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Outdoor Dog Ramp

We all think of our dogs as young and healthy, no matter their age or physical abilities. We expect them to be able to jump into the backseat of our car, or onto the back landing, without breaking a sweat.

Time catches up with everyone, sadly – even our beloved dogs. And there may come a time when injury, age, hip dysplasia, arthritis or other issues simply won’t let them run, jump and leap the way they once did. That’s when it’s time to give them a gift they’ll really appreciate: an outdoor dog ramp. (Miniature and toy breeds may need a ramp just to get into the car, of course.)

Before buying a ramp it’s important to consider your dog’s weight and size, because his ramp must be sturdy enough to support him and wide enough to let him walk without danger of falling. Aluminum or other lightweight metal ramps normally support dogs weighing as much as 250 pounds. Plastic and PVC ramp manufacturers claim that their products can support 100-150 pounds, but they may pose a risk for large dogs and are a better choice for puppies, toy dogs or cats. Most outdoor dog ramps are about 16” in width, although some are 2-4 inches wider to accommodate pups with stability issues. The majority have no-slip, grit surfaces for traction.

The severity of the dog’s disability is also a key factor, because many who have difficulty walking need a long outdoor dog ramp that has a gentle slope. That also means determining how high the climb will be; a short, one-piece ramp (usually good for heights up to 18”) may be suitable for a passenger car, but will create a slope that’s much too steep when used to reach minivans or truck beds that are 22-40” high.

You can find many ramps with the 18° slope that’s ideal for most older or disabled dogs, and others with a 22° slope that’s acceptable for those with minor impairment. You may see ramps with slopes as steep as 26° or 28°, but those are primarily used for dog show training.

Longer outdoor dog ramps are usually between six and eight feet in length and come in two different styles, folding and telescoping. Folding metal outdoor dog ramps will be sturdier than telescoping models, but the latter are easier for humans to use and their adjustable length makes them simpler to open and close. However, either style will support just about any dog.

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Wood Outdoor Dog Ramp
Wood Outdoor Dog Ramp

Built on a solid pine wood frame, this outdoor dog ramp is adjustable in height in increments between 40 to 60 centimetres. The 41-inch long ramp is covered in black non-slip tread carpeting that’s water-resistant. There’s a side leather handle for convenient carrying.

This wood outdoor dog ramp can accommodate up to 200 pounds, so it makes a great choice for larger dogs. The wood is finished in a double veneer which makes it a durable and hardwearing option for taking in and out of the car during bad weather days. 

Grey Outdoor Dog Ramp
Grey Outdoor Dog Ramp

Measuring 39 inches in length, this outdoor dog ramp contains a high-traction walking surface that provides security and safety for pets. It’s crafted out of lightweight plastic that only weighs approximately seven pounds. It works for heights up to 20 inches off the ground.

This portable outdoor dog ramp sits on stabilizing rubber feet which helps with safe for ventures in and out of the car. The plastic material is both water and slip-resistant which allows it to work well for senior dogs who need a solid surface to walk on for their boost. 

62 Inch Black Outdoor Dog Ramp
62 Inch Black Outdoor Dog Ramp

Make life a little easier with this sturdy black plastic outdoor dog ramp. It weighs just under 12 pounds and is crafted using a non-skid anti-slip surface with an easy bottom perch. Both sides are slightly raised for safety purposes.

This outdoor dog ramp is designed with a non-slip surface that’s ideal for dogs up to 200 pounds in size who suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia. It’s able to collapse down which makes for easy storage outside in your backyard shed or car. 

Large Folding Outdoor Dog Ramp
Large Folding Outdoor Dog Ramp
$105.99 $73.99

With no assembly required, this 63-inch bi-fold outdoor dog ramp is crafted on a heavy-duty steel frame for added security. The walking surface comes with anti-slip sandpaper-like sticker strips to allow for secure footing. The suitable height range for use is between 26 to 33 inches tall.

The body of this outdoor dog ramp is made out of reinforced scratch-resistant PE material which allows it to stand up well against claw marks. It also contains rubber feet that lock into place which adds extra stability for pets. 

