Harry Potter Music Box

Kids aren't the only ones who got hooked with Harry Potter and his endless adventures - grown-ups got hooked as well! If you and your kid/s are huge Potterheads, you definitely need a Harry Potter music box! Music boxes - all of us know what they are! They're the ones that will wind up, so you can listen to the fantastic leitmotif of the film series, Hedwig's Theme, again and again!

A Harry Potter music box makes for an excellent holiday gift to a child. If you’re looking for the best gift idea for the upcoming holiday season, then you already know what to get your kid!

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Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7

Beautiful in person and when displayed on a bookshelf, this beautiful collection of Harry Potter books comes with a collectible trunk-like box. This complete set is what makes up the dreams of the wizard's biggest fan! The set consists of books 1-7.

Hand cranked white Harry Potter music box. Music: Wondrous world (cover). Perfect gift for movie fans. Collect our music boxes.

The most portable Harry Potter music box around, it's the perfect gift for younger fans of the wizard as it can be packed in a backpack and shown around at school! It’s made of cardboard and lined with Harry Potter-themed paper.

Enjoy The Wood Compatible Hedwig's Theme Harry Potter Music Box Wooden Personalised Magic Hogwarts Hand Cranked Movement

This themed music box is two gifts in a single package as it also comes with a Harry Potter keychain. If you are on the lookout for a music box with a classic design that can play Hedwig's Theme, then this is the right one for you.

Phoenix Appeal Beautiful Hand Cranked Carved Wooden Music Box: Various Themes Available Stocking Stuffers

This one is a homage to Beauty and the Beast with its quality construction and rustic charm. As it's only 2x2x2 inches in size, it makes for an exciting decor. The intricate details of the music box are crafted by hand.

Leegoal Harry Potter Music Box, Hand Crank Musical Box Hand Engraved Classic Hedwig Theme Musical Box Gift for Kids Childrens

Surprise the Harry Potter fan in your life with this mechanical music box! It doesn't require any battery to function and it plays crisp and clear music. As it’s made of quality materials, it’s sure to last for many years.

Harry Potter Music Box Hand Crank Musical Box Carved Wooden,Play The Thame Song of Harry Potter,Blue

Measuring 2.5x2x1.6 inches, it’s the ideal gift for an avid fan of Harry Potter. It’s heavyweight, it’s a well-crafted item, and it plays the theme song of the Harry Potter movie series, Hedwig's Theme.

Mikolot Blue Harry Potter Music Box Engraved Wooden Music Box Crafts Toys Xmas Gift

The perfect reminder for the wonders of Hogwarts, this music box plays Hedwig's Theme, the iconic OST of the Harry Potter movie series. Because it has a hand crank and a birch construction, it’s a well-imaged and elegant music box.

Vktech 18 Note Hand Crank Music Box Antique Carved Wood Music Box Birthday Gifts Ornament Decoration

This one is the perfect choice for kids as its crank can be moved by them easily. It’s made of premium metal alloy, so it will withstand abuse. As Harry Potter fans vary in age, it's also great for adults, especially with its beautiful craftsmanship and crisp music!

mrwinder Music Box for Hedwig Theme, Merchandise Vintage Classic Wood Hand Crank Carved Best Gift for Kids, Boys, Girls, Friends

Harry Potter fans, regardless of age and gender, will appreciate this beautifully crafted, classic music box that plays the iconic theme song of the movie series, which is Hedwig’s Theme. It has hand-crafted details and it’s made using only quality wood.

Music Boxes - Antique Carved Music Box Theme Game Thrones Harry Potter Star Wars Wooden Hand Crank - Italian Kids Lullaby World On Sherlock Love Greensleeves Granddaughter Disney

An enchanting music box, it plays the original soundtrack of the TV show series, Game of Thrones. Very few GOT music boxes feature hand-crafted details and quality construction, but this model has it all! Weighing only 0.125kg (0.28lb.), it can easily be brought anywhere!

Anysell88 Harry Potter Music Box Engraved Wooden Music Box Interesting Toys Xmas Gift

This engraved Harry Potter music box will look lovely when it sits on your desk; however, it has been added with hand-crafted details and a stunning natural oak finish so it deserves to be placed somewhere special. It measures a total of 65x55x40mm.

Shmily_B Harry Potter Hand Engraved Wooden Music Box Magic Hogwarts Hand Cranked Movement Gift

As the Game of Thrones series is ending soon, what could be a greater idea to be reminded of the heartbreak and wonder it's brought upon us than a GOT-themed music box? It comes complete with an original hand crank and it's tiny so you can easily find a place for it on your bookshelf!

Akozon Music Box, 1pc Wooden Hand Crank Music Box Mechanical Classic Craft Birthday Gift

There are so many things to love about this Game of Thrones music box apart from the fact that it plays the theme song of the famous series! It’s extremely well-made, it offers value for your money, and it’s simple to operate. What more can anyone ask for in a well-crafted music box?

Teepao Harry Potter Music Box,Hand Crank Musical Box Carved Wooden Music Box Hand Engraved Wooden Music Box,Game of Thrones Harry Potter

Capturing the wizarding world's magic, it’s a must-have most especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter. It measures 4.2x2.5x1.8 inches and it has a stunning exterior, making it worthy to have a spot in your bedside table!