Space Saving Beds

When you are attempting to renovate a house of modest proportions, there may not always be enough room to fit in a proper bed frame with Queen or King size mattress. However, that does not indicate that you should stop looking for a comfortable and snug sleeping arrangement.

Space saving beds are cleverly designed to turn unusual nooks, corners, and areas of your house into sleeping sections.

For instance, the area under a staircase can be used for a single or double bed set up. If the stairs go way up and the section beneath it is tall enough, you can also turn it into a bunk design, with one bed on top of the other.

Loft beds, two-layered models, and bunk beds are also types of space-saving beds. You can find these products in solid wood as well as stainless steel and metal frames with mattress sizes ranging from that for a child to that for an adult.

If you live alone, you can pick a loft bed with desk and use the lower area for studies or work. If you share a room with other people, you can find four-mattress bunk beds.

These models take up a whole wall, have a ladder or staircase in the middle with two beds on either side. They disappear into the interiors as a design feature without letting the room appear cramped.

Many stores offer you a loft bed, fixed along a wall, where the entire lower area is designed with drawers, hangers, and hooks to create a closet and storage area. Such space-saving beds work as a slumber corner as well as dressers, making the most out of a limited area. A cabin bed, following the same path as the dresser bed, uses the space below the mattress frame as a combination of home library, media store, and cloth hanging area.

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Clean Lined Space Saving Bed
Clean Lined Space Saving Bed

Available in a white, walnut, or gray finish, this bed is crafted from solid wood. Featuring a memory foam core, it pulls out from a cabinet-style base and has two drawers in the footboard. You can choose either king or queen size.

This bed would be ideal for a guest bedroom due to its sleek look and smooth finish. We recommend the white or gray finish for a contemporary coastal look – pair it with soft blue or green cushions. Plus, this bed is affordably priced considering it is made of solid wood, so it’s also a good investment for the future.

Slim Bed for Small Spaces
Slim Bed for Small Spaces

Made of sturdy steel, this bed measures 39 inches wide. Featuring a matte black finish, it comes with a mattress included. The main appeal of this bed is the fact it folds up. It also contains wheels for easier movement.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room, this bed is the perfect solution. Its slim frame can be tucked away when not in use, and it’s small enough to fit in a living room or studio apartment. Despite these pluses, it isn’t the most stylish bed, and the lack of storage could be an issue if guests stay for a while.

Minimalist Murphy Space Saving Bed
Minimalist Murphy Space Saving Bed

You can pick from a white, light wood, or graphite finish with this space saving bed. Crafted from a mix of solid and manufactured wood, it can be folded when not in use. However, no extra storage is included.

As there is no storage, this bed isn’t the best option for a main bedroom. Nevertheless, the board it folds into will slot against a wall neatly to save space. We recommend this bed for a home office, as you’ll have plenty of room left for a desk. Add a sofa and a rug to make the space feel cozier.

Rustic Space Saving Bed
Rustic Space Saving Bed

This bed comes in five colors – caramel, gray, white, chocolate, and dark brown. Made of solid wood, it has a cool gel memory foam core for added comfort. It is accentuated by dovetail joinery and a subtly distressed finish.

Featuring tons of character, this bed would be an ideal addition to a rustic home. We recommend the caramel or dark brown color if you prefer a more traditional look. Pair with cream bedding for a warm neutral look or with burgundy for a rich one, though note the latter will look best in a room with plenty of natural light. 

Space Saving Bed with Upper Shelving
Space Saving Bed with Upper Shelving

Featuring a full/double size, this Murphy-style bed is made of solid and manufactured wood. It has three shelving units at the top and also includes a desk. Best of all, everything will stay in place even when folded up.

This bed is best suited to a teen’s room or an office. The extra shelving at the top is a great place to store textbooks or office supplies. Plus, the included desk is a decent size, though the desk is quite low so you’ll need to find an office chair that matches its height. A light gray décor scheme would look chic and stylish.

Modern Bed to Save Space
Modern Bed to Save Space

Fresh and understated, this space saving bed comes with five finish options and in either queen or full size. Crafted from manufactured wood and metal, it has an open headboard. There are just under 11 inches of space beneath for storage purposes.

This Murphy bed would be an excellent option for studio apartments. Once folded up, its relatively slim size will allow you to split your apartment into sections. You could even use it as a divider between your bedroom and living room space. We recommend the ivory oak or gray oak finish for a light and airy open plan look.

