Makeup Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror

Once you’ve outgrown your “starter apartment” or first house and you finally have the space for a few luxuries, it’s time to indulge yourself with that makeup table you’ve always wanted.

It shouldn’t be a simple vanity, though. What you need is a makeup vanity table with lighted mirror. Strong, even light is the only way to ensure that your foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, mascara – and everything else you use to achieve the right look – is applied perfectly.

The table is the easy part, since you can find one to match any bedroom or bathroom décor. A solid wood (or manufactured wood) vanity table with flared legs and gentle curves, stained white, is a perfect match for a country or tropical modern room. A dark wood vanity in the style of a vintage writing desk fits right into a traditional décor. You can also find them in glam, contemporary, and every other style imaginable, as wide as four feet and as narrow as 1½ feet.

Many tables with mirrors use fluorescent light to illuminate the mirror and your work space. That’s a bad choice, because the bright, “cool” light produced by fluorescent bulbs washes out natural skin tones. Makeup that looks just right under that type of light is usually way too heavy when seen in sunlight or in a restaurant other than McDonald’s.

Look instead for LED bulbs, whose warm light closely resembles natural sunlight. Many of today’s makeup vanity tables with lighted mirrors rely on a large number of LEDs to produce evenly-dispersed light from all directions, whether they’re bulbs in sockets mounted directly on the mirror, or smaller LEDs placed inside a translucent frame around the mirror.

Mirrors with bulb sockets may be the best choice of all, because you can replace the installed bulbs with halogen ones. Many professionals believe halogen is even better than LED light for applying makeup; this way, you can decide for yourself.

Finally, there’s the mirror – and those aren’t created equal, either. You may want to consider a makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror that swivels to give you just the right view of your face, or one which provides extra magnification. Almost every one of these vanities allows you to dim the lights (or make them brighter), but be make sure that feature is included.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Calliope Vanity
Calliope Vanity

The Dressing Table Mirror is indispensable for all women who persist in beauty. The mirror is much more than just a make-up mirror, but it is also the best decoration for your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in your house. With this dressing table set, you can place your beauty gadgets and jewelry inside three drawers which are included. The amazing thing about this product is that it offers the perfect size for make up as well as being compact enough to fit in almost every room décor.

Morrisdale 31.5'' Wide Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Morrisdale 31.5'' Wide Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

This chic and charming vanity features built-in 3 color temperature LED lights with dimming function and smart touch buttons, easy to operate, switch 3 lights with one button. Equipped with 2 large sliding drawers that provide the perfect space to store and organize makeup, jewelry, other beauty supplies and more, the whole set is made of high-quality solid wood and MDF boards to ensure long-term use. This is a latest dresser set.

Paralimni Vanity
Paralimni Vanity

If you are in search of an elegant classic dressing table set, do not miss this one. It comes with two large drawers, a spacious tabletop and one mirror with eight LED lights. The MDF tabletop has a smooth finish that is easy to clean, making it perfect for your room. So buy this beautiful-looking dressing table today to make your home look richer and more beautiful than ever before!

Cheneyville Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Cheneyville Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

Add a chic and glamorous style to your bedroom with this simple, modern dresser. The LED makeup mirror with dimming function and smart touch buttons is easy to operate and switch between 3 light modes with only one button. The 4 drawers provide enough space to store and organize cosmetics, jewelry, other beauty supplies, etc. The whole set is made of high-quality MDF board that is easy to install and ensures long-term use.

Bethan Vanity
Bethan Vanity

An ideal makeup table has a large work surface, plenty of storage, and a clear view of the face for applying makeup and styling hair. The Contemporary Makeup Table by Home Decorators Collection provides all this in a sleek contemporary design that is perfect for any room.

Harr Vanity
Harr Vanity

It is an illuminated vanity set that ensures the beauty of whoever sits upon the cushioned seat. With multiple drawers, the inclusion of storage is ideal for makeup gear, making this an ideal setting for any woman, young or old.

Mckynze Vanity
Mckynze Vanity

Give your girl, wife or mom a surprise on her special day. This elegant set reinvents your home with a warm and charming design that combines fashion and practicality for use in your bedroom or a changing room.


