8 Things You Should Know When Buying A Murphy Bed With Desk

Those short on space often struggle with cluttered and disorganized rooms. How does one even manage to keep their small space neat and tidy?

If you're in the same boat - a bed that takes up too much floor space, no room for a workspace, nonexistent bedside storage - then you may want to consider getting a murphy bed with desk. These innovative pieces of furniture are especially useful for those in tight spaces, but anyone can benefit from them!

Before you eagerly get your hands on your new favorite multipurpose addition, check out these 8 things you should know when buying a murphy bed with desk. Doing so will simplify the whole buying process, as you'll already know what to expect and what to look for.

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What about comfort?

On top of being versatile, murphy beds are as comfortable as traditional beds. Why? Because they're fit for actual bed mattresses. It's basically like sleeping on a traditional bed, but only better. That being said, you can choose whether you want your mattress to be memory foam, latex, or anything else for that matter. If comfort is a high priority for you, a wall bed will most likely be your top sleeping option. And the good news is that thanks to the practicality of murphy beds, you can use your own mattress as long as it's not thicker than 12 inches!

Bits and pieces of information to have at hand

Besides choosing the right design and mattress, there are certain less fun factors you should definitely focus on, such as room measurements. No one wants to spend their money on a piece of furniture that won't even fit in their space! To make sure that the murphy bed with desk you have your eye on is in the right size for its designated spot, you'll need to consider your room's layout and note its measurements. Additionally, you'll need to note the direction of swinging doors, the wall the bed will be on, and where your electrical outlets, closets, and windows are located. These are all helpful in determining whether a wall bed is suitable for your space, or not. A vertical murphy bed will work best in a narrow space whereas a horizontal bed is preferable for wider rooms.

Murphy Bed With Mattress
Murphy Bed With Mattress

Do not ignore the technical aspects!

The technical aspects of a piece of furniture are one of the most annoying parts of buying furniture in general. But, they shouldn't be disregarded if you want a durable and long-lasting murphy bed with desk. It goes to show that the murphy bed's mechanism will either make or break a good purchase. Setting aside a couple of minutes to learn about the different types of mechanisms won't hurt! After all, the mechanisms influence the structure's quality and reliability. There are a variety of mechanisms out there but the two most common ones are spring mechanisms and piston mechanisms.

Spring mechanisms are generally found in traditional murphy beds. They're composed of heavy-duty compression springs that often need to be integrated into a cabinetry and require adjustments after a certain time. Nevertheless, you can always change the ease of raising and lowering your hideaway bed. On the other hand, piston mechanisms can't be adjusted at all. They use air pressure or gas pressure for easy operation, feature a locking mechanism that holds them in place, and demand proper installation for longevity. If your piston mechanism happens to weaken and lose its strength, you'll have to completely replace it.

Mounting options

Although murphy beds are mainly known as wall beds, not all of them are mounted on the wall. For instance, floor-mounted systems are drilled into the floor and cause much more damage than wall-mounted options. However, murphy beds that are mounted to the floor provide more stability and typically feature spring mechanisms. Despite all that, they come with long-term effects that may not be suitable for those in temporary living situations, such as renters. Your floor may be permanently damaged when installing a floor-mounted murphy bed. Alternatively, wall-mounted murphy beds aren't as permanent as their counterparts and can be removed without causing any severe damage to the room.

White Murphy Bed
White Murphy Bed

How do you know if a murphy bed with desk is durable or not?

A durable murphy bed is a must if you want yours to last for a while. So which material is the sturdiest? Solid wood is, without a doubt, the most used and sturdiest material for murphy beds, which explains its costly price. It's also good to keep in mind that solid wood isn't the best option for an exterior surface as it naturally warps over time. If you want your solid wood murphy bed to remain aesthetically pleasing, make sure you choose a different exterior material. Other less expensive options include plywood, particleboard, and MDF. Among those three affordable materials, plywood is the sturdiest. This material also decreases the possibility of warping, making it an ideal choice for both interior structural components and exterior surfaces.

Which desk is right for you?

Just because a murphy bed includes a desk doesn't mean it'll work perfectly well for you and your space. For this reason, it's essential to consider the type of desk you need. If you tend to get messy when working, a short and slim desk wouldn't be the best option for you. You may want to get one that offers a bit more room for your computer, paperwork, and essentials. Parallel desks don't take up much floor space but still provide plenty of surface for working. However, they do come with a downside. Although they tend to be longer, not everyone enjoys facing a wall when working. If that's the case for you, you may want to choose a perpendicular desk instead. These types of desks are great if you want a better view while you get your work done. Nevertheless, they occupy more floor space than parallel desks.

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Prices for all budgets

To top it all off, murphy beds are reasonably priced. Whether you're on a tight budget or have extra money to spend, you'll be sure to find a murphy bed that matches your funds. The price will generally depend on the features incorporated into the design such as the desk and surrounding cabinetry. Some models even come with a TV unit, open shelves, and wardrobes! Moreover, the larger the murphy bed with desk, the more it'll cost. So, it all depends on what you're looking for!

Full Double Murphy Bed
Full Double Murphy Bed

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