Single Person Hot Tub

The idea of relaxing in steamy hot water is always alluring and a hot tub will give you the opportunity to do so. Hot tubs are now very common and unlike swimming pools that can only be used during warm summer months, hot tubs can actually be used all year round. But installing a hot tub is a big investment even though there are many more affordable options these days to choose from. Take for example the single person hot tub.

Not everyone has a large backyard and even if you do, you dont want to cover most of it with a hot tub. A single person tub can be the answer to your space constraints.

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Foldable Single Hot Tub
Foldable Single Hot Tub

Featuring a rectangular shape, this hot tub is made of rubber. It has an ergonomic design so you can get in and out easily, as well as double armrests. Though it includes no filter, the drainage can be connected to an external drainage pipe.

This hot tub may not look the nicest, but it will get the job done. As you can fully cover yourself once in, the heat will be retained for longer. We recommend it if you have a large bathroom and don’t want to place your tub outside. You could use it for soothing muscle pain, or simply for unwinding after a long week.

Hot Tub with Coaster
Hot Tub with Coaster

This hot tub includes a bathtub, drainage pipe, and padded cushion for added comfort. Made of PVC vinyl, it can inflate within 3 minutes with an electric pump. Plus, a side coaster is included to hold your drink.

The inflatable aspect of this hot tub is great for young children. Due to its small size, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them at all times and also teach them some basic swimming moves. You could use it as a way to cool down during summer, too. The simple blue and aqua pattern will go with any garden.

Hot Tub with Drinks Tray
Hot Tub with Drinks Tray

Once again made of PVC vinyl, this hot tub comes with four color options – black/white, brown, black, and dark blue. It features a side drink tray with space for two drinks. A cover, cover lift, and filter are included.

Though inflatable, this hot tub has a stylish design. It’s a great option for summer parties and BBQs due to the drinks tray, which will save you from having to get out of the water when comfortable. We think either the black/white or just the black finish would look best on a modern patio. Both will match most patio colors, too. 

Classic Single Person Hot Tub
Classic Single Person Hot Tub

Including an Ozonator for sterilization, this hot tub is available in pearl gray or pearl white. Conveniently freeze-resistant, it comes with a filter and a cover. Within, two lounge seats will guarantee a good lounging session. Steps are also included.

Innovative and sophisticated, this hot tub is small but mighty. It would look great on a contemporary patio tucked under a verandah, or in a back garden if you want more privacy. As the two padded headrests are at opposite ends to each other, you and a friend or partner can have a conversation without any awkward head craning.

Rustic Single Hot Tub
Rustic Single Hot Tub

This hot tub features a solid pine wood exterior. It includes a cover, though no steps or filter. The best thing about this tub is that it includes a charcoal stove, so you can keep an eye on dinner whilst you relax.

Featuring heaps of rustic charm, this hot tub would be the perfect addition to a mountain lodge. The natural wood grain finish will fit in seamlessly with a log cabin vibe, as will the two-tone brown color scheme. We recommend surrounding your tub with plenty of greenery for a woodland look even if you aren’t in the countryside.

Smooth Hot Tub
Smooth Hot Tub

You can pick from a graystone, brownstone, or keystone finish with this single person hot tub. It includes 20 stainless steel jets, an LED backlit waterfall with nine color settings, and two cup holders. A cover and filter are both included.

Striking and modern, this hot tub has all you need. As it has a stone-like appearance, we recommend placing it in the middle of a tranquil stone garden surrounded by a few colorful plants for a calm and peaceful vibe. The graystone and keystone finishes are the most versatile options, though brownstone would suit a warm neutral patio.

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Tips To Choose A Hot Tub


A single person hot tub measures 55-60 inches on average. However, some smaller hot tubs will fit two people minimum, which means you may find yourself with more space than you need. To accommodate the extra person, these hot tubs are larger, usually around 75-80 inches. Unless storage is an issue for you, this isn't a problem -- it means you can enjoy your hot tub with a friend or stretch out by yourself. Jessica Davis states that if you are claustrophobic or hate being confined, you should purchase a hot tub for two, even if it is just for yourself. The extra room will feel luxurious even if your hot tub is a summer-ready inflatable.


Single person hot tubs are typically made of easy-to-clean materials like plastic. This is both so you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning and because plastic is water-resistant so splashing about won't cause any damage. Plastic hot tubs are also generally cheaper due to being less expensive to make, so they are a good option if you are on a budget. Some hot tubs even have the option to be folded or are inflatable so you can get out and put your tub away without fuss. Whilst most small hot tubs have a basic finish, you could look for one with a different theme -- for example, a rustic exterior that will fit in with a mountain lodge or cottage theme.

