Murphy Bed With Desk

Murphy beds date back to the beginning of the 20th century, and they were certainly much more popular in your grandparents’ (or great-grandparents’) day than they are now. However, these fold-up beds which pull down from the wall – and tuck back into position when not in use – are still a great space saver for small bedrooms and apartments.

If you’re in search of a “real” Murphy bed, chances are that you’ll have to hire a cabinetmaker or carpenter to put one in for you. You can’t just hack a hole in the wall and attach your mattress with some hinges. However, there are many great alternatives available that are almost the same as an old-fashioned, built-in Murphy bed. They have an iron or wooden bed tray that mounts flush to the wall and contains the fold-down mattress.

Most of these modern Murphy beds work with sophisticated dual-piston or spring-carriage systems, so the mattress and frame can be pulled down or put away with just one hand. They’re available in all sizes from double to king, with inexpensive models manufactured primarily from pressed wood, and more-expensive beds available in a number of quality hardwoods which will match a room’s design and furnishings.

Even better, there are some ingenious combinations of furniture based on Murphy beds. One of the most popular is the Murphy bed with desk; an integral workstation is built right onto the face of the unit, to be used during the day while the bed is folded into the wall. At night when the mattress is pulled down, the desk automatically folds safely underneath the bed frame. It’s an ideal way to save as much space as possible.

Some companies have gone further, adding bookshelves or drawers to the Murphy bed frame, or in the most imaginative use of the technology, creating a complete desk and flat screen mounting system built into the face of the bed – which completely disappears when the mattress is pulled down. Needless to say, these extravagant Murphy beds with desks are extremely pricey.

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Simple Murphy Bed with Desk
Simple Murphy Bed with Desk

Available in white, caramel, light gray, black, and brown, this Murphy bed is crafted completely from solid acacia wood. Featuring natural wood grain variation, it includes a box steel bed frame. As well as a desk, two small drawers are included.

The understated look of this bed with desk would best suit a modern bedroom. It would pair well with minimalist furniture in a matching hue. The white finish would look lovely with light blue decor for a calm feel. This bed doesn’t have much storage space, though, so we recommend it for larger rooms that have a dresser or wardrobe.

Contemporary Murphy Bed and Desk
Contemporary Murphy Bed and Desk

Featuring a smooth gloss white finish, this Murphy bed is made of manufactured wood. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. When used as a desk, the long and slim workspace will give you room to spread everything out.

As this bed is twin size, it is ideal for either a guest or a child’s room. It would be a particularly good fit for a small child’s room, as they will be able to use the desk aspect to do homework. We recommend opting for colorful bedding or a comforter with a fun print to prevent this bed from looking overly minimalist.  

Slim Murphy Bed
Slim Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed with desk is available in a white/walnut gray or bark gray/graphite finish. Crafted from manufactured wood, it is a classic full size. In terms of storage, there are two cabinets and several shelves to the side.

The desk included with this bed gives you more space than typical Murphy beds, meaning it’s a great choice if you work from home full-time. The storage cabinets give you a place to store work items hidden out of sight, whereas the shelves could be used for decorative or practical purposes. We recommend the bark gray/graphite finish for a chic look.

Dark Gray Murphy Desk Bed
Dark Gray Murphy Desk Bed

Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, this bed is a double. Featuring a stylish matte finish, it has three shelving nooks above. Conveniently, a wooden box rim allows you to keep bedding on the bed even when it is tucked up.

This bed would be an ideal choice for a teenager’s bedroom. The nooks offer a good amount of space as well as being out of the way when it’s time to sleep. The gray frame would pair well with light gray or white bedding. However, the desk is relatively low, so it isn’t the greatest option if you have back trouble.

Two Tone Murphy Bed
Two Tone Murphy Bed

This full size Murphy bed is made of manufactured wood and upholstered in fabric that creates a chic two-tone effect. It has a brown and white finish. Alongside shelving, 2 USB charging ports and an LED light for reading are included.

Due to the desk and bed aspects being able to be switched with one hand, this bed is a good option if you live by yourself. Perfect for small bedrooms or studio apartments, it will act as a two-in-one. You could even add a cozy feel to your space by placing decorative objects like photo frames and flowers on the shelves.

Paneled Murphy Bed
Paneled Murphy Bed

You can choose from queen or king size with this bed. Featuring a stunning walnut finish and crafted from solid wood with veneers, it has antique molding and subtle paneling detail. The desk maintains its orientation even when closed.

