5 Expert Tips To Choose A Desk

Whether it's a simple desk to serve as décor or a large desk to use in your home office, choosing the right one can take a lot of time. To help you along in your search, here is a look at five simple tips for choosing the right desk for the right room in your home.

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How large should my desk be?

If I need it for the living room, hallway, or bedroom?

Sometimes, it's nice to have a desk in any room to write a note, address a letter, or to use a tablet. 

If your desk will be placed in a room like a living room, hallway, or bedroom, remember that the desk is not the main piece of furniture or purpose for that room. With that said, consider going with a smaller desk that will not overpower other furniture in the room.

Smaller desks like simple writing desks, ladder desks, or secretary style desks can add a ton of style without totally dominating the space. You can even try choosing a desk with a fun color to complement your décor and add a sense of style.

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If I need it for a home office?

If you have a dedicated office space, you have the opportunity to buy a much larger desk with more storage capacity. 

Consider buying a computer desk that is equipped with the proper configuration for wires, cords, keyboards, monitors, a mouse, and the computer itself. You may also want to consider buying a desk that comes with drawers and shelves for filing or storing office supplies.  

If worktop space is more important for your work than storage, go for a drafter's style desk that has plenty of room to spread out your papers. This style of desk comes in many different colors and materials, and is great if you work from home as an architect, artist, or engineer.

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If I need it for a spare bedroom?

If you are looking for furniture to fill a spare bedroom, a medium-sized writer's desk or executive desk is a great way to fill a guest room with something that might be useful down the road.

However, don't go overboard and get a desk that is too big than what you really need. Try to find something in the small to medium-sized range that is easy to move and keep tidy.

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How will the desk's configuration affect its storage capacity?

If I choose a corner/L-shaped desk?

Corner/L-shaped desks are great if you need extra tabletop space to place a computer, multiple monitors, and office supplies. However, storage space may be limited - especially for less expensive options. 

If you are willing to splurge a bit, L-shaped desks can often come with a hutch attachment to add that extra storage capacity. In addition to this, you may also be able to buy an extra set of drawers that can easily slide underneath the desk or placed at the end.

While these perks may cost extra, they may be worth it if you need that additional storage capacity.

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If I choose a minimalist/basic desk?

While minimalist-style writing desks are on-trend now, they do not typically come with a ton of extra storage components. 

These types of desks work great if you only use a laptop for work, or if you are placing the desk as a decorative item in a common area like a living or dining room. 

If you love the minimalist style of a writing desk but need a place to put extra notebooks, pens, or cords, try to find one with a simple drawer underneath. This drawer won't take away from the minimalist feel, but it will help you keep the space decluttered. 

You can also find some unique decorative office organizers to place on top of the desk to help keep your supplies neat and tidy.

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If I choose an executive desk?

The cream of the crop of desks that allow for maximum storage space is executive desks. This style of desk typically comes with built-in drawers on each side. Additionally, they also typically come with a drawer in the middle for storing a keyboard, extra notebooks, and pens.

With an executive desk, you may also be able to purchase an added hutch with extra shelving to rest on top of the main desk. However, this will likely have to be purchased separately.

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If I choose a secretary-style desk?

Key features of a secretary-style desk are a narrower desktop space, a few small drawers, and oftentimes a cabinet door that can close off the entire desk. 

This type of desk works perfectly if you are tight on space but want a lot of storage options. Its compact size with lots of nooks and crannies is very convenient, and it looks quite stylish as well.

One downside, though, is that you will have to sacrifice desktop space. However, this may be worth it if you only need to use a small laptop or if you only need the desk to do basic writing or admin tasks. 

Another perk with a secretary-style desk is that you can often close it off when it is not in use. This makes it a great choice for common areas like living rooms or kitchens.

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What materials should I consider when looking for a desk?

Typical desk materials are wood, metal, manufactured wood, and plastic. 

Whatever material you choose though may have some serious implications for your work quality, longevity, and price. Here is a closer look at some things to consider, depending on your situation. 

What if I need a smooth, large worktop for drawing or drafting?

If you need a desk with a super smooth worktop for drawing, drafting, or crafting, a drafting table desk with a manufactured wood surface is a great option. 

