Harry Potter Room Decor

Harry Potter room décor allows room designers of all ages a wide latitude of expression. From Harry Potter’s closet bed under the stairs to grand ballrooms, J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can even use ordinary furniture with just a touch or two of whimsy – such as a brownie peaking from behind a couch – and say that it is a typical Muggle home.

If you consider rooms from the college, there is your typical dorm room style, your whimsical dorm room, and even classrooms with scarred wooden desks or a table with odd colors caused by “magical” explosions. Classic library shelves with round study tables and sturdy chairs can easily be part of a Harry Potter universe and are an amazing selection for school or public library-themed reading corners.
Don’t forget the magical forest, which can be recreated either as a mural backdrop for a play area or as a real greenhouse, suitably decorated with a troll or unicorn or even wild wolves. You might want to refrain from living trees that will throw people about – that could excite comment from the neighbors.

Harry Potter themes could even be incorporated into small shops that sell curios, or used as a theme for the story corner in a daycare. The world of Harry Potter is rich and varied, with a little something for everyone. You can even allow a little Voldemort to creep into your rebellious teen’s sphere of influence. Skulls, bones, magic hats, and owls – Oh, one should certainly not forget the owls or the flying letters. Above all, fly a few brooms and maybe hang a quidditch or two – just for fun.
World building is a marvelous thing, and Rowling created a rich fantasy world with a little something for everyone.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Harry Potter Wall Decal
Harry Potter Wall Decal
$14.99 $14.99
The RoomMates Licensed Designs Harry Potter Wall Decal brings the magic of the Warner Bros hit film series to any wall. The vibrant color scheme is perfect for any wall color, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including both flat surface (like glass) as well as textured surfaces (like brick or cement). The decal can be removed quickly and easily without harming your wall. This lets you use it not only in the bedroom but also other areas like a kitchen and dining room.
Harry Potter - Quidditch Paper Print
Harry Potter - Quidditch Paper PrintNearly everyone has a favorite movie, TV show, band or sports team. While some enjoy actors, characters or singers, others prefer posters featuring superheroes or divas. Posters range from cult classics to new releases, wise-cracking cartoons to wrestlers, and sports teams to player phenoms.
Harry Potter Classic Hogwarts Wall Décor
Harry Potter Classic Hogwarts Wall DécorMightyprint wall art is made to last. They’re not made of paper. They’re made of a unique material that is resistant to the tearing, fading and bending that ordinary paper posters suffer. The current black frame allows your Mightyprint wall art to be the star.
Mark Harry Potter Art
Mark Harry Potter ArtThis artwork offers the texture, look, and feel of fine-art paintings. It is crafted in the USA and professionally hand-stretched onto canvas. Fade-resistant archival inks guarantee perfect color reproduction that remains vibrant for decades even when exposed to strong light. Add brilliance in color and exceptional detail to your space with this contemporary, uncompromising style!
Harry Potter (Sorting Hat Gryffindor - Personalized) - Graphic Art
Harry Potter (Sorting Hat Gryffindor - Personalized) - Graphic ArtThe Sorting Hat’s poem for those sorted into Gryffindor is featured on this MightyPrint™ Wall Art. Due to the unique material of these high quality prints, you will not experience typical issues like tearing, fading, or warping. Additionally, MightyPrint Wall Art is made to diffuse light, which brings the color display to a new level when back lighting is present.
Harry Potter Glasses Giant Wall Decal
Harry Potter Glasses Giant Wall DecalThis Harry Potter glasses peel and stick giant wall decal creates awesome wall décor on any fan’s feature wall. All essential wizard items are included in this set, from wand to hat and Hedwig the owl. Reposition or remove them effortlessly with no remaining sticky residue or damage to walls.
Picture Frame Advertisements
Picture Frame AdvertisementsThe two most powerful wizards in the wizarding world face off against each other. Only one of them can survive. Bring home a piece of the final story in the Harry Potter saga with this limited edition of 2500 framed FilmCells that boast 10 clips of real film from the movie. Make your FilmCell presentation shine: The blacklit version includes a light unit that is incorporated directly into the frame.
Harry Potter Luciusmalfoy W/ Dobby
Harry Potter Luciusmalfoy W/ Dobby
$88.99 $88.99
Lucius Malfoy, father of Harry Potter's school bully Draco Malfoy, is the master of the enslaved house elf Dobby. Through a clever slight of hand, Harry is able to undermine Lucius and free Dobby.