Boyles 12''
Boyles 12''

A folding bed with a four-fold design, which saves space and is easy to place. Multiple angles of the head can be adjusted for half-lying or relaxing, lying flat for a nap, to meet your needs. The high-quality tubes used for the frame ensure stability during use. The surface of the sponge mat is soft and thick, refreshing and breathable, resistant to dirt and wear, breathable, and moisture absorption.

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What we are looking for:


You'll need to take into consideration the size of your room when deciding which bed size to purchase. A full/double bed is usually 38-40 inches wide, whereas a queen is around 70 inches and a king just under 80 inches wide. Courtney McLeod recommends leaving at least 30 inches between your bed and the wall, as this will create the illusion of a bigger room even if you are struggling for space. If this isn't possible, put your bed against a wall instead. You'll still be able to access any side or base drawers but will free up more floor space.


Most space saving beds are made of manufactured wood with particleboard and sometimes veneers for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Per Rodney Lawrence, solid wood is more durable and dependable. However, solid wood beds are generally more expensive and therefore not the best option if you are on a budget. Still, a manufactured wood bed can last a long time if you maintain it properly over time. You can do this by dry cleaning it with a cloth instead of using a lot of liquid cleaners. A maintenance lacquer will also offer protection if you apply it straight after your bed arrives.


Most space saving beds have a modern design, as contemporary is the most versatile style and will fit in well with a variety of décor schemes. Moreover, as stated by design expert Hannes Peer, it's important to consider how a bed will fit into a space if you ever decide to redecorate. You may love the look of a bed with tons of character, but an antique style will look out of place if you decide to opt for a contemporary décor scheme in years to come. The same goes for features such as distressing -- though distressing can add depth and texture, it won't match well with smooth, clean-lined furniture.


White and brown are the two most popular colors for space saving beds. Bright white will automatically infuse light into a room, making it an ideal choice for narrow spaces that feel closed-in. On the other hand, brown can add a sophisticated look to a room, though Rayman Boozer says you should avoid dark brown, as this can create a stuffy and old-fashioned look in a small bedroom. If you do go for a darker color like black or brown, opting for light bedding in white or cream can help to prevent the above from happening and also create a more modern vibe.

Additional Features:

Though space saving beds are usually on the smaller side so they can maximize the space you do have, David Netto recommends looking out for the following extra features. Underbed drawers or drawers at the foot of a bed can be a great option when it comes to storage, particularly in a child or teenager's bedroom. T-shirts, socks, and other small items can easily be stored out of the way but within reach in these drawers. Shelves and nooks are also handy places to store books and office supplies if you work from home, though you'll need wider shelves for larger objects like a printer.

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Compact setup for a modern bedroom with a folding murphy bed embedded into an all-in-one set of cupboards and wardrobes. The bed hides a set of four additional shelves, which are perfect for curio and photo display.

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Contemporary setup for a minimalistic bedroom with a set of space saving beds, perfect for small living spaces. The compact set of bunk beds have two single-sized beds which can be folded to take less space when not in use.

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A hip space-saving modern corner L-twin bunk bed over a perpendicular twin bed. Rectilinear frames of wood and metal are white. Door panels (with vertical metal angle-bar pulls) and open shelves are grey, drawers panels (horizontal pulls) - black.

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A minimalist but cool space-saving modern loft bed located at the white finished wooden platform (with inbuilt lights) above a door and a sofa. It has a simple side rail and a slanted ladder of brushed metal.

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A smooth space-saving solution for contemporary bedrooms. Once folded into the cabinet, this Murphy bed can be a table, while during the night you will easily transform it into a bed.

Folding Beds | Guest beds

This space saving bed can be an ideal solution for smaller spaces or guest rooms. Available in various sizes, easy to fold in and out, will allow you to quickly establish a new sleeping place.

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A nice bunk bed solution for a children bedroom. The upper bed is entered by a ladder and towers over a storage cabinet. The lower one is placed perpendicularly to a working station. All maintained in vibrant, warm pastel colours.

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A cool space-saving contemporary lift-up full loft bed over an L-shaped sofa bed. A wall-mounted frame of wooden materials is finished in white and vivid orange. A frame is equipped with open front shelves, a twin bed - with 3 pull-out drawers.