Dog Stairs For High Bed

Despite what house rules you have set in place, it’s often difficult for to say no to your little furry pet who wants to get on your bed. However, if your bed frame is high enough to make it difficult for the pet to reach it or climb it in a swift move, you may want to invest in dog stairs.

High beds often present this problem. Not only small pets but also elderly and arthritic ones can find it a tough task to reach the bed frame and climb it with ease. However, for high beds, dog stairs can help you by offering them comfortable access and assure their safety as well.

You can use the dog stairs for beds, couches, and chairs. While you can find both, lightweight and bulky models, always check the weight capacity of the product to make sure it can handle your pet’s load without collapsing or cracking.

Usually, you’ll find models that can be folded and easily stored under the bed or in a corner. Some also come with adjustable height features, so that you can use the same products for different beds or couches as well. There are also built in side-rails in many dog stairs for high beds so that your pet can climb them without hesitation or fear of falling.

Of course, make sure the stairs have skid-free steps. They could also have small carpets on the steps. It’s to ensure that your pet won’t slip while climbing or descending the steps.

While plastic products are lighter and more compact than the wood ones, you’ll discover that the latter is often more durable and lasts for longer. However, wood products may require assembling. You should also consider the models made up of metal and fiberglass bodies.

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Foam 6 Step Pet Stair
Elegant setup for a sophisticated bedroom with a vintage, antique king sized bed and a chest of drawers made out of oak wood with decorative hinges and a slate top, all finished off with a set of fluffy dog stairs.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Steps | Dog Breeds Picture
Elegant design for a set of dog stairs for high beds made to help small dogs and cats reach the top of the bed. The stairs are made out of wood covered with a plush microfiber material in a light brown color, providing a stylish vibe.
Elevated Dog Bed With Stairs | Puppies | Pinterest |
Unique idea for a DIY project, creating an elevated dog bed with a set of stairs. The dog bed is made out of an old, hollowed-out dresser, crafted from oak wood, giving it a traditional, sophisticated appearance.
Dog Steps / Lightweight Portable Pet Steps -- Orvis
A handy set of portable, lightweight pet steps made out of a soft foam, which makes it comfy for the pets to walk on. The dog steps are upholstered with a cotton fabric in a dark gray color, giving it a modern vibe.
Cheap Dog Stairs For Bed –
Cheap yet efficient style for a set of portable, folding dog steps creating a small staircase. The dog steps are made out of oak wood and have padding on each stair, made out of cotton fabric in a light beige color.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Small : Knowing Before Build
A pretty and elegant 2-tier ramp for pets. It's made of wooden materials finished in mid browns. It has a vertically slatted balustrade and anti-slip surfaces covered with patternless dark blue material.
Pet Stairs For Tall Beds - Foter
A set of minimalistic pet stairs for tall beds, perfect for helping small dogs reach the top of the bed. The set of stairs is made out of solid wood and is covered in a microfiber material in a light gray color, which makes it soft.
Convertable 2 Step Pet Stair
Elegant setup for a traditional bedroom with a single sized bed covered with a white set of beddings and a blue blanket. The convertible two-step pet stairs next to the bed provide an easy way to get on top of it for smaller dogs.
21" Tall 3 Step Pet Stair
Cool practical 3-piece stairs for up to 70-pound pets. Each of 3 height-varied steps is filled with dense foam and upholstered in a removable and washable cover of anti-slip fabric in grey shades.
Pup 4 Step 28" Pet Stairs
An aesthetic practical portable stairs for up to 200-pound pets. It's manufactured of durable lightweight white plastic. It has raised edges and an A-shaped foldable support. Each of 4 steps has a rectangularish anti-slip cover of beige felt.
Herzhers Three Step Wood Dog Steps - Warm Cherry Finish
A sophisticated approach to a set of dog steps, made out of warm cherry wood, which gives it an elegant finish. The dog stairs are fitted with padding made out of microfiber material, which make them soft and comfy.
Bedding Bed Stairs Ebay Dog For Plans S Pet Cheap
Available in 5 various colours, this set of bed stairs for pets can be a valuable addition both the for dog and their owner. It will allow them to spend the night together. Designed for higher beds, the item features 6 steps.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Steps | Dog Breeds Picture
