Headboards And Footboards For Adjustable Beds

Headboards and footboards are designed to give beds a beautiful and inviting look. These pieces are simply decorative. The increased popularity of adjustable beds is, however, making it difficult for designers to integrate headboards and footboards into these types of beds. But there's no need to worry. You can still buy high-quality decorative headboards and footboards specifically designed for an adjustable bed. The beauty of these pieces shouldn't be underestimated and any bed should have them.

The headboards and footboards for adjustable beds make sure that any type of bed can get the splendor of these amazing decorative pieces.

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Upholstered Bed
Upholstered Bed

The upholstered platform bed frame uses high-quality linen fabrics and is equipped with sturdy metal slats and walnut-color feet. The soft tones and hues provide a very comfortable place to lay down, and the textures are stylish, rich in appearance, and play a strong decorative role in your bedroom.

Averett Steel Metal Slat Headboard and Footboard
Averett Steel Metal Slat Headboard and Footboard

This metal headboard and footboard combo features a metal post that curves to form the top rail and is finished in a stunning Matte Black. This eye-catching combo transforms your master or guest bedroom by adding this black metal headboard and footboard.

Muscogee Slat Headboard and Footboard
Muscogee Slat Headboard and Footboard

The product should be purchased separately according to the size of the mattress. Sleep in elegance in these beautiful Muscogee bedframes. The footboard and high headboard are both designed with glamorous curved crowns and swirling floral motifs.

Barberine Steel Metal Slat Headboard and Footboard
Barberine Steel Metal Slat Headboard and Footboard

This headboard and footboard combo features a matte black finish that will complement any color scheme in your bedroom. The powder coat application adds texture to the frame. This sturdy and durable steel frame's design has an intricate castings feature finished in the black powder coat.

Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard
Metal Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard

The modern platform bed frame with headboard and footboard pairs well with any home decor. This metal bed frame is constructed of high-quality steel slats, which provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

Pemberton Heights Wrought Iron Headboard/Footboard
Pemberton Heights Wrought Iron Headboard/Footboard

This traditional Slatted Headboard offers a classic focal point for your kids' bedroom or guest room. Crafted of wrought iron, it features an open and airy design with vertical slats and ball finials on each end. It's available in a solid color and includes drill holes for attaching to a bed frame of your choice. You can also use it as a footboard!

Wooden Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard
Wooden Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard

This platform bed has clean lines and a sleek look that will fit most room decor styles and complement your room. Made of solid pine and plywood, the bed is supported by wooden slats to ensure stability and safety for long-term use. The sturdy headboard provides you with a comfortable backrest and a generous space under the bed where you can put storage boxes to store your essentials and help you organize your room.

Wooden Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard
Wooden Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard

This minimalist platform bed features a wooden headboard and footboard, providing you with a comfortable backrest when reading or watching TV in bed. Made of high quality pine and MDF (medium density fiberboard), this bed frame is strong and durable, with strong wooden slats and 4 center legs support, no box spring required. With a small footprint, this bed is perfect for tight rooms, with ample space under the bed and plenty of storage for your bedding, clothing, and more.

Maxbass Steel Metal Camelback Curved Headboard and Footboard
Maxbass Steel Metal Camelback Curved Headboard and Footboard

This headboard and footboard combo marry straight lines and curves to create a soft, yet strong, feel. Constructed of carbon steel for stability and years of everyday use, the headboard and footboard have spindles topped with castings. The distinct slope of the top rail features a camelback curve design. The deep color of this charcoal finish provides a sophisticated, neutral backdrop that will match your personal style and bedroom décor. Its clean and calming simplistic style will provide that stunning centerpiece you need in your master suite or guest room.

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Tips To Choose A Headboard


According to design expert Amy Lau, headboards and footboards for adjustable beds not only create a seamless look but also work to protect the sleeper from cold temperatures during the late hours of the night. Headboards and footboards for adjustable beds are crafted out of a variety of hardwearing materials including solid wood such as pine or oak as well as MDF. You'll also find a lot of headboards and footboards for adjustable beds fashioned out of various metals, such as iron, carbon or tubular steel, aluminium and brass. For a rich and traditional effect, leather headboards and footboards are a fitting choice. There are also lots of modern headboards and footboards for adjustable beds that are upholstered in breathable materials such as linen, cotton, velvet, and easy-to-clean microfiber.


Danielle Colding notes that headboards and footboards for adjustable beds are a lot easier to find than you might think as an adjustable bed is often narrower than most bed frames. You'll find headboards and footboards for adjustable beds available in a number of styles as well as sizes that fit a twin, full, queen, or king-size bed. You'll want to find a design that either doesn't come with or allows you to remove the interior support slats or upper side rails so as to not hinder any of the adjustable features. Adjustable beds are often designed with height-altering capabilities, so even if the headboard and footboard for adjustable beds and the bed itself are differing heights, you can find bedframes connected by seamless wood or metal rails that will snuggly fit your adjustable bed.