Harry Potter Sorting Hat Gryffindor Personalized Hanging Acrylic Shaped Decoration
Harry Potter Sorting Hat Gryffindor Personalized Hanging Acrylic Shaped DecorationThis hanging acrylic decoration is made from an officially licensed design of the great hall's four house tables at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The image is viewable from front and back, and the ornament can be personalized with your name or the name of your favorite Hogwarts house. Trend Setters Ltd. fuses their licensed design and image into extraordinarily durable acrylic ornaments that are perfect for hanging on your tree or any wall year-round, as well as looking great in windows or cars due to their light-catching properties.
Harry Potter 7 Harry Potter Wall Decal
Harry Potter 7 Harry Potter Wall DecalWallJammer Decal of Harry Potter - Harry Potter 7. The decal is printed on a heavy duty vinyl with adhesive backing and can be applied to any smooth, flat surface such as walls or windows.
Harry Potter CrestWall Decal
Harry Potter CrestWall DecalFans of Harry Potter will delight in this peel-and-stick crest featuring detailed, accurate art. Perfect for any Harry Potter-themed room, this giant wall decal is easy to apply and remove with no damage to the surface. 5 individual cutouts ranging in size from 3" to 22". Pair this crest with any of Wallhogs other giant Harry Potter wall decals to create a full room theme. This product is produced on a transparent vinyl for a "stenciled" look.
Harry Potter Decor
If you’re looking for an interesting way to decorate your bedroom with, take a look at this handful of crafty ideas for Harry Potter themed furniture, including pieces such as desks, lamps, mirrors, and beddings.
15 Harry Potter Themed Rooms, Just Because - Modernize
Cozy arrangement for a girl’s teenage bedroom, furnished with a bunk bed made out of white-painted solid wood. The room is fitted with numerous cues to the Harry Potter books, including the wall paint and the owl cage.
Ideas For A Harry Potter Theme Room - Design Dazzle
Climatic purple walls along with a cool suitcase dresser, an awesome Harry Potter-themed car bed with matching pillows and mirror of Erised in the corner create together a spooky bedroom, perfect for the Harry Potter series' fans.
Lumos Nox Light Switch Plate
This funny light switch plate for your home or office will help you distinguish your interiors. UV printed with vibrant non-toxic inks plate measures 2.75 x 4.5 inches. Designed and sold by EandM.
Best 25+ Harry potter decor ideas on Pinterest | Harry
A fantastic proposition for all Harry Potter series' fans. Imagine a secret passage to Hogwarts, located precisely at your wall. So realistic that better be careful not to be taken.
25+ best ideas about Harry Potter Bedroom on Pinterest ...
A Harry Potter themed bedroom with a minimalistic-looking single sized bed, made out of white-painted solid wood. The wall above the bed is fitted with a decorative set of letters, spelling a spell from the books.
A Harry Potter Inspired Nursery - Project Nursery
Inspired by the magic and love for the Harry Potter series, this inimitable nursery room was designed to enthuse the child with Harry Potter's love from the first moments. It unleashes the imagination and creates a comfy place to sleep.
Enhancing style bed rooms - Maries Manor: Harry potter ...
A set of four unique decorations for a bedroom, made out of separate picture frames crafted out of solid wood with a dark coat of black paint. The frames all have Harry Potter themed newspaper cut-outs, giving them an unusual look.
Harry Potter Wall Decal Happiness Can Be Found Even in the Darkest of Times Harry Potter Wall Decal Quote Hogwarts Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Nursery Teens Room Kids Decor
Interesting idea for decorating a living room with – a set of Harry Potter themed wall décor stickers with a quote from the book, placed near a cozy relaxation spot with a single accent armchair and a little side table.
Believe in yourself Wall Art Sticker Harry Potter Quotes Removable Mural Wall Stickers Wall Decal for Office/Study Room Decoration
Minimalistic design for a floating shelf with a couple of books and a table lamp made out of shiny, chromed aluminum with a cone-shaped lampshade and an inspirational Harry Potter quote on the wall.
Always Harry Potter Mural Wall Decal Sticker For Home Car Laptop
This Harry Potter Wall Decal will easily distinguish any bedroom, adding a spooky, mysterious character to the space. The one here measures 22 W x 11 H, although it is also available in different sizes.
Harry Potter Bedroom Ideas - SGHomemaker
Unique and interesting arrangement for an unusual teenage bedroom with a set of furniture meant to resemble pieces from the Harry Potter books, including a bed resembling the car of one of the characters.
Harry Potter - Order of The Phoenix Peel and Stick Wall Decal
Interesting idea for decorating a teen’s bedroom or a study room – a plethora of different wall decal stickers made to resemble logos and characters from Harry Potter universe, making for a unique display.
Harry Potter Quidditch Seeker Peel and Stick Wall Decal
Unique setup for a recreational room, fitted with a pool table made out of smooth, polished oak wood and a couple of billiard cues on the wall, all finished with a funky set of Harry Potter stickers on the wall.
