Space Saving Dresser

Picking the right dresser is mostly about finding a product that fits your preference and can fit in your house. However, you won't land on a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to storing clothes. You have to hang some and fold some. And, every individual in a family needs one exclusively for themselves.

Instead of cramping the rooms even more by trying to put in a closet in the limited space, you should invest in a space-saving dresser.

Tall dressers take up less area on the floor and can be placed near doors, around a bedroom wall, or in the corners. You can also pick a small but wide model and use the top of it as a nightstand or TV stand, place a mirror over it and use it as a dressing table, or store other things, like books, potted plants, or artwork, on the counter.

However, whichever style you pick, make sure that you get the model with as many drawers and racks as possible. Tall dressers often have less storage space than the wide ones. Triple dressers, however, are quite ideal for rooms that are wide enough.

You can find open-shelf space-saving dressers on the market. They are more suited to store footwear. However, for clothes like pants, sweaters, socks, etc., a closed shelf model is better.

With so many styles obtainable in the stores, you can go for different looks. A vintage trunk, a broad chest, a racket basket, an over door shoe rack or bag rack, and a modular crate. Of course, you should pick a design that suits the aesthetics of your room.

While space saving dressers are mostly wooden and bulky, try to keep your choice as light as possible. You can also look into models with casters, in case you frequently move furniture from one room to another.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Dragelin 5 - Drawer Dresser
Dragelin 5 - Drawer Dresser

Our drawer dresser offers concealed storage that is easy to access. Designed to offer you useful storage solutions to organize your space, this piece can be placed in your bedroom, closet, hall, or entryway. We designed our furniture pieces to provide you with style and quality value.

Gehl 8 - Drawer Dresser
Gehl 8 - Drawer Dresser

This dresser is crafted with a wooden tabletop and metal frame for stability and durability. It can hold up to 66 pounds and has 4 adjustable feet for use on uneven surfaces. The X-bars on the back of the dresser also increase stability while protecting items from falling off.

Whitestone 6 - Drawer Dresser
Whitestone 6 - Drawer Dresser

Minimize the clutter in your home with this 6-drawer organizer. The white metal frame and gray fabric drawers allow you to neatly store and organize all of your belongings.

5 - Drawer Dresser
5 - Drawer Dresser

The Ebern Designs five-drawer nightstand offers a convenient place to store everyday items while offering the perfect complement to any bed.

Hype 5 - Drawer Dresser
Hype 5 - Drawer Dresser

Our five-drawer dresser offers ample storage space for your clothes, sweaters, and other personal items. It has a pole behind the door that's perfect for hanging up dresses, jackets, and button-downs. The drawers are large enough to accommodate all types of standard hangers.

Aimaan 5 Drawer 29.6"W Dresser
Aimaan 5 Drawer 29.6"W Dresser

This Aimaan 5 Drawer 29.6" W Chest is crafted from engineered wood with a neutral finish, and features a streamlined rectangular design. The five stacked drawers provide a place for everything from sweaters to denim. Silver metal drawer pulls round out the modern look, and a wall anchor is included for added safety.

Adolpho 6 - Drawer Dresser
Adolpho 6 - Drawer Dresser

This wardrobe organizer stores and organizes clothing and linens, making it easy to find and grab what you need. Six drawers separate accessories like scarves, blankets, hats, and more from clothing.

Kiswanna 10 - Drawer Dresser
Kiswanna 10 - Drawer Dresser

This dresser organizer is characterized by its fashion, simplicity, and practicality. It allows you to make full use of every inch of space at home, keeping your life organized and free from clutter and troubles.

Kushagra 8 - Drawer Dresser
Kushagra 8 - Drawer Dresser

This dresser is made from high-quality materials, including a steel frame, MDF wood board, and non-woven fabric. It is sturdy and reliable. The dresser has 8 removable & foldable drawers with smooth drawer handles. You can use it as a nightstand, storage cabinet, table, drawer chest or even a TV stand.

Astrid 6 Drawer Tall Chest
Astrid 6 Drawer Tall Chest

Crafted of manufactured wood, this charming chest features a clean-lined design and is perfect for keeping your clothes organized. It's available in your choice of a solid-hued laminate finish or white paint, and its six drawers are each adorned with a knob to keep it classic.

Helmick 6 - Drawer Dresser
Helmick 6 - Drawer Dresser

The 6-drawer double dresser brings a touch of mid-century modern style to your bedroom or guest room with its solid pine and engineered wood construction, neutral finish and tapered legs.

