Laptop Table For Bed

Using a laptop in bed can have many consequences for your as well as your device’s health. Placing it on the quilt or over the blankets can obstruct the airflow vents and increase the laptop’s temperature to an uncomfortably high level. Your posture while using the device in bed can affect your back muscles, stiffen your neck, and cause discomfort in your wrists.

A laptop table for bed can help avoid these problems to some extent.
These adjustable desks allow you to place the laptop on a flat surface. You can tilt the counter at different angles and adjust the height of the screen so that you can operate the machine without hurting your neck.

A simple laptop table for beds is much like a small desk. Although, it won’t offer you many flexibility options, you can use it to place the computer as well as for breakfast, reading, writing, etc.

However, many advanced models come with height-adjustable settings and ventilated design to support proper airflow and minimise overheating.

Cushioned laptop tables for bed are perfect for when you plan to use the device on your lap. Many others have a detachable inclined panel to support the screen. Some offer a cup holder while some others are accompanied by storage options, like additional levels and surfaces for the mouse, your notes, paper racks, etc.

Many models have a gripping surface or auto lock mechanism, which prevents the laptop from slipping and falling. Some also offer width control, so that you can place different devices, like a laptop, tablet, or notebook, on the counter and operate them without much hassle.

You can find different kinds of these portable tables in the market, made with materials like wood, ply, aluminium, or metal. The metal or aluminium models are lighter in weight than the wood ones.

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Laptop Tray
Laptop Tray

The HNLS03 is perfect for those who suffer from knee pain or leg exhaustion while lying on their beds or sofas for reading and watching movies. It can also be used as a lap desk for raising your laptop to an ergonomic height to use, or even as a breakfast tray for enjoying a cup of coffee comfortably in bed.

Jacalynn Laptop Tray
Jacalynn Laptop Tray

The large bed tray folds up to create a laptop desk that is portable and convenient. The ergonomically designed curved recess prevents chest discomfort, while the round table corner design prevents bumps and bruises. The integrated card slot can be used to place mobile phones, tablets, pens, etc., so you don't have to clutter your workspace with more items.

Gagrani Laptop Tray
Gagrani Laptop Tray

The Adjustable Heat Dissipation Laptop Desk Foldable Bed Tray, with a smooth surface, is ideal for serving breakfast, dinner, wine and more. The sleek design also offers a perfect fit for your home interior. And when folded up, it is compact enough to store conveniently under your bed or in a closet.

Enrik Laptop Tray
Enrik Laptop Tray

Laptop desk with a large bed tray. The curved recess provides comfort when reading, writing or watching movies. The rounded corners make it safer than rectangular tables and the 12mm thick environmentally-friendly tabletop plate is sturdy and scratch resistant.

Chiekezi Laptop Tray
Chiekezi Laptop Tray

This all-purpose bed tray is an ideal workstation and table for your home. It includes an ample surface to accommodate a medium plate, a tall glass, utensils, napkins with room to spare to rest your book and eyeglasses. The top can also accommodate a medium-sized laptop, keys, phone, and a small stack of paperwork. This folding tray allows you to use it as an elevated workstation or flat storage when not in use.

Efim Laptop Tray
Efim Laptop Tray

This laptop desk offers a large surface of 27.5L x 13.8W, making it ideal for watching movies, surfing the net, having a romantic breakfast in bed, or even working as a portable desk for kids to play games on it. Folded up, it takes little storage space and can be carried on picnics or camping trips.

Sofia + Sam Laptop Lap Tray With Adjustable Legs - Bamboo - Foldable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray - Lap Desk With Tilting Top And Side Drawer - Laptop Stand - Natural
Sofia + Sam Laptop Lap Tray With Adjustable Legs - Bamboo - Foldable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray - Lap Desk With Tilting Top And Side Drawer - Laptop Stand - Natural

The Lap Tray is a stylish and elegant lap desk for home, office, or hotel use. It's crafted from 100% bamboo wood and provides a sturdy and durable surface for your laptop, iPad, tablet, books, drawing canvas, snacks and food.