This type of surface ensures that your drawings are smooth, and helps to prevent bumps, scratches, and chips in the surface. While solid wood is also a good option, it can be difficult to find a tilted drawing style table made of solid wood. Additionally, solid wood can be grainy and can often scratch easily, which is not ideal for producing clear drawings. 

If you don't have enough space for a full drafting table, try to find a smaller desk but with a glass tabletop. Like manufactured wood, glass is a smooth surface and provides a flat, sturdy foundation for your work.

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What if I want the desk to last a long time?

Nothing beats the longevity of a solid wood desk. Wooden desks are often very well-built, can be passed on from generations, and can blend well with any style. 

If you want your desk to last a lifetime, consider choosing a solid wood executive desk or a solid wood desk with hutch. If you need a lot of storage, make sure to choose one with plenty of built-in shelving and drawers.  

Although this type of desk is timeless in terms of style and durability, wooden desks do tend to be one of the priciest options. However, they can be a worthwhile investment if you plan to keep them for a long time.

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What if I am on a budget?

If you are on a tight budget, there are many great options out there that you can find for under $150.00. Typically, these less expensive options will come in a manufactured wood material or metal. 

When choosing a manufactured wood material, try to go with a darker option as these tend to have a more high-quality look. Or, if you'd like a solid wood worktop but don't want to splurge on a full wooden desk, look for a wooden desk with metal legs. This is a great way to get the sophistication of solid wood without breaking the bank.

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When should I consider getting a standing desk?

Standing desks are not always the most stylish or classic option for a desk, however, they are growing in popularity and there are still many great, high-quality choices. 

Here is a look at when you might want to consider getting a standing desk. 

What if I work from home?

If you work full or part-time from home at a desk, you are likely spending a lot of time sitting down at your computer. Sitting for too many hours per day can put a lot of strain on your back, so it may be worth looking into some standing desk options. 

Many standing desk options are completely adjustable, so you can easily go from standing to sitting whenever you want. 

If you have wooden furniture in your office space, you will likely want to find a standing desk that will compliment this style. While there are not as many wooden style standing desk options available, you can still find some adjustable standing desks with a manufactured wood top and adjustable legs.

Or, for a minimalist or industrial feel, there are also many metal options available which are not only on-trend, but they can be much more budget-friendly as well.

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What if I already have a desk I love, but want to convert it into a standing desk?

If you already have a desk but realize that you may benefit from the option to stand while working, you still have some options for turning your standard desk into a standing desk. 

Known as 'standing desk converters', these desk pieces can sit easily on top of an existing surface to turn it into a standing desk. Convertible desks typically include a space to put one or two monitors and a keyboard, and they can easily be adjusted to suit any height for either standing or sitting. 

This is a great alternative if you are not quite ready to invest in a full standing desk, or, if you do not like the styles of any standing desks.

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What color desk should I get?

Desks can come in many different colors of wood, manufactured wood, metal, plastic, and any combination of these. Here's how you can choose the perfect color to complement your room. 

If I want my desk to make a statement?

If you want your desk to be the centerpiece of a room, choose a bold color. Try something in a deep cherry, black, or even white can make a bold statement. You will want to avoid neutral-toned browns or beiges, as these colors tend to blend.

If you are buying a desk to serve as an accent piece, you are even more free to choose a bold color. Desks in a bright red, yellow, or blues can add a ton of personality to the room, and will definitely spark joy each time you sit down to look at your calendar or write a letter.

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If I want my desk to blend well with my décor? 

If you want your desk to blend in with your existing color scheme and décor, you first need to consider your room's color palette. 

If your existing color palette is lighter tones, find a desk that blends well. Anything that is lighter wood-toned, grey, white, or beige will likely suit your home if you have a softer color palette. If your room features darker colors, considering going for darker wood tones, cherries, blacks, or dark grays and metal.

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If it is for a child's room?

If you are searching for the perfect desk for your young child's room, it may be tempting to purchase something in a warm pastel or a bright, fun color to match your child's décor. However, consider the longevity of the desk and try to find something that can grow with your child as they age.

Lighter toned woods, whites, and grays are perfect for this because they are still soft enough to work for a child's room, but they can easily transition as your child grows up. Your daughter may love her soft pink colored desk at the age of 8, but when she goes to college she will appreciate having something in a neutral grey or wood.

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