Inflatable Santa Claus for Sale

Set the perfect holiday scene not just inside your lovely abode but outdoors as well! You don’t have to limit your decorations indoors or on your front porch, especially when the holiday season is the best time to take advantage of your area’s mild winters. The best way to bring Christmas cheer out to your patio or backyard? A Santa inflatable addition!

A Santa inflatable can easily turn a regular backyard into a warm, cozy retreat that’s beautifully decorated and ready for Christmas. Your outdoor space, if added with this incredibly massive décor, will serve as this year’s backdrop for your annual family pictorial! It can even be a spot in your property where you cozy up with loved ones as you set up a fireplace with the inflatable completing the stunning scene.

We know you’re already excited about this new addition to your home! In this article, we’ll show you all the festive Santa inflatables that will bring the holiday’s cheerful spirit and beauty to your home’s outdoor space. That being said, check out our list of the best Santa inflatables below!


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Inflatable Santa on Tractor Christmas Decoration
Inflatable Santa on Tractor Christmas Decoration Your front yard is the first thing a passer-by sees of your property. After giving all your attention to your home's interior decor, it's time for you to move on to a crucial part and that is dressing your outdoor space! What better way to do it than by adding this cheerful Santa on your lawn; it'll give your property a splendid scene for Christmas regardless of whether it's day or night. This particular Santa inflatable comes with a feature that self-inflates and deflates for the easiest setup and storage possible! In just a matter of seconds, you get the perfect Christmas display. What's even better is it comes with internal lighting that will illuminate your home and spread the Christmas cheer! The entire inflatable is made of weather-resistant, durable polyester, and it measures 5' 4'' H x 5' 3 13/16'' W x 3' 10'' D. Measure your space now and see if you can make room for this cheery addition!
Inflatable Christmas Inflatable Santa with Reindeer
Inflatable Christmas Inflatable Santa with Reindeer Delight passers-by and guests with this self-inflating Christmas Inflatable Santa with Reindeer as your yard decor. As its name suggests, the piece features Santa Claus on his sled and reindeer. Adorable penguins bringing presents are added to the setup to liven up the entire display. What made us include this inflatable on our list is the lightweight materials that are used which are also water-resistant. The vibrant colors make the inflatable an eye-catching Christmas decor. As the sun sets, just switch on the internal lighting of the inflatable and you get a wondrous display! The entire product measures 5' 1'' H x 6' 13/16'' W x 3' 9 11/16'' D, great for filling an empty front yard. Consider this as your outdoor Christmas display as it's an enchanting way of expressing the enthusiasm of your entire family for the joyful season!
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Display this classic Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus as a standalone holiday decor. But, it works best combined with other inflatables as it can help create a custom holiday scene. What is incredibly amazing about Santa inflatables, especially this one from The Holiday Aisle, is their ability to provide maximum impact without requiring you to spend a lot of effort and money! With this Santa inflatable that measures 14' 1 5/16'' H x 4' 1 19/32'' W x 9' 7 13/16'' D, no assembly is required. Everything that may be needed for its easy installation and quick setup including tethers and lawn stakes will already be in one package. Just plug it in, then stake it down to watch the Christmas magic unfold in your very yard. It's made of weather-resistant polyester in vibrant seasonal colors.
inflatable santa claus on motorcycle
inflatable santa claus on motorcycle End up with the most adorable and badass outdoor decor for this season with the Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Driving Motorcycle Decoration from none other than, The Holiday Aisle! It will bring a heartfelt and festive image of Christmas into life right there in your outdoor space. A winter landscape is lovely especially when this darling Santa on his motorcycle instead of sled is used as your Christmas scene this year! If you already have plants growing in your outdoor space, it will make a huge difference if you add the inflatable as visual interest. You may also have no desire in putting up series of lights on your plants to illuminate your yard at night, that’s okay as the inflatable comes with lights for a beautiful Christmas nighttime display! When fully set up, this inflatable measures 5' 4'' H x 6' W x 2' 5 1/2'' D and it's made of premium quality materials.
Jack Skellington Santa Inflatable
Jack Skellington Santa Inflatable
Santa on Train Christmas Inflatable
Santa on Train Christmas Inflatable Make Christmas more magical with the Santa on Train Christmas Inflatable from Three Posts. The inflatable's fun design gives classic characters including Santa's reindeer and penguin helper a modern spin. As it's quite a large display, it will instantly fill and brighten up your yard even during nighttime as it comes with internal lighting just like all the Santa inflatables we've already featured on the list. But, what makes this an interesting yard addition is how Santa's sled is replaced by a train. Who doesn't love trains? Kids will definitely love this retro holiday decor. It also adds a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your outdoor Christmas display. The package comes with all the tools that you need which aren't really many as the unit self-inflates and deflates! But, you can't expect anything less from the reputable Three Posts. This product's measurements when inflated: 3' 9 9/32'' H x 2' 10 1/4'' W x 7' D.
Christmas Inflatable Santa Workshop Decoration
