Dressing Table Mirror With Lights

Why do they call it a dressing table, anyway? You don’t really need the table to put on your clothes; you dress while standing up or sitting in a chair.

We all know the answer. It’s because dressing up involves more than clothes – it also requires careful attention to hair, jewelry and most importantly, makeup. And for those tasks, you don’t just need a dressing table. You need a mirror – ideally, one with lights.

The most important consideration when choosing a dressing table mirror with lights, naturally, is the size of your table. You can find options in just about any size, starting with small, round, lighted mirrors which will sit perfectly on a table the size of a writing desk. On the other hand, there are plenty of mirrors with lights that are as large as two feet by three feet, oriented either lengthwise or vertically.

Just as important, though, is the type of illumination the mirror provides; you may be able to see your face better with a lighted mirror, but poor lighting won’t be much help. In fact, it can actually hurt. The brightness of a dressing table mirror with lights isn’t a major concern, since any decent model will provide plenty of lumens and will have a dimming function. The real issue is the type of lighting.

Some of these dressing table mirrors use fluorescent lights, which is quite bright – and that’s the problem. Bright, cool fluorescent light looks nothing like natural sunlight, the ideal lighting for makeup application. It leads women to put on much more foundation and blush than necessary, with often-disastrous consequences. Incandescent lighting is fine, but it uses a lot of energy and doesn’t replicate natural light in some environments.

Halogen or LED lighting is by far the best choice for dressing table mirrors with lights, because they give the skin a natural appearance and won’t lead you astray when putting on makeup. The light will normally come from either a number of LED lights inside a translucent frame around the mirror, or a series of small, visible LED bulbs mounted on the mirror itself. A few dressing table mirrors have actual bulb sockets around the frame, allowing you to install LED, halogen or other type of bulbs.

It’s difficult to find a dressing table with lights that isn’t modern-looking, since most are finished in chrome or built from white synthetics. Search for a while, though, and you’ll discover other more traditional choices with gold finishes or design flourishes.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Ronalie Vanity
Ronalie Vanity

This modern vanity set from Everly Quinn not only suits a modern aesthetic but also provides enough storage for your beauty products. The set includes a lighted mirror and matching stool.

Pursley Vanity
Pursley Vanity

This lighted makeup vanity accented with geometric lines lends a glamorous flair that blends well with any modern décor. The top storage shelves and side cabinet offer ample storage rooms for your articles of daily use, while the premium particle board construction allows long-lasting service and timeless sophistication.

Malissia Vanity
Malissia Vanity

A vanity set with a mirror and bench, vanity lights, tables, makeup table with storage shelves and drawers, dressing table with cushioned stool, vanity table with mirror for girls' bedrooms or bathrooms in white or black.

Taytum Vanity
Taytum Vanity

The Taytum Vanity with Mirror is a stylish, modern piece of furniture for your home. The 10 LED dimmable bulbs provide super brightness, ensuring that your makeup will be perfect every time. The 5 drawers and 3 compartments offer ample storage space for your makeup, jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories and other beauty supplies.

Safira Vanity
Safira Vanity

This modern lighted vanity set features a tall and stylish mirror with 9 LED cool bulbs that provide increased visibility when you use the unit to get ready in the morning. The desktop is spacious enough to hold your favorite perfume bottle and store all your beauty tools in a large drawer.

Cylia Vanity
Cylia Vanity

This stylish Hollywood-style vanity desk is great for daily use. Come with a large lighted mirror and two storage drawers, you can enjoy your makeup at day or night in an organized environment. The dressing table can be used as a computer desk when you disassemble the mirror part.

Aycock Vanity
Aycock Vanity

Add a classic, sophisticated touch to your bathroom or dressing area with this mirrored vanity and stool. The cabriole legs and molding trim offer a traditional feel, while all pieces are made of engineered wood. The vanity features five drawers and a detachable slot for makeup and accessories. The 31.5” wide and 16” deep top offers plenty of room to get ready. Plus, the 360° swivel mirror is framed by 10 LED lights with adjustable brightness, so it’s easy to make sure you're looking your best at every angle. The stool is padded with a sponge and upholstered in gray polyester. This vanity table and mirror complete the look in any traditional, farmhouse, or cottage setting.

Fidel Vanity
Fidel Vanity

Say goodbye to makeup flaws that are not visible in the dark but are apparent when you go out. This mirror has 10 dimmable light bulbs surrounding it that illuminate your dressing area for perfect makeup application. It is a great anniversary gift choice on a birthday or other special occasions! With a large mirror, spacious storage, and a comfortable stool, this dreamy dressing table will make whoever receives it be all smiles!

Vinush Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Vinush Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

This vanity and stool set is ideal for use in your bedroom or bathroom. Straight lines, white color, and simplicity make this vanity attractive. There is no doubt that it would be a nice addition to your home. The matching cushion of the stool is composed of sponge which makes it soft, elastic and comfortable to sit on.

Waldo Vanity
Waldo Vanity

Make your morning routine easier and more efficient with this functional dressing table. The spacious storage, cushioned stool, and large mirror will make it easy to apply your makeup or skincare products in the morning. This gift is a perfect choice for birthdays, Christmas, and other meaningful anniversaries!

Corner Vanity Set with Three-Fold Mirror
Corner Vanity Set with Three-Fold Mirror

This table is made of durable materials and resists stains and water, and it is easy to clean. It fits snugly in the corner of your bedroom or bathroom, saving space and creating a convenient spot for storing and applying cosmetics.

Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror
Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror

This dresser set includes a mirror, storage drawers, and a stool. The LED bulbs give a glamorous look to your dressing table. The powerful storage capacity enables you to store all your jewelry and makeup. This elegant look complements your furniture.