Maintenance Level:

If you live by yourself, you won't want all the hassle of a high-maintenance hot tub. As stated above, plastic is considered a low-maintenance material due to it being water-resistant and easy to keep clean. However, James Huniford recommends a hot tub made of sturdier materials if you plan to use it all year round. A hot tub with an outer material like pinewood will create a rustic look. Pinewood is best for long-term use as it is also relatively resistant to moisture, meaning you won't have to worry about your hot tub gaining a damp smell over time. It does scratch easily, though, so stick to plastic if you want your tub to remain pristine.

Additional Features:

Per Amy Lau, you may not think that single person hot tubs can have a ton of additional features. However, small features can make a big difference. For example, if your tub is foldable, you can put it away in your shed during colder months even if you only have a small outdoor storage area. Other extra features that will make your single person hot tub chill session even better are the number of jets and whether there are any massage functions. Moreover, as included in some hot tubs, an ozone generator will help your hot tub to reach the sterilization levels required and keep things hygienic.

This is a long-term investment that will last you for many years, so you'd better spend some time understanding exactly what you need before rushing into purchasing a stunning hot tub that doesn't really match your available space or budget (no, we're not just talking about the obvious price tag!).

  • Where are you going to place it?

    • Hot tubs are rather versatile when it comes to installing them, but you must keep in mind that, when full, they'll be incredibly heavy, so you need a solid surface that can sustain them (avoid placing a hot tub on soil or a lawn!);
    • Because you must drain and refill your hot tub periodically to ensure that the water is clean and promote its longevity, you should either place it near an existing drain or install one;
    • Measure that space to know exactly how much room you've got to play with; we recommend allowing around 1m clearance around your hot tub's edges to allow you to access it comfortably;
  • How many people do you want to fit in your hot tub?

    • As well as size, keep in mind that most hot tubs have specific seats; you must consider whether you only want it to be for the members of your household or if you'd like to have some extra room for regular guests;
    • hot tubs are usually square, but, if you're after a model for 2 or 3 persons, you'll be able to opt for more space-optimizing triangular models, or even longer dual tubs that allow you to lie down in them;
  • What is your budget?

    • This goes beyond the actual price tag! Hot tubs need to be maintained, so spending a bit more for higher-quality insulation that will help keep the water hot will probably save you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the first differences that you'll encounter when choosing hot tubs is that they can be made of various materials. This isn't just an aesthetic matter: some can be better suited for hydrotherapy, some might be better or worse at retaining heat, and, either way, the material will influence the cost of your hot tub.

Here's what you can choose from:

  • Acrylic: these hot tubs are strong, durable, scratch-resistant and specifically designed with hydrotherapy in mind. It won't come as a surprise that they're the most popular!
  • Vinyl: this is a more affordable option that could work better for you if you haven't got a lot of money to invest right now, but keep in mind that vinyl hot tubs aren't as well insulated and durable as acrylic ones, so they'll probably result in higher energy bills;
  • Rotomolded plastic: this is a much lighter, cheaper option and easier to install and maintain, which makes it relatively portable. While the fact that they aren't as aesthetically pleasing as other hot tubs can easily be overlooked depending on personal preference, do consider that they'll use more energy to heat up the water and that they aren't built to withstand particularly cold temperatures;
  • Wood: back in the good old days, this used to be the only type of hot tub that you could find, but they then got replaced by synthetic options. Wooden hot tubs are now much rarer, as they require more maintenance, aren't as well insulated as other materials, and aren't really built for hydrotherapy (you can sometimes find them with a limited number of jets); however they could be a better choice for you if you're after a natural, sustainable and beautiful alternative that complements the style of your patio and garden;
  • Inflatable: made of vinyl or PVC, these hot tubs are a budget-friendly alternative that could work for you if you're not ready for a permanent option, if you're only planning on using it during certain times of the year, if you're currently renting and aren't allowed to install one, or if you haven't got a lot of room in your garden or patio.

