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Dr. Maria Montessori, physician, educator and originator of the Montessori educational method believed that children have a natural desire to learn. Furthermore, she felt – and proved through her practical, hands-on classroom teaching – that children can be guided to learn through being given an organized environment that encourages learning.

To create this environment, she advocated having furniture that was child-sized and practical. Whenever it could be safely done, items in the classroom should really work – sinks should have water, cooking should involve real ingredients, and so on. Of course, all activities must be geared toward the child’s age and physical abilities.
By providing chairs, tables, shelving and other practical items that are child-sized, she believed that children could be encouraged to keep their things in order, and by presenting them with hands-on learning tools, such as puzzles, child-sized cleaning equipment, and costumes that could be used for role-playing, they would be encouraged to explore their world in a positive way.

Dr. Montessori worked with special education students early in her career. In 1907, she opened a childcare center for the poor in an inner-city district of Rome. Here, she was able to put many of her theories to work, offering the children materials that encouraged them toward learning activities. This included providing sturdy materials – for many of these youngsters had no idea how to take care of things – as well as materials that pointed toward math and literacy activities.

In spite of setbacks caused by two World Wars, Dr. Montessori lectured, taught, and encouraged others to use her teaching methods. Today, there are thousands of Montessori schools, teaching children by encouraging their natural curiosity and providing learning environments that include sturdy furniture and practical tools that are sized to them. You can incorporate these sturdy furnishings in your home for your child.

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Montessori Furniture Price List
A unique look for a piece of furniture meant to be placed in a children bedroom or playroom. The piece represents a bridge made out of oak wood with a polished, unpainted finish, providing an unusual decoration.
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If you’re looking for a simple yet classy addition to your children’s bedroom or playroom, take a look at this minimalistic chair made out of oak wood with a light tint and no coat of paint, perfectly matching any interior design.
montessori furniture – Etsy
If you’re looking for a fitting piece of furniture for your toddler’s room to hang wet clothes to dry, take a look at this primitive clothes dryer made out of bright birch wood with an unpainted, unfinished appearance.
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An ideal inspiration for a Montessori nursery room. White, sleek contemporary commode for toys and a small, wooden table with 2 chairs to play, draw, act and basically have fun.
Sensorial Cabinet (101 cm). Also available: Geometry ...
Made from bright wood, this Sensorial cabinet constitutes a perfect decor proposition for a Montessori baby room. It measures 138 x 101 x 46 cm. Suitable for kids from 3 to 12 years old.
Image Gallery Montessori Furniture
A cool open front play shelving unit (for kids) in the Montessori style featuring simplicity of form and function. It's of natural finished wooden materials. It has 2 shelves, an arched hutch with partitions, is equipped with baskets and boxes.
Toddler Wooden Table And Chairs - Foter
Crafted from bright, natural wood, this toddler table and chairs constitute together a perfect proposition for a Montessori bedroom, encouraging your child to develop his creative skills.
children bookshelf / kids furniture bookrack/ montessori ...
A cool contemporary standing toy cabinet and bookshelf in one. It's of wooden materials in natural shades. It has 2 hinged doors with semi-oval recessed cutout pulls and a hutch with sloped walls and cascade-arranged pocket shelves with wavy edges.
how we montessori: Furniture
Cute setup for a home entryway with corner with furniture for kids. The corner of the room is fitted with a small stool, a little shoe rack painted green and a short coat hanger for children’s jackets and school bags.
Tiger School wooden furniture --round table with chairs ...
A set of simple yet stylish furniture for a toddler’s playroom, consisting of a tiny round table made out of unpainted, varnished birch wood with two matching chairs made in a similar manner with a couple of toys.
Best 25+ Montessori classroom layout ideas on Pinterest ...
Aesthetic classroom decor and furniture in the Montessori style. Walls and a floor are white. Simple tables, chairs, benches, open shelving stands and wall-mounted shelves (with hooks below) are of wooden materials in natural and brown hues.
how we montessori: Furniture
A simple but aesthetic Montessori style bench for kids. It's crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has a rectangular seat, full panel side supports and the same level backrest. There's a large open front storage area under the seat.
Tiger School furniture --square table with chairs ...
A minimalistic set of simple yet stylish children furniture for a bedroom or a playroom. The set consists of a small, rectangular wooden table with an unpainted finish and two tiny chairs made in a similar fashion.
how we montessori: Furniture
A montessori setting for a compact children bedroom with a small square table with an unpainted top and blue legs and a wooden child seat made in a green color, all finished with an assortment of colorful floor rugs.
