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Toddler Desk And Chair

If parents or older siblings have desks, nothing is more natural than for your newly mobile little one to want a toddler desk and chair. Even if your child is the first, a desk and chair give him or her a place to make those first efforts at finger painting, putting together puzzles or making plastic jungle animals rampage across its top.

Of course, toddlers are still at that age where exploring the world includes tasting everything. That means that any paint or stain used on your child’s desk and chair should be non-toxic. If the desk and chair are of an indeterminate age, it is not a bad idea to sand down wood furniture and repaint it using certified paints such as AFM Safecoat or Lullaby Baby Nursery paints. If you are purchasing handcrafted items, be sure to ask about the paint, stain or glaze that was used. A toddler desk and chair can also make a good station for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks.

A toddler desk and chair can also be made of molded plastic or can be a department store themed set that reflects your youngster’s favorite cartoon or movie character. The current “in” character can change from year to year, but some of the younger set retains a fondness for favorites even into high school – at which time the characters fall more into the “camp” and “funny” range. Classic Disney characters or even more modern animations such as “Frozen” can sometimes fit this description.

If the set is carefully chosen, the pieces can become a corner arrangement for favorite stuffed animals or dolls or even a place for collectibles. If the original owner is not too attached to it, sturdy furniture can be passed to the next toddler in the family.