Vintage design for a large set of dog stairs made to help them reach high-up places. The frame of the stairs is made out of oak wood with engravings and a rough finish, and the steps themselves are padded.
PupStep 4 Step 25" Wood  Pet Stairs
PupStep 4 Step 25" Wood Pet StairsProviding a fully safe support for the pets to ascend and descend their favourite places, this 4 step wooden pet stairs can be an ideal way to enable your puppy to spend the night with you. Measures 25'' H x 19'' W x 30'' D.
Comfort Foam 3 Step Pet Stair
Easily moved from room to room, with a removable and washable comfort cover, this dog stairs for high bed will a highly practical addition for any dog owners. Ideal for small or medium sized pets, it measures 15'' H x 18'' W x 18'' D.
Dog steps for high beds ideas | Dog stairs for
A unique look for a set of transforming dog steps which can be folded to turn them into a handy dog ramp. The set of steps is made out of light oak wood with a smooth finish and is fitted with cushioned surfaces in a white color.
WOOKRAYS Pet Stairs Ramp Dog Steps for High Bed 3
Cool high-profiled portable foldable contemporary stairs for smaller pets. A base of durable black material is build of upright profiled supports and an X-stretcher. Three anti-slip perforated threads are of dark grey plastic.
Dog Cat Pet Stairs PupStep Pup Steps Ladder Ramp Gear
A simple yet efficient set of dog and cat pet stairs ladder made out of white plastic, perfect for higher up beds or couches. The steps are fitted with material padding, which ensures that dogs have a soft surface to walk on.
Pet Stairs For High Beds
A perfect solution for all who cannot imagine a night without their quadruped friends. Helpful especially for smaller or older dogs, who do not have that agility, this sturdy, stable construction will provide a safe access.
Dog Stairs For High Beds - Uncategorized : Interior Design
Being an ideal solution for both the dogs and their owners, this dog stairs for bed will help your puppies access your sleeping spot and spend the night together, strengthening your bond.
Villa 4 Step Pet Stairs
Pretty contemporary portable 4-step stairs for smaller, aged or disabled pets. They're made of lightweight robust high-density foam. A zippered removable washable cover is of grey micro velvet but threads of white sheepskin-like synthetic material.
Solvit 3-Step Decorative Pet Steps | Petco
Elegant practical 3-step stairs in a traditional style for smaller pets and indoor use. A frame of solid wood finished in mid browns features decorative side panels. Rectangular anti-slip step threads are of white carpeted fabric with beige edging.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Steps | Dog Breeds Picture
These 4-stepped dog stairs will be an ideal solution for all, who like to spend the night with their furry friends. Covered in plush, it will be a comfy and sturdy material, lasting for long years.
Dog Stairs Pet Steps for Dogs 18 High Dog Stairs
This 3-piece staircase for dogs will be a perfect proposition for all dog owners, who cannot imagine a night without their puppies. Designed for pets between 5-45 pounds, handmade in the USA, the item measures 18 inches high.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Ramp : Knowing Before Build
Cool modern sectional stairs for pets. Each section is composed of 1 rectangular and 1 square panel joined by cords. A smaller panel can be put on a bigger one. Foam padded panels have covers of colourful synthetic materials adorned with bone motifs.
Best Dog steps for high beds - Best Dog Steps
Aesthetic practical modern portable 6-step stairs for up to 50-pound pets. They're manufactured of lightweight dense foam wrapped entirely in plush white anti-slip and odour-resistant fabric. Surfaces are easy to clean.
Large Wood Pet Ladder Stairs Dog Ramp 20" Tall Bed
Traditional look for a set of large pet stairs with a frame made out of oak wood with a light tint and a smooth finish. The steps are covered in a cotton fabric in a brown color to make them softer and more comfortable.
398 best images about Westie Thoughts & Stuff on Pinterest
An interesting take on a simple yet classy set of dog stairs, made especially for Westie dogs. The pet stairs are made out of foam with a cover made from a velvet material, which makes the whole piece soft.
Convertible 3 Step Pet Stair
This convertible 3-stepped dog ramp constitutes a perfect proposition for all small dogs and their owners. A great solution for all, who cannot imagine a night without their puppies.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Steps | Dog Breeds Picture
A set of vintage dog stairs with a compartment inside of them, making the stairs double as a dog house. The dog stairs are made out of solid wood with a distressed coat of green paint, and the steps are padded with a soft material.
Snoozer Dog Steps - Dog Beds & Carriers
Cool portable traditional 5-step stairs for pets. They're crafted of wooden materials entirely wrapped in soft anti-slip easy to clean microfibre fabric in light brown shades. They are suitable for smaller pets.