Green and Black Outdoor Dog Ramp
Green and Black Outdoor Dog Ramp

Able to collapse down into a compact size with a handle, this multi-fold plastic outdoor dog ramp contains removable green track mats. The pressure-activated grip is anti-slip and there are rubberized bottom grips for added stabilization on the ground.

This weather-resistant outdoor dog ramp comes with a safety tether that you can use with your vehicle should your dog need help getting out of the car. It’s made with raised sides for dogs up to 200 pounds to help prevent any accidents. 

Simple Ridged Outdoor Dog Ramp
Simple Ridged Outdoor Dog Ramp

Help your senior dog get places a little easier with this large black plastic outdoor dog ramp. It’s made with a ridged design with high-traction sandpaper strips to prevent falls. It’s also able to fold down and lock for easy storage.

This outdoor dog ramp was made with senior or injured pets in mind with added features such as raised sides and padded bottom feet. It’s able to comfortably support dogs up to 150 pounds in size which makes it an optimal choice for medium-sized breeds. 

Zenobia 72" Pet Ramp
Zenobia 72" Pet Ramp

The 72" Pet Ramp by Tucker Murphy Pet is a gentle slope that helps pets get in and out of cars. The artificial grass carpet provides grip, even in wet conditions. A tether lets you attach it to the trunk of most cars and trucks. It doesn't slip out of place while your pet uses it to get out of the car. This plastic ramp can help new-born dogs or pets that require special needs to get in and out of the car easily. The total weight capacity of this ramp is 250 lbs. It folds down conveniently, making it easy to store.

Lisette Telescoping Pet Ramp
Lisette Telescoping Pet Ramp

If you have a large dog, it can be hard to get him in and out of the car. If he's not tall enough to hop in, or if you want to protect his joints, the telescoping ramp gives him the freedom to easily walk in and out of your vehicle all by himself. The high-traction surface and side rails allow him to confidently walk up and down the ramp without slipping or falling. You can conveniently store the ramp by sliding it in and locking it with the safety latch so that it doesn't accidentally open while you're traveling in your car.

62” Pet Ramp
62” Pet Ramp

Tucker Murphy Pet™ folding pet ramps make it easy for your four-legged friends to get up and down the stairs and into the car. The ramp's sturdy side panels provide a safe place to rest at the bottom of the stairs, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. The ramp's high load capacity means it can support up to 165 pounds, making it ideal for larger dogs, too! To store it when not in use, simply fold it up.

Burand Telescoping 69" Pet Ramp
Burand Telescoping 69" Pet Ramp

This sturdy, lightweight telescoping ramp can help your pet reach new heights. The ramp is made from aluminum and includes rubber treads to prevent slipping. It can accommodate dogs up to 220 pounds. The top edge is rimmmed for safety, and the ramp folds down for easy storage.

Tri-Fold Reflective Extra Wide Pet Ramp
Tri-Fold Reflective Extra Wide Pet Ramp

This extra-wide pet ramp features highly visible, reflective material that helps your dog make his way up and down. The skid-resistant tread keeps him steady, even when wet. Side reflectors maximize safety by increasing visibility when in use. It folds for easy storage and transport and has a convenient carry handle.

Shaner Portable Bi-Fold Folding 96" Pet Ramp
Shaner Portable Bi-Fold Folding 96" Pet Ramp

Pet ramps make it easier for your pet to get into vehicles or onto furniture and beds. This pet ramp is made of solid and durable materials, has anti-skid surfaces to keep your pet safe, and folds to make it easy to transport. It's a great choice for any pet owner.

Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp
Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

The Travel-Lite Ramp provides access to higher landings or vehicles for pets. Pets easily walk up the ramp, eliminating the need for heavy lifting by the owner. The Pet Gear Bi-Fold Pet Ramp allows pet owners to transport their animals in any vehicle with ease.

Bly Folding 70" Pet Ramp
Bly Folding 70" Pet Ramp

Get your pet the easy access it needs with this folding 70" Pet Ramp. This lightweight and portable ramp is ideal for loading animals into trucks and SUVs, as well as onto boats, RVs and other hard-to-reach places. Its rugged construction can handle up to 500 lbs, so even your biggest dog can use it with confidence. The rubberized, ribbed non-slip surface provides maximum traction so your pet's sure-footed steps won't slip or slide. It has built-in side rails that provide added protection and let your pet walk safely and confidently.

