated, making it cost-efficient.

Battery operated cordless table lamps : Lamp World

A set of cordless, battery operated table lamps, perfect for restaurants or outdoor use on a patio. The table lamps are made out of a plastic cover with a matte finish and an aluminum base, which provides a modern vibe.

Pleasant Small Battery Operated Desk Lamps Desk Lamp ...

A cute small desk lamp featuring a beautiful candlestick-like base in a golden shade. It has a round foot and a stem adorned with collars. A classic cone lampshade of white material has ornate textured golden rims. The lamp is battery-operated.

Battery powered table lamps images

This battery operated table lamp will help you add a bit of the contemporary chic into your living or bedroom space. Its slender, cylinder shape enchants with its minimalistic appeal.

battery operated table lamps for your living room ...

Adorable design for a unique, funky table lamp made out of white plastic. The lamp is made in a cylindrical shape and constitutes of several pieces of splash-like plastic, giving it an unusual appearance.

Battery Operated Living Room Table Lamps – Modern House

A set of four differently looking table lamps made in an oriental and exotic fashion. The lamps come in two shapes – square and round, and have their frames made out of thin matte glass, giving them a futuristic appearance.

Appliances : Battery Operated Table Lamps With Fancy ...

Antique design for a tiny table lamp with a frame and stand made out of copper metal with a shiny, high polish finish. The lamp is fitted with a cone-shaped lampshade made out of white cloth material with gold elements.

Motion Sensor 9.5" Table Lamp

Avant-garde look for a modern, futuristic table lamp made out of white plastic with a unique addition: a motion sensor on the front which makes the lamp activate when you enter the room, providing a quirky addition to a bedroom.

Small Battery Operated Table Lamps Table Lamp Battery ...

A set of four different looks for antique table lamps with battery operated LED lights inside of them. The frames of the lamps are made out respectively out of stone and solid dark wood, giving them an antique vibe.

Interior Design Ideas, Architecture Blog & Modern Design ...

An attractive contemporary table lamp featuring a showy wooden base in mid brown shades. It's composed of an upright hexagonal stem and 4 slanted rectangular block feet. A cylindrical lampshade is of patternless white cotton.

Restaurant Table Lamp Battery Operated ~ Best Inspiration ...

An elegant traditional style battery-operated table lamp featuring a vase-shaped base of plastic in brown shades with golden undertones. It has a square bottom part with small feet and ornate ends. A bell lampshade is of plain beige fabric.

Battery Operated Decorative Table Lamps ...

Attractive stylish battery-powered table lamp. They feature cylindrical gently tapered lampshades of white with creamy undertones material. They differ in shape and material of ornate bases: some are of metal, other - of clear glass or dark plastic.

Battery Operated Decorative Table Lamps | Campernel Designs

Thanks to its battery operated mechanism, this decorative table lamp can be a cool addition to both one's indoors and outdoors, embellishing not only the living room, but also a porch or patio.

Battery Operated Living Room Table Lamps – Modern House

Elegant approach to a vintage table lamp with a frame made out of bubble-shaped glass with an aluminum stand with a chromed finish. The shade of the lamp is made in a drum shape out of white fabric, providing a stylish finish.

Landscapes and outdoor lamps – Lighting and Chandeliers

This battery operated table lamp constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's outdoors, casting a smooth, romantic glow and illuminating your twilight parties. It can be also used indoors, i.e. embellishing the bedroom or living room space.

Prochaska LED Bulb 6" Table Lamp

Opt for a truly beautiful and immensely stylish table lamp like this one that oozes the industrial styled design and will make for a more than useful boost of elegance for your rustic interior with its cage-like frame.

PIR Motion Sensor Night Light,Lovingvs Battery-Operated Retro Small Cordless LED Table Lamp Bar Decrative lighting Lamps for Washstand Bedside,Bedroom,Bathroom,Hallway 3 AAA

A cool retro style portable cordless table lamp. It has a round base of brown plastic and a conical tapered up lampshade of white opaque plastic. This 3AAA batteries powered lamp is equipped with white LEDs, a motion sensor and a 3-mode switch.

19 best Operated Table Lamps images on Pinterest ...

Thanks to its battery operated power supply, these table lamp can be a great proposition for one's outdoors or any place remote from the electrical socket. Add a bit of a romantic climate to your outdoor leisure time.

Battery Powered Table Lamps | Floor Lamps

A pretty battery-operated table lamp. It has a vase-shaped base (of semi-sheer glass with a vertically ribbed design; a round foot and a neck are of silvery metal) over a silvery metal stem. A cylindrical gently tapered shade is of white fabric.

Battery lamps lighting : Lamp World

Embodying the classic charm and warmth, these battery-operated lighting fixtures constitute a great proposition for one's traditional or rustic decor. They can work out well both indoors and outdoors.

Restaurant table lamps battery operated : Lamp World

An aesthetic retro style restaurant table lamp. It's lightweight and easy to handle as cordless (battery-powered). It has a conical base and a top cap in a silvery colour. A lampshade is of opal plastic.

Heavenly Battery Operated Table Lamps Target Table Lamp ...

