Window Bench With Storage

Window benches with storage offer charm and character to a room, make it appear airy, and give you extra space to keep stuff. Not only does this piece of furniture make the window the focal point of your room, but it also turns the otherwise unused floor space into a useful area.

Upholstered window benches with storages are probably the most common design you’ll find in the markets. They are sturdy. The padding gives it a sophisticated look. And, if you decide to amp up the look, you can do so with cushions and pillows of your choice. Some storage benches are flip top with a box under the seat to store things. Others have drawers in the front.

If you are looking for somewhat taller window benches with storage, you will also find models that offer two level of storage in the grooves under the seat. Some may combine drawers with shelves while other more chic designs may give you an upper layer of drawers and a lower layer of woven leaf and straw baskets.

Certain storage benches may come with armrests and rolled or slightly curved arms for an improved appearance. The upholstery could be leather, polyester, cotton, rayon, silk, linen, or acrylic. While the body of the wooden bench with storage is mostly wood, you will also find options like bamboo, plastic, metal, stainless steel, etc.

Even though a window bench is pretty much a permanent setting, as it’s design and size have to match the window and wall space around it, you may wish to move the furniture to another room. Or, you can utilize it for a different purpose, like setting it at the foot of a bed or using it in the dining area. Keeping that in mind, either buy something that is lighter as compared to most models, or has detachable wheels to roll the bench to other places.

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Two Tone Window Storage Bench
Two Tone Window Storage Bench

Available in a white/reclaimed wood or a gray wash/white mix finish, this window bench is made of manufactured wood with durable laminate. It features a cushion upholstered in 100% linen and three barn-style pull-out drawers with cup handles.

The white and reclaimed wood finish of this bench would look gorgeous in an entryway with a cottage theme. Hang paintings with rustic frames on your staircase wall for a warm yet cohesive look. If you have smooth wooden floor, a rug will add texture. However, if you have carpet, add a couple of rough-hewn cushions in complementing colors instead. 

Coastal Window Bench with Storage
Coastal Window Bench with Storage

You can choose from an off-white, gray, natural, or teal finish with this window bench. Made of solid pine, rubberwood, and MDF, it has a flip top for storage. The back panel features an intricate interlocking half-moon design.

Though the teal finish would look gorgeous with whitewashed wooden floor and a coastal décor scheme, the off-white finish will go with both dark and light wood. The back lattice detail is already an accent touch, so we recommend keeping your bench bare or choosing low and wide cushions rather than tall ones. This way, the back detail will stay clearly visible. 

Rustic Window Bench
Rustic Window Bench

This bench is crafted from solid wood with a natural brown finish. Though it has faux drawer fronts with black handles, the actual storage lies beneath the flip top seat. The top sides are curved slightly. No cushion is included.

As this bench comes with no top cushion, you can either add your own or leave it bare for a traditional look. We recommend adding a handful of fringed cream cushions for rustic appeal or placing a plaid throw over the side for a farmhouse look. Due to the wood featuring an unfinished look, this bench will match most colors.

Simple Storage Window Bench
Simple Storage Window Bench

Crafted from manufactured wood, this window bench is chic and sophisticated. Featuring an understated design, it comes with three color choices – cape cod gray, ash brown, and white ash. It has two large drawers at the front with slim silver handles.

The minimalist look of this window bench would be ideal for creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home. It would look especially nice in a kitchen under a wide window with curtains for a touch of tradition. This bench does not come with a cushion, so we recommend adding a few with simple patterns on for a clean-lined look.

Modern Storage Bench
Modern Storage Bench

This bench is upholstered in brushed fabric for superior comfort. The main color is mid-gray with a textured finish, whereas the short and subtly tapered legs are black. As for storage, the hydraulic hinges lift to reveal space within.

Due to this bench being completely upholstered in fabric, it would suit a living room area best. Alternatively, it would look lovely in a bedroom under a window - you could use it to store clothes that aren’t in season. The mid-gray finish would match well with a contemporary white and gray décor scheme. As it is upholstered, we recommend leaving it bare.

