Solid Platform Bed No Slats

There's an extraordinary amount of people who're unhappy with conventional bed design but don't know what else is available. Introducing; solid platform beds with no slats. This is not your regular bed platform. It features a sturdy and solid wooden base but without the wooden slats on the side that can weigh down the aesthetic of your room. Instead, it offers an airy and breathable design that expands the sense of space in your bedroom.

You'll feel like you're walking into a beach resort every time you enter your room and you can show off those beautiful wooden floors you just re-did. It's a one-of-a-kind design that makes you feel incredibly comfy while sleeping.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Modern Platform Bed with No Slats
Modern Platform Bed with No Slats

Made of wood and steel metal tubing with a washed black finish, this platform bed requires no box spring. It comes in six different sizes, including full, queen, and king, and has center supports. Conveniently, it is also squeak-resistant.

This bed would be a good choice for a studio apartment. Not only will your neighbors thank you due to the squeak-free construction, but it won’t take up a lot of room, especially if you choose one of the smaller sizes. The washed black finish will look nice with both lighter and darker colors, though light gray bedding will create a chic vibe.

Simple Solid Bed with No Slats
Simple Solid Bed with No Slats

Featuring a solid wood frame, this bed has three size options: California king, full XL, or twin XL. It has a soft light gray finish and short black legs that can be removed. However, it does not include center support legs.

The gray finish of this bed would best suit a contemporary bedroom. As the legs are removable, it’s a good choice for a bedroom that has lower ceilings, as often high beds can make a room appear smaller. Nevertheless, the lack of center support could cause sagging over time, especially if you sleep in the middle of your bed.

Rustic Solid Platform Bed
Rustic Solid Platform Bed

You can choose from either a gray or white finish with this solid platform bed, both of which have a rustic finish over pine grain for a distressed look. Including center supports, it has a low footboard and black legs.

The ideal accompaniment to any farmhouse or cottage-style bedroom, this bed’s rustic charm will bring character to the space around it. Whether you choose gray or white, soft sage bedding would fit well. Or, go full country style and choose a red plaid throw to drape over the end. This will create a warm and cozy look instantly without requiring much effort.

Honey Platform Bed No Slats
Honey Platform Bed No Slats

This bed features a rich honey-toned finish. Crafted from solid oak wood with manufactured wood slats, it comes with center supports and has an unusual geometric design at the base for an accent touch. The underbed clearance is 11.52 inches.

We love the unique look of this platform bed and think it would be the perfect pick for an ultra-modern bedroom. The design will add depth and dimension, whereas the honey-brown finish will look stunning with warm-toned décor. Stick to neutrals for your walls and add texture with a crocheted cream thrown either over your bed or a nearby armchair.

Mid Century Modern Platform Bed with No Slats
Mid Century Modern Platform Bed with No Slats

There are six color options to choose from with this platform bed, ranging from walnut to cognac cherry brown. Crafted from solid wood, it also has three size options. A single center support leg and a headboard are included.

Brimming with mid-century modern charm, this bed will add sophistication to your bedroom instantly. We recommend the autumn cherry or walnut finish for the most authentic mid-century look. Pair either of these colors with amber bedside lambs for a touch of luxury. As for bedding, rich jewel tones like sapphire and emerald will infuse both color and elegance into your space.

Platform No Slat Bed
Platform No Slat Bed

Available in seven color choices, you can choose either a full, queen, or king size with this bed. Made of manufactured wood, it has a sleek, clean-lined design. Best of all, this bed lifts up to reveal storage space.

This bed is another good choice for a studio apartment due to the concealed storage space within. You could use this space to store extra bedding, cushions, or clothes for other seasons. In terms of colors, lighter colors like natural maple or white will always make a small space appear larger than it is, especially if you add white bedding.

Tatum Upholstered Bed
Tatum Upholstered Bed

The platform bed is perfect for easy storage and transport. It requires a simple assembly, and the support slats evenly distribute the mattress to ensure a good night's sleep.

Tatum Upholstered Bed
Tatum Upholstered Bed

The Casper mattress is a medium-firm mattress with high-density foam comfort and pressure relieving support for a better night's sleep. The foam mattress has a quilted cover for added comfort, and compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box so that it fits through narrow hallways and staircases. The 8-inch foundation features durable slats for even distribution. This easy-assembly box spring is standard profile at only 8 inches, which makes it easy to store and transport.