Extremely convenient due to the fact everything stays in place even when flipped up, this bed would make a gorgeous addition to a spare room. Convert your room into a charming office during the day by adding matching walnut bookshelves and then transform it into a welcoming guest room when needed. We think embroidered cream bedsheets would match best. 

Brentwood Queen Murphy Desk Bed
Brentwood Queen Murphy Desk Bed

The Brentwood murphy desk bed is a great way to add extra sleeping space for family and friends. This ingenious piece of furniture can be used as a desk during the day, and then easily transforms into a guest room at night!

Modern Birch Full / Double Murphy Bed
Modern Birch Full / Double Murphy Bed

The bed desk bed system is the perfect combination of bed and desk, because it offers both a comfortable place to sleep and a spacious work surface. To lower the bed down, you simply place your hand on top of the desk side and pull. Once started, the mechanism takes over to assist in lowering the bed. The manufacturer crafts this system from solid hardwoods and premium furniture-grade plywood to create a beautiful piece of furniture that is built to last.

Niklas Queen Murphy Bed with Mattress
Niklas Queen Murphy Bed with Mattress

As you know, every inch of your house or apartment is important, which is why we are proposing innovative solutions for your dream living spaces. A smart and reliable design of the Niklas Wall Bed with a desk provides freedom to create a unique space of your living area.

Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed

The Inova Murphy Bed with Desk is a compact solution for working from home. It instantly transforms from a desk to a bed, so that even the most compact room can be both a comfortable workspace during the day and a peaceful, uncluttered bedroom at night.

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What we're looking for:


If your Murphy bed is made of solid wood, it's likely to weather better than one made of manufactured wood. This isn't to say that manufactured wood is bad, but rather that it's more likely to show chips and marks than solid wood. This is especially important because the nature of a Murphy bed is to be pulled up and down frequently, so if you plan to use your bed every day consider which wood is the right fit. Per design expert Beata Heuman, looking at the hardware of a Murphy bed is also important. As it's important for the hinges to work smoothly, you'll need to do regular maintenance on materials like iron and steel to prevent any creaking and stiffness over time.


You'll need to consider how a Murphy desk bed with included storage will fit in your room. If you have a small room and only plan to have your Murphy bed and nothing else in it, you should still consider leaving a gap between the wall and your bed. If your room is larger, Nicole Hollis recommends placing your Murphy bed in the center of your room so you don't have to squeeze into side gaps to access its storage. You'll want to aim for at least 30 inches from the wall to the bed for each side. This will allow you to move around freely and give your bedroom a spacious feel.

Desk and Chair Space:

If you work from home often, you'll want a desk space that's at least 60 inches wide. This includes room for a computer and office equipment. You'll also need to consider long-term adjustments to your desk. For example, you won't have cable management built-in as you would with a regular desk. This means you'll have to factor in where your computer wires will go when working. If the nearest outlet is far from where you want to place your Murphy bed, you should consider moving the bed closer to the outlet to accommodate this. Alternatively, you could purchase an extension cord. As for a chair, you'll need one that is less than 20 inches wide so you can store it away easily when it isn't in use.


It's unlikely for Murphy beds with desks to come in non-neutral colors, as neutrals are much easier to match with existing décor. Due to the fact white has a naturally brightening effect, design expert Maria Killam recommends opting for a Murphy bed with a white finish if it is for a smaller room. However, for a more sophisticated vibe, dark brown will lend your room a grounded look - just make sure to contrast it with lighter bedding to prevent a closed-in feel. Though black can appear imposing for such a large bed frame, it can look chic and modern if you have high ceilings.


Though not all, most Murphy beds with a desk also have storage included. If you plan to use your bed area as a home office, too, storage is even more important, as you'll need to plan out where everything will fit. At least two shelves are required to store office items if you do not have a separate space for this. Moreover, a shelf gap of approximately 15 inches is needed if you plan to have a printer or bulky larger items on these shelves. Of course, if you are only storing documents, a slim gap is no issue.

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Space-saving, compact design for a folding murphy bed made out of black-painted wood. The bed has a set of handy shelves on top for storage as well as a desk on the bottom which is left on the outside when the piece is folded.

