Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers for Sale

A Christmas tree feels naked if it does not have a beautiful ornament on the topmost branch. Stars and angels are universally loved tree toppers. But, you can make your tree topper a lot more eye-catching and memorable by choosing a light-up one!

To give you a clearer idea on what we’re talking about, here are the lighted Christmas tree toppers that'll beautifully crown your holiday display:

Moravian Star Tree Topper


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Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers
Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers Elf Logic came up with this lighted multi-pointed masterpiece. It's a Moravian star from Unitas Fratrum or the Moravian Church, which sprung in Bohemia, currently known as the Czech Republic. The star was first produced overseas, particularly Germany, where it's called as a Herrnhut star. Moravian stars, like this 12 incher, are still popular even up to this day. They add a sense of sophistication and class when they sit atop Christmas trees. What we love particularly about this light-up decor is it can serve as your tree's focal point or your porch light. Either way, it's going to add some warmth and brightness into your living spaces!
Bethlehem Star LED Tree Topper
Bethlehem Star LED Tree Topper The second lighted Christmas tree topper on our list is quite different from traditional toppers that we know. It's a frosted silver snowflake that fits nicely on your Christmas tree if it has a super-classy, understated palette. It has a clip-on mechanism, so it is made to sit on top of a tree. It is 11 inches tall with a cUL Listed cord, which connects to this topper's LED lights. With its warm white light and silver finish, it goes well with your winter wonderland decor.
Light Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper
Light Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper If something beautiful yet restrained is what you're looking for, you'll definitely love this 8-point snowflake tree topper from The Holiday Aisle. It delivers whimsey, without overpowering your other Christmas decor. The snowflake illuminates as it's plugged in to make an impact in your space. It's a finely detailed masterpiece that's sure to set your Christmas tree apart. There is also a cone added at the bottom of the topper for easy attachment.
Retro Tree Topper
Retro Tree Topper The Retro Tinsel Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper from The Holiday Aisle is for you if restrained and classic won't just cut it for your space. It combines a snowflake with a starburst design, so it's definitely one-of-a-kind and meant to impress those who view it. This glamorously intricate retro tinsel snowflake/starburst was made using different sets of materials to accommodate 20 bulbs that make this tree topper truly show-stopping. It is 8 inches tall and it can be used as a hanging tree ornament apart from a topper.
Glitter Star Cut-Out Design Christmas
Glitter Star Cut-Out Design Christmas Even when unlit, the 8.5" Glitter Star Cut-Out Design sparkles beautifully. Apart from the 5-point star, it resembles a fairy’s wand with its cut-out swirl that lights up when plugged in. Its design is double-sided, so it will project light on both sides of a room. It makes use of 10 mini bulbs and it's UL listed for your safety and protection. This cute little Glitter Star Cut-Out Tree Topper is for you if you're looking into adding some magic into your space without making a dramatic statement.
Lighted Sunburst Star Tree Topper
Lighted Sunburst Star Tree Topper Starbursts always make excellent Christmas tree toppers. Although you can put this designer 9-inch Lighted Capiz Starburst Topper on any tree, it looks especially good on top of a white artificial tree. It's a charming addition, standing not too high at 9 inches with 10 clear lights prewired to make your home nothing short of magical. As this Kurt Adler starburst topper is crafted out of delicate capiz, you can bet it's going to look amazing in person.
Light Gold Angel Treetop
Light Gold Angel Treetop This Kurt Adler angel topper is a classic. The angel has fine details and she's dressed in a gold and white dress. She comes complete with white feathered wings with a light-up candle in each hand. As she sits on top of your tree, you'll see how your topper comes into life and casts a soft warm light over your Christmas tree. Measuring 14 inches (height), she makes for the perfect accent.
Vintage Angel Tree Topper with Light
Vintage Angel Tree Topper with Light Vintage angel figurines also make elegant tree toppers. This one, in particular, lets you recall the opulence of palaces and mansions while still being adorable and tasteful. As it's a sought-after tree topper currently available on Wayfair, this lighted angel tree topper has already brightened up thousands of living spaces and several Christmases. It is fitted with a mini bulb to give it a modern touch even when it recalls older ornament designs.
Electric Angel Tree Topper
Electric Angel Tree Topper Personally, I always prefer Christmas tree toppers that are eclectic and more rustic like this angel tree topper from Gerson International. What makes the angel topper decorative is the gold finished metal outline and golden stars added to the exquisite dress. Although she doesn't look perfect, she's actually meticulously crafted, which is most definitely an attractive feature. It's added with LED light bulbs, so this tree topper is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
Vintage Star Tree Topper with Light
Vintage Star Tree Topper with Light A best-seller from Hallmark Home and Gifts, the Vintage Inspired Holiday Star Tree Topper with Light is the best choice for those who appreciate having a little bit of color in their decorations this holiday season. It's a multi-pointed star topper that uses rich jewel tones to give off a festive look. It's fairly large as it's 14 inches tall, making it the perfect Christmas topper for a large tree. The metallic beads at the tip of each point of the star ties in nicely with the product's pressed metal construction. It has a cone base so it can sit securely on top of your tree.