Freya Vanity
Freya Vanity

With its large mirror, this modern and unique piece can help you try on every outfit and get the best makeup. Made from manufactured wood, the piece features a nice finish that matches almost every room decor. It highlights a large central drawer where you can place your jewelry pieces and makeup gadgets. In addition, it has other six drawers of the same size where you can store everything you need for your daily routine.

Diskin Vanity
Diskin Vanity

This vanity set is designed to be simple but smart! Smooth lines, smart structure and the color white with a simple style will make your home look stylish. Three large mirrors provide a full view and ten LED lights illuminate your dressing area for impeccable makeup application. Four drawers keep all of your jewelry and cosmetics neat and orderly. The premium P2 grade MDF desktop and solid wood legs are sturdy and durable. The stool has a thick sponge padding that is soft and comfortable and will not collapse easily.

Rockland Vanity
Rockland Vanity

Glamour with clean lines, a mirrored finish, and the Hollywood mirror set by Glam Mirrors is a high-quality tool that places professional makeup tools right in your home. Designed with a 90CRI light source, foundations and makeups may be applied with new levels of accuracy. The 9 drawers with chic and sophisticated handles provide a luxurious work space on or off the stage.

Alday Vanity
Alday Vanity

Glamour with clean lines, a mirrored finish, and this mirror set to place a powerful, yet stylish, makeup station right in your home. A diamond crystal design gives you the elegance and luxury look that will make your makeup station really pop! Designed with the highest quality 90 CRI light source, foundations and makeups may be applied with a new standard of accuracy. The 2 drawers with chic and sophisticated handles provide storage space for all your favorite accessories. The ultimate, luxury workspace on or off of the stage.

Corda Vanity
Corda Vanity

This ultra-glam contemporary vanity set complements your grooming routine with plenty of space for cosmetics, accessories, and more. With a flattering lighted mirror and comfortable stool, this sophisticated set is sure to inspire you to get ready for the day like a Hollywood star.

Billiejo Vanity
Billiejo Vanity

This multifunctional modern dresser with lights can make your makeup happy and bring you a sense of ritual. The clear makeup mirror with light, smooth surface, easy to clean is perfect for setting off your beautiful face.

Willodine Vanity
Willodine Vanity

Well-designed dressing table features a matte finish and clean silhouette, which subtly enhances the style of your home decor. The legs are made from solid board, ensuring the stability and durability. This spacious bedroom vanity set provides a wide table top, 5 drawers and storage shelves, where you can effortlessly store any of your beauty supplies and daily necessities, keeping them clean and well organized. Shelves make your supplies easier to get. The large high-definition mirror of this dressing table is clear, which is great for daily makeup and skincare regimen's.

Stanton Drew Vanity with Mirror
Stanton Drew Vanity with Mirror

This dressing table with a Hollywood makeup mirror is the dream for women and girls. It consists of two parts, a mirror with adjustable light bulbs and a large MDF board table with two drawers. The adjustable brightness adapts to different use scenarios, while USB sockets and power sockets are added on the mirror's right side to easily power mobile phones, computers, hair dryers and hair straighteners, as well as other electrical devices. With four solid wooden legs for solid support, this really is an elegant choice for any living space.

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When looking for a dressing table mirror with lights, you can find ones that come as part of a whole vanity unit or portable options that you can mount or rest against a wall. Most feature a frame and backing that's made out of manufactured or engineered wood or chipboard. The reflective surface is often made out of glass or metal amalgam. If you have lots of makeup, Jessica Davis suggests opting for a dressing table mirror with lights that sits on a wooden vanity with drawers and functional storage. You might also find some dressing table mirrors with lights on metal sliding tracks that are attached to a hidden wall storage compartment which allows you to push the mirror to one side to expose shelving storage. If the mirror hangs on the wall, there will likely be hard-wearing brackets for mounting. Any lights are usually LED bulbs or an integrated light strip.


To fit in with traditional decor, you can add a hint of old Hollywood glamour with a large dressing table mirror with lights with an arched top and white wood border that houses round illuminating LED bulbs. For something modern, a square mirror with an integrated lighting strip border with open shelving opposite the mirror to store jewellery and makeup is an inspired choice for neutral bedrooms. Nicole Hollis suggests going for an industrial-modern style with a boxy powder-coated metal vanity with a distressed wood tabletop and a black wood-bordered mirror if you want something unique looking. And for a contemporary option that features clean lines, a tri-fold dressing table mirror with lights that allows you to see yourself from all angles that sits on a simple wood vanity with drawers is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional features:

One practical advantage of acquiring a dressing table mirror with lights is that they often come with or even attached to a vanity unit which can make getting ready in the morning more streamlined. Vanities are often constructed with soft-close drawers, open shelving, as well as storage dividers and organizers that are ideal for makeup and jewellery. There may also be an expansive tabletop as well as a small and comfy upholstered seat that nicely tucks into the vanity when you're done using it. Courtney McLeod suggests getting a dressing table mirror with lights that feature adjustable light temperature to give you various lighting looks. You could also find a dressing table mirror with lights on a smart sensor switch which allows the lights to turn on when you're sitting down in front of the mirror.

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A beautiful vanity set with mirror, designed to embellish even the most elegant spaces. Its flip top features a mirror and open storage area. It measures 36'' W x 18'' D. Comes with a stylish black seat, measuring 17'' H x 14.25'' W x 14.25'' D.

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Thanks to its unique design, this dressing table mirror with lights has an adventurous and unique appeal. A perfect shabby chic accent to your decor. It has the size of 33.25'' H x 10.5'' W x 22.5'' D.

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