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An aesthetic practical contemporary folding queen bed with a bookcase-style frame of walnut wood with a delicate purplish finish. It has a slatted surface, a 2-door wardrobe-like outer design and is equipped with a metal support and a foldable desk.

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This murphy bed with desk constitutes a perfect transition between the modern and the past. Sleek, simplistic design, yet based on classic, dark stained wood. Delights also with its functional values, combining a place to sleep with a working station.

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Compact and space-efficient approach to a traditional murphy bed with a folding structure. The bed is made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint and has a built-in desk as well as two storage cabinets on each side.

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Modern setup for a contemporary bedroom with a compact, folding murphy bed made out of smooth, polished pine wood and has a minimalistic headboard which nicely complements the silver planter and the blue walls.

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An elegant space-saving folding full bed and desk of wooden materials in light browns. A tall rectangular enclosure, resembling a 2-door wardrobe, is flanked by 2 towers with open front shelves and drawers. A rectangular desk has sloped side wings.

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An aesthetic space-saving folding full bed and desk. It's made of wooden materials finished in mid browns. A tall rectangular enclosure has protruding bottom parts and a crown top. A flip up bed has an ornate panel, a rectangular desk - sloped wings.

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Old-fashioned setup for a traditional bedroom with an all-in-one set of furniture consisting of a murphy folding bed, a couple of display shelves as well as a desk, a wardrobe and a few drawers and cabinets for storage.

Can you believe this? As it is it looks like

This multifunctional piece of furniture conceals a phenomenal mechanism, that will surely work out well in all smaller spaces. It provides a desk during the day and a normal sleeping bed at night.

Delapaz Queen Murphy Bed

A unique approach to a compact murphy bed with a folding structure and a handy desk to act as a workspace replacement or as a display. The bed is made out of grey-painted wood, which gives it a modern look.

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An attractive practical set consisting of a pull down bed for 2 persons, a rectangular freestanding desk unit with a 2-door shelved cabinet above and an open front shelving unit. They have crown tops. A bed has folding black metal supports.

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A simple cool modern pull down bed with a rectilinear frame of wooden materials in grey but a white bedface. A full bed and integrated elements (a foldable desk and an open shelf) have frames of light grey coated steel and dark grey surfaces.

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An old-fashioned approach to a compact murphy bed with a desk on the outside. The bed is made out of oak wood and has two spacious bookshelves with drawers on each side for some additional storage space.

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An elegant woody pull-down queen bed (with a metal support) in mid browns. Its enclosure (with a crown top) consists of a rectangular desk (with a cabinet), a shelved unit with a 2-door bottom cabinet, and a drawered and doored unit with a top shelf.

Natanielle Full Murphy Bed with Desk | Walnut - $2

Traditional look for a space-efficient folding murphy bed with a built-in desk. The piece is made out of oak wood with a dark tint and acts as a handy and functional workspace desk when the piece is not in use.

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A pretty practical fold-down bed with a desk. It has a tall rectilinear frame (with open front shelves in a top part) of wooden materials. Frame walls and a rectangular desk are black. A bed bottom panel is white. Sturdy hardware is of metal.

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A compact, space-efficient murphy bed in a contemporary style with a handy desk which shows when the bed is folded. The bed is surrounded by a bunch of drawers and shelves for additional storage and display space.

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A modern take on a compact, space-saving murphy bed with a twin size and a built-in storage cabinet for beddings. The murphy bed also has a handy shelf which appears when the bed is folded, providing additional workspace.

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Traditionally designed, finished in dark espresso, this Murphy bed constitutes a fantastic way to utilize the one extra space you have in the property, generating it the to your house office and have a guest space obtainable too.

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Compact take on a space-saving murphy bed with a handy desk which can be assembled once the bed is hidden. The bed is made out of white-painted solid wood and has a useful shelf on top for additional display capacity.

Heavy Front KING Murphy bed with Desk| Custom - by

Crafted in bright wood, this Murphy bed with desk not only brings in incredible functionality, but also adds a smooth, rustic vibe to the space. A desk during the day, a full size bed at night. How cool is that?!

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Contemporary design for a tall murphy bed in a full size, made out of white-painted solid wood on the outside and a walnut wood inlay, paired with an aluminum desk on wheels with an ergonomic office chair.

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A cool contemporary foldout queen bed with a simple rectilinear enclosure of wooden materials finished in light browns. It contains size-varied open front shelves. A bed with an integrated rectangular desk (having 2 upturned L-legs) are white.