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Tips To Choose A Bed


If you are looking for a solid platform bed to comfortably stretch out in, Hannes Peer recommends opting for a king-size bed. Most king-size beds measure 75-80 inches wide, so they're best for rooms with plenty of space. A queen-sized bed is slightly smaller and will measure around 60-70 inches wide. As a platform bed naturally looks higher, it's important to ensure your chosen bed looks proportional to the space around it. You may love the idea of a huge mattress on a platform, but if you have a small room, a large bed will make your bedroom look more cramped. To prevent this, measure the floor space in your room from wall to wall. Once you know where you are going to place your bed, like in the middle of the room or in a corner, you can more accurately choose your bed size.


According to Frances Merrill, a solid platform bed with no slats will likely be designed in a contemporary style. This is because platform beds can look a bit odd if they are combined with more antique features like scrollwork detail or other carvings. Platform beds are also generally more of a modern bed style, which is why most have a similar look. You should go for a bed that has an understated design and a neutral finish, as this will allow you to express your style through bedding and additional décor. A good example of this is a beige or gray bed frame -- you could stick with neutrals for a calm look, but just as easily add bright patterned bedding that won't clash with your neutral bed frame.


A solid platform bed is usually made of wood, sometimes with metal supports. As the platform style has no headboard slats, the frame can appear less dimensional. If you're worried about your bed looking overly flat, Suzanne Kasler recommends buying a mattress with a thickness of at least 12-18 inches. The taller your mattress, the more elevated your bed will appear. Because of this, you should make sure your mattress remains proportional to your bed. Otherwise, you'll end up with an unbalanced look. Most platform beds are upholstered in fabric for a softer look. However, if your bed has an uncovered wooden finish, it's important to maintain it well via regular cleaning so your frame doesn't become chipped or marked over time.

The size of your bed will mainly depend on how many people will be sleeping in it and how much space you have available. Knowing what size of bed you will need beforehand makes deciding on the style and the placement so much easier. Keep in mind the heights of the people that will be sleeping in these beds - the last thing you want is someone’s feet to be hanging off the edge at night!

Single sleeper? Twin Size

  • Twin size beds are the smallest standard size, measuring at 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length.
  • These beds are intended for single sleepers and work best in kids’ rooms, small bedrooms, or guestrooms.

Need some extra room? Full Size

  • Also known as a small double in some places, full size beds are 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length.
  • They’re great for single sleepers wanting some extra room, or a couple looking for an inexpensive (and cozy!) sharing option.

Want the best value for money? Queen Size

  • Queen size, which is 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, is the most commonly purchased bed size and the ideal choice for couples.
  • Due to their popularity, queen size beds often have the added benefit of a wide variety of bedding sets and accessories that other sizes may lack.

Love luxury? King Size

  • This is the largest standard size available, measuring at an impressive 75 inches in width and 80 inches in length.
  • King size beds are ideal for couples wanting a more luxury-feeling bed, as well as those needing the extra space to share with a child or pet.
  • These beds are often the most expensive to purchase, so make sure yours will actually fit in your bedroom - it’d be awful to discover the bed is too big for your room after you’ve spent a significant chunk of your savings on it!

It’s important to pick out a bed frame that is not only practical but also fits in with the décor of your bedroom. Thankfully, most types of bed frames are available in various styles, ranging from traditional to modern, and can be easily accentuated using bedding.

When buying beds, you will usually have to purchase the bed frame and mattress separately, but keep a lookout for combined models as they may save you a lot of money!

Need something simple and cheap? Divan Beds

  • This is the most popular and simple style available, usually with a relatively low price point.
  • Pocket sprung divan beds have springs in the base, which offer a softer top and therefore added comfort.
  • Platform top divan beds are usually cheaper than pocket sprung beds, and have a hard top, which gives the bed a much firmer feel.
  • However, these beds tend to be less stylish than other models due to their very simple design and neutral color scheme.
  • Also, only some types of divan beds offer extra storage, and they are usually much more expensive than regular divan beds.

Want something highly customizable? Bedsteads

  • These beds have slatted frames rather than solid bases like divan beds and are made out of metal, wood, or both.
  • They are comprised of a base, legs, and a headboard, which usually need to be self-assembled at home; this does make these beds highly customizable though, as you can purchase different colors for each separate part of the frame.
  • They come in a variety of styles, from traditional pine, to modern and sleek metal, to extravagant four-poster beds.
  • Bedsteads can also be customized with different colors, particularly if they’re for children.
  • One major downside to bedsteads is the lack of tidy storage space - you can store items underneath the frame, but that may end up looking messy, especially if the items aren’t stored in boxes.
  • Also, these beds are usually much more expensive than divan beds and so may be inaccessible to those on a smaller budget.