Embellished Window Storage Bench
Embellished Window Storage Bench

Constructed from solid pine and fir wood, this bench also has a polyester top cushion. It features three front drawers, all of which have black iron handles. Carved scrollwork detail can be seen at the front as well as the sides.

This stunning bench would be the perfect addition to an antique décor scheme. It would look best with mid to dark brown wooden flooring, as light wood will wash out the delicate embellishment detail. Moreover, it would pair well with more traditional homes, as the carving detail lends it vintage flair that would look out of place in a contemporary home. 

Annie Solid Wood Flip Top Storage Bench
Annie Solid Wood Flip Top Storage Bench

This handwoven storage bench in a brown finish with visible knots, distressed details and metal accents adds a coastal farmhouse accent to your entryway or living room. The bench is made from solid fir wood and has four tapered legs with splayed metal feet that match the latches for an industrial farmhouse look. The top lifts open to reveal a storage spot for blankets or extra winter gear. The seat is upholstered in cream polyester blend fabric for comfort while you sit to lace up your shoes.

Industrial Shoe Storage Cabinet Bench
Industrial Shoe Storage Cabinet Bench

The 17 Stories Industrial Storage Shoes Bench provides the perfect solution to an untidy entryway or cluttered mudroom. This beautiful, rustic shoe rack has 2 storage bins and a metal shelf as well as a wide bench for your shoes, so you can comfortably sit on them while you put on them. The versatile storage bench offers organized bliss in any entryway, hall or bedroom.

Bedlington Faux Leather Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench
Bedlington Faux Leather Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

This Bedlington faux leather upholstered flip top storage bench features nailhead trim and dark walnut or black finished wood legs. The classic faux leather easily blends with many different styles and colors, making it perfect for any entryway, bedroom, or living room.

Elmont Wood Flip Top Storage Bench
Elmont Wood Flip Top Storage Bench

This versatile bench is the perfect choice for any living space in your home. The wood body has a rustic farmhouse twist, while the upholstered tufted linen gives it an upscale look. The country-style upholstered bench is extremely versatile and can be used as a bed bench, entryway bench, or centerpiece for your living room.

Hillcrest Faux Leather Flip Top Storage Bench
Hillcrest Faux Leather Flip Top Storage Bench

This bench provides seating, hidden storage space, and a sleek modern accent all at once. It is upholstered in faux leather with a neutral hue, and its flip-top features thick foam padding with biscuit tufting that adds a tailored touch; it opens to reveal ample room for your extra bedding, bulky clothes or children's toys. The classic lines of this storage bench are rounded out by four short tapered legs made from solid wood.

Cora Wood Storage Bench
Cora Wood Storage Bench

The American-made Rubberwood Entryway Bench features gently curved arms and a wainscoting front panel awash in a painted and lacquered black finish. The seat lifts to reveal interior storage perfect for anything from hats and mittens to bags of pet food; child-safe hinges stop the seat from slamming and a slot beneath prevents pinched fingers. This product is backed by a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Robinette Flip Top Storage Bench
Robinette Flip Top Storage Bench

The storage bench is a piece of furniture that keeps your room tidy and makes your life organized. It will make your kids develop a good habit of putting toys away every time after playing and prevent them from pinching their fingers. The 2 safety hinges are built in such a way that fingers can't get pinched, more importantly, it will def keep your kids from smashing their chubby little toddler sausage fingers.

Shelves Storage Bench
Shelves Storage Bench

Our shoe rack is more than a rack. You can use it as a shoe rack or as a storage bench. Its free-standing structure and strong capacity make it suitable for storing or seating up to two people at once. Your shoes will have a good place to stay, and you'll have a comfy seat for changing shoes. Store your shoes in this cubby, and you won't have to rummage around in your closet or shoe boxes anymore!