The highest-quality vanity mirror with lights to illuminate your beauty. The modern dressing table comes with a full-width mirror that helps you see delicate details like eye makeup so you can feel like a movie star. With 10 LED bulbs, you can see every detail. And 4 drawers, there’s ample space for a variety of brushes, bottles, and accessories.

Inca Vanity with Mirror
Inca Vanity with Mirror

Give your bedroom an elegant and vintage look with this Inca makeup dressing table. This excellent dresser features nine LED lights, providing a comfortable visual experience. The large drawer and three-drawer chest offer all the storage space you need for your primping supplies. Crafted from manufactured wood and heavy-duty metal, which provide solid support and stability for this dresser. The elegant vintage look is simple and stylish. This makeup desk is the perfect birthday, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day gift for any woman!

Haenisch Vanity
Haenisch Vanity

Say goodbye to makeup flaws that can't be seen in the dark but are easily noticeable when you go out. Fourteen lights around the edges of a central mirror illuminate your dressing area for perfect makeup application. This gift is ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or other celebrations! The large mirror, spacious storage, and comfortable stool make this dreamy dressing table a gift that will certainly put a smile on whoever receives it!

Daneen Vanity
Daneen Vanity

This collection presents a unique seating option for your household, with functions beyond the expected.


This set includes an energy-saving light bulb, a high-definition makeup mirror, and two storage drawers. It is easy to assemble and gives off good illumination. The countertop is widened so that you can store jewelry, hair accessories, nail polish, hair care products, and cosmetics.

Fazeley Vanity
Fazeley Vanity

Our latest design is an elliptical mirror with 10 small light bulbs. The bulbs are white, providing good illumination at night and while dressing. It has two storage boxes, three drawers and a dressing stool. The product is made of solid wood and MDF plate production, with crystal handle and fashion carving technology that bring you a new feeling. At the same time, it has removable mirror and storage boxes that can be used as a workbench in addition to providing different functions. The mirror has a 360-degree rotation function. Simple curved foot design style. It is easy to install.

Bronn Vanity
Bronn Vanity

The Bronn Vanity Set with Mirror offers a luxurious self-care space with a contemporary design. With an LED lighted mirror, padded chair, and vanity desk with ample storage space it has everything you need for a glamorous getting-ready routine. Smooth glass top and sparkly hardware add sparkle and shine to its chic design.


The sleek design and golden metallic details of this Hollywood-style vanity desk with drawers make it a bewitching highlight to your bedroom or dressing area.

Lomita Vanity
Lomita Vanity

The Vanity collection is part of the Hollywood studio collection and features a white finish with gold accents. The vanity set includes a Hollywood studio mirror that features 16 extra-life LED lights. This vanity set can be used as a makeup station, a nightstand or as an additional piece in any room of your home.

Cendan Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Cendan Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

This Hollywood makeup mirror dressing table is perfect for women and girls. It consists of two parts—a mirror with adjustable light bulbs and a large MDF board table with two drawers. The vanity set comes with a cushioned stool, perfect for decorating your room. The adjustable brightness adapts to different use scenarios. USB socket and power socket are added on the mirror right side so you can easily charge your mobile phone, computer, hairdryer, hair straightener and other electronic devices. With four solid wooden legs for solid support, this elegant living choice will not let you down!

Eniileri Vanity
Eniileri Vanity

The cosmetic mirror features three lighting modes and ten LED lights. The difference between natural light, cold light, and warm light is subtle but perceptible. Realistically simulate outdoor, workplace, and entertainment lighting conditions to help you choose different makeup according to different locations. This dressing table with four drawers can store small items such as lipstick or essence as well as large items such as hair dryers or curling irons. The desktop allows you to put a magazine or tablet on it as a reference when applying makeup.

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There are various design possibilities when it comes to a makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror. Traditional styles include mirrors that have exposed bulbs along the top or sides, but more modern designs can include recessed bulbs or backlit mirrors for a unique look. Nathan Turner, a California-based professional decorator suggests looking for a vanity and mirror combination that blends into your room's existing decor. This will help blend the entire aesthetic together while also being a practical addition to the room.