Flames and Dragonflies: Montessori furniture on a budget
Simple and cheap idea for a self-made, DIY wooden play table for children. The play table is made in a square shape out of bright birch wood and has a smooth, polished finish on the top, making it splinter-safe.
Montessori Materials Oak Classroom Chairs
A set of six classroom chairs in different sized made in a minimalistic Montessori style. The chairs are made out of unpainted oak wood with smooth, polished finish and are perfect for a children’s playroom.
Toys storage holder Cases Rack / wooden kids Putting away
Minimalistic design for a simple yet efficient and compact toy rack with numerous colorful plastic boxes for additional storage. The rack itself is made out of light oak wood with an unpainted finish, giving it a classic look.
Tiger School furniture --round corner tables with chairs ...
Aesthetic traditional school furniture of natural finished solid wood. A table has a rectangular top with rounded corners, simple aprons, 4 upright turned legs. Chairs feature upright angular legs, squarish seats, mid-height single-rail backs.
Furniture for Creches, Montessori & Schools
Aesthetic contemporary furniture for toddlers in creches in the Montessori style. Simple in form and function open front shelving units, doored cabinets, wheeled stairs, chairs, changing tables are crafted of wood in natural shades, orange and green.
Tiger School furniture --round corner tables with chairs ...
Pretty traditional school furniture of solid wood with a natural finish. A rectangular table for 4 kids has 4 upright turned legs. Chairs have upright angular legs, squarish seats, mid-height backs (a wide top rail has a semi-round cutout grip).
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Rustic design for a children’s bed with a low-profile and no legs. The bed is made out of rustic wood with a shiny finish, and inside of it lies a comfortable mattress with a tufted pattern, covered in a soft cotton fabric.
Tiger furniture --I-shaped table chairs / kids writing ...
A set of Montessori furniture for a children’s bedroom or playroom, consisting of a rectangular table made out of light birch wood, paired with two tiny stools made in a similar fashion with a polished, shiny finish.
Furniture for Creches, Montessori & Schools
This Montessori room can be an inspiration for young parents, who want to grow up their children in safe, yet entertaining and skill-developing environment. The bookcase is combined with spots to sit and store toys, Painted in various vibrant colours.
Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail – Wood Construction, Perfect for Toddlers or Any Little Helper – Quality Learning Furniture
A perfect gift for the curious little learner in your family. This learning tower is a solid and safe wood construction, coming with a convenient safety rail. Made from layered Birch & Poplar with a non-toxic, lead-free finish.
Wood Designs Stackable Woodie Toddler Chair, 7" High Seat
This stackable wooden toddler is designed to offer a comfortable, stable and durable support for your growing child. Constructed from 100% Baltic Birch plywood with eased edges. 15 1/2"H x 14"W x 16"D.
Montessori Cube Chair Set - 2 small, 1 large
Aesthetic simple size-varied cuboidal nesting chairs for kids in the Montessori style. They're of natural finished wood. They have single-panel legs and arms in one, same height backrests, rectangular seats. One of chairs can serve as a table.
Little helper tower / table / chair all-in-one, Montessori learning stool, kitchen step stool - WHITE color
An interesting aesthetic Montessori style helper tower, table and chair in one crafted of white finished wooden materials. It's composed of 2 tiered hinged lockable sections. A drop-down upper part serves as a table.
Wood Designs Stackable Woodie Toddler Chair, 9" High Seat, Set of 2
Super contemporary stackable chairs for toddlers. They're made of thick birch plywood in natural shades. A chair has A-shaped legs with arms in one, a rectangular seat and a semi-oval halfback. Arms and a back have ovalish cutouts.
Wooden Chair/Slide for Toddler - Chair and Slide 2-in-1. Sit N' Slide
Minimalistic, Montessori-style chair for children, made out of bright hardwood with visible bolts and nuts. The chair can be toppled over to make it a small slide, perfect to entertain kids and save some space.
Montessori Cube Chair Set - 1 small, 1 large
A set of two minimalistic, Montessori-style cube chairs for toddlers. The chairs are made out of solid wood in a dark and light tint and each can be used both as a chair and as a play table, making them compact.
Little helper tower / table / chair all-in-one, Montessori learning stool, kitchen step stool - dark BROWN color
A handy addition to any living room or a kitchen – a Montessori style learning stool/kitchen stool combo which can also act as a handy set of steps to reach counters and cabinets situated higher above.
how we montessori: Furniture
A set of compact furniture, consisting two identical pieces. The pieces of the set can act both as a table and as a chair, changing their function with a matter of rotating, and are made out of solid oak wood with a shiny finish.
