Space Saving Hangers

No matter how many closets and wardrobe options we have, we all can use more space for our clothes storage. Modern hangers have come a long way from jamming in more and more wire, plastic or wood hangers. Taking advantage of clever systems that allow you to store clothes vertically as well as horizontally can magically increase the number of clothes you can store without mangling them out of shape and adding to your ironing pile before they're wearable.


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Set of Two Space Saving Hangers
Set of Two Space Saving Hangers Crafted from chrome metal, these clothes hangers come in a set of two and feature five rods. Each has a vinyl coating to ensure your jeans or slacks don't slip off the rod. Four of the rods can swing out and then lock back in position to make it easy to add and take off clothing.
Product tips: Rotate hanging sides by tier to create the greatest space-saving capacity. The black vinyl-coated rods are gentle on delicate garments and can be used to hang scarves, shawls or ties without damaging them. The metal construction ensures the rods won't sag and allows pressed pants to stay pressed. Lets you see your clothing collection at a glance.
20 Pack of Space Saving Hangers
20 Pack of Space Saving Hangers This set of 20 stainless steel space-saver hangers can handle your heaviest coats and your most delicate accessories. A non-slip finish ensures clothes stay in place. The super-thin hangers fit in the smallest spaces of your clothes closet.
Product tips: The rotatable hook lets you hang your clothes conventionally and then release one hook to allow six hangers to cascade down. The unique design prevents your clothes from wrinkling, stretching or sagging. You can save up to 80% storage space when you use these hangers for all your clothes as well as scarves, purses, ties and belts.
Four Pack of Space Saving Hangers
Four Pack of Space Saving Hangers With five hangers in each package, this four-pack of heavy-duty metal hangers can add up to 75% more hanging capabilities in your closet. Made of stainless steel, the hangers do not bend and can handle a heavy load, including winter coats.
Product tips: Each rod is encased in a premium non-slip EVA sponge bubble to keep clothes from slipping. The five individual hangers can be accessed from either side for extra convenience. The hangers measure 16.2" high by 18.9" wide. Suitable for hanging jackets, coats, sweaters, hoodies, knitwear, shirts and tee shirts.
Hook Connectors for Space Saving Hangers
Hook Connectors for Space Saving Hangers These simple hanger hook connectors are all you need to add tons of storage space to your closets. Each hook slips over the neck of the hanger above, letting you tier your clothes to hang in a cascade pattern. Each package includes 100 hooks in four colors to allow for color-coding.
Product tips: The hole in each hook is 9mm, which will work for most standard hangers. Some plastic hangers hook exceed 9mm, in which case these hooks won't work. Each hook can support up to 20 lbs. Hooks are made of high-quality ABSA materials, non-toxic and safe to use, with no color fading.
Foldable Space Saving Hangers
Foldable Space Saving Hangers Hang up to five skirts, pants, jeans, or shorts on one high-quality anti-rust chrome metal hanger. Each hanger measures 12 ¾" by 13 ⅜" and comes in a set of three. They are flexible and foldable, so they can be easily stored away when not in use.
Product tips: These strong chrome-plated clips have rubber-coated tips that ensure your clothes don't slip off or get damaged by a clip's teeth. The clips slide easily along the bar, adjusting to fit clothing of all sizes for adults, teens, and children. The tiers are flexible, and the hangers swivel a full 360°.
Set of 10 Space Saving Hangers
Set of 10 Space Saving Hangers Each hanger in this set of 10 rounded steel hangers is intended to hold one pair of pants or one skirt. A patented non-slip coating makes sure your clothes don't slip off and meets strict environmental standards. The width of the hanger is 13.75".
Cascading Space Saving Hangers
Cascading Space Saving Hangers These hangers are made from durable plastic and measure 10.6" wide and 1" thick. Every hanger organizer can hold 12 garments horizontally and six garments vertically, supporting up to 30 lbs. Each clothing hanger has six slots to prevent clothes from slipping and falling. The cascading hangers also feature swiveling 360° rotating hooks with a wide diameter to fit a large range of closet rack rods.
Stainless Steel Space Saving Hangers
Stainless Steel Space Saving Hangers Each of these rack hangers can hold up to five pairs of pants at the same time. The hangers are made of durable stainless steel and ABS plastic, with no sharp edges. The hangers are sturdy and designed with a unique open-ended look to make hanging clothes easy.
Round Space Saving Hanger
Round Space Saving Hanger With a 360° swivel head, this round hanger is the perfect way to keep your belts, ties and scarves together and organized. The circular hook rotates freely on the hook and lets you easily position the item you need next to the simple opening point. Supports over 15 lbs.
Wood and Steel Space Saving Hanger
Wood and Steel Space Saving Hanger Each of the five hangers in this non-slip hanger rack features extra-wide shoulder supports on the beechwood hanger. The metal hanger hook swivels 360° for extra storage convenience. Comes with two extra clip hangers for storage scarves, hats or ties.