Balsam Drawers Storage Bench
Balsam Drawers Storage Bench

Create a clean and welcoming space to greet guests with this coastal-inspired entryway storage bench made from manufactured wood with Chinese oak veneers. Three drawers allow ample room for folded scarves and sunglasses, while three woven banana leaf wicker baskets offer plenty of storage space for mittens, earmuffs and flip-flops or beach towels. Set a preppy foundation for your foyer with a blue-and-white-striped area rug, then place a potted philodendron next to this design against the wall. For maritime accents that are sure to make a splash, mount an oar-shaped coatrack on the wall above the bench, hanging a decorative buoy off every other hook, then on the opposite wall, hang a porthole mirror over an oil-rubbed bronze umbrella stand to balance out the room.

Eldeen Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench
Eldeen Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

Our bench offers a stylish, modern coffee table option for your space. With clean, modern tufting details and a soft modern design, this piece makes an excellent ottoman for a living room, family room or study.

Shoe Storage Bench
Shoe Storage Bench

This bench has a clean profile and can be placed in any room due to its versatility. It comes with replicated butcher-block wood grain that adds a fresh flair to any space. Wrapped in fabric, it features a reversible, foam-cushioned seat that caters to your comfort. Four open storage compartments add function to form this must-have piece for large spaces.

Seiler Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench
Seiler Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

This tufted bench has a lift-up storage compartment that's ideal for tucking away items in your bedroom or entryway. The clean-lined frame is made from plywood and it rests on slim black metal legs that hold up the bench for a sleek and modern look. The foam filling on the seat gives you a cushioned spot to take off (and put on) your shoes. Plus, the storage space underneath is ideal for tucking away bags, throw blankets, and scarves. This bench accommodates up to 500 lbs.

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What we’re looking for:


Per Courtney McLeod, a window seat should be no less than 32 inches wide. This will not only give you enough room to sit, but also to stretch out comfortably if you want to enjoy a relaxing reading session with a view. For a window bench with storage, you'll want a seat that measures at least 35-40 inches. The wider the bench, the more storage space. Of course, if your window bench is for a studio apartment or a small space, you may not be able to buy one that fits these measurements. If this is the case, try to go for a window bench that has multiple drawers so you can organize your items.


The majority of window benches are made of manufactured wood to make them more affordable. Some have veneers or are mixed with solid wood for both appearance purposes and for added durability. Look out for the different types of manufactured wood, such as particleboard, as particleboard can warp over time due to heat. The hardware of a storage window bench is important too, as you don't want the hinges on your drawers to rust and creak open in the future. Whilst metals used like steel and iron do rust, maintaining your hardware with warm water and a cloth will help prevent rusting in general.


Features like paneling, wood grain, and distressing can add charm and character to a window bench. They are also usually indicators of the style of your bench - for example, dovetail joinery indicates a bench with an antique style, whereas tapered legs are a mid-century modern staple. Paneled window benches often have a sophisticated and contemporary look, whereas a cushioned window bench will look cozier in general due to the addition of fabric. If your window bench doesn't come with a cushion, Virginia Tupker states you should get one specially made if possible so it fits perfectly. Small details like this can make your purchase appear more expensive than it actually was.

Suited To: 

Many window benches with storage will have a particular look and style to them, some of which will fit better in your home than others. Though this sounds obvious, Frances Merrill recommends thinking about the future, too. A sage green window bench may look stunning now in your coastal-inspired kitchen, but can you paint over it in the future if you change styles? Though you should always pick the color and look you like best, keep in mind that a white or gray bench is more versatile and can be accessorized with cushions or a throw to make it fit different décor styles like farmhouse or coastal.

Storage Amount:

Each storage window bench will come with a different amount of storage, but knowing exactly how much storage you need can feel like an overwhelming task. To make things easier, Nick Olsen recommends laying out exactly what you need to store and how much storage space you'll need specifically based on this estimation. Then, add a little more space so you're covered for future purchases. This way, you won't be caught short not being able to fit your tablecloths or shoes in your window bench. Additionally, consider where your storage will fit best. Front drawers are fine if you're working with a wider space, whereas a lift top is best if you have a narrow corridor.

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