School wooden furniture --Toys cabinet Montessori ...
A simple aesthetic Montessori style, featuring simplicity and functionality, shelving unit for toddlers. It's crafted of wood with a natural finish. It has a rectilinear frame, a flat full base and 3 front and back open shelves.
Nienhuis Montessori - Furniture :: Sensorial Cabinet (101 ...
Measuring 101 cm height, this bright wood cabinet is divided into several compartments, being a perfect addition to a child's bedroom. Ideal to store toys, books or some other accessories.
Furniture for Creches, Montessori & Schools
This lovely furniture collection comprises items designed to embellish Montessori's classrooms. Small round tables and niftily designed chairs. Recommended for all, who want to develop child's creativeness.
Flowersorri: Sensorial, Montessori-inspired ergonomic ...
A cool and aesthetic contemporary standing shelving unit for toddlers. It's crafted of quality plywood in natural shades. It has a cuboidal frame with rounded corner edges and is equipped with 3 open front shelves and a simple decor at the bottom.
how we montessori: Furniture
Traditional setup for a Montessori-styled toddler playroom, furnished with a low-profile toy organizer made out of oak wood with a light tint, paired with a single chair which can be rotated to make it into a table.
Bookshelf (Primary/Toddler) (Size: 80x35x80cm/60cm ...
Minimalistic design for a simple yet efficient bookshelf for toddlers, made out of pine wood with a light tint and a polished finish. The bookshelf has four tiers of shelves, which provides more than enough space for books.
Flowersorri: Sensorial, Montessori-inspired ergonomic ...
Rustic approach to a compact, a space-efficient set of playroom furniture, consisting of a play table made out of walnut wood with a light tint and two matching chairs, which can be hidden inside of the table when not in use.
Furniture – I AM Montessori
Austere composition of furniture for an empty and spacious children’s playroom, furnished with a small table made out of oak wood with an unfinished look and paired with a little stool and a chair made in a matching style.
Twin size house bed
Cozy setting for a vintage children’s bedroom, furnished with a unique, self-made bed. The bed is made out of a wooden frame and holds a single-sized mattress for kids, fitted with a set of green beddings and a small pillow.
Image Gallery Montessori Furniture
Designed for Montessori classrooms, this set of furniture enchants with the beautiful, vibrant painting. The collection comprises variously coloured square tables with corresponding sets of chairs.
Une chambre Montessori pour le nouveau-né - La Semaine ...
Crafted in bright wood, this cabinet can be a great cabinet for your's toddler room, comprising his cute, little clothes, shoes, linens and other accessories. It features a tall space for clothes and 3 shelves for smaller things.
Tiger School furniture --round corner tables with chairs ...
Crafted from solid bright wood, this small square table will be a perfect addition for any children bedrooms designed according to the Montessori's spirit. It provides fully safe entertainment conditions, encouraging to interact and develop creativity.
Montessori Furniture,Consulting
An aesthetic Montessori style kid furniture set of wooden materials in pale bluish shades. A table has a round top and 4 upright angular legs. Each of 4 chairs has 2 inverted U-shaped legs, a rectangular seat, a curved halfback with a cutout grip.
Slat Chair for Toddler (set of 2) (LJKFT053) by Leader
Super aesthetic chairs for toddlers. They're crafted of solid wood with a warm clear lacquered finish and visible grain. A chair has 4 upright angular legs, gently arched side aprons, a widthways slatted waterfall-style seat, a 2-bar ladderback.
Montessori Furniture
A pretty Montessori style shelving unit crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has a rectilinear frame and flat wide angular feet. It's equipped with 4 (in 2 tiers) front and back open shelves.
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Minimalistic look for a simple bookshelf for children’s bedrooms, made out of solid wood with a light tint and a smooth polish. The compact bookshelf has three tiers of shelves with the two higher ones being meant for display.
Special Montessori Furniture
Montessori take on a space-efficient and compact bookshelf with wheels on the bottom, which make it mobile. The bookshelf is made out of solid wood with a light tint and has a set of shelves of varied length.
how we montessori: Furniture
Simple yet stylish approach to a tall organizer for children’s bedrooms. The organizer is made out of green-painted solid wood and has a couple of shelves on the side, as well as a rack for clothes and a few baskets on the bottom.