Deciding on the right size of mirror in your vanity will be different for everyone. You'll also need to decide if you want a rectangle or oval mirror. Interior designer Rose Tarlow suggests thinking about the size of vanity and mirror you may want before you start your search. Larger mirrors of either shape can be great for reflecting light while also providing a good view of your upper body, while smaller mirrors will lack the same reflective quality but can still be perfectly viable for makeup application.


Mirrors are relatively delicate pieces of furniture, but how they are constructed into the rest of the vanity can increase their durability overall. Victoria Hagan suggests looking for vertical mirrors that are fully framed by metal or genuine wood. Free-floating mirrors with no framing around them can be prone to chipping and shattering if you happen to bump into them or a makeup bottle falls into them.


According to Frances Merrill, your vanity table with lighted mirror should blend into the existing decor of the room and should not stand out or be left as a statement piece. The lighting will already draw attention to the area, so look for an overall aesthetic that fits into your room whether it be modern, industrial, or contemporary in style. Look for neutral wood tones, oval shaped mirrors instead of rectangle, and recessed lighting to help ease the aesthetic transition.

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An aesthetic trendy dressing table of wooden materials with a glossy white finish. It has a rectangular top and 2 drawer chests as supports. Drawers have cut out edge pulls. A rectangular mirror has 15 lights with ball lampshades along 3 edges.


An attractive modern dressing table made of white finished wooden materials. It has an elevated central part of a top which supports a rectangular bevelled mirror in a wide lighted frame. Drawer chests are on sides. Drawers have cutout pulls.

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An aesthetic dressing furniture set made of white finished wooden materials. A rectangular top with 2 drawers is fixed between a drawer chest and a half-open wardrobe. Drawers have edge pulls. A rectangular mirror has 20 ball lights around a frame.

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An elegant dressing table of white finished wooden materials. A table has tall angular grooved legs with canted ends, a wavy apron, a low hutch with 2 drawers. A rectangularish mirror with a gently arched top edge is lighted with a chain of lights.

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Ideal for a contemporary apartment or studio, this makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror will help you start your day with class. Enlightened by 13 bulbs, it creates the best illumination for your daily toilette.

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Antique composition of furniture in a spacious bedroom, furnished with a vanity cabinet made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint with silver elements and a rectangular, decorative makeup mirror above it.

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A compact and mobile makeup kit, hidden inside of a trunk with wheels. The makeup kit has extendable legs with rubber padding, as well as a plenty of handy compartments and a mirror with lights on both sides.

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A chic woody dressing set in white. A table and a stool (a seat covered in silvery fabric with creamy floral motifs) have curved legs, drawers - rose-shaped white metal pulls, a trifold oval mirror - turned posts fixed to a wavy edge of a hutch.

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A stylish woody dressing set in warm browns. A table with a wavy apron and a stool (a seat covered in white fabric with pastel floral motifs) have tall curved legs, drawers - metal knobs, an ovalish tilted mirror - 2 turned posts fixed to a back edge.

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An aesthetic white finished woody dressing set. A rectangular table and a stool with a seat covered in plain beige fabric have upright angular tapered legs. Drawers have small ornate metal knobs. A rectangular mirror has 2 smaller hinged side panels.

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Vintage design for an elegant vanity cabinet made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint and a little handy drawer on the front. The cabinet has a rotatable mirror on the top and comes with a matching stool.

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Old-fashioned look for an antique vanity cabinet made out of beige-colored solid wood with decorative engravings and a built-in winged mirror on the top and three little drawers for additional cosmetics storage.

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Antique style for a unique vanity cabinet made out of walnut wood with a polished finish and a natural color. The vanity cabinet has three joined mirrors on the top, as well as two storage drawers and a handy shelf.

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A sophisticated approach to a traditional vanity cabinet made out of black-painted oak wood with a handy drawer in the front. The cabinet has a winged mirror on the top and comes with a comfortable stool with an upholstered seat cushion.

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Vanity table that is a combination of organizational appeal and sleek style. This table is paired with lighted mirror in simple rectangular shape and with a backless stool that provides good support and comfort.