Harry Potter Peel and Stick Wall Decal
Cool contemporary wall decals in forms of main characters from a famous 'Harry Potter' film. They're very realistic, manufactured of high quality vinyl, fade and tear resistant. Decals are safe for walls, easy to apply, remove and replace.
Harry Potter Hermione Granger - Half-Blood Prince Peel and Stick Wall Decal
Out-and-outer contemporary wall decals showing Hermiona Granger, one of main characters of 'Harry Potter' series. Decals of high quality semi-gloss vinyl are very realistic, fade and tear resistant, easy to apply, remove and replace, safe for walls.
Custom Harry Potter Name Wall Decal - Harry Potter Wall Decals - Personalized Name Wand Vinyl Sticker
Unique arrangement for a personalized children’s bedroom with a single sized bed made out of painted bed in a deep blue color with three drawers on the bottom, all finished off with an unusual, Harry Potter themed wall decal.
HARRY POTTER 30 BiG Wall Stickers Room Decor Decals
A set of Harry Potter stickers for children and teens, depicting a variety of characters and logos from the Harry Potter franchise. The stickers are all placed around a wall-mounted TV above a metal, industrial-styled locker.
Leisure4U Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Door Nursery Wall Decor Sticker Decal Removable Vinyl Name Wall Art Decal
If you’re looking for a cool and funky way to decorate your home with, take a look at this nifty wall décor sticker made to resemble a sign from Harry Potter series. The sticker is easily removable and does not leave stains behind.
Bedroom Decor Ideas and Designs: Harry Potter Themed ...
Cozy setup for a contemporary bedroom with a queen-sized bed with a frame made out of polished oak wood with engravings on the headboard, all fitted with a wall sticker presenting a quote from the Harry Potter books.
Harry Potter Theme Room Decor | Colorful Kids Rooms
Impressive very realistic contemporary wall decals crafted of quality vinyl. They're presenting Harry Potter, his broom and other gadgets and feature 3D visual effects. Decals are wall-friendly, easy to apply, clean and remove.
Believing in Yourself - Harry Potter Wall Decal
Cool contemporary wall decals crafted of quality water resistant matte black vinyl. A motivational citation from Harry Potter book series features aesthetic stylised lettering. Decals are self-adhesive, easy to apply, clean and remove.
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker : I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Harry Potter Quote Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Picture Art Peel & Stick Mural Size: 10 Inches X 22 Inches
An eye-catching contemporary wall decal of high-quality black vinyl. It has the form of a sentence from Harry Potter series. Letters feature Gothic style typeface. Decals are easy to stick (on a smooth clean surface), clean, remove or reposition.
Harry Potter Marauders Map Area Rug
A cool contemporary rug of quality polyester with anti-slip backing. It has the form of rectangular Marauders Map from iconic Harry Potter series. Hogwarts Wizarding School, other motifs and lettering are printed black against a brownish background.
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker : I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Harry Potter Quote Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Picture Art Peel & Stick Mural Size: 10 Inches X 20 Inches Color: Black
A cool, simple way to add character to your space, a vinyl wall decal sticker can express your favourite motto or quote from a film. This one from the Harry Potter movie will be a cool accent in any kids' bedrooms.
Inspiration Harry Potter Wall Decal Dumbledore Adventure ...
Interesting idea for finishing off a traditional bedroom, furnished with a queen-sized bed with a frame and headboard made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint. The wall above is fitted with a quote from Harry Potter, providing a unique detail.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express vinyl record home living ...
Thanks to this awesome vinyl record wall decor, you won't miss your Hogwarts Express. A real bargain for all Harry Potter series fans, as well as all, who like the vinyl decorations motif.
harry potter themed room decor | Harry Potter⚡️ | Pinterest
Simplistic, yet comprising everything one may need to feel like in Hogwarts, this Harry Potter bedroom constitutes a self-contained proposition for all fans of the series.
Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries Manor: Hogwarts Castle
Interesting and fabulous though simplified wall decals showing Harry Potter's bedroom interior at Hogwarts Castle. Stony walls are decorated a.o. by colourful maps, posters, the Gryffindor coat of arms, an owl and even a spiderweb in a corner.
harry potter room decor | decorating game rooms childrens ...
Fabulous decor inspired by Harry Potter book series. It's excellent for kids' rooms or game rooms. Wall decals are showing Harry, Hogwarts and other theme motifs in prevalent blues and greys. There are also portable quidditch goals of grey plastic.
Bedroom Decor Ideas and Designs: Harry Potter Themed ...
An eye-catching contemporary bedding set crafted of quality synthetic fabric. A duvet cover and pillowcases feature printed colourful and greyscale Hogwarts coat-of-arms and stylised lettering against mysterious backgrounds in black, blues and reds.
Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries Manor: Harry potter ...
Contemporary composition of furniture in a spacious bedroom, furnished with two queen-sized beds with frames made out of solid wood with a brown coat of dark paint, finished off with an elaborate wall painting of Harry Potter.
White Tiger Queen Bed Set Tag: Awesome White Queen Bedroom
A Gryffindor-themed teen bedroom, furnished with two single-sized beds with a yellow and red sets of beddings. The room has a single dresser cabinet made out of reclaimed wood with a tiny TV display on top of it.
Harry Potter Wall Decal
Original and licensed Harry Potter wall decorations. They include different elements and characters from this movie, so they are suitable especially for anyone who loves Harry Potter. These decorations are suitable for any wall color.
Lumos/Nox (Harry Potter) Light Switch Cover (Custom)
A super contemporary screwed light switch cover modelled on a similar item endorsed by Harry Potter book/film series. It's of plastic in a coppery shade with traces of patina. It's rectangular, features embossed lettering and a textured surface.
Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Muggles Tolerated - 2x3 - Doormat
Ideal accent for all Harry Potter series' fans. This doormat will help distinguish your space, indicating with whom the guests deal with. Made from dark beige plush with black trimming and black font.
RoomMates RMK3607GM Harry Potter Marauder's Map Quote Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals
Easy to apply - you just need to peel and stick it to the wall, this large size wall decal applies to practically any smooth surface. It is also easy to remove, leaving with no sticky residue.
RoomMates RMK3608GM Harry Potter Muggles Quote Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals
A hip large wall-attached decal of vinyl. It's wall-friendly, easy to apply, remove, clean. It has the form of a quote from iconic Harry Potter series and contains of black and gold stylised letters and motifs, a white and gold sash, a magic wand.
harry potter bedroom modern with harry potter gryffindor ...
Innit fabulous modern bedroom decor inspired by interiors typical for those known from Harry Potter novel series. A bed has a frame in the form of castle. Walls are decorated with various characteristic motifs. Stylised furniture is in dark shades.
Harry Potter Themed Home Decor — Home Design and Decor
A sophisticated look for a Harry Potter themed bedroom, furnished with a single-sized bed with a frame made out of black-painted solid wood and paired with an accent chair made out of oak wood with a decorative seat cushion.
Harry Potter Decorations for Birthday Party — Unique ...
Funky arrangement for a spacious bedroom with two twin-sized beds with wrought iron headboards. The room is fitted with a bunch of elements from the Harry Potter books, including a wall sticker and window curtains.
Best 25+ Harry potter decor ideas only on Pinterest ...
Harry Potter-themed decorative arrangement for a living room, consisting of a wall-hanging ornament made out of sticks, finished off with a couple of raven feathers which provide it with a mystical appearance.
Harry Potter mural room | Children's mural room based on
Sophisticated setup for a spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint, fitted with a matching nightstand and a large wall painting behind it depicting the logo of Harry Potter books.
Best 25+ Harry potter room ideas on Pinterest | Harry
Create your own little Hogwarts' library in your house with this climatic, dark espresso wood and metal bookcase and a fantastic wall decal. From now on no one will have any doubts where he or she is.
Framed Canvas Print/Painting Harry Potter School Castle Hogwarts Home Office Decor Wall Pictures for Living Room/Office Room
Eye-catching contemporary Harry Potter series inspired wall art decor composed of 5 size-varied rectangular panels showing famous Hogwart Castle against a mysterious nightly background. It's printed on canvas stretched on hidden wooden frames.
Roommates Rmk1547Scs Harry Potter Peel And Stick Wall Decals
Attractive contemporary wall decals manufactured of quality colourful vinyl. They're showing characters, various motifs and gadgets from iconic Harry Potter book and film series. They're easy to apply and remove.
5 Panel Harry Potter Hogwarts Canvas Wall Art
Impressive colourful trendy wall art consisting of 5 size-varied rectangular panels showing Harry Potter series inspired famous Hogwarts Castle against the nightly sky illuminated by lanterns and afterglow. It's painted with oil paints on canvas.
Enhancing style bed rooms - Maries Manor: Harry potter ...
DIY project for a unique decorative room décor piece, made in a Harry Potter theme. The piece consists of a wooden board made out of black-painted wood with a string attached to it which stores socks in the air.
Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries Manor: Hogwarts Castle
A great way to expose your love to the Harry Potter series. These fabulous wall paints depict a train to Hogwarts and a match of Quidditch. Take on the magical journey into the world of Wizards and Moguls.
Harry Potter Themed Home Decor — Home Design and Decor
Being a perfect proposition for all Harry Potter loving fans, this rustic triple loft bed will offer enough space for a comfy rest for three people. An ideal solution for a summer or guest house.