Hanshika 4 - Drawer Dresser
Hanshika 4 - Drawer Dresser

A rustic brown veneer surface, matte black frame, and fabric drawers combine to give your home a rustic vibe. If you don't know how to deal with bits and pieces that have nowhere to go, this drawer chest will help bring your tidy home back. On the top of the dresser, you can put a vase to decorate your room. This drawer chest is a perfect partner in your bedroom or living room.

Sakath 4 - Drawer Dresser
Sakath 4 - Drawer Dresser

This slim and sleek storage tower features a tabletop surface and pull-out drawers. It's the perfect way to make efficient use of every inch in your home, especially in small spaces. Use it as a towel holder in your bathroom, or add it to your bedroom for extra storage space.

Delhi 10 - Drawer Dresser
Delhi 10 - Drawer Dresser

This 10-drawer lingerie chest provides ample storage for your delicate and personal items, with an engineered wood frame and two-tone finish that complements most color palettes. The sides are crafted from a soft black finish, while the front of the drawers and top feature a textured wood grain for a rustic look. Each drawer features dovetail joinery for extra durability, and large O-ring iron handles are bolted to the front of each drawer for industrial flair. No assembly required.

Montauk 5 - Drawer Dresser
Montauk 5 - Drawer Dresser

This solid wood chest adds a warm and rustic look to your room. The five, spacious drawers provide ample storage and have a deep 5-inch depth. Made from 100% solid wood from renewable forests, this chest is environmentally-friendly and will last for years with minimal upkeep.

Jamylex 8 - Drawer Dresser
Jamylex 8 - Drawer Dresser

This dresser features concealed storage, so you can hide clutter and reach items easily. We designed our furniture to offer you useful storage solutions to organize your space in your bedroom, closet, hall, or entryway with value, style and quality.

Anusha 39.3" W Combo Dresser With 5 Drawers
Anusha 39.3" W Combo Dresser With 5 Drawers

If you are looking for a storage dresser to put scattered items and small gadgets, this five-drawer white combination dresser is an excellent choice. It provides ample space to keep everything in order and accessible, and its interior shelf allows you to organize your own space efficiently. Furthermore, the white painted surface and clean lines design make it an excellent decorative addition to any style of room.

Hayter 4 - Drawer Dresser
Hayter 4 - Drawer Dresser

For a rustic-chic look, this four-drawer chest has gray-finished feet and is made from engineered wood with a natural finish. It sits atop gray-finished feet for added contrast. The drawers feature 8" thick drawer bottoms for ample storage space and sleek half-moon drawer pulls for an understated look. Its neutral color scheme and understated finish make this piece easy to incorporate into any room.

Step One Essential 5 - Drawer Dresser
Step One Essential 5 - Drawer Dresser

This chest is modern in style, with straight lines and long, narrow handles at the top of each drawer.

Fahim 5 - Drawer Dresser
Fahim 5 - Drawer Dresser

The 5 Drawer Chest features burnished brown cherry finish and distinct framing, perfect for your traditional bedroom.

Betel 5 Drawer 30.71'' W Dresser
Betel 5 Drawer 30.71'' W Dresser

This five-drawer chest gives you plenty of space to organize your wardrobe or keep your spare linens in one spot in your bedroom. The smooth top surface provides a perfect platform for a family photo framed. Metal glides allow the drawers to open smoothly for easy access to a variety of clothes and accessories.

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Tips To Choose A Small Dresser

A dresser can be a perfect place to store clothes, linens, and more. Because they come in so many sizes, they are versatile and can be placed almost anywhere! This means that if you just have a small nook in your room where a tiny dresser could go, you can work with that and get some more valuable storage room into your space.

Let's talk about the features available in small dressers, and how to choose the one that's best for you.

Because a dresser is, essentially, a stack of drawers that you can use for out-of-sight storage, one of the main considerations you'll have to make is the number of drawers you need. However, with a small dresser, you have expected size constraints.

The most important thing is to start by measuring the space that you have available. Remember that a standard dresser is about waist tall (which means about 26-44"), 16-20" deep, and anywhere from two to five feet wide. That's a lot of variances! A smaller dresser is likely less deep and less wide, but can potentially be very tall to take advantage of vertical height. This means that you could choose a low, narrow small dresser with only two or three drawers, or have as many as seven or eight and be more like a tower of boxy drawers.

How many drawers should you choose?

  • Start with your measurements to see what's available. Narrow down your search criteria so you're not seeing anything that's too wide for your space.

  • Then, consider your storage needs. Do you only have a few knickknacks you need to stow away? Are you purchasing this small dresser for a small amount of clothing (for example, to place in a young child's bedroom)? If so, you likely only need two to three drawers. However, if you're looking to get as much storage space as possible, for example, if you live in a smaller space, pro tip! Go as tall as you possibly can. There are small, narrow dressers that have as many as five or six drawers; choose one of these for your space to store as much as you can!

