Murphy Bed Couch Combo

A murphy bed couch is the perfect furniture and bed combo if you live in a tiny apartment. It can also be an excellent option if you don't have a spare guest room. In fact, why not get a murphy bed couch combo rather than building an extra guest room as it's a lot cheaper?

You probably know that not all murphy bed couch combos are created equal. Hence, it's best that you know some of the critical factors to consider in order to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Perhaps the most crucial factor is the size of the Murphy bed couch combo. Despite it being a space-saving furniture, it doesn't mean that every piece out there will fit into your allocated space.

When it comes to the dimensions, the first thing to consider is the size of the entire piece. Make sure that it fits well into its placement. Don't make it too big, nor too small. The other sizing factor is the bed itself.

In most cases, the bed is usually stored upright in the back portion of the couch. The thing that you need to be aware of is the length of the bed when it's laid out. Just make sure that there's enough room when you set it down. You'd want to do all of the measuring beforehand, rather than buying and realizing that the bed will hit the TV when it's laid down.

Another thing to consider is the primary material of the bed. Your main choices are wood and metal.

Wood has the advantage of being the more aesthetically appealing option than metal. It also gives off a vibe of being cozy. On the downside, it can be expensive, especially if you buy one that's crafted from solid wood. Wood also has the problem of warping and bending due to sudden changes in temperature.
Metal is the more durable option. You don't have to worry about warping, bending or moisture-related problems. Also, it's the more economical choice. However, a metal murphy bed tends to make annoying noises when in use.

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Oradell Queen Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress
This Murphy style bed with mattress doesn’t require any installation at all, which is the perfect solution for busy homeowners. As it won't be attached to a wall, you can easily move it around your home and place it where there's enough space for a bed.
Lower Weston Murphy Bed
A stunning, budget-friendly option for a space-saver and solid murphy bed, this unit is made of manufactured wood. It can accommodate a mattress that’s up to 11 inches thick and it’s perfect for minimalist or Scandinavian style rooms.
Modern Birch Murphy Bed
This one is the ideal solution if you're in need of a bed that will convert into a study or work desk during the day. It's the ultimate space-saver as it will fit inside any room regardless of how limited the space is!
Rincon Compact Full/Double Murphy Bed
This unit is probably the most flexible Murphy bed you will find in a long time from the fact that it converts into a daybed and it also has a trundle bed! It’s made of the highest quality materials available. As if that's not enough, it also has a floating wardrobe cabinet!
Gautreau Full/Double Murphy Bed
Beautiful and stylish, this Murphy bed will prove to be enough to furnish an entire room! It comes with more than enough shelving cabinets and a bed space that can accommodate a full/double bed. Its certified chipboard construction is laminated using high gloss finish.
Beecroft Murphy Bed
Investing in this specific Murphy bed will prove to be a good idea as it will not just provide a long-lasting piece of furniture, but it will also satisfy all of your furnishing needs! The unit is available in full and queen sizes.
Medan Murphy Bed
Though a bit on the high-end range with its price and construction, the quality of this Murphy bed makes it worth purchasing. It measures 80.9'' H x 59.1'' W x 85.3'' L in total. What makes this bed unique is its LED lighting which is integrated into the bed frame.
Acevedo Storage Murphy Bed
This Murphy bed is available in different sizes. Nights on the bed are comfortable as it features the Euro Slat support system for the mattress. There's a spacious shelving cabinet as well, which means the entire unit is a 2-in-1 product!
Acevedo Storage Murphy Bed
A freestanding Murphy bed, this piece of furniture gives you excellent value for your money. It’s made of superior engineered wood and it has a weight capacity of a thousand pounds. This model is available in both full or double and queen sizes.
Gautreau Queen Murphy Bed
A more luxurious model but one that’s sure to serve the family for decades, this Murphy bed is made of both quality metal and manufactured wood. It comes with matching bookshelves and wardrobe cabinets - all that you need to furnish a room!
Walley Murphy Bed
What's particularly unique about this Murphy bed is the piston system which makes the lowering and rising of the entire bed frame very effortless. It also comes with Euro Slat mattress support, which offers a comfortable use of the bed.
Gautreau Queen Murphy Bed
This Murphy bed is quite versatile with its usage and it can be placed in any guest room, loft, studio or condo. The entire unit can accommodate a queen bed and it’s easy to put together with its detailed, straightforward assembly guide.
Jordan Murphy Bed
This one is ideal for your guest room as it looks clean and sleek. It folds up easily, so you can use the room for something else when you don't have guests over. It’s perfect for a room that can accommodate its size of 89.1'' H x 64.6'' W x 85.3'' L.
Gautreau Twin Murphy Bed
The Gautreau twin Murphy bed is extra convenient to use with its compact design, but the best part of this particular Murphy bed is its construction that exceeds European standards for health, ergonomics, and safety. The bed also boasts of solid wood slats and heavy-duty hardware.
Truett Murphy Bed
Create a multifunctional room without breaking any sweat with this Murphy bed. It's made of quality engineered wood products and it perfectly blends design, style, and comfort. As it has a minimalist design, it offers you a blank canvass where you can decorate a room any way you want!
Acevedo Queen Murphy Bed
Acevedo Queen Murphy Bed
Gautreau Compact Twin Murphy Bed
Gautreau Compact Twin Murphy Bed
Acevedo Murphy Bed
Acevedo Murphy Bed