Portia Indoor Carpet Mini 42" Pet Ramp
Portia Indoor Carpet Mini 42" Pet Ramp

The Tucker Murphy Pet® Indoor Carpet Mini Ramp helps small dogs and cats reach new heights. Reaching heights up to 2 feet, the ramp is perfect for pets who need a little extra help getting on and off furniture. The "safe grip carpet thread" surface provides traction for the much-needed grip your pet needs to go up and down the ramp. Rubber grippers on the bottom of both ends of the ramp keep it in place during use. The lightweight design allows you to easily open and close the ramp for storage; it folds flat and automatically locks when closed. A convenient rubber handle makes it easy to transport from room to room.

Donalsonville 70.9" Pet Ramp
Donalsonville 70.9" Pet Ramp

A great toy for your pet! It will mentally and physically entertain them in different ways than other typical dog toys. This toy helps younger pets build up confidence and can also aid in their obedience training. It's a great gift for any pet lover.

Glendale Petwalk 3-Fold 59" Pet Ramp
Glendale Petwalk 3-Fold 59" Pet Ramp

The 3-Fold 59" Pet Ramp is a sturdy, lightweight ramp that will help your pet reach new heights with ease. It's great for pets with arthritis or other joint problems, and it's also easy to clean!

Tuesday Fold-able 60" Pet Ramp
Tuesday Fold-able 60" Pet Ramp

Designed with a strong, lightweight and foldable construction, this ramp is ideal for easy storage or transport. The skid-proof textured sandpaper surface ensures that your pets can walk steadily while the rubber grippers on the bottom keep the ramp stable. With raised edges on both sides, it offers added safety. This ramp can make an excellent gift for your pets if they are in need.

Premium Nonslip Dog Car Steps(Steps For SUV, Trucks,Couch And High Beds - Durable Metal Frame- Lightweight Folding Pet Ladder Ramp For Indoor Outdoor Use
Premium Nonslip Dog Car Steps(Steps For SUV, Trucks,Couch And High Beds - Durable Metal Frame- Lightweight Folding Pet Ladder Ramp For Indoor Outdoor Use

The Pet Ramp is made of high-quality steel and fabric, designed to be sturdy and stable. It has a non-slip texture, making it suitable for pets of all sizes. Weighing only 11.6 pounds, this pet ramp is sturdy enough for large dogs and easy to carry around.

Bowman Natural-Step Mini 42" Pet Ramp
Bowman Natural-Step Mini 42" Pet Ramp

The Tucker Murphy Pet Natural-Step mini ramp with poly grass allows your pet to walk up a soft surface that won't scratch its paw pads. The grass is also soft to touch, allowing you to move the ramp from vehicle to vehicle without damaging the interior.

Alahnna HalfSTEP 39" Pet Ramp
Alahnna HalfSTEP 39" Pet Ramp

The lightweight Ramp is portable and easy to store. The ramp is made of high-quality plastic that is extremely durable. It has a Khaki/Beige finish and supports up to 500 lbs without bending. Its built-in side rails provide added protection and let your pet walk safely and with confidence. The rubberized ribbed non-slip surface provides maximum traction.

Dog Ramp For Small Large Dogs, Folding SUV Car Ramp, Portable Pet Ramp, Black
Dog Ramp For Small Large Dogs, Folding SUV Car Ramp, Portable Pet Ramp, Black
$109.99 $83.99

This pet ramp is made of high-quality, rust-resistant plastic. It's easy to clean and very durable, so you won't have to worry about replacing it. The ribbed surface paired with the raised side rails improves your pet's security when using the ramp. And because it has a weight capacity of 165 lbs., allowing your pets to simply climb into or out of your vehicle. It can be folded effortlessly making our pet ramp easily storable and conveniently portable.

23.5" Pet Ramp
23.5" Pet Ramp

For traveling with pets, pet gear has just introduced their lightest ramp option. The new ultra-lite free-standing ramp with extension panel features a removable SupertraX mat which has a pressure-activated grip and protects pets' paws and auto interiors, making sure-footedness easy. The mat can be removed for easy cleaning. The free-standing design means the ramp supports itself and does not need to rest on your vehicle or furniture.