Interior designer, David Netto suggests looking at headboards and footboards for adjustable beds that will both support your pain-reducing bed as well as complete the overall aesthetic of your bedroom space. You may want to opt for a minimalist style such as a mid-size wooden headboard and footboard that are painted white and showcase the slight curves of the wood. For something that appeals to a more vintage-inspired sleep space, headboards and footboards for adjustable beds fashioned out of black tubular slatted steel work nicely. Or for an extra comfortable yet luxe look, a wingback design that features an upholstered linen headboard and footboard with biscuit tufting works in both modern and classic bedroom settings. For a slightly more dramatic effect, you can find both wood or metal headboards and footboards for adjustable beds with curved arches, intricate details, and moldings.


Wood is the most traditional material used for headboards. It is super versatile; it can create classic looks or be used as a medium for more ornate pieces that seep elegance. Wood can be stained or painted to create a unique look that complements your overall aesthetic.


Metal headboards are constructed from various materials, though iron is a common choice. This material is extremely durable, so long as it is kept clean and cared for over time. Aluminum, copper, brass, and brushed steel are commonly seen on headboards, serving a variety of interior décor styles, from glam to industrial.


Leather comes in many forms, including cowhide which is the most common, and crocodile, alligator, and sheepskin. Exotic animal leather is pricier than cowhide, which is the more affordable of leather types.

Fabric upholstery

Upholstered headboards convey elegance, offering a multitude of fabrics that include linen, microfiber, or even more luxurious options like velvet. Tufted models add a plush touch, making a headboard not only beautiful, but comfortable to lay against as well.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers include materials like wicker and rattan that create a great aesthetic for environments that include country and farmhouse elements. They bring a natural feel to any bedroom, allowing for a casual atmosphere.

Headboard heights can range from 14 inches above the top of your mattress to 29 inches or more. For smaller, twin-sized beds, headboards generally stay closer to the lowest part of the range while larger beds like queen and king-sized mattresses can better fit taller headboards. However, extra tall headboards can be used - the rule of thumb is to keep an extra tall headboard from running past the length of the mattress itself.

Do you enjoy wooden elements? => Try a traditional headboard. 

Traditional headboards are usually attached to your bed frame and are made from different materials but often use wooden features and hues. This headboard style fits right into traditionally designed homes, where detailed woodwork and well-constructed furniture are valued.

Do you have appreciation for sleek silhouettes? => A contemporary headboard may be for you.  

Contemporary headboards can be made from wood, metal, or can be upholstered with natural fabrics like silk and linen to add subtle texture. If your home is filled with smooth surfaces, clean lines, and light-colored wood elements, a contemporary headboard would be a great addition to your space.

Are you looking for a statement piece? => An elegant headboard may be the one!

An elegant headboard could provide your space with a touch of sophistication or could be the attention-grabbing element your bedroom needs. If your environment is filled with plush fabrics and dark-toned furniture, a carved wood headboard would complement your overall look. If you prefer silky fabrics and sleek leather furniture, a fabric headboard can complete your space with modern elegance.

Are you a fan of modern décor? => Try a panel headboard.

Panel headboards are made up of several different sections that fill the width or length of the headboard. There are usually two to three equally sized panels; however, some models have a center panel that is larger than the others. If your room incorporates geometric shapes, this headboard style will fit right in.

Small room? => Try a slat headboard.

Slat headboards are made from either metal or wood and include vertical slats, offering classic straight lines to fit a clean, contemporary or industrial décor. This headboard style helps to open a small room, creating an illusion of higher ceilings with its vertical lines.

Want to go big? => Try a four-poster headboard. 

Four-posted headboards immediately become the central point of any bedroom. Far from understated, this headboard style fits well in bedrooms requiring more personality. If you have other larger-than-life furniture in your bedroom, you may find a four-posted headboard competes too much -- therefore, it's better to introduce a four-posted headboard into a quiet environment.

Do you enjoy distressed elements? => Try a shabby chic headboard.

A shabby chic headboard fits perfectly into environments that include furniture with some wear and tear. This style delivers a romantic tone to the bedroom, complementing soft, vintage décor elements.

You'll need to first take stock of your current interior design style. If you have a feminine feel, as seen with glam and shabby chic décors, you'll want to choose a headboard with curved lines to compliment this aesthetic. If you have more of a minimalistic or modern style with crisp, clean lines, choose a headboard with definitive shapes to create a cohesive look. Bohemian environments offer flexibility with your headboard choice, as you can opt for a metallic frame to serve as a fine accent piece or go for painted wood or printed fabric to add a splash of color into your space.

  • Wall-Mount

To install a wall-mounted headboard, you'll need a flat surface you can easily drill into. So long as you have this, installation is easy. With wall-mounted headboards, you have the ease of customizing placement to create a unique design.

  • Bed Frame Mount

Some headboard mounts allow for a direct installation onto your bed frame. With just a few screws, you can have a complete setup. Oftentimes, the bed frame and headboard can be purchased together; however, if you purchase your headboard separately, you can connect to your bed frame, so long as it has compatible brackets.

  • Free Standing

Free standing headboards do not need to be attached to either your bed frame or your wall. These headboards stand alone, providing you with tons of flexibility for placement.

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