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray – Bamboo Lap Desk – Folding TV Tray Table – Smartphone Tablet Lap Tray – Homework Study Reading Eating Food - Walnut
Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray – Bamboo Lap Desk – Folding TV Tray Table – Smartphone Tablet Lap Tray – Homework Study Reading Eating Food - Walnut

The Sofia + Sam Laptop Bed Tray is designed with a convenient storage drawer for pens or computer mice. The tilt section and removable stopper allow you to prop up your favorite book to read, while the sturdy frame ensures stability on any bed, sofa, or chair.

Bamboo Laptop Tray
Bamboo Laptop Tray

This laptop table is an eco-friendly design, crafted to provide a smooth and natural finish. It can be used as a desk for your laptop, book or meal; it also functions as a reading desk, breakfast tray or all-night workstation. The laptop table is perfect in bed, on your couch or even on the floor.

John-Mary Laptop Tray
John-Mary Laptop Tray

The Laptop Tray is a versatile, modern-inspired activity tray that allows you to work from your laptop or tablet at multiple viewing angles. The molded cup and electronic device holder offer convenience, while the tray's sleek design adds style to any space.

Jonida Laptop Tray
Jonida Laptop Tray

The adjustable laptop desk can be used as a comfortable bed or sofa table, writing desk and tablet stand, among other things.

Portable Stand/Bed & Breakfast Laptop Tray
Portable Stand/Bed & Breakfast Laptop Tray

Kavalan Portable Stand/Bed & Breakfast Laptop Tray is an ideal desk for different applications, no matter to be used on a sofa/couch, bed, desktop, or floor. It can be a reading desk or a sit-and-stand desk for work. With the opening handle and folded legs, it's easy to carry anywhere to fulfill what you need.

Kadell Table Bed Notebook Laptop Tray
Kadell Table Bed Notebook Laptop Tray

Our Laptop Table features foldable and adjustable height, with a large mouse pad, a built-in perforated cooling fan, an LED lamp with adjustable light wand and four USB ports. The tabletop tilts to improve your sitting posture and avoid sore eyes or strained necks.

Adjustable Laptop Tray
Adjustable Laptop Tray

The adjustable angles and heights of this desk make it ergonomically friendly, reducing strain on your eyes, back and neck. Two auto-lock buttons on each side can make quick changes in height easily. Leg height can be set to five different heights (adjustable from 10.6" - 15.4"), with two clamps for adjusting surface angle (from 0° - 36°).

Bed Tray Laptop Foldable Table
Bed Tray Laptop Foldable Table

The Lap Desk Activity Tray is a must-have for children who need to do homework, as well as adults who need to work from bed. The tray is great for writing, reading, drawing and coloring; playing games; eating snacks; using laptops and other electronic devices; or even watching TV.

Laptop Lap Desk, Portable Tray With Foam Cushion, Adjustable LED Desk Light, and Cup Holder By Laptop Buddy (Blue)

A cool practical innovative portable tray for laptops. It's made of lightweight foam (contouring to a laptop) covered with fleece in a blue shade. It's equipped with a pen holder, a cup holder, an adjustable LED lamp powered with 3 LR44 batteries.

iMounTEK Multi-Functional Portable Laptop Table (Internal Cooling Pad, LED Desk Lamp, Built in 4 Port USB Hub, Lap Desk Stand, Mousepad, Comfortable, Bed/Couch/Chair Compatible) - Black

A multi-functional portable laptop table of black plastic. It's equipped with 2 adjustable tops hiding pen compartments and a cooling fan, a mousepad, 4 USB ports, a goose-neck LED lamp. U-shaped foldable height-adjustable legs are of black metal.


An elegant portable laptop table for using e.g. in beds. It's of dark brown finished wooden materials. It has a tilted top with a safety bar, a storage compartment under it, a smaller fixed top with a side drawer, 2 U-shaped foldable flat legs.

Universal Adjustable Desktop Computer Laptop Bed Table ...

A futuristic computer bed table with a built-in holder for a keyboard, a mouse, and a display monitor. The frame of the table is made out of chromed aluminum and has an adjustable height to fit any and all users.