Bi-Fold 61" Pet Ramp
Bi-Fold 61" Pet Ramp

The Bi-Fold 61" Pet Ramp is an ideal choice for allowing your pet to easily enter and exit vehicles. The nonslip surface, raised siding, and lightweight construction of this ramp provide comfortable footing and sure footing for your puppy, older dog, or injured or sick pet. This ramp can also be an effective alternative to lifting a heavy dog into a vehicle. The durable bi-fold design allows the ramp to fold flat after use for convenient storage or travel, making it easy to keep in a car or truck so that you'll never have to leave your pet behind when traveling again.

Kurgo Wander Collapsible Pet Ramp
Kurgo Wander Collapsible Pet Ramp

The Wander Ramp provides an easier way for older dogs or dogs with physical issues to get in and out of a car. The lightweight design folds in half for easy storage, and the nonslip surface makes it easier for pets to climb the gentle incline.

Telescoping Dog Car 62.5" Pet Ramp
Telescoping Dog Car 62.5" Pet Ramp

Let your pet climb to higher levels with the PawHut Ramp , an extending aluminum ramp that gives you all-around protection. This dog ramp is made of lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum, making it long lasting. It has a handle for easy carrying, and non-slip feet keep your pet safe. This pet ramp gets high marks for safety, durability, and ease of use.

Abington Adjustable 35" Pet Ramp
Abington Adjustable 35" Pet Ramp

A pet ramp is a helpful device that aids pets in and out of vehicles, furniture, and other areas. The adjustable pet ramp is a simple design offering a soft accent to any room. The grip carpet is designed to keep pets from slipping when on the ramp. When not in use, simply collapse the pet ramp down to 2” height for easy storage.

Free Standing Foldable 2 Step Pet Stair
Free Standing Foldable 2 Step Pet Stair
$288.96 $244.99

Pet Gear’s Free Standing Foldable 2 Step Pet Stair lets your pet access hard-to-reach places with ease. The stairs feature two extra-large platforms so that bigger pets can easily maneuver in and out of vehicles or gain access to other hard to reach places with confidence. These stairs are extra sturdy and can hold up to 350 pounds! Raised edges and soft carpet treads provide sure footing for your pet and are removable for easy cleaning.

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Design expert, Nate Berkus suggests outdoor dog ramps are easier than portable staircases due to their streamlined design and use of durable and hardwearing materials. For larger breeds, you might choose an outdoor dog ramp that contains a heavy-duty steel frame which adds extra stability. You will also find outdoor dog ramps fashioned out of wood with added anti-slip tractions that can be made of anything from grass-like material to sandpaper grips. A super durable option for your outdoor dog ramp is plastic that's lightweight and easily transportable when your pet needs help on a routine basis. You may also find that some of the plastic outdoor dog ramps contain a ridged surface on the walking panel that's conveniently built-in.

Weight and balance:

According to Jake Arnold, an outdoor dog ramp only makes a satisfactory and safe travel companion for any dog if you've considered both the overall construction and maximum weight capacity. It's important to note the specific height measurement requirements before making a purchase because there are some outdoor dog ramps that aren't suitable for larger trucks or SUVs. A lot of outdoor dog ramps are constructed in a collapsible fashion which means they have two to three long anti-slip panels that need to connect and adequately hold weight. There are often weight capacity limits with outdoor dog ramps, especially those made out of plastic because there are some simply not built for pets over 150 pounds, which includes larger breeds.

Additional features:

Noz Nozawa notes if you need to bring an outdoor dog ramp with you anyplace from the car for long trips together to the backyard, it's important that it be convenient to carry and fairly lightweight. You will find that a lot of outdoor dog ramps are collapsible and fold up seamlessly when they're not in use, so they can easily be tucked away. There are also options available that have a built-in handle or even a carrying case which makes transporting your outdoor dog ramp a seamless task. If you're worried about your four-legged friend slipping on the ramp, there are a lot of outdoor dog ramps that contain raised sides and stabilizing feet on the bottom as well. For cleaning purposes, there are ramps with detachable anti-slip surfaces that make routine cleaning very simple.

