Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace

Having a room warmed by a roaring fire on a night of biting cold weather is a pretty pleasing image. However, in case you have ever spent an evening tending to and preparing a traditional fireplace, you’d understand that the current generations will much appreciate an automatic heating system than one that requires so much preparation and cleaning.

A ventless corner gas fireplace is an easy way to enjoy heat, spice up the decor of any room and do it all without any fuss. They don’t produce any smoke or ash, and hence, they don’t need a chimney. The fire doesn’t have to be tended to by you. In fact, you can control the flames with remote control and the heat with thermostat control.

Not only is a corner ventless gas fireplace easy to install, but it can also be moved easily between rooms. Many models offer variable flame-height adjustment so that you can range from a small flame to a crackling fire without any trouble. The LED accent lighting inside the firebox gives the flame an almost realistic flickering effect. A lot of models come with battery backup, in case the power goes off and you still need the ventless gas fireplace to warm up the room.

Corners are perfect for such products, although you can place them anywhere in the room. For the inside of the firebox, you can go with the looks of a bed of logs, black ceramic lumps meant to imitate coals, stones, or a bed of sparkling chips of tempered glass. All of them can be aesthetic and visually pleasing in the company of fire-like light.

As for the design, you can choose between Victorian era cast iron models as well as low-profile, chimneyless outdoor models.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Shawnda Vent Free Fireplace
Shawnda Vent Free Fireplace

This state-of-the-art vent-free gas fireplace uses advanced technology to bring style and warmth to your home without requiring a flue or chimney. Minimum clearance design with the option of a wall or corner installation makes it easy to install almost anywhere. Check your local regulations for installation restrictions and requirements. Propane use requires a 100 lb. tank or larger with two-stage adjustable regulator available from your local gas company.

Shavon Vent Free Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace
Shavon Vent Free Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace

This state-of-the-art vent-free technology does not require a flue or chimney. This Shavon Natural Gas Fireplace system is an ideal choice to bring style and warmth to your home and can be installed almost anywhere due to its minimum clearance design. This thermostatically controlled unit does not support a remote controller.

Vent Free Fireplace
Vent Free Fireplace

The Bluegrass Living vent-free natural gas fireplace insert is an excellent alternative to traditional wood fireplaces. The zero clearance firebox allows for easy and custom built-in installations, while its stylish arched design and yellow ceramic brick liner complete with dancing flames and hand-painted logs are sure to delight everyone who sees them.

Vent Free Fireplace
Vent Free Fireplace

This Bluegrass Living vent-free propane gas fireplace is a beautiful, versatile piece of quality furniture. It can live in an antique, modern, bohemian, industrial or minimal home. The fireplace has been carefully designed and created in a rich golden-brown furniture grade finish with 30% sheen that accents its quality and excellence. It includes many features like remote control functions, Oxygen Depletion Sensor with automatic shut-off and more.

Vent Free Fireplace
Vent Free Fireplace

The Mantelpiece Compact Fireplace with Mantel is perfect for small dens and areas to minimize the waste of space while maximizing its function and purpose. It features our quality wood mantel with a delicately arched gas fireplace insert that provides a classic touch for your home. This classic piece of furniture provides flawless flames and realistic ceramic fiber logs.

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What We’re Looking For:


There is no shortage of material that can be used for a corner ventless gas fireplace. Some of the most common exterior materials used are stone and brick, though metal and wood are also extremely popular. The interior area of the fireplace will always be either metal or stone of some sort in order to resist the heat and prevent fire damage to the surrounding walls, but the facade outside of that can be a stylish and eye-catching material of your choice even if it is not considered fireproof or fire resistant, such as wood.


One of the biggest benefits to a corner fireplace is that it makes use of a spot in your room which is normally difficult to fill. Corners are notorious for being considered wasted space, but by placing a fireplace in this spot you can fill the area and improve the overall look of your room. Ventless gas powered corner fireplaces also provide more interior space for logs, either real or faux, which helps improve the overall design aesthetic of the fireplace itself, and since they are ventless you won't have to find room for a chimney or other ductwork.


Depending on the exterior material you choose for your fireplace, they can fit into a wide range of aesthetics. Traditional style fireplace aesthetics are normally brick or stone, but wood with a stylish mantle or scrolled decorative woodwork is also extremely common. Consider the aesthetic and decor of the room you will be installing the fireplace in to decide which material will work best for you. If your room is more of a French country style, consider going with a natural stone facade instead of a more industrial brick aesthetic.


The physical size of a corner fireplace can range anywhere from 30" to 50" wide, with an average depth of around 30" on all of those. According to indoor utility repair professional, the average gas powered ventless fireplace will provide around 25,000 BTUs of energy, which can easily heat up a room of 1,200 square feet or more. Larger fireplaces may have more BTUs and can heat larger rooms, while smaller fireplaces would be perfect for a bedroom or den that might not have a large square footage.

