9 Must-Have Features Of A Laptop Stand For Bed

A laptop stand alone can get rid of muscle fatigue, neck pain and eye strain for you, but… a laptop stand for bed with the right features for your needs and routine? That's a guaranteed productivity-booster!

Luckily, laptop stands for bed come in all sorts of sizes, styles and colors, as well as with different features and accessories.

While there's no reason to spend more money on something that you're not going to make the most of, you also don't want to regret overlooking the perfect features for you.

Here's a simple guide to help you figure out which boxes you need to tick when you choose a laptop stand for bed.

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Spend your entire day staring at the screen of a laptop placed on your legs and you're pretty much guaranteed to get a headache, eye strain, neck pain or… all three of them!

  • An adjustable laptop stand allows you to bring the screen at your eye level regardless of your height and position;
  • Once you find the perfect angle for you, you won't have to worry about moving your head up and down nor run the risk of slouching;
  • An adjustable laptop stand for bed will help you maintain a correct posture for the entire day.
Adjustable Laptop Stand
Adjustable Laptop Stand

Mouse pad

Not a fan of your laptop's touchpad?

  • Choose a stand that includes a mouse pad, usually positioned slightly lower than the laptop itself to create an ergonomic workstation;
  • In most cases, it's placed on its right, but, if you're lefthanded, don't worry: there are many suitable models, too.
Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad
Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad

Keyboard tray

If you type a lot during your workday, you might want to invest in a separate keyboard:

  • Hitting your wrists against the frame of your laptop multiple times can lead to wrist pain and, potentially, carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Some laptop stands facilitate this by placing a lower keyboard tray or shelf to help you keep your arms at the right angle.
Standing Desk Converter With Keyboard Tray
Standing Desk Converter With Keyboard Tray

USB ports

Whether you usually need them for your speakers or to charge your phone, we're sure you'll agree: laptops never come with enough USB ports!

  • Choosing a laptop stand with this feature will save you a headache;
  • You can use it to plug in your favorite or essential accessories while also keeping them organized.
Laptop Stand With USB Ports
Laptop Stand With USB Ports

Phone charging slot

If, on the contrary, you'd only use that extra USB port to charge your phone, you might want to consider a laptop stand with a charging slot instead:

  • Usually keeping your phone upright, it's a handy choice if you use it for work, too;
  • At the same time, thanks to this smart design, it won't occupy more space than it needs to.
Laptop Bed Tray With Power Bank
Laptop Bed Tray With Power Bank

Cable management

If you use multiple devices or accessories, you'll be surrounded by a messy tangle of cables:

  • Scouting for a laptop stand with cable management features will avoid this scenario;
  • Relying on practical solutions such as holes or a small shelf, they can help you keep those cables out of sight but under control.
Laptop Stand With Phone Holder
Laptop Stand With Phone Holder

Desk space

Some stands are only as big as your laptop, whereas desk-like models can offer you a bit more space:

  • If you always need to have something at hand when working (like a notepad and pen), you should look for a laptop stand with some desk space;
  • It will allow you to turn that area into your personal workspace with a desk-like feeling but, at the same time, keeping distractions away.
Foldable Laptop Tray
Foldable Laptop Tray


Are you one of those caffeine functioning professionals?

  • A laptop stand with some desk space can already be quite handy, but, in order to avoid unpleasant spillages, you could go the extra mile and choose one that features a cupholder too;
  • Nothing can stop you or distract you, now!
Natural Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Stand
Natural Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Stand

Portability and foldability

Are you only going to use your laptop in bed or would you like to be able to carry it elsewhere, too?

  • In the second case, we recommend choosing foldable models;
  • They're also a handy option if you haven't got a lot of room to store your laptop stand for bed whenever you're not using it.
Foldable Portable Laptop Stand
Foldable Portable Laptop Stand

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