Best Decorative Dog Crates for Sale

Having a functional dog crate is just part of dog ownership. They are often used for training, for restraining puppies who might harm themselves or your furnishings by chewing and can provide a secure retreat for older animals that might find visiting children too boisterous for comfort. It can also provide a secure place for your pet when workmen enter your home, or you are moving things in and out -- a perfect opportunity for your pet to "escape" into a dangerous wider world.

Bedside Table Crates

Giving your best friend a place to stay right beside your bed can be beneficial for you both. Dogs are pack animals and enjoy your close company, as their best and favorite pack member. By giving them a place near your bed, they are able to rest comfortably without being on your bed. A bedside crate can also be a safe place for your dog when you have guests who are not dog-friendly. Open grates can allow your pup to peer out and not feel confined.

Credenzas and End Tables

Credenza or end table crates also help with training a dog that is new to the family. It allows your new family member to be near you in a protected situation that can help him or her become used to those who are already resident – both human and four footed. Keep in mind that training crates are best used for limited amounts of time, rather than for lengthy absences. If you have a canine best friend who must be left behind for several hours, a doggy daycare might be a better choice. With that said, a credenza or end table can provide a protected area for your best friend to retreat from visitors who have become too friendly with a shy or nervous dog.

Slide Away Fronts

Slide away openings can slip back into the kennel cavity, putting the door out of the way. This allows the kennel to become a safe den where your pup can keep favorite toys, a rug or two or even an old garment of yours, giving your dog a special place of his or her own.


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Bessie Crown Pet Crate
Bessie Crown Pet Crate Tired of the appearance of wire pet crates marring your interior décor? The Bessie Crown Pet Crate from Tucker Murphy looks almost exactly like a bedside table. Place your alarm clock and bedside lamp on top, and give your best friend a place to sleep next to your bed. It’s constructed for a medium-sized dog, made of plastic wood.
Ferris Pet Crate
Ferris Pet Crate The Ferris pet crate from Tucker Murphy looks like a bright, white bedside table. The upper part of the crate is open, using dowel rods to keep your pet safe. The front opens to allow easy access. It comes in two sizes, small and large, and is made for interior use only.
Grommit Pet Crate End Table
Grommit Pet Crate End Table The Grommit pet crate end table combines a bright white table top with a traditional wire pet cage, with one small difference: the cage opens from the side instead of the end, making it easier to fit into a living room. Allow your pet to be with you while training or to restrain your animal when you must be away from home for an hour or two.
Flint Slide Aside Pet Crate
Flint Slide Aside Pet Crate Pet crate has a bright white table top surface. The access gate can either be hinged, or it can slide out of sight when it is not needed. Allow your doggie friend to have free access to his or her own “cave”, but have the option of restraining your pet when necessary. It’s suitable for a small to medium-sized pet.
Ines Handmade Pet Crate
Ines Handmade Pet Crate A beautiful home for your pampered darling, the Ines cherry-colored wood provides a lovely retreat for your furry baby, while also offering options for restraint. The cherry colored wood can easily blend with classic furniture styles. It has plenty of space inside for a comfortable pad. The crate can be used as a bedside table or as an end table.
Arthur Double Wide Large Credenza Pet Crate
Arthur Double Wide Large Credenza Pet Crate The Arthur double wide large credenza pet crate perfect for to provide a dedicated space for two large dogs while allowing them to be part of the family. It is also a good way to train puppies or to restrain pets when you must be out. The upper surface is an attractive white color.
Arthur Medium Corner Credenza Pet Crate
Arthur Medium Corner Credenza Pet Crate Almost resembling a circus cage, with its dark top, pink sides, and grated side panels and door, this Arthur pet crate fits neatly into a corner, providing a retreat for a cat or small dog. It makes an attractive way to protect an elderly pet from importunate children or to keep your darling from escaping when workmen are about.
Newfoundland Pet Crate
Newfoundland Pet Crate Shaped like a giant cylinder, the Newfoundland pet crate offers a comfortable place for a large dog to rest on a cushion. The arched top gives your pet room to move around. The grated door allows the crate to lock the pet inside, keeping him or her from interacting with guests or chewing up priceless antiques while you are out.
Arya Buddy Pet Crate
Arya Buddy Pet Crate The Arya Buddy residence pet crate is intended for indoor use only. Made of dark wood that can easily blend with a Victorian or Edwardian décor, this pet crate has ventilated sides so that your pet can breathe. It can make a secure place for your pet to rest when there are guests or when you must be away for a few hours.
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Tips To Choose

Dog experts have categorized these six personality types and their traits. Assess your dog's personality carefully, and then look for a kennel that they will feel homely in. Kennel designs have evolved from mere dog crates to thoughtful outdoor doghouses, so you will easily find a bigger and better type on the market. Important consideration herein - they should feel 'at home' in the kennel rather than alienated or intimidated in it.

Dog personality type and Traits and recommended kennel type

Social, adaptable

  • Playful, socially inclined, extrovert, active.

