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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

A reclaimed wood dining table can be made from an amazing array of objects and scrap wood types. It can be created from distressed wood from an old building, from wood scrap left from other sorts of construction, wood slabs that have been sanded and treated, and even from wood pallets or barrels. Old doors can be remade into tables quite easily.

Reclaimed wood is the ecological choice. It can come from a variety of sources. One source is discards from a sawmill that makes specific sorts of items. For example, the leftovers from cutting wood into the sorts of shapes needed for chairs can be pieced together to create a surface. Slab wood, often discarded, can be finished and the cut side used as a table top. Such wood also makes a good back for glued together small pieces that would not otherwise hold together. Old pallets can be taken apart and made into a continuous surface. Doors are practically no work at all, especially smooth surfaced hollow core doors. Barrels can be used to create amazing tables, including ones that have a nice bit of storage.

Reclaimed wood is an ecologically sound choice. It makes use of wood scrap and discarded material that would otherwise find its way into our landfills.

The best part, however, is that reclaimed wood has amazing character. All those dings, nicks, nail holes and bumps can be lightly sanded then stained to reveal the distressing. It is perfect for shabby chic projects as well as rustic or country décor. But it is not limited to those sorts of design. An incredibly beautiful sort of dining room table is the live edge design, which depends upon using cut slabs that might be too knotty or irregular for commercial lumber. This enables using all parts of a tree, no matter how twisted or gnarled.

Making or purchasing a reclaimed wood dining room table is the ecologically responsible way to furnish your home. It shows respect for the trees that are the lungs of our world and slows the rate at which landfills mound up.

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Abbey Solid Wood Dining Table
a dining room table that is elegant but has a unique geometric design to the legs. This table is made from reclaimed wood and comes with six wooden chairs with upholstered seats. It is very solid and will last many years
Valois Dining Table
this reclaimed pine wood dining table has a trestle base with an hourglass design. The table has a distressed brown finish that brings out the natural grains and knots of the wood and gives it a farmhouse flair. It can seat 8 comfortably.
Wrens Dining Table
This table piece is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a dining table that’s conducive for a more intimate feel. Furthermore, the round shape is a space-saver. Crafted from solid pine wood, you can expect this table piece to last for a very long time.
Maryanne Oval Dining Table
If you’re looking for a centerpiece for your dining room, then this may be the perfect table for you. It features an oval shape and a trestle base. The table is handcrafted from pine wood. Furthermore, it features a hand-distressed finish, which brings out the natural beauty of the wood.
Solid Wood Dining Table
If you’re looking for a dining table that can seat four people, then there’s no need to look further. With a distressed look, it fits effortlessly with today’s popular interior design themes. The piece is crafted from reclaimed pine and a base that’s hand-carved.
Sydney Dining Table 72"
If the heart of your dining area could use a bit of improvement, then it’s hard to make a mistake with this table piece. The piece is supported by a trestle base and crafted from solid fir, offering the table sturdy and stable support. The color and theme are also an eye-candy.
Medders Dining Table 84"
With its neutral finish, distressed details and relatively large size, this piece is comfortable in those upscale dinner parties or casual morning meals. It’s large enough to fit eight people. The frame is crafted from solid fir hardwood, and manufactured in the US.
Kiersten Dining Table
This table is beautiful as it’s versatile. It can work perfectly for dining rooms, lakeside retreats or cozy cottages. If you have an industrial, farm-inspired or traditional theme, then this table will fit in nicely. It also features a distressed ash gray finish to give it a feeling of warmth and coziness.
Ellenton Extendable Dining Table
This table piece features an imposing carved trestle base. It highlights the natural beauty of the wood using a dark weathered wash. The entire piece is sure to catch the attention of your guests and family. It’s crafted from a combination of solid pine wood and plywood, making it an economical choice.
Veropeso Solid Wood Dining Table
With slim and black legs, birch wood and a beautiful finish, this piece is comfortable with almost any popular interior design setting such as traditional, contemporary or modern. Furthermore, it’s an eco-friendly choice as it makes use of reclaimed wood. It’s hard to make a mistake by getting this piece.
Gino Rectangular Dining Table
If your dining area needs a bit of an update, then this table piece is a strong contender. It features a rectangular shape, which can hold more people (up to 8). It’s primarily crafted from reclaimed solid pine wood, making it an affordable and eco-friendly choice.
Seneca Dining Table
With a natural pine finish and primarily crafted from reclaimed wood, this table piece is both beautiful and eco-friendly. It features a pedestal base, giving it sturdy support and plenty of leg room. The table is large enough to accommodate four to six persons.
Haleigh Dining Table
If you’re looking for a dining table that’s perfect for your industrial, rustic or modern setting, then this piece may be an excellent choice for you. It features a wood table surface and metal leg support. It exuberates a vibe of being homey while being modern.
Abbey Dining Table
Measuring a total of 82" L x 39" W x 30" H, there’s so much to love about this pallet-inspired dining table. It features a double-pedestal base and can accommodate up to six persons comfortably. It’s also made of solid wood!
Veropeso Reclaimed Wood Counter Height Dining Table
With long and slim legs, this piece can offer you a dining table solution at counter-height level. The piece is a combination of wood and metal, which makes it a versatile option. The entire piece exuberates effortless grace and simple sophistication.
Ridgefield Dining Table
Rectangular in shape, and finished in a black wash, this dining table is quite regal in its appearance. Manufactured primarily from pine wood, it is somewhat large in size at 98.5” in length, 43.5” wide and at the standard height of 30”. The top is also complete with a slatted finish and provides with more rustic tones.
Sydney Dining Table 60"
Available in seven different finishes, this table is more for a modern farmhouse thanks primarily to the X shaped pedestal. Constructed from a blend of hardwood and manufactured wood, the table is spacious and able to seat six people without any problems. It measures 60” across and 30” high.
Cortney Counter Height Dining Table
Cortney Counter Height Dining Table
Pomona Metal and Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
Pomona Metal and Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table - Sugar Mountain Woodworks - Handmade Rustic Wooden Work Table, Computer Desk, Dining Table
Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table - Sugar Mountain Woodworks - Handmade Rustic Wooden Work Table, Computer Desk, Dining Table