Need that little bit of extra storage space? Storage Beds

  • As the name suggests, these beds offer ample storage space, making them a great option for smaller bedrooms and individuals with lots of belongings.
  • You can choose between the base having simple storage drawers or being Ottoman-style (i.e. able to be lifted to reveal storage space inside the base itself).
  • If choosing an Ottoman-style base, be wary of the fact that these bases can be incredibly difficult and awkward to lift due to their weight and size.
  • Storage beds can also become incredibly expensive the more you try to customize them, so they may not be a great option for those on a smaller budget.

Have a guest room? Sofa Beds/Folding Beds

  • These beds are flexible and compact, making them a great option for guest rooms or very small bedrooms.
  • They are also very cheap and can be a life-saver for those in a difficult situation.
  • However, they’re not great for long-term sleeping as the mattresses are usually quite thin and without much support.

The mattress is usually what makes or breaks a bed - a good, supportive mattress will let you have a comfortable nights’ sleep, while an uncomfortably thin or uneven mattress will leave you feeling exhausted and achy. This is why choosing a mattress that will suit your specific needs is incredibly important!

Suffer from aches and pains? Memory Foam

  • Memory foam mattresses mold to your body, evenly spreading out your weight and alleviating any pressure points.
  • Their dense structure means that they are hypoallergenic, as it reduces the chances of allergens building up.
  • However, their density does make them quite heavy and difficult to move; lifting the mattress to put on a fitted sheet may prove difficult.
  • These mattresses also tend to retain body heat, which can be a good thing during colder months and more of an annoyance during warmer months.
  • Memory foam is created using a synthetic blend of chemicals which aren’t necessarily harmful, but this is something you should be aware of.

Trying to save money? Innerspring/Coil

  • This is the oldest type of mattress that is still currently in use and is quite inexpensive.
  • Innerspring mattresses are very breathable and don’t trap heat, creating a cooling effect.
  • The push-back of the steel coils creates a firm and supportive mattress for those sleeping on their backs.
  • For other sleeping positions, innerspring mattresses may create pressure points and aches as the coils don’t conform very well to the body.
  • Innerspring mattresses also have a shorter lifespan than their more expensive alternatives.

Want something that will last you years? Latex

  • Latex mattresses have been around for almost a century yet have only recently begun gaining popularity due to their decreasing prices.
  • The two main types of latex mattresses are Dunlop and Talalay, with Talalay being favored for its breathability.
  • Just like memory foam, latex molds to your body shape to provide great support and alleviate any pressure points and aches.
  • This is one of the only types of all-natural mattresses, as there is a plant-based model available.
  • Latex mattresses are the most durable out of every type of mattress, lasting upwards of 20 years.

Side sleeper? Pillow Top

  • As the name suggests, pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of upholstery on top of an innerspring mattress.
  • This upholstery is usually about 2 inches thick to provide maximum comfort.
  • These mattresses provide more support than memory foam and latex, at a much lower price point.
  • They are especially helpful to side sleepers who have hip and shoulder aches, as they mold easily to the shape of their body and alleviate the pressure points.
  • However, a huge disadvantage is their short lifespan - pillow top mattresses compress easily and lose their effectiveness in a short amount of time.

Get too hot at night? Gel

  • Gel mattresses are relatively recent and can be used as either a standalone layer or as an infusion into foam.
  • They provide a much cooler sleeping surface than memory foam mattresses as they aren’t as dense.
  • They are also more responsive when not combined with foam, making it easier for the mattresses to mold to the body.
  • However, like memory foam, gel mattresses are made from a synthetic blend of chemicals and are quite expensive.

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer to some people, but deciding on a good placement for your bed can sometimes prove to be quite tricky. It’s important to consider any other furniture and features found in your bedroom, and try to plan the placement around them to avoid making the space too cluttered. We’ve outlined some of the most popular bed placements and what makes each one unique.

Want a balanced look? Centered

  • Placing your bed right at the center of the longest wall in the room seems to be the most popular placement.
  • This makes the bed the focal point of the room by placing it in a central location, and so is ideal for bedrooms that are sparsely furnished.
  • Also, this placement leaves ample space on either side of the bed for bedside tables, making it both practical and spatially balanced.
  • You can utilize the wall space above the bed for a decorative headboard or a unique art piece to really bring people’s attention to the bed.
  • This placement is not very suitable for smaller bedrooms, as placing it in a central area of the room may waste valuable space.

