10 Creative Ways To Design A WFH Space

Now more than ever, an organized work from home space is essential. But instead of roaming around the house looking for a clean surface to spread out on, why not set up an area that helps you focus and feel comfortable? Whether you are on conference calls, sending files from your computer, or writing in your journal, having a designated space for work can boost your productivity and help you adjust to your WFH situation.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a room to use as a home office. If you live in a compact home that is short on space, here are some creative ways to make a fabulous and focused work from home space in any room of your house.

1. Bedroom Desk Options are Limitless

What could be better than stepping out of bed and into your office? Pour yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy the short commute to your workspace with a bedroom desk.

A desk in the bedroom is a great way to make sure you have quiet and solitude while you are working. Whether you have a small room or an ample space to work with, there are many desks to choose from.

You can get a dresser desk that sits flush against the bedroom wall, a corner desk to make the most of unused space, or a standing desk to ensure you keep moving throughout your day. The options are limitless and depend on your needs, space, and preference.

Eclectic bedroom design

2. Hang a Chalkboard

**Old school chalkboards **are back in style and are a fun way to write your to-do list, keep inspirational quotes overhead, or doodle when you have writer's block.

The ultimate wall calendar doesn't need to be on paper anymore; why not use chalkboard paint in your nook and fill in due dates, birthdays, and whatever else you are looking forward to this month?

3. Pair a Laptop Stand with a Comfy Chair

No need to worry if you are short on space; any corner can do! Carving out a little spot on the side of the room or creating an alcove can be just as effective as a large area.

Leather office chair

Make a cozy cranny your escape with the focus on a great chair and a laptop stand and utilizing the wall area above or next to you. Add floating shelves to house office supplies and display keepsakes.

4. Mount a Floating Desk Beneath a Staircase

If you have space beneath the staircase that goes unused, use this opportunity to give it a makeover by installing a mounted floating desk. Just because the area is small doesn't mean it is not mighty.

5. Ottoman Hidden Storage

Getting creative with your storage space has never been easier. Options are abundant when looking for home furniture items that double as a place to keep files, pens, post-its, books, charging cords, and whatever else you want to keep out of sight when not needed.

Ottoman storage

These great storage options are a perfect complement to a fully functioning workspace from home. You won't have to keep wondering if your office mate stole your stapler when you know it's in the ottoman next to your desk.

6. Add Some Plants for a Green Space

If your working area is feeling stagnant and uninspiring, why not spruce it up a bit with some plants? Not only will the greenery or flowers clear the air around your desk, but the bright colors will also put a smile on your face.

L-shaped desk

The magical nature of indoor plants doesn't just reduce urban pollution in your home; they have been proven to improve life quality and even spark more creativity when used in workspaces.

Pick out some cute miniature plants to keep you company on the desk, or opt for a freestanding artificial tree like a ficus that can sit by your side while you answer emails. If you feel adventurous, place your favorite plants in hanging baskets above your desk.

7. Use a Ladder Desk

Another creative way to utilize wall space when floor space is not as abundant is to put up a ladder desk. This creative and one of a kind design will become a favorite spot and make working more stimulating.

Wooden ladder desk

Not only will it liven up your office area, but it is also an excellent tool for storing books, pens, plants, or anything else you want to showcase. Pictures of your family or friends placed upon one of the rungs are a great personal touch.

8. A Murphy Desk Helps You Unplug

If you are trying to strike a good work and personal life balance while working from home, then a workspace you can fold away in the evening is a perfect option. It can be challenging to turn off work mode if you are someone who cannot stop tweaking things if the to-do list is in front of them.

Murphy bed and desk

A space-saving murphy desk that you can close up at the end of the day signals that work hours are over and encourages you to relax.

9. Make Your Corkboard Your Vision or Motivation Board

A corkboard can add a fun aesthetic to your working space. Whether you choose its natural color, or a dyed one, these versatile pieces are great in any size or shape. Hang artwork, photographs, or important documents. It can also be used as a vision board to help you challenge your limits or as a motivation board to help get you through the workday.

Corkboard motivation board

10. Good Lighting

Making sure that you have proper lighting is crucial when working from home. No more fluorescent-lit meeting rooms, now you get to choose how to design your space in a way that is good for your eyes and your spirits.

Brass metal desk lamp

Go for a funky standing lamp if you have precious extra floor space. If not, then a classic desk lamp will illuminate your way. Or find an overhead light that fills your work area with a helpful glow.

In Conclusion

When creating a small WFH workspace, the possibilities are endless. Every type of style, color, arrangement, and feel can be found with the right combinations. Working from home can be a blessing, and with your imagination and the right furniture and accessories, you will enjoy showing up every day.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.