More Ideas

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This outdoor dog ramp will be a helpful solution for all small or infirm dogs and their owners. Ideal to install it on stairs, this 4-piece, bright wood ramp would fit into almost every outdoor decor.

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A cool flat-foldable height-adjustable portable ramp for pets. It's of wooden materials in light brown shades. A rectangular base has cutouts to lock supports of a ramp in one of 4 positions. A surface is covered in blue anti-slip carpet fabric.

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This wooden outdoor dog ramp shall be a convenient solution, both for the dog and its owner. Dark stained wooden construction with a guardrail on its exterior side. Fully safe and solid construction.

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This bright wooden dog ramp constitutes an ideal proposition for all dogs and their owners. It will help smaller or older dogs to climb the staircase without any difficulties.

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DIY project for a handy ramp for dogs, situated on the outside on a backyard patio. The dog ramp is made out of pallet wood and has a white coat of paint, making it match nicely with the outer walls of the house.

Natural-Step 72" Pet Ramp

A natural look for a seventy-two inch long pet ramp made for dogs. The ramp is made out of black plastic with elements made out of artificial grass. The ramp is perfect both for helping dogs get to the bed as well as teaching them tricks.


An aesthetic practical portable ramp for pets. It's DIY-crafted of solid wood finished entirely in white. It has 2 upright angular legs joined by a straight stretcher, a widthways ribbed anti-slide surface, elevated edges.

How to add pet ramps to your deck | Dog

A long dog ramp with a small incline, perfect for smaller dogs or ones with back problems. The ramp has a rail made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint and has a padded inlay which makes it soft and comfy.

Folding Dog Ramp Wooden For Weak Older Dogs Car Stairs

A pretty portable car ramp for up to 50-kg pets. It's made of wood in natural shades and features an across slatted anti-slip surface. It's foldable in half, has a grapple, rubberized feet, 2 handles. Hinges and a fastener are of metal.

DIY Dog Ramp over stairs Dog ramp Diy dog ramp

A cool long DIY-created over stairs ramp for pets. Its frame, having high-profiled horizontal side rails and upright angular posts, is made of grey painted wooden planks and slats. A surface is covered with darker grey anti-slip carpet fabric.

Rehab Treasures

An outdoor pet ramp for small dogs and cats with a frame made out of solid oak wood with a light tint. The dog ramp is padded with a soft upholstery made out of cotton and has steps which make it slip-proof.

1000+ images about Dog ramp ideas on Pinterest | Dog

An aesthetic useful high-profiled outdoor ramp for quite large pets. It has a rectangular frame of wood finished in white. It's equipped with safety grapples. Pretty dark blue anti-slip carpet fabric on a surface is secured by horizontal slats.

Deluxe XL Telescoping 87" Pet Ramp

A cool portable ramp for up to 300-pound pets requiring help to reach high places. It has a 42-87-inch-long regulated telescoping frame of resistant lightweight aluminium and plastic in greys, raised edges, an anti-skid surface, a security latch.

Outdoor Dog Ramp and Stairs : Keeping Pets Safe with

DIY project for a set of convertible dog stairs made out of oak wood with padded steps, fitted with a rubber material in a black color. The frame of the stairs can be swapped with ease to make them a ramp, which gives the piece an extra function.

Best 25+ Dog ramp ideas on Pinterest | Dog ramp

If you’re looking for a handy way for helping your dog reach the top of the stairs or a car, take a look at this pet ramp. The pet ramp is made out of aluminum frame and is covered with a soft, cotton fabric upholstery.

Hale Pet Door - Ramps

An aesthetic sturdy portable ramp for pets and for outdoor use. It's manufactured of durable grey plastic covered with weather resistant synthetic carpet fabric in a similar shade. The ramp has top landing and a special attachment area.

Natural-Step Mini 42" Pet Ramp

A handy solution for any small dog owner who needs to get around with their pet in a car – a natural looking pet ramp made out of plastic with artificial grass top, perfect for helping small dogs reach the car.