Laptop Desk Bed Serving Tray Bamboo Foldable Portable Adjustable Breakfast Table with Drawer By BAMBUROBA

Minimalistic look for an oriental laptop stand made in a shape of a serving tray out of bright pine wood. The stand has an adjustable top and an additional mouse pad, which give it a bit of additional functionality.

Best 25+ Portable laptop table ideas on Pinterest ...

Traditional approach to a simple yet classy portable laptop table stand made out of oak wood with an unpainted finish. The table has an adjustable top surface and foldable legs, which make it space-efficient and easy to store.

Solid Wood Foldable Notebook Laptop Table, Adjustable ...

DIY project for a self-made laptop stand crafted out of solid wood. The picture contains a set of handy instructions for placing and installing pieces in right places, contributing to a useful piece with an adjustable frame.

فروشگاه وارش رایانه

A super contemporary portable laptop table ideal for using e.g. in beds. It's made of metal and plastic in various colours. A rectangular tilted top has a safety bar. Two upturned T-shaped height-regulated metal legs can be folded flat.

Laptop Tray Table with Foldable Legs

An elegant look for a minimalistic looking laptop tray with foldable legs made out of black painted aluminium. The top of the tray is made out of birch wood and has an armrest and a detachable mouse pad.

17 Best ideas about Portable Laptop Desk on Pinterest ...

A hip contemporary movable laptop desk. A base of white coated metal is built of an H-shaped castered foot, 2 upright square stems with knob regulated height, horizontal top arms. A tilted larger desktop and a smaller one have anti-slip pads.

10 Best Collection of Portable Notebook / Laptop Stand ...

Contemporary design for a minimalistic portable notebook stand with a frame made out of aluminum with an orange coat of reflective paint. The top surface of the notebook stand can be adjusted and personalized.

Laptop Stand

A simple yet stylish laptop stand made out of black-painted aluminium frame with rubber padding on the bottom and a top crafted out of plywood with a black coat of paint, giving the stand a modern appearance.

SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk Serving Bed Tray Tilting Top ULLD001

Contemporary and modern design for a laptop desk stand made out of bamboo wood with no coat of paint. The laptop stand has an additional drawer on the side for storage and a tilting top to make it comfortable to use.

NNEWVANTE Adjustable Laptop Table for Bed, Portable Standing Bed Desk, Foldable Sofa Breakfast Tray, Notebook Stand Reading Holder for Couch Floor-Walnut

A novelty portable table which can be placed e.g. on the floor or beds and used for laptops, breakfast a.s.o. A rectangularish tilted top is of wooden materials in browns. Its frame and 2 foldable height-adjustable T-legs are of metal tubes.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table Vented w/CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount-Notebook-Macbook-Light Weight Ergonomic TV Bed Lap Tray Stand Up/Sitting-Black

Futuristic approach to a portable and adjustable laptop stand with a vented bottom, made in an ergonomic shape with an extra wide tray. The frame of the stand is made out of black aluminum, giving it a modern look.

SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk Adjustable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray Tilting Top Drawer

Modern design for a contemporary adjustable laptop stand made entirely out of bamboo wood with metal elements. The top of the stand can be rotated to adjust its height and the side hides a handy drawer.

Avantree Quality Adjustable Laptop Table Bed Tray, Portable Standing Desk

Modern design for an adjustable, easily personalized laptop bed tray with a portable structure. The laptop tray has a set of extendable legs on each side, which allow it to easily adjust the height of the piece.

Laptop Stand with Switchable Cooling Fan & LED Light - Portable, Desk Table for Laptops with 3 USB Ports - Bed Tray, Height Adjustable Multi-functional & Ergonomic Design

If you’re looking for a perfect laptop stand that will allow you to do your work while relaxing comfortably on a couch, take a look at this adjustable stand with switchable cooling fan and a set of colorful LED lights.

Etable Folding Adjustable Lap Desk with Built-in 10000mAh Powerbank to Recharge Tablet/Phones - Laptop Table for Macbook or Ultrabook with LED light - Tablet Stand for the Bed, Sofa

A folding, adjustable lap desk with a built-in power bank with a high-capacity storage for recharging phones and tablets. The stand also comes with handy spots for storing a laptop and a phone with cooling fans underneath.

AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand Desk with 2 CPU Cooling Fans and Removable Mouse Pad Ergonomics Design Bed Tray Book Stand Aluminum Black Portable Laptop Table

A futuristic look for an adjustable laptop stand made out of aluminum with a chromed, shiny finish in a black color. The top of the stand hides two cooling fans and on the side of the frame, a handy mousepad is mounted.

XGear A8 Foldable Portable Laptop Notebook Desk Bed Table ...

A cool innovative portable laptop table of lightweight aluminium. It has a tilted rectangularish top with raised bottom protective slats and an inbuilt cooling fan. Two upturned T-shaped legs are foldable and have regulated height.

Portable Bamboo Laptop Desk Table Folding Breakfast Bed ...

A groovy contemporary portable laptop desk of bamboo in natural shades. It has a tilted top with a security slat and a perforated laptop fans design, a small fixed top and a side drawer under it. Two H-shaped foldable legs have regulated height.

: Buy Homdox Portable Adjustable Foldable ...

A groovy innovative portable laptop table of lightweight black coated aluminium. It has a tilted rectangular top with a raised bottom edge and a smaller square mouse board. Each of 2 height-adjustable articulated legs is composed of 3 sections.

Online kopen Wholesale Laptop tafel verstelbare uit China ...

A cool portable laptop desk with foldable legs and a rectangular top (folding in half so a desk looks like a suitcase with a handle). A green top is of laminated wooden materials. U-shaped legs of aluminium tubes have foldable support brackets.

25+ Best Ideas about Laptop Table For Bed on Pinterest

Quickly creating a provisional working station, that can be established almost everywhere is the main aim of this laptop table for a couch. Its solid, bright wood finish creates a cosy, natural appeal.

Best 25+ Laptop table ideas on Pinterest | Diy laptop

A practical solution for all, who work in various places - this simple wooden pad will let you quickly establish your a provisional working station on a bed or couch. Solid and stable, made from bright wood.

Laptop Table Stand Tray For Sofa Bed Black · Dpthings

Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, this black laptop table would be an ideal choice wherever you need to create quickly a working station. Easy to take, easy to use, enchants with its ergonomic sleek design.

Laptop Stand for Bed Guide | Best Bed Laptop Table

An elegant laptop stand for bedrooms, perfect for using a notebook in bed. The frame of the laptops stand is made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a polished finish, and the legs can be folded to conserve space.

Multi Functional Ergonomic mobile laptop table stand for ...

A futuristic look for an ergonomic mobile laptop table stand with a frame made out of stainless steel with a brushed finish and a pink coat of metallic paint. The stand comes with an adjustable top surface as well as a handy mouse pad on the side.

Foldable Laptop Table Tray Desk W/Cooling Fan Tablet Desk ...

An ingenious item, designed to facilitate your work on a laptop. This multi-Functional Laptop Table is a smooth combination of cooling fan, mouse pad, USB Hub, USB light(3LED) and folding table. Each tray features adjustable kickstands.

25+ beste ideeën over Bed tafel op Pinterest - Producten

Based on foldable, adjusting trays, this laptop table for bed constitutes a stylish and practical proposition for all, who like to move around with their laptops. It features a handy mouse board.

Mahogany Wood Laptop Bed Table Wooden For Breakfast, Kids ...

Finished in mahogany wood, this tray table would be a perfect solution for those, who work in bed or on a couch. Also a convenient item for the kids, while studying or playing games.

Aleratec Natural Bamboo Laptop Cooling Stand Up To 15in ...

Made from responsibly harvested, natural bamboo, this laptop stand for bed will be an ideal solution for all, who work a lot on laptops. It supports Notebooks/Tablets up to 15". Vented table top with a cooling fan will help you keep the laptop cool.

Portable Adjustable Laptop Desk Table Foldable 360 Degree ...

A super innovative portable computer desk manufactured of lightweight black aluminium. It has a rectangular reversible perforated top and 2 height-adjustable legs built of 3 articulated sections. A square mouse board is attached to a leg.

