How To Work Comfortably From Bed With A Dreamy Work Set Up

The best thing about working from home is being able to stay in our pajamas (and nobody will ever convince us otherwise). To take this comfy feeling to the next level, you could even work in bed.

However, when done incorrectly, this can lead to unpleasant health issues or even problems to the laptop itself.

Don't worry: here's how to work from your bed in the most comfortable, dreamiest and healthiest way.

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Work From Bed
Work From Bed

Use a pillow (or two)

We've all been guilty of slouching at some point and, if your bed hasn't got a comfortable headrest, it's even more likely:

  • Instead, start your workday by sitting up correctly and placing some pillows behind your lower back in order to get stronger lumbar support. Then, place another one under your knees;
  • This will help you maintain a correct posture for the rest of the day, facilitate blood circulation, and avoid muscle fatigue.

Have plenty of light to avoid eye strain

This problem isn't only specific to working from bed. However, while an office usually involves a few windows and bright overhead lights, you can see why a room that's designed for sleep might need some adjustments:

  • First of all, avoid facing a window directly;
  • To minimize glare, make sure that there are no sources of light reflecting on your laptop's screen;
  • Consider an adjustable lamp that can direct soft white LED light onto your workstation.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a laptop stand for bed

The best thing you can do in order to work comfortably from your bed is to grab a laptop stand.

Despite its name, keeping your laptop on your lap will not do any good to you… nor to the laptop itself!

  • Placing it on your legs leads to inadvertently assuming a slouched position and tilting your head a bit forward towards the screen, which will result in muscle fatigue and back or neck pain;
  • A soft surface like a blanket will cover the fan and cause your laptop to overheat.

Laptop stands for bed are available in a large variety of styles and shapes, so it'll be really easy to find one that matches your ideal work environment.

Stand For A Laptop On The Bed
Folding Laptop Stand
Adjustable Laptop Stand
Adjustable Laptop Cart
Laptop Stand With Wheels

Figure out if you need it to be desk-like or an actual stand

There are two main types of laptop stands for bed that you should first choose from:

  • A desk-style laptop stand looks like a higher breakfast tray. Because it usually offers a wider surface area, it's a more popular choice with professionals who need to have a notepad or some other accessory at hand at all times when working from home;
Portable Multifunction Laptop Stand
Portable Multifunction Laptop Stand
  • An ergonomic laptop stand props the computer over your body. It's a more practical solution if you literally only need to use the laptop or perhaps you already have plenty of room for other indispensable things (like a cup of coffee, obviously). These stands are mainly used by those who prefer having the option to lie down, as they can still help you keep the laptop at your eye level by adjusting its angle.
Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand
Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand

Look for the right features when choosing a laptop stand for bed

There are a few features that it's always important to scout for and, depending on your situation, some others that can make your life easier:

  • For a reliable laptop stand that will last you for years, look for a sturdy model;
  • Consider its adjustability: some stands can give you more or less freedom when it comes to finding the right angle;
  • If your power outlet is in an awkward position and working from your bed means being buried underneath cables, opt for one with a cable management feature;
  • If your laptop overheats quite easily, keep an eye out for laptop stands for bed with a ventilation system;
  • Have you got a separate keyboard or mouse? Some laptop stands for bed come with a keyboard tray or mouse pad (or both);
  • If there's always an accessory that you can never plug in, choose a model with USB ports or a phone charger.

Consider a separate keyword and mouse

To avoid putting too much stress on your arms and wrists as well as to keep your head at the right angle, you could also invest in a separate keyboard and mouse.

Man Working In Bed On Laptop
Man Working In Bed On Laptop

Maintain a healthy work routine

Being tucked in for the whole day is oh-so-cozy, but not getting up at all isn't that good for your body:

  • To facilitate circulation, make a habit of getting up and stretching every few hours;
  • Don't forget to stay hydrated by keeping a large bottle of water on your nightstand.

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