Not sharing with anyone else? In the corner

  • Although less popular in standard-sized rooms, this is the perfect option if wall or floor space in the room is limited.
  • You can either position the bed at an angle so that it sits across the corner, or ‘tuck’ the bed into the corner so that two sides are aligned with walls.
  • This placement focuses the attention on other areas of the room, such as a fireplace or a vanity.
  • There may be some wasted space behind the bed if it is positioned at an angle, but that can be easily fixed with a small shelf or a curtain.
  • This placement may also make sharing the bed difficult as one person will be dependent on the other to be able to get out of the bed, which is why this placement is mainly recommended for single sleepers.

Short on space? Under the window

  • While there is some debate over whether having your bed under the window is good or bad, the general advice is to avoid doing so.
  • This is because natural light may disturb light sleepers, while a cold draft might seep through the window and make sleeping uncomfortable.
  • If this placement is unavoidable due to limited space, make sure to use a low headboard and hang your curtains high to avoid obscuring the window.

Like making a bold statement? Bed island

  • Placing your bed in the very middle of the room will create a very unique and bold bedroom layout, that is only really possible in very large bedrooms.
  • Being nowhere near a wall will make getting in and out of bed, as well as navigating around it, a much easier task.
  • This placement makes your bed the only focal point in the room, which can be further emphasized with a round, patterned rug placed directly underneath it.
  • While having your bed in the middle of the room may look impressive, you will probably be forced to compromise on having bedside tables as they would look incredibly out of place.

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Slats vs Solid Platform Beds

High-quality non-slat platform bed featuring a minimalist and sleek design. The piece has beautiful crown moldings and a sturdy wooden construction. It also comes with a beautiful dark walnut finish and a low-profile construction that will be perfect for any bedroom.

Lunja rustic solid pine bed without slats , dark wood, La

Beautiful queen-sized bed made from sturdy pine wood. The piece has a rustic vintage-inspired appeal and offers a breathtaking light wood finish. It does not have slats either and has a raised design, leaving enough space underneath for extra storage if needed.

Gordon Mid-Century Platform Bed

This bed is available in both castanho or white as well as in Queen or King size, so there are a few options. Made from pine wood, it has a sleek feel to it all while some believe it lends itself to a more mid-century design. Complete with central supports, no box spring is required with this particular bed.

Hardwood Platform Bed

King-sized platform bed made from sturdy hardwood. The piece also has a narrow sleek frame, and a raised headboard, all featuring a beautiful glossy wood stain for the perfect look. The bed also comes with slightly tapered legs and an incredible minimalist design.

Custom Bedroom Cabinets & Furniture | Charles R. Bailey ...

Solid high-quality queen-sized platform bed with a no slat design, making it a great choice for extra storage. The piece is made from manufactured wood and offers a light natural wood grain finish that will blend in with other pieces of bedroom furniture.

Zinus 12 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard/No ...

Zinus 12 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard/No ...

South Shore Furniture Basic Collection Full Platform Bed, Natural Maple

Made using laminate particleboard, this high-quality platform bed with storage is the ultimate space saver for your bedroom. It features a timeless design that will match your existing bedroom décor. You will also get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturers.

Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed With Headboard No

Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed With Headboard No ...

Amina King Storage Platform Bed

Made from solid wood, this bed contains storage via drawers on the base while the headboard has a slatted design that gives it a somewhat traditional and open feel. Complete with slat kit, there’s no need for a box spring with this bed while the rich hue on the wood allows it to work in a number of different types of decor.

Adrienna Mid-Century Modern Platform Bed

Available in Full, Queen or King size, this bed has a handmade feel to it which does mean it’s rather rural and rustic in its design. Crafted from rubberwood, the design is timeless and will be suitable for a range of homes where it will fit into the decor without any problem.

Easmor Platform Bed

Available in acorn or mahogany as well as in Queen or King size, this bed has a real retro and Scandinavian feel to its design. Made from hardwood, no box spring is required as you do get the relevant slats that provide all of the support that you need for your bed.

Treyton Solid Wood Platform Bed

Available in either Queen or King size, this bed has a rustic feel to it thanks to the use of solid wood where the natural grain has been left alone. Made from acacia wood, and then topped with walnut veneers, there is a slight Scandinavian feel to the design while the bed comes with wood slats for support.

Open Slat Sleigh Style Solid Wood Platform Bed

Open Slat Sleigh Style Solid Wood Platform Bed

Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed / No

Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed / No ... PrimaSleep PR40SF03F Deluxe Solid Platform Bed ... PrimaSleep PR40SF03F Deluxe Solid Platform Bed ...