Folding 3 Step Pet Stairs
Always make sure that your beloved pet has absolutely no trouble climbing up those stairs or reaching any higher surface in your interior with some help from this amazing and well-constructed piece. This ramp is made from durable, high quality materials to withstand the weight of your puppy.
Easy Step II 2 Step Pet Stair
Make sure that your pet can reach your sofa or bed with no trouble at all with those amazing 2-step pet stairs that offer both the easy design, perfect to use and a high quality, durable structure.
14" Tall 2 Step Pet Stair
Covered with soft-in-touch, velvet upholstery this 2 step pet stairs constitutes a perfect proposition, who cannot live without their puppies, even for a moment. It is 14" tall.
Dog Stairs for Big Dogs Handmade Extra Wide Long &
Cool practical 3-step stairs for big pets. They're made of wooden materials finished in white and features a vertically grooved design. Steps are covered with beige carpet fabric adorned with black dog footsteps.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Step Knowing Before Build Dog
Aesthetic practical portable 4-step stairs for big pets. They're made of durable moulded plastic in a creamy shade. It's quite high-profiled, has elevated edges and a foldable A-shaped support. Steps are covered with anti-slip beige fabric.
Nice Puppy Stairs For Bed #1 Dog Stairs For High
Contemporary design for a set of simple, minimalistic dog stairs. The stairs are made out of a black-painted frame, crafted out of solid wood, and has four steps made out of pine wood with a light and bright tint.
Doggie Steps For Small Dogs, Medium, Climbing Pet High Bed
Traditional style for a set of doggie steps for small dogs to help them get on top of beds or tall furniture. The dog steps are made out of dark oak wood with a polished finish and have padded stairs to make it softer.
Padded Pet Stairs - Bed Bath & Beyond
A set of two padded dog stairs in two different sizes, perfect for furniture of varying height. Both pieces are made out of a plywood frame with upholstered sides in a cotton fabric and stairs in a plushy, soft material.
Dog Steps For High Beds Plans - Uncategorized : Interior
Ideal for high beds, this set of dog stairs will facilitate the everyday life of both the puppies and their owners. It is crafted from solid, two-toned wood, slipcovered with rugs.
dog steps for beds amazon - DriverLayer Search Engine
This small set of stairs constitutes a cool proposition for all dogs and their owners, who cannot imagine a night without their puppy. Its 3-stepped surface will help all small or elderly dogs reach the top of your bed.
Dog Steps For High Beds And Cars |
Pretty high-profiled portable traditional stairs for pets. They're crafted of solid wood with a finish in browns. Raised side edges, risers and a foldable U-shaped support are in lighter browns shades while threads are darker.
Pet Steps for Small Dogs, 28 High Doggie Steps for
Traditional approach to a set of handy dog stairs, perfect for helping a smaller pet reach the sofa or a bed. The stairs are made out of solid wood with a black coat of paint and white elements and is fitted with upholstered steps.
Dog Stairs For High Bed Best : Knowing Before Build
A tiny yet useful addition to any bedroom for pet owners – a set of traditional-looking dog stairs to help dogs get on top of the bed. These ones are made out of cherry wood and have upholstered steps covered in fabric.
Premium Foam Stairs
Cool contemporary portable 3-step stairs for smaller pets. They're made of lightweight high-density foam and are covered in robust washable material - light grey on sides and darker grey on steps. A surface features small anti-slip bulges.
Homebase High Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair
Aesthetic contemporary portable 5-step stairs for up to 100-pound pets. They're manufactured of lightweight but robust high-density foam and covered in plain grey anti-slip micro suede fabric easy to clean.
3 Step Pet Stair
Elegant design for a soft set of dog stairs, made for bedrooms to help pets reach the top of the bed. The dog stairs are made out of foam and are upholstered in a microfiber material in a cream color, giving them a light tint.
Premium Foam Stairs
A set of premium stairs made out of foam, covered with a cotton fabric in a light gray color. The stairs are fitted with an anti-slip padding made out of rubber-like material, making it a perfect choice for bathrooms.
High Density Foam Stairs 21" Pet Ramp
A handy addition to any pet owner’s bedroom – a set of stairs made out of soft foam, covered in a cotton fabric upholstery in a dark brown color, bound to help a dog or a cat reach the bed or a couch more easily.
Premium Foam Stairs
Giving any small dogs and cats a gentle boost to climb onto couches and beds. This set of stairs will be also easy to clean and maintain for the owners. All thanks to the washable cover. Comprising 5 stairs, the whole item has 25'' H x 16'' W x 30'' D.