Are you ready to get into the nitty-gritty? When comparing and choosing hot tubs, you'll probably bump into these terms, so make sure you know which one would work best for you:

  • Standard filtration: this involves using the large jet pump to filter the water; it's usually the most affordable option, but could result in higher electricity bills since the jets have to run frequently for both heating and filtration;

  • Circular pump: this involves a smaller pump that runs 24/7 and circulates water through the main filters (hence the name); even though it's more expensive and always running, it actually uses less energy than standard filtration systems, so it will translate into cheaper maintenance costs;

  • No-bypass: this option is for those who want the best of the best! While traditional filtration allows only a small amount of water to go through the filter before going back into the hot tub through the jet, this system filters 100% of the water; that's why no-bypass filtration is the cleanest option.

When thinking of the number of jets, keep in mind that more doesn't automatically mean more powerful! You should consider the number of jets in your future hot tub in relation to that of its pumps:

  • Hot tubs are still limited by their power supply: each of the pumps in a 4-pump hot tub will probably be less powerful than those in a 2-pump model; this means that having lots of jets powered by a 'weaker' pump will result in less powerful jets;
  • For the best result, look for hot tubs that stick to around 20-30 jets per pump.

As well as the number of jets, you might want to look for a specific type:

  • Rotatory: very common, they are great at loosening your muscles in a rhythmical way and focusing on a more targeted massage;

  • Directional: these jets provide a consistent flow and are more customizable, as you can adjust their direction to better hit that sore spot on your body;

  • Moving: a higher-end but more deluxe option, these jets move up and down and are particularly impeccable at massaging your back.

Keep in mind that a hot tub can include a combination of two or three types of jets. To achieve a specific result, look at where they're placed and what part of your body they will reach.

Yes, your hot tubs do need covers! Not only are they essential to protect the water from leaves, animals and debris, but they help keep it warm, lowering your energy bills.

  • Look for hot tub covers that are light-weight, energy-efficient and highly insulating, between 3 and 6 inches in thickness;
  • Go for a thicker cover if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, as it will need to withstand its weight during the harshest winters;
  • If you have particularly curious young children, you might want to consider lock straps, too;
  • Some covers can be quite hard: if you think you'll struggle to move yours, make your life easier by purchasing a hot tub that comes with a cover lifter.

Now that we've gone over all the basic and technical things that you should consider when choosing a hot tub, it's time to spoil yourself! Depending on your preference, needs and budget, one⁠---or more⁠---of these features could improve your hot tub experience even further:

  • LED lighting: are you mainly buying a hot tub to use it once the sun's gone down? LED lighting makes them even safer and more glamorous to enjoy in the dark;

  • Sound-system: ready to party with your friends in your brand-new hot tub? Looking forward to enjoying your favorite tunes while you destress on your own? Either way, connecting your smartphone or MP3 player to an integrated sound-system will upgrade your soaking time and avoid ruining it by accidentally dropping your phone into the water;

  • Waterfall: if you want your experience to be as soothing as possible, why not look for hot tubs that include a cascading option?

  • Ozonator: by converting oxygen into ozone and killing contaminants and bacteria, ozonators help keep the water clean using less chemical-based options such as chlorine;

  • Steps: if someone in your household is elderly, not too agile or you simply want to access your hot tub as effortlessly as possible, you should look for a model that includes steps.

We know: you can almost hear the bubbling sound of your new hot tub! To be a hundred percent sure that you find the right one for you, though, let's quickly recap the most important things to consider when choosing a hot tub:

  • Find a solid surface that can sustain its weight and is near a drain, and measure that space to avoid unpleasant surprises: leave at least 1m around it to access it comfortably
  • Consider how many people (in your household or guests) you want to fit in it, and choose the most space-optimizing shape accordingly
  • When considering your budget, don't overlook the expenses associated with its maintenance: higher-quality insulation can help you lower them
  • Materials like vinyl or rotomolded plastic are cheaper, but not as durable and well insulated as more expensive acrylic hot tubs that will result in lower energy bills overtime; wooden hot tubs are less versatile and more expensive to maintain, but are the best natural and sustainable options; if you're not ready for such a big purchase, consider inflatable hot tubs instead
  • When it comes to filtration, circular pumps are a more expensive alternative to standard systems, but are more energy efficient; no-bypass filtration will give you the purest water;
  • Consider your jets in relation to your hot tub's pumps: for the most powerful results, look for models that have no more than 20-30 jets per pump
  • Choose among rhythmic rotatory, directional (consistent and customizable) and moving jets, or a combination of two or three of them
  • It's essential to choose a hot tub that comes with a cover or purchase one separately, as it avoids debris and hazards while helping keep the water hot
  • As well as the essential features, some hot tubs come with handy extras such as LED lighting, an integrated sound-system, a cascading waterfall, an ozonator or steps

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