Laptop Table | eBay

A cool modern portable laptop desk made of lightweight white coated aluminium. It has a rectangular tilted perforated top, a black-padded mouse board with a pen holder and a cup holder. Thin slanted legs have regulated height.

Best Laptop Table for Bed - Portable Desk Tray Laptop

An aesthetic useful contemporary portable desk tray for beds. It's made of durable black plastic with metal hardware. It has 4 slanted folding legs, a tilted computer top with a compartment under it, a tray on a side, an adjustable LED lamp.

Laptop Stand for Bed Guide | Best Bed Laptop Table

Contemporary design for a stylish laptop stand table, made out of stainless steel with a galvanized finish and a black coat of reflective paint. The stand has an adjustable top and an additional mouse pad on the side.

Multi-functional Laptop Table / Bamboo portable bed tray ...

Natural look for a minimalistic multi-functional laptop table, finely crafted out of bamboo wood. The laptop has an adjustable top which hides a cooling fan and has a little storage drawer on the side wall.

Compare Prices on Laptop Tray Fan- Online Shopping/Buy Low ...

Simple and efficient take on a laptop stand for beds. The stand is made out of aluminum with a white coat of paint and has an adjustable height as well as a special dedicated place for a mouse and a drink.

Top 20 Best Laptop Desks For Bed in 2017 Reviews

Minimalistic yet handy and comfortable laptop desk for bed, made out of a single piece of oak wood painted in a black color. The laptop desk is large enough to hold a mouse pad on the side and has aluminum legs.

Aleratec Natural Bamboo Laptop Cooling Stand Up To 15in ...

Natural design for a simple, rustic-looking laptop stand with cooling fans placed on the top surface. The laptop stand is made out of light pine wood and has a compact, foldable frame as well as an adjustable top.

The 25+ best Laptop desk for bed ideas on Pinterest

A cool modern portable laptop table for using in e.g. beds. It's of lightweight black coated aluminium alloy. It has a rectangular perforated top with a raised edge and a smaller mouse board aside. Articulated 3-part legs have regulated height.

Portable Foldable Adjustable Laptop Desk Computer Table ...

An aesthetic useful portable laptop end table intended for using in e.g. beds. It has a frame and 2 slanted U-shaped foldable-flat legs of black coated metal. A rectangular top of solid wood is finished in light browns.

Lap Tray Desk In Bed Tilted Home Work Drawing Drafting

Simplistic, yet very solid and practical, this laptop table is a perfect solution for all, who work a lot on their laptops, often moving with the device around the house. Its two-piece metal construction shall serve ts role for years.

Save 20%! - Avantree Quality Adjustable Laptop Bed Table ...

Acting as a multifunctional laptop workstation, a standing desk for office work or a TV tray for snacking, this folding tray table constitutes a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom decors.

25+ best ideas about Laptop table on Pinterest | Laptop

A two-part laptop table for bed. An ideal solution for those, who work a lot on their laptops. Assimetrically divided, it has one part lifted and the other one fixed. Made from wood and metal.

Aleratec Natural Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Stand Up to 15in ...

Crafted from solid, responsibly harvested bamboo, this laptop stand enchants with its natural, bright wood finish. A cleverly designed, fully adjustable construction, which will smoothly adapt to your needs and preferences.

Adjustable Computer Laptop & bed desk lets you relax while

An aesthetic contemporary portable bed desk for e.g. laptops. It's made of wooden materials with a natural finish. It has a tilted locked top and a smaller fixed top with a drawer on aside. Slanted legs are foldable flat and have adjustable height.

Computer Desk For Bed - Whitevan

A natural approach to a stylish and compact portable notebook stand with a frame made out of pine wood with a light tint. The stand can be folded to take less space and has a handy cup holder on the back part.

Laptop Stand for Bed Guide | Best Bed Laptop Table

A contemporary approach to a compact, space-efficient laptop stand with a frame made out of black-painted aluminum with a metallic finish and rubber padding on the bottom, paired with a wooden top in a light shade.