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Kids desk and chair set table child play activity ...
A cute aesthetic contemporary toddler table and chair of quality plastic. A pale yellow table has a cuboidal body with deep cut side panels, a cutout handle at the back and a square top. A green nesting chair has a padded fullback and sloped arms.
Solid Children's Wooden Desk and Chair Set Plans
If you’re looking for a cute and adorable addition to your children’s playroom or a bedroom, take a look at this set of furniture, consisting of a toddler desk and a chair, both made out of hard wood with a pink coat of paint.
Minnie Kids Desk Chair with Storage Compartment and Cup Holder
A unique approach to a kids’ desk with a built-in storage compartment and a cup holder. The desk is stylized with a Minnie the mouse picture on top, making it a perfect addition to a children’s playroom.
Space Saving Kids Furniture : Pkolino Klick Desk and Chair
A minimalistic set of children’s furniture for a playroom, consisting of a chair and a table, both made out of plywood. The chair is covered in orange paint and has a cushioned back, and the table has an unfinished look.
Kidkraft Farmhouse Table And Chair Set - Toddler Desk And
Made from natural bright wood, this toddler set comprises a small table and a complementary chair. Their tops are finished in vibrant red. An ideal spot to play and develop creativity.
Wooden Play Table & Chair Sets | The Land of
A minimalistic set of simplistic furniture consisting of two pieces. The little chair is made out of bright, unpainted birch wood and comes with a little play table with a top surface made to act as a blackboard.
25+ best ideas about Toddler Desk And Chair on Pinterest
Stylish setup for a children’s playroom furnished with a simple play table made out of bright birch wood with two storage compartments hidden underneath the top surface which in itself acts as a handy blackboard.
Storage Kids' 5 Piece Table and Chair Set
Funky and colourful setup for a children’s playroom made with the use of a simple, round table made out of white plastic with aluminum legs and fitted with a couple of chairs with painted seats and white bottoms.
Toddler School Desk And Chair | Home Design Ideas
Ideal for a toddler, this table and chair set constitutes a smooth proposition for a child's room. Regulated counter, hiding a small storage surface underneath is covered with a drawing board - perfect to develop creativeness.
Toddler Table And Chair Set | DesignCorner
This toddler set comprises a table and two chairs. Plastic, wood-imitating construction enchants with its warm, charming appeal. Ideal to encourage interactions between a couple of kids.
Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Capers Erasable Activity ...
Adorable design for a cute toddler’s desk with a built-in chair. The desk is fitted with numerous Disney themed Minnie the Mouse decals and sticker, which together with its pink color proves perfect for a girl’s room.
1000+ ideas about Toddler Desk And Chair on Pinterest ...
A cool modern puzzle-type desk and a chair for toddlers. They're of colourful plastic. A table has a rectangularish top, a full back and cutout side panel. A chair has a deep seat and sloped arms. They look like a cube when put together.
Toddler chair as safety chair | Silo Christmas Tree Farm
Simple yet practical set for toddler's room. This set consists of a table with two chairs, everything in a proper size. The chairs are safe to be used and won't easily fall - and security is very important when talking about toddlers.
Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk
A cool novelty art desk of colourful moulded plastic. It has a rectangularish top with a hidden compartment, supports with pockets, a hutch with shelves, holders and a push-button light. A chair has an X-base, semi-oval both a seat and a halfback.
Table With Storage And Chair For A Toddler | DesignCorner
A cool aesthetic toddler activity table and chairs of quality plywood in natural wooden hues. A table has rectangular white top with raised edges and recessed upturned U-like legs. It houses simple cuboidal chairs and a toy basket with cutout pulls.
B&M Crayon Table & Chairs - 311273 | B&M
Colorful and funky look for a set of kids’ furniture for a playroom, featuring a uniquely-made play table made out of a hardwood surface with legs made to resemble colorful crayons and two matching chairs to finish the set off.
Disney - Princess Desk & Chair with Storage Bin: Toddler
Cute and adorable look for a children’s chair with a built-in desk, perfect for a girl’s bedroom. The chair is made out of plywood with a pink coat of paint and decals presenting Disney’s princesses all over its frame.
saplings kids childrens desk & chair in ...
Ideal for toddlers, this charming white set comprises a small round table with 4 complementary chairs, creating a perfect spot to interact and play together, developing their creativity.
1000+ ideas about Toddler Desk And Chair on Pinterest ...
This contemporary toddler desk enchants with its stylish, modern design and considerable functionality. Crafted from bright wood with a dark countertop, it features two convenient shelves for toys, candles and papers.
In Class Toddler Desk | The Land of Nod
Minimalistic design for a simple yet classy toddler desk for children’s playrooms, made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint. The desk has a hollow compartment inside of it, perfect for a handy toy storage.
girls-toddler-desk-and-chair-set : Best Toddler Desk and ...
This toddler desk and chair set constitute a lovely proposition for all young children. Finished in warm, charming green and carrot orange, the constructions will add a vibrant accent to the space.
Toddler Desk And Chair Set | Chairs Model
A snazzy swivel toddler chair integrated with desk in the industrial style. Bases look like made of metal plumbing pipes with traces of rust. A square seat, a double-rung ladderback, a storage desktop (with a hinged lid) are of red moulded plastic.
The Land of Nod Toddler Desk and Chair Set |
Simple and efficient design for a set of children’s furniture, consisting of a simple, low-profile chair and a desk. The top of the desk doubles as a blackboard, and both pieces have frames made out of light pine wood.
Farmhouse Kids 5 Piece Square Table and Chair Set
Finely-crafted setup for a children playroom with a rectangular table made out of bright birch wood with no coat of paint and a smooth finish. The table comes with a set of matching little stools with backs, made in a similar style.
Rickey Kids 5 Piece Table & Chair Set
Cozy and elegant setup for a children’s playroom, furnished with a simple yet stylish table made out of white-painted wood. The table is furnished with a set of a few matching chairs made in a similar style.
Sesame Street Kids Desk Chair with Storage Compartment and Cup Holder