Elegant approach to a traditional table lamp. The frame of the lamp is made out of oak wood with a black coat of paint, combined with elements made from brass metal, finished off with a cotton lampshade.

Ivation 6-LED Battery Operated Motion Sensing Table Lamp - Multi Zone Light: Body Only, Shade Only, or Both Body & Shade - can Also Light Continuously

This stylish Ivation 6-Led battery operated table lamp distinguishes itself with its energy efficiency, being able to work constantly up to 48 Hours (Max). You can control the light manually or Set it into Automatic.

Decorations : Battery Operated Table Lamps Battery Powered ...

Cool retro style battery-powered table LED lamps for outdoor. Each lamp has all elements in the same colour e.g. black. It has a flat round foot and a tall thin stem of metal. A cylindrical gently tapered up metal lampshade has a pull chain switch.

Restaurant Table Lamps Battery Operated

Cozy arrangement for an outdoor conversational area, furnished with two joined dining tables made out of oak wood with a light tint, paired with a set of simple dining chairs and a battery-operated table lamp made out of steel.

Battery Operated Table Lamps | 2017 - 2018 Best Cars

Modern design for a free-standing table lamp made in a futuristic style. The lamp is made out of chromed aluminum with a shiny, high polish finish and has a round stand as well as a long and thin lampshade.

Battery Operated Table Lamps For Weddings | Floor Lamps

Industrial design for a high, free-standing floor lamp with a battery operated mechanism. The frame of the floor lamp is made out of aluminum with a chromed finish and a black coat of metallic paint, giving the lamp a stylish look.

Isabel Outdoor Square Solar 16.5" Table Lamp

This battery operated square solar table lamp will be a lovely small (16.5" high) accent, ideal to enhance your outdoor decor. It will work out well during any twilight parties, adding a smooth, romantic glow.

Lamps: Practical Battery Operated Table Lamps To Save Your ...

Create a magical illumination of your space with this beautiful stained glass battery operated lamps. An ideal solution to one's outdoors, as you don't have to worry about the electrical sockets.

Pillar V2 Cordless Lamp (Set of 2) – Insight Cordless

Control the lighting in your house from your leisure thanks to the remote control, which manages this set of battery operated table lamps. The built-in rechargeable batteries shall last up to 24 hours.

Mini Table Lamps Battery Operated Table Lamp Battery ...

This battery operated table lamp enchants with its glass silhouette, comprising several glazed bulbs. Its mini size will add a perfect, smooth touch of contemporary chic to the space.

Henriqueta Birch Tree 18'' Table Lamp

A truly original and eye-catching table lamp that will not only allow you to brighten up your space a bit but to also invite a classy and charming look to it wih the tree-like shape of the structure.


This dollhouse battery operated table lamp with the platinum finish is a beautiful miniature item proportional to the object it represents. Ideal for a dollhouse or room box.

Battery operated decorative table lamps

Funky look for a large table lamp made entirely out of matte glass, which provides it with a unique and unusual appearance. The table lamp has a large painted decal on the front, which presents a tall, dead tree.

Battery Operated Table Lamps Canada | Floor Lamps

An elegant contemporary, almost entirely black, battery-powered table lamp. It has a rectangular double-step foot and a tall thin metal stem covered by 2 showy glass spheres. A wide cylindrical lampshade of plain black material has white backing.

Outdoor Wicker Table Lamp with Removable Battery-Operated ...

A modern approach to an outdoor table lamp with a frame made out of wicker material with a black paint and a stone, square-shaped stand. The lamp is fitted with a removable battery operated light, making it cost-efficient.

Battery operated cordless table lamps : Lamp World

A tasteful modern battery-powered cordless table lamp. A base is built of a round clear foot and oval clear elements arranged in tiers over a metal stem. A drum lampshade of semi-opaque white and dimmed material with horizontal grooves houses 1 bulb.

WOW - Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Battery Operated LED ...

A set of two modern outdoor floor lamps with frames made out of copper metal with a brushed finish. The covers of the lamps are made out of matte glass, and the lights themselves are battery operated and have a dim control on the front.

Battery Operated Outdoor Table Lamp - Improvements Catalog

A cute retro style battery-powered portable table lamp. A base is built of a round black plastic foot and a vase-like stem of bronze woven resin wicker. It has an on/off button and 3-level regulated LEDs. A cylindrical lampshade is of white plastic.

Ivation 12-LED Battery Operated Motion Sensing Table Lamp - Dual Color Range - Available Settings Include Manual & Automatic Motion & Light Sensing

Energy-Efficient & providing Gentle Illumination this Ivation 12-LED Battery operated motion sensing table lamp constitutes a perfect solution for all, who want to add a bit the contemporary touch to the space.

1000+ ideas about Cordless Lamps on Pinterest | Battery ...

Old-fashioned look for a classic table lamp with a stand made out of oak wood with a dark tint. The frame of the lamp is fitted with a rope and has a distinct shape, and the lamp has a beige-colored lampshade on the top.

Striped Lamp Shades: Battery Operated Cordless Table ...

An avant-garde-looking table lamp with a battery operated cordless light inside of it. The frame of the lamp is made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint and has two shiny, glass balls in the middle of it.