Hartl Twin Murphy Bed

A cool space-saving folding twin bed for kids. A wardrobe-like frame of wooden materials is finished in white. A funny colourful design is visible when a bed is up. It's equipped with 2 open shelves and a shelved desk with cutouts in side walls.

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A pretty vintage pull down bed of wooden materials finished in mid browns. It features ledged panels and tops. It's flanked by 2 units with a door cabinet, open shelves and drawers (with metal oval and bar pulls). A rectangular desk has folding legs.

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This Murphy bed with desk constitutes a great multi-functional piece of furniture. Ideal for all gadgeteers or those who simply want to save space. Classic, solid, dark-stained wood combines here with modern-looking steel legs.

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A cool contemporary flip-up queen bed (having a metal support) with a desk. An enclosure features open shelves on the left, doored cabinets and open front shelves above the bed and on the right. The entirety is of wooden materials in light browns.

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Traditional look for an old-fashioned folding murphy bed with a built-in desk, which provides a handy working spot when the bed is not in use. The bed is fitted with two matching wardrobes for clothes and bedding storage.

Murphy Bed with Brown Desk | Stroovi

Finished in a deep brown, this murphy bed with desk constitutes a stylish and functional proposition for all, who like ingenious space saving solutions. The item features also considerable storage space, divided between several shelves around.

Gabriella Full Murphy Bed with Desk | White, MDH -

A blend of modern style and grace of traditional elements is what distinguishes this Gabriella Full Murphy bed with desk. It is constructed of solid woods and veneers for visual appeal and durability.

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Traditional design for an elegant murphy bed with a built-in desk on the outside. The bed is made out of solid wood with a dark brown coat of paint and has a couple of vintage decorations on the top shelf above it.

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A modern approach to a compact, space-saving murphy bed in a king size with a built-in desk that can be used when the bed is folded. The frame of the bed is made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint and it has two tiers of shelves.

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Traditional approach to a full-size murphy bed made out of solid oak wood with a shiny finish. The murphy bed is made in a full size and has three display shelves on the top as well as a built-in handy desk.

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Old-fashioned look for a traditional, space-efficient murphy folding bed with a built-in desk which emerges when the bed is hidden. The bed is made out of solid wood with a dark tint and resembles a large wardrobe when not in use.

Aliance Murphy Bed with Desk | Anthracite, MDH - Modern

An aesthetic practical pull down full bed with a desk. It has a simple rectilinear frame of white finished wooden materials. A bed bottom panel looks like a triple-door wardrobe (with 3 vertical bar pulls) finished in mid browns. The desk is white.

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This murphy bed with desk constitutes a stylish proposition for a contemporary interior. Ideal for a studio or a small apartment, it distinguishes itself with its sleek, modern, two-coloured finish.

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This murphy bed table constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who look for space-saving ideas for their spaces. Finished in dark wood, embellished by silver accents, it will embody well the smooth, classic character.

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Embodying well the contemporary spirit and adding a versatile, multi-functional accent to one's interiors. This sleek, stylish Murphy bed will help you create a transformable space, with a desk during the day and a bed at night.

Bed Murphy Bed Desk Astounding Murphy Bed Desk Hardware ...

An antique murphy bed with a space-efficient structure, made out of vibrant cherry wood with a fine polish. The bed has a built-in desk as well as a bookshelf with a couple of drawers on each side for storage.

Murphy Bed With Desk. Build This Murphy Bed For Cheap

Being an ideal solution for smaller spaces, like studios or tiny apartments, this murphy bed delights with its multifunctionality. A desk during the day, a bed to sleep at night. Magic!

Sweet Black Murphy Bed with Desk | Stroovi

Finished in stylish black, this murphy bed with desk constitutes a smooth proposition for a contemporary studio or small apartment. A great space saving solution, delighting with its multifunctional usage.

Bed-Desk Combos Save Space And Add Interest To Small Rooms

A hip space-saving contemporary desk accommodating a drop-down twin bed. A simple rectilinear desk is of wooden materials with a glossy white finish. A bed has a frame and 2 folding legs of grey coated metal.

Murphy Wall Bed and Desk | Amish Murphy Desk Bed

A compact and a space-efficient murphy bed in a queen size, made in an Amish style. The murphy bed is made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a shiny finish and has a built-in desk on the front when folded.