A cool contemporary desk chair for up to 50-pound 3-4-year-old kids. It's of wooden materials with famous Sesame Street motifs in vivid colours. It has an arched backrest, 1 full side with a fixed top (with a cup holder), a drawer under a seat.
KidKraft Round Table & 2 Chair Set - Pink & White - 26165
A pretty art table and 2 chairs of wooden materials. They have straight round white widely splayed legs. Chairs have squarish pink seats and white ladderbacks. A round tabletop has a lid in the middle so kids can push toys into a net underneath.
ALEX Toys Artist Studio My First Desk
Adorable design for a children’s desk with a built-in bench and a surface for drawing and studying. The desk is made out of painted wood in a red color with blue and yellow elements as well as cut-out star decals.
Disney Chair Desk With Storage Bin Minnie Mouse Characters Desk Set Fabric Storage Bin Seat Extra Storage Table Desk Chair MDF Construction Assembly Required Sits Low Children Furniture
Cute and adorable look for a Disney’s Minnie the Mouse stylized desk with a storage bin underneath and a bench for sitting. The desk is made out of painted plywood, covered in decals depicting Minnie and her friends.
Funny Furniture Kids Wooden Table & 4 Chairs Set, Cartoon-Inspired Designs by Imagination Generation
Colorful approach to set of kids’ furniture consisting of a square play table made out of oak wood with a bright tint and four matching chairs in varying colors and patterns, which make the set unique and unusual.
Simplay3 Kids Durable Play Around Table and Chair Set
A simple set of durable children’s playroom furniture, consisting of a play table and two chairs, all made out of plastic. The table comes in a gray color with blue and green chairs, providing a colorful set of furniture.
Little Helper FunStation Duo Toddler Table and 2 Chair Set
Unfinished look for a set of simplistic playroom furniture for kids. The set contains three pieces: a play table with a blackboard surface on the top and two matching chairs made out of light birch wood with no paint.
VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk & Chair Kids ...
A hip modern toddler activity desk and a chair of white and pink plastic. A desk has a tilted top with safety rails and a drawer. A chair has squarish pink perforated both a seat and a halfback. Both pieces have upturned T-legs with regulated height.
Steffywood Kids Craft Creativity Desk Wooden Art Table ...
A pretty trendy desk and a chair for kids. It's of plywood in natural birch shades. A desk has a square top, a hutch with a paper roll on a rod and a shelf with raised edges, 4 upright legs. A chair has angular legs, a squarish seat, a ladderback.
Cool Desks for Cool Kids
A hip practical innovative activity combo for kids. It's made of wooden materials finished in white, light blue and light brown. A chair with a wide fullback has a full panel support with an integrated roundish desk and a side drawer under a seat.
Girls Corner Desk & Stool Wood Computer Workstation Kids ...
A cool trendy corner desk and a stool for girl kids. They're of wooden materials in pink with white accents. A triangularish desk has 2 size-varied shelves and 3 upright angular legs. A backless stool has a rectangular seat and slanted angular legs.
Best Of toddler Desk and Chair Set Beautiful ...
Enchanting with its beautiful, vibrant colours, this mini dining table with chairs constitute a perfect toddler set. Comprising yellow, green, orange, blue and purple, it will add a positive ambiance to any space.
Best 25+ Toddler desk and chair ideas only on Pinterest
This toddler set (desk + chair) enchant not only with its warm, bright wood construction, but also clever design, featuring a pair of storage shelves gently concealed underneath the table's counter.
JCB Tractor children's desk and chair from The Kids Window
Funky style for a set of children’s playroom furniture, consisting of a small wooden desk and a matching chair. Both pieces are made out of hardwood and are fitted with a colorful coat of paint and a decal which resembles a tractor.
Toddler Desk And Chair Amazon | Home Design Ideas
A cute and adorable set of furniture for children’s playrooms, consisting of a square-shaped table with a frame made out of solid wood with a white and pink coat of paint, paired with two matching wooden chairs.
20 Cool Kids Desks for Painting and Writing - DigsDigs
White-and-orange colored set for toddler's room. This practical piece of furniture provides everything that's necessary - there is a desk and chair combined. The cheerful colors will surely enhance any interior.
Kidkraft Farmhouse Table And Chair Set - Toddler Desk And
This lovely white table and chairs set constitute a perfect shabby chic proposition for a toddler's room. Adorned with some gentle white and pink stripes, the items create a very warm, alluring ambiance.
1000+ ideas about Toddler Desk And Chair on Pinterest ...
A cool contemporary desk and a chair for toddlers. They're of bentwood in natural hues. A table has a curved top with a black surface and a 2 niches below. A chair has a squarish seat and a low halfback. Both pieces have sturdy slanted round legs.
KidKraft Pin Board Desk with Hutch & Chair - Contemporary
A pretty traditional desk and a chair (for kids) of wooden materials in mid brown. A desk has a rectangular top, a drawer , 4 upright angular legs, a hutch with a shelf and a corkboard. A chair has upright legs, a square seat, a fence-type back.
Toddler Desk And Chair Ikea - Whitevan
A traditional set of toddler furniture, consisting of a rectangular play table made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint, paired with a set of four matching chairs made in a similar fashion with ladder backs.
1000+ ideas about Toddler Desk And Chair on Pinterest ...
A cute contemporary toddler chair with an integrated oval desk. It's of wooden materials featuring colorful printed images of main characters from Disney cartoons. It has full sides, a tall arched fullback, a rectangular seat, a drawer underneath.
Height Adjustable Children Desk Chair Set Ba Toddler ...
A super toddler activity set. A desk and a chair have height-regulated bases (2 upturned T-legs joined by a simple stretcher) of white metal with pink accents. A pink plastic tilted top hides a sliding tray. A seat and a halfback are of pink plastic.
Toddler Desk With Attached Chair |
Ideal for a toddler, this wooden set comprises a small table and a chair. The table features a regulated counter, covered with a drawing board, perfect to encourage your child's creativity.
Toddler Play Table And Play Chair Set | The Land
Ideal for toddlers, this small play set comprises a round table and two chairs. All crafted from natural wood, all adjusted to children's needs. Designed by Royce Nelson, it delights with its two-toned construction of natural birch and solid white.
Kids Desk Ikea In Lummy Ikea Kids Study Desk Kids
Cute study furniture (for 4 kids) of wooden materials finished in various colours. A brown table has a rectangular top with cubbies underneath and upright angular legs. Chairs have angular legs, square seats, quite tall ladderbacks.