Falke Dressing Vanity Set with Mirror

Designed to suit any decor and taste, this Falke dressing table will be a charming, elegant addition to your bedroom, creating ideal conditions for your daily makeup routines. It measures 55.7'' H x 42.5'' W x 18.9'' D.

Lucca Vanity Set with Mirror

This glamorous set includes a tri-fold mirror, a table, and a cushioned stool with light gray upholstery, comprising all you basically need to start your day with style. It features two small drawers and a large center one.

Bensenville Vanity Set with Mirror

Made from fine quality MDF board and hardwood, designed to perfection and made to last, this intricate vanity set features three mirrors. Each of them can be angled to reflect the maximum light and easy viewing from the front as well as back.

Roldene Vanity Set with Mirror

A glamour trendy dressing set of wooden materials. A table has upright angular white legs, mirrored drawers and a rectangular top. A standing triple-mirror has an arched curved top edge. A stool has a square grey covered seat and mirrored aprons.

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A chic, subtly carved, dressing set of wood in white. A table has curved angular legs (a stool too) and top edges, 3 drawers with brass C-pulls. A trifold arched mirror rests on a shelf and 2 drawers. A stool seat has a silvery flowery fabric cover.

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A traditional vanity cabinet for a bedroom, made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint. The cabinet has a winged mirror on top, as well as five handy drawers for storage and a matching stool to sit on.

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Elegant design for a classy vanity cabinet, made out of walnut wood with a dark tint and a shiny, polished finish. The cabinet has a winged mirror on the top, as well as a single useful drawer on the front for additional storage.

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A traditional take on a classy bedroom vanity cabinet made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint. The cabinet has a set of decorative drawers for storage and is fitted with a large rotatable mirror on the top.

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Austere approach to a vanity cabinet for bedroom, made out of walnut wood with a rough, unfinished look and reclaimed wood parts. The cabinet is fitted with a round stool ottoman covered in gray microfiber upholstery.

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The upholstery fabric brings a little warmth to the piece, while the curved legs give the stool and table a charming traditional appearance. Altogether the set constitutes a great proposition for traditional bedrooms.

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Featuring a mirror with attached moveable extensions and a 3-drawer table for storage and accessory display, this makeup vanity table with lighted mirror constitutes a glamorous proposition for all women's bedrooms.

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An elegant stylish woody dressing set finished in black. A table and a stool (its round seat is covered in light beige fabric) have upright turned tapered legs. A standing triple-mirror has a flat base, 2 hinged wings, curved arched top edges.

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A chic cottage style ivory-finished woody dressing set with cute floral motifs painted on drawers. A table and a stool (a seat in beige-silvery fabric) have curved legs. A jewellery box, flanked by photo-frames, has turned posts and a mirrored door.

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An elegant stylish dressing table and a standing triple-mirror of black finished wood. A table has a rectangular top, 5 size-varied drawers with metal ring pulls, upright turned tapered legs, a mirror - a stepped base and gently curved top edges.

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A traditional arrangement for a vanity cabinet in a bedroom, made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint. The cabinet has two drawers on the sides and a shallow one on the front, as well as a mirror on the top.

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An elegant composition of furniture in a spacious bedroom, furnished with a large dresser cabinet made out of solid oak wood with a black coat of paint and silver handles, fitted with a makeup mirror on top of it with lights.

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Vintage setting for a vanity corner in the bedroom, furnished with a desk made out of vibrant cherry wood with a high polish finish, paired with a matching stool for seating and a rotating oval mirror on the top.

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Scalloped detailing, antique hardware, and cabriole-style legs characterize best this gorgeous vanity table with lights. Its ornate finish constitutes an ideal proposition for those, who desire style and functionality.

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Adorably elegant, yet enchanting with its high quality, this fantastic vanity set model comprises 3 mirrors, 4 organizational drawers and padded stool. Measuring 56.7'' H x 39.4'' W x 15.7'' D, it offers enough space to organize your beauty products.

Hilbert Vanity Set with Mirror

With its transitional design and style, this makeup vanity table with lights from The Hilbert Collection will be perfect for small spaces. The vanity features two side storage drawers for keeping makeup and accessories tidy.