Long Skinny Dining Table

While it is not King Arthurs Round Table, a long skinny dining table can be perfect for large families, executive dinners, and even for fantasy role-playing gaming groups. The shape enables seating someone in charge at one end, and an auxiliary gatekeeper at the other end. This is a perfect arrangement for any organizational or school event. As with many tables, the styles can range from rustic to Victorian or on to modern.

Select the style of your long skinny dining table according to its expected function and your preferred dcor. There are so many varieties that you are sure to find one to match your interior decorating theme of choice.

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Create the ultimate dining experience with a timeless hardwood table that oozes elegance and style. From the narrow shape to the weathered look, it goes really well with modern furniture and it can easily accommodate up to eight guests.
Dining Table: Long Thin Dining Table
Despite its thin profile, this is the perfect dining table/workspace surface for your tiny house needs. Add different types of chairs depending on your needs to create an eclectic feel, and enjoy the ease of maintenance that comes with hardwood construction.
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Create a unique rustic feel with this bucolic dining table with matching chairs. The weathered wood surface creates a farmhouse feel, while the sprawling surface is perfect for kneading pizza, chopping vegetables or enjoying hearty meals with the whole family.
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Create your own island Ohana vibe with this stunning hardwood dining table. It can seat up to eight comfortably and the narrow profile means it can double as a kitchen island. Works perfectly in a modern setting with fine lines and clean design.