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Dual Fuel Fireplace

Classical take on a free-standing, vent-less electric fireplace, made to fit in a corner of the living room. The fireplace is made out of polished oak wood with a light tint and has a handy shelf on the top for display.


An aesthetic classic corner fireplace. A frame of white finished wood has a ledged moulding top and fluted corner posts. A ventless gas fueled steel firebox, adorned with scrolls, is equipped with arched doors, concrete logs, real flame effects.

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An elegant efficient gas-fueled corner fireplace. Its pentagonal enclosure is finished in matte mid browns. It has a moulding top and a protruding full base. A black metal ventless firebox is equipped with faux logs, a glazed door and a meshy screen.

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A contemporary look for a corner fireplace powered by gas, which makes it cost-efficient and safe. The fireplace is made out of walnut wood with a dark tint and has a polished and varnished finish which gives it a shiny look.

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This ventless small corner gas fireplace will add a warm, charming appeal to any space. Dark brown stained - cosy, yet elegant, ideal for a contemporary stylish living room.

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Traditional design for a ventless, propane-powered artificial fireplace with a fireproof screen in the front. The fireplace is made out of oak wood with a light tint and a polished finish, fitted with decorative carvings.


Traditional design for a corner fireplace made out of oak wood with a white coat of paint and decorative carvings on the frame. The fireplace itself is powered by gas, and thus needs no vent and makes the piece compact.


A centre flame rising from modern media creating an inimitable appearance. Its modern character shall appeal to all, who want to embellish their contemporary living rooms.

Chateau Corner Gel Fuel Fireplace

An aesthetic modern corner fireplace fueled with gel, filled with concrete logs, equipped with real flame effects and adjustable heater. It has a stylish white painted frame of solid wood, a black metal firebox with a mesh screen, a ledged mantel.

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A cool efficient corner fireplace. A pentagonal enclosure of wooden materials is finished in light browns. It has a moulding top, ledges, fluted corner posts. A gel-fueled ventless black metal firebox is equipped with a glazed door and faux logs.

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A traditional take on a corner gas fireplace with a vent-less structure and a fireproof glass shield in front of it. The fireplace is made out of polished, shiny oak wood and its old-fashioned style gives it a unique appearance.

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An aesthetic modern corner fireplace with a simple tall cuboidal grey body and a chimney of black coated metal. It has glazed both side walls and a front panel. It's ventless, gas-fueled, equipped with faux logs and flame effects.

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An aesthetic efficient modern corner fireplace. Its cuboidal enclosure is finished in glossy beige shades and has protruding side walls. An L-shaped gas-fueled ventless firebox of metal is glazed on 2 sides and equipped with faux logs.

Real Flame Chateau Corner Ventless Gel Fireplace at Menards®

A sophisticated approach to a corner TV stand which also incorporates a gas, vent-less fireplace inside of it. The stand is made out of walnut wood with a dark tint and has decorative engravings which give it a classy element.

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An attractive contemporary gas-fueled ventless corner fireplace. It has a pentagonal frame, with a moulding top and a full base, finished in warm browns. A firebox of black metal is equipped with a glazed door, a bricky interior, faux logs.

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An elegant approach to a large, corner-situated propane-powered fireplace with a ventless structure and a fireproof glass on the front. The fireplace is made out of oak wood with a dark tint, giving it a stylish appearance.

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A modern setting for a spacious living room, furnished with a couple of armchairs upholstered in a white faux leather material. The room has a corner fireplace which runs on electricity and is made out of stainless steel.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace - Open Travel

Ideal to create a warm, romantic corner, this ventless gas fireplace offers an expansive multi-sided view while providing a minimalist look in a small amount of space. Designed by a Dutch manufacturer Drugasar (DRU).

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Finished in bright, densely grained wood, emphasizing the natural character of the item, this ventless fireplace will create a charming, cosy corner in any living room decor.

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Vintage approach to an elegant corner fireplace with an artificial, electric fire installed behind a glass door. The columns of the fireplace give it an antique look and the shelf above provides a handy place for display.

Real Flame Camden Ventless Gel Fuel Corner Fireplace ...

Crafted from traditional bright wood, this ventless gas corner fireplace will be a charming addition to most of the living room decors. You can see the densely grained wood, emphasizing the natural, classic character.

Bidore 140 Element4 Corner Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

A tasteful modern ventless corner fireplace fueled with gas. It features clean straight lines, a white recessed toe-kick, a base of wood in natural shades, a black (with white accents) metal firebox faux logs, regulated heat, flame effects.