Look for a kennel  that has some elements of a playground - a sand-pit will be ideal. A thatched canvas roof with frills, and roomy and airy enclosure to make your pooch comfortable. A bench to lie down and some dog toys hung from the sides will keep your pooch busy!

Creative, inventive, individualistic

  • Peace-loving and amiable, not the naughty, disruptive type.

A roomy and open environment will suit these personalities well, in which their playfulness will thrive. Choose a spacious kennel with ample space without any roof. It would make the dog feel confined. Note that an open roof kennel should be of good height so that the dog cannot jump out.


  • Smart and self-sufficient. They will find their way through different situations.

Intellectuals prefer a space where they can focus and analyze. Prefer self-contained spaces such as a cabin-type kennel if your dog is an aloof-intellectual type.

However, all work and no play is not so dog-like. So look for cabin-kennels that have stairs leading to an open space where your pooch can play and unwind. Place some dog games such as rope balls and food toys to stimulate your dog's intellect.

Loyal, companionable                       

  • He is your friend-in-need. They will be by your side in times of emotional needs through your joys and sorrows.

A kennel with a warm, friendly, and affectionate environment for this type. Space and shape that resembles a house will aptly manifest this setting. There are hut-shaped, pagoda-style, and room-style kennels available. You will need to personalize the design you choose with your pet's favorite play-things to increase the familiarity and comfort factors.

Curious, investigative

  • He is the "sniffing" type, also nosy sometimes, but in an innocent way. They are all the more adorable for their benign pranks.

A kennel for this type ought to have a curiosity-encouraging environment and ample space to maneuver such activities. Try to select a raised kennel, preferably with a wooden floor, which will give the dog a lot of scratching surface. With or without a roof will not matter, because the dog will be busy catering for its curiosity. For this, dog puzzles - a dog casino, shuffle puzzle, interactive balls, and even smart games are available. Maybe, hang some dog cartoons posters for your pooch to muse on!

Born leaders

  • They take up challenges and lead from the front.

Think like a leader while choosing a kennel for this personality. Your search will end with a spacious kennel where the leader can roam free and interact with the outer elements freely. A sand floor will make things cozy and comfortable for the leader.

There are two important factors when deciding on the kennel size:

Dog size - how to measure it?

  • Length: let your pooch stand straight without a stoop or a curl. Then measure the length from the nose tip to the tail and add a couple of inches.

  • Height: measure it from the crown of the dog's head to the base of its paws. In case your breed has large erect ears, begin measuring from the tip of the ear.

  • Width: measure it when the dog exhales during his breathing cycle.

Having measured your dog, choose the kennel size so that there is enough space on all the sides to keep the dog active and energetic, and to prevent it from becoming temperamental.

Dog weight

Since the kennel has to bear a lot of pounding and pouncing from your dog, it has to be sturdy enough to bear its weight. Below is the dog-weight to kennel-size ready-reckoner, with typical breed examples.

| Dog weight | Breed exaples | Kennel dimensions |

24-30 lbs (small), Chihuahua, French bulldog, 30"L X 21"W X 24"H

41-71 lbs (m), Belgian sheepdog, English Spaniel, 36"L X 24"W X 27"H

80-100 lbs (large), American bulldog, Dalmatian, 42"L X 28"W X 30"H

Above 100 lbs, Great Dane, Bloodhound, 60"L X 36"W X 33"H

The above is a general guideline. Depending upon your pooch's nature and temperament, you may want a bigger size. For example, for your hyperactive Dalmatian, you may want the extra-large size to accommodate his energetic maneuvers.

Most standard kennels are made from an appropriate grade and gauge of metal. Combination-material models are also available.

  • Heavy-duty uncoated steel (25-7 gauge). (Note: metal thickness increases as its gauge decreases). 
  • Galvanized steel or iron (27-6 gauge). Go for steel because it is relatively more rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Metal tubular frames and welded wires or metal mesh.
  • Combination materials:
    • Metal frame and wood cabins
    • Metal frame and body with canvas, vinyl, or firebrick roof

Most kennels are available in neutral colors and finishes that match the outdoor environments. The most preferred are white, gray, black, mud-brown, and silver finishes.

Who does not like a personal touch to their room? That includes your pooch. Here are some ideas to make your dog super-comfortable and cozy in his outdoor kennel:

  • Dress up your pooch's kennel with the same fabric you used for its apparel. If you recently designed a red polka dots coat for your dog, hang flags and frills of the same material around the kennel. It will not cost you anything and create a very familiar kennel environment.

  • Who is your pooch's best friend? You. So hang a couple of selfies with your dog on the kennel walls.

  • Fit a speaker in the kennel's upper level and play your dog's favorite lullaby to make him feel loved and wanted.

  • Hang toy dog bones on the lower heights of the kennel walls.

  • Decorate the kennel with colorful ribbons, frills, and other items and then let your dog go berserk playing with it.

  • Install soft, soothing lighting on the upper and outer side of the kennel walls, where it is inaccessible by your dog.

These ideas should spark your imagination. You know your dog the best. So get going and try some unique personalization tricks for your pooch's outdoor kennel.