Outdoor Anti-Slip Handmade Wood Pet Ramp for Your Dog or

This outdoor anti-slip handmade wooden pet ramp will be an ideal solution for small dog owners. Made from solid, densely-grained bright wood, it creates a warm, natural appeal.

Deluxe Telescoping 72" Pet Ramp

A practical portable anti-skid ramp for pets. It's made of lightweight aluminium and plastic in metallic and grey shades. It's sturdy, telescopically foldable and can be rinsed with water. It's equipped with a handle and rubbery anti-slip feet.

Folding 70" Pet Ramp

A practical portable ramp for pets. It's manufactured of sturdy but lightweight aluminium in a grey shade. It's foldable and has raised edges, indented end parts and a horizontally ribbed surface for security.

Free Standing Extra Wide Carpeted 55" Pet Ramp

Rustic design for an elegant, extra wide pet ramp made out of dark brown oak wood with plastic and metal elements. The pet ramp can be folded in half to limit the size of it, making it more compact and space-efficient.

Ride Right Foldaway 58" Pet Ramp

A large, fifty-eight-inch high pet ramp for bigger dogs to help them reach high places. This one is made out of aluminium frame in a silver color with black plastic elements which can be rotated to create stairs.

Smart 70" Pet Ramp

A uniquely made pet ramp with an adjustable frame which can be made longer and personalized on the run. The frame of the pet ramp is made out of white aluminum with a center made out of soft rubber material.

HalfSTEP 39" Pet Ramp

Simplistic look for a very minimalistic pet ramp made of white plastic with wheels on the bottom, to make it more mobile. The pet ramp has thirty-nine inches of height, which is perfect for small and medium dogs.

Trixie Pet Products 39 in. Safety Pet Ramp

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to help your pets get up to the car, take a look at this pet ramp for dogs made out of a rubber material that both prevents slipping from it and makes it soft to walk on.

6Ft Portable Aluminum Folding Pet Paw Safe Dog Ramp Ladder Incline Car Truck SUV

Adjustable take on a portable, folding pet ramp made out of white-painted aluminum with a shiny finish. The pet ramp is perfect for helping a dog reach the trunk of a vehicle, and even has a rubber padding to make it soft.

PetSafe Solvit Half Ramp II, 17 in. W x 39 in. L, Portable Lightweight Dog and Cat Ramp, Best for Shorter Inclines

Simple yet efficient solution for getting a dog to the car – a long, seventeen-inch half ramp for pets, made out of plastic in a light gray color with a material inlay made out of cotton to ensure it being soft enough.

Multifold Supertrax 71" Pet Ramp

A practical portable vehicle ramp for up to 200-pound dogs. It features a 3-section foldable frame of durable grey plastic. It has an anti-skid surface of soft green material, a security tether, rubberized bottom grippers, an inbuilt handle.

Vehicle 62" Pet Ramp

A useful portable vehicle ramp for old, infirm, up to 150-pound pets. It has a sturdy 62-inch foldable in half frame of resistant lightweight black plastic. It has raised edges, a security tether, an anti-skid surface with bone motifs on ends.

Feather-Lite 72" Pet Ramp

A practical portable ramp for up to 250-pound pets. It has a sturdy lightweight foldable frame of durable grey plastic. It's equipped with an anti-slip surface of sandpaper, a rubber handle, top and bottom rubbery grippers, a security tether.

Pet Gear Indoor Bi-Fold Half 42" Pet Ramp & Reviews

A small and simple pet ramp for helping dogs with getting into the car. The ramp has a compact, bi-fold structure and is made out of plastic in a beige color with two padded sheets of cotton fabric in a cream color.

DIY Dog Door Ramp || California Peach || DIY, Dog

An adorable outdoor addition for all pet owners. This white, wooden ramp is a full DIY project, designed to facilitate the everyday lives of dogs and their owners.

Hale Pet Door - Ramps

DIY idea for a self-made pet ramp with a pet door on top of it. The ramp is made out of solid wood painted in a black color and has a rail made in a matching color. The door is fitted with a cover, so it does not let cold in.

Folding Dog Car Ramp - House of Pets

A folding dog car ramp for dogs, perfect for taking with you on family trips or camping. The ramp is made out of plastic in a black color and can be folded it two to make it take less space and fit in a vehicle.