There are two main styles of dressers. Each style can also be applied to a miniature version of a dresser, as the same concepts may apply, just on a smaller scale. Here are the two types:

  • Horizontal: This type of dresser is wider than it is tall, and typically only has two to three long, flat drawers. For a very small dresser - one that is less than two feet tall - you'll likely have two small drawers; but, as a benefit, it could likely double as a bench or seating area if styled appropriately. This is good if you have lots of floor space to work with.
  • Vertical: This type of dresser is taller than it is wide; it resembles more a stack of cube-shaped drawers than a typical dresser. Sometimes they can be referred to as towers. Choose this type if you don't have much floor space, but do have significant vertical space that you'd like to take advantage of, for example, between windows, or in the corners of rooms or closets.

This is a question of creating focal points in your home. If you'd like for your dresser to blend in and not be an immediate statement piece, you have two main options:

  • Select a neutral color, such as navy, black, brown, or white, or

  • Select a color that is very similar to the rest of the colors in your room.

Look around at the space in which you plan to put the dresser. What are the main colors in the space? Picking a dresser that has the same colors will result in a more cohesive, modern, and minimalist look.

However, if you'd like for your small dresser to create a focal point and a statement, there's a very simple way to do so:

  • Choose a color that is bright and represented nowhere else in your room!

Following this rule of opposites can result in dynamic places. Use the color wheel as your guide: If your room is mostly dark blues, select a bright red, orange, or yellow color. Got a room that's mostly dark browns and blacks? Selecting a bright white dresser will make it pop instantly for a chic, elevated look.

The most popular material used to make dressers of any kind is hardwood (such as maple, oak, or pine). The drawers inside might be made of plywood because it's durable and cost-effective.

However, those aren't your only options. If you're going for more of an industrial vibe, seek out a metal dresser that exudes the feel of a locker. If you're planning on using this small dresser for toy storage, a good idea might be to go for a stacking plastic set of transparent drawers so you can see exactly what's inside.

If you'd like your small dresser to have the best versatility, however, to be used in many ways over the years that you'll have it, select a wooden dresser. They can be painted in any color, and they'll be guaranteed to have a classic style that will last for years to come.

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Crafted in the U.S. from manmade hardwoods with woodgrain replicated veneers, this rectangular dresser will be a cool, rustic or rural accent to any master suite bedroom. It measures 42.56'' H x 61.5'' W x 15.91'' D overall.

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Featuring contemporary lines and modern metal handles, this 6-drawer double dresser offers an impressive storage space served in a stylish, modern way. Mounted on legs for a lighter feel, it has the size of 32.75'' H x 59.29'' W x 16.5'' D.

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With its six drawers providing ample storage space, where each one is set on a metal drawer glide and accented with a sleek bar pull, this beautiful dresser brings in a bit of the contemporary chic to your bedroom.

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A tasteful traditional drawer chest of wooden materials with a creamy finish. It has a long rectangular moulding top and an open front base with low protruding angle legs. Each of 6 roomy drawers in 3 tiers has 2 octagonal dark brown mushroom pulls.

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An elegant traditional drawer chest of wooden materials in dark browns. It has a long rectangular top, low angle legs, 6 drawers in 3 tiers. Two top drawers with split panels look like 2 smaller separate drawers. Grey horizontal handles are of metal.

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An elegant modern drawer chest of glossy white finished wooden materials. It has a rectangular top. Side walls and fronts of 6 drawers (in 3 tiers) feature raised trapeze panels. Square pulls are of chromed metal, 2 rectangular frame-legs - of steel.

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An austere-looking, primitive dresser cabinet made out of walnut wood with a light tint and a burned touch. The dresser cabinet has six spacious drawers for storage and is decorated with two planters on top.

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Modern setup for a spacious bedroom, furnished with a dresser cabinet made out of solid wood with a mirrored, reflective coat of gray paint. The dresser has six drawers for storage, which are fitted with silver handles.

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Contemporary design for a bedroom dresser cabinet with a frame made out of unpainted oak wood, paired with six spacious drawers made out of white-painted solid wood, giving the piece a stylish contrast.

Kepner 6 Drawer Dresser

A dash of style and functionality straight into your living space! This 6 Drawer Double Dresser is available in multiple finishes that allows you to choose the one that suits well with your room decor.

Fusion 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Offering premium space for storing essentials as you wish, this fusion 6 drawers double dresser constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to add some style and functionality to their spaces.