Amazing Corner Gas Fireplace — Home Fireplaces Firepits

An aesthetic modern floating corner fireplace having a simple rectilinear enclosure with glazed 2 walls. It is ventless, fueled with gas, equipped a.o. with artificial logs and realistic flame effects.

Empire Universal Vent Free Fireboxes

Offering a complete line of vent-free fireboxes, this Empire Universal one is available in 3 size variant: 32, 36 and 42 inches. They can feature a circulating or a radiant face.

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Modern arrangement for a cozy relaxation spot in a living room, furnished with an accent chair with a frame made out of oak wood with a reflective coat of silver paint, upholstered with a faux leather material in a black color.

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Featuring an arch-shaped door, this dark brown ventless gas fireplace will help you create a stylish, classic corner in your living room decors. Its cosy, charming appeal will warm up the whole room.

Chestnut Dual Fuel Fireplace

Traditional approach to a dual-fuel vent-less fireplace finely crafted out of elegant chestnut wood with decorative engravings and a mesh screen in front of it to protect the fire from spreading and limit the mess it makes.

Heat & Glo Corner

Being an ideal way to create a stylish, charming corner in one's decor, this corner ventless gas fireplace will not only warm up you heart, but also the entire space.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace - Foter

A cool modern space-saving above floor-mounted corner fireplace. It's placed on a thick rectangular grey shelf. An upper part of a rectilinear enclosure is lighter grey. A ventless gas-fueled metal firebox containing faux logs has 2 glazed walls.

Superior DRT40CR/L Direct Vent Corner Gas Fireplace ...

Contemporary setting for a spacious living room, fitted with a large corner fireplace operated by gas. The fireplace has a direct vent on top of it and fits in with the dining area composed of an oak dining table and a few barstools.

Natural Gas Corner Fireplace - Foter

Antique approach to a corner fireplace, powered by natural gas and has a ventless structure. The fireplace is made out of black-painted aluminum and has a small curio display rack on the side of it.


Old-fashioned look for an artificial fireplace powered by gas, so it does not need a vent. The fireplace is made out of oak wood with a dark tint and has decorative engravings with brass elements on the front of the piece.


Old-fashioned approach to an antique corner fireplace made out of bricks. The fireplace has a bench made out of tiles with a wooden outline and a wooden bench above for curio and photographs display.

corner gas fireplace direct vent - Fireplaces

Modern setup for a spacious living room with a dining annex, furnished with a long, rectangular-shaped dining table made out of dark pine wood, fitted with a set of six unique-looking dining chairs made out of leather stripes.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace - Foter

A tasteful traditional ventless corner fireplace fueled with gas. It has a brown crown top and a narrow creamy frame. A black metal firebox feature 2 glazed walls, top and bottom horizontal stripes in a lighter hue, an interior with a brick design.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace / Gas Technology

This 30", dual fuel, Highland Ember Log Set features an 8 piece, painted, realistic cast log set with added ember bed for that burnt wood glow. It produces 33, 000 BTU's of warmth to heat up to 1, 250 sq. feet.

Mt. Vernon Corner Electric Fireplace | Ventless Gas ...

An elegant corner ventless gas fireplace. It has a pentagonal body in dark brown, an indented apron, milling cuts and a faux marble beige frame around a black metal firebox. Its remote-controlled, equipped with a.o. a regulated heater, faux logs.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace - Foter

A classy stylish ventless corner fireplace with an enclosure in light browns. It has a moulding top, a protruding base, corner half-columns. A gas-fueled black metal firebox is equip;ed with a glazed front panel, a heater, safety rails, faux logs.

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A stylish ventless corner fireplace with a pentagonal frame in warm browns. It has a crown top, a showy base, ledges. A remote controlled black metal firebox is gas fueled, equipped a.o. with a glazed front, a mesh screen, visual and sound effects.

Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace - Foter

A traditional take on an old-fashioned corner fireplace, made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a smooth finish. The fireplace is fitted with decorative engravings and is powered by gas, making it cost-efficient.

Empire Tahoe 36" Direct Vent Premium millivolt Corner Gas ...

Cozy and elegant look for a living room with a large fireplace with a frame made out of cherry wood with a dark tint. The fireplace is powered by gas and doesn’t need a vent, making it safer and more cost-efficient than regular fireplaces.

Interior : Futuristic Design For Contemporary Gas ...

A contemporary take on a futuristic free-standing fireplace made out of stainless steel with a galvanized finish and a black coat of metallic paint. The top of the fireplace s fitted with a couple of decorations to finish the room off.


Sophisticated design for a corner fireplace with a vent-less, electric heating system. The fireplace is made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a smooth, polished finish, and it has a golden inlay around the center.

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This massive, granite corner gas fireplace will add traditional charm and warmth to the space, being an elegant accent in any classic interiors. Solid, sturdy construction, shall embellish the decor for long years.