17 Best ideas about Dog Ramp on Pinterest | Dog

Stylish design for a compact, space-efficient dog ramp made out of oak wood with a dark tint and a fine polish. The inside of the ramp is padded with a plushy and soft material in a white color, making it comfy for dogs.

25+ best Dog Ramp ideas on Pinterest | Dog stairs

DIY idea for a self-made, primitive dog ramp made out of reclaimed wood, making it eco-friendly and cheap to manufacture. The ramp has an unpainted finish and has a coat of varnish which makes it waterproof.

Hale Pet Door - Ramps

A pretty useful portable outdoor ramp for pets. It's of black finished weatherproof materials. It has a wedge-like frame, 1 panel support, raised walls along 2 edges of a landing and 1 of a ramp. A surface is covered with grey anti-slip fabric.

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Clever and innovative, this outdoor pet ramp will help you create a dog-friendly house. Ideal for cats or dogs, will facilitate their everyday lives and give you a better feeling of security.

Dog Steps & Ramps - Dog Furniture - The Home

This outdoor dog ramp will be a practical addition for both the dog owners and their puppies. It has rubberized bottom grippers for secure placement. Its carpet tread provides sure-footing and is removable for easy cleaning.

New Pet Stairs Folding Convertible Indoor Outdoor Steps ...

Comprising a black landing and a bright wood framing, this outdoor ramp for pets is not only practical, but also very stylish. It will facilitate the everyday's life of your cat or dog, as well as yours.

Outdoor Dog Ramp Design : Keeping Pets Safe with Outdoor

A simple but ingenious and cool over stairs ramp for dogs. It is DIY-created from a rectangular wooden frame (with an aged finish in greys) of an old painting or mirror. It has gently elevated rounded edges and a sturdy surface.

Handmade Outdoor Garden Pet Ramp for Your Dog or Cat

Handmade project for a DIY dog ramp made out of reclaimed wood with an unfinished and unpainted appearance. The stairs are a perfect addition to a backyard patio or a balcony to help a cat or a dog get on top of it.

Compact Folding Dog Ramp - 643342, Pet Gates, Ramps ...

Give your puppies a helping hand with this compact dog ramp. Its foldable surface won't take up your space and would be convenient in transport. Compatible with all vehicles, it is designed to lift up 40-lb dogs.

Outdoor Anti-Slip Handmade Wood Pet Ramp for Your Dog or

Handmade, this outdoor pet ramp shall be a perfect proposition for all pets' owners. Sturdy and weatherproof, will serve its role for years, helping your dogs, cats or even rabbits access any hard to reach surfaces.

Telescoping Pet Ramp - Extra Wide, Extra Long - Pet

This outdoor dog ramp constitutes a perfect proposition for those, who love to take their dogs on trips. It is 20 inches wide and easily adjusts from 47 inches to 87 inches long. Exceptionally solid, it can lift up to 250 lbs.

Image result for free plans for dog ramp from deck

A cool practical stationary ramp for pets. The ramp is placed between a wall and stairs. Its slanted surface is covered with anti-slip blue carpet fabric. It's lighted by 9 white LEDs along an edge and 1 at the bottom end.

Handmade Outdoor Garden Pet Ramp for Your Dog or Cat

A cool practical portable garden ramp for pets. It's DIY-made of solid wood with a weatherproof stained finish in natural shades. It has a wedge-shaped frame, an anti-slip surface with across fixed slats and gently raised edges.

Build An Outdoor Dog Ramp Pictures to Pin on Pinterest

DIY project for a homemade outdoor dog ramp made out of oak wood with a light tint with a built-in railing. The ramp is padded with a beige cotton fabric and has a built-in storage hidden in the back of the piece.

Deck Ramp For Dog images

Sophisticated setup for an outdoor backyard patio, fitted with a long dog ramp made out of reclaimed wood with a beige coat of paint and a decorative railing, nicely contrasting with the balcony fence in a dark color.

Top Dog Bridge - Stairs and Ramp | Barco Products

Ideal for those, who would like to facilitate a bit the everyday's life of their puppies, this top dog bridge will help your dogs reach your bed or the trunk of your SUV.