Christmas Inflatable Santa Workshop Decoration Every Christmas, kids think their presents come from Santa's workshop, and with this large inflatable added into your front lawn, your child will definitely have a more vivid imagination of how the bearer of great joy and good tidings look like in his shop. The Christmas Inflatable Santa Workshop Decoration is made to turn the most basic front yard into a place that children will love; your home will burst with Christmas cheer! Apart from Santa on his signature red suit, the inflatable showcases one of Santa's many elves who seem to be busy. It self-inflates with the built-in blower in mere seconds, which means you'll be able to get on with more fun, important things like sipping hot cocoa, playing with the kids, and decorating your tree! When inflated, the piece measures 4' 11 3/32'' H x 4' 11 3/32'' W x 2' 11 13/32'' D.
Santa with Sleigh Inflatables
Santa with Sleigh Inflatables If you want a grand display on your yard for the upcoming holiday season, Christmas enthusiasts will agree with us when we say that this is one of the best choices for a classic outdoor inflatable! As it's massive with its measurements of 3' 5 11/32'' H x 2' 3 9/16'' W x 3' 6 1/8'' D, it takes the pressure off your shoulders from competing with ostentatious exhibits! After all, almost all of your decorating work is done by Santa on his sleek ride. Apart from being convenient and practical, the Airblown Santa with Sleigh Inflatable makes use of durable synthetic fabric, making it an economical choice as well! We know you’re already loving the idea. But, that's not all what this Santa inflatable has to offer because it also self-inflates and deflates. What's more, the lighting makes your home shine with it!
Inflatable Santa Claus Decoration
Inflatable Santa Claus Decoration The best way to express your enthusiasm fully for the holiday season is by erecting a bold, colorful Santa inflatable and setting it on your front yard to great guests and passers-by! Decorating with this classic Inflatable Santa Claus Decoration makes it super easy for you as a homeowner as it can instantly turn your yard into an elaborate display that features your household's holiday spirit! So, if you are looking into decorating your home with the classic image of Santa waving and looking dapper with his red suit, then you'll definitely love this; it will clear the frustration of having to pick the right Christmas décor! To ensure a smooth inflation, make sure you let it self-inflate with its built-in fan. The entire piece measures 4' H x 2' 8'' W x 2' 2'' D, which makes it a great unit for pairing with more scenic Christmas inflatables!
Grinch as Santa Inflatable
Grinch as Santa Inflatable We all know who stole Christmas; it's the Grinch! With the Airblown Grinch as Santa Inflatable, you'll be able to give your Christmas decor a striking, unforgettable addition. Friends, neighbors, guests and family members alike will take delight in seeing this famous Christmas character with his cunning look and impish grin. Let it come to life right there on your lawn this holiday season! It boasts highly efficient lighting. It inflates in mere seconds and deflates on its own when desired for easy storage in between celebrations. We've had this set up on our office and kids loved it! That means this one's proven by us to add a dose or two of pure magic to any space! You'd even love the mischievous smile of the Grinch here which we think is too darned cute! When inflated, the Grinch measures 4' 1/32'' H x 1' 10 27/32'' W x 11 1/32'' D and it consists of 80% Fabric, 10% metal and 10% plastic.
6 ft. Santa Claus Decoration
6 ft. Santa Claus Decoration Spread the holiday cheer to your entire neighborhood this year with this 6 ft. Santa Claus Decoration from 6' H x 2' 6 11/16'' W x 3' 5 1/2'' D. When inflated, it features the Father of Christmas smiling and looking lovingly into your eyes. This seasonal lawn addition is easy to set up and store by yourself as it does both processes by itself! It's also lightweight as the entire piece is made of weather-resistant polyester. When it is switched on, you will be treated to a warm glow which emanates from the inflatable, bathing your entire front yard in soft, cozy light; yes, even when it is pitch-black outside! Don't let your outdoor space look and feel incomplete, and use this as this year's festive holiday decor! Once Santa is inflated, don't forget to use tethers in staking the piece into position. Doing so will ensure your holiday decor is grounded even when there are strong winds.
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Fishing Decoration
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Fishing Decoration Santa has caught a snack while on the way to delivering gifts to your entire neighborhood on his Christmas-themed boat. This modern image of Santa makes the blowup unique and interesting. The entire display including Santa's boat will illuminate when plugged in as it comes with internal lighting that's energy efficient. Of course, the piece makes for a spectacular nighttime display, most especially on Christmas Eve! With its built-in heavy-duty blower, your Santa inflatable quickly sets up! Santa, in this product, looks like he's in the tropics fishing! If you cringe just by thinking of sleet, snow, and ice, then this is a great idea to add to your lawn; it'll make you imagine being on a boat while sipping on Pina Coladas with Santa! Made of weather resistant polyester, this inflatable Santa measures 5' 7'' H x 2' 11'' W x 7' 11'' D.
Dog Sleigh with Santa Christmas Decoration
Dog Sleigh with Santa Christmas Decoration There is nothing cuter than this Santa being pulled by a pair of smiling Huskies! This adorable display definitely needs to make an appearance right on your lawn this upcoming chilly season. The inflatable is 7 feet long and is perfect for wide spaces either outdoors or indoors. It's also a great decor if you simply need an inflatable that is not as tall as your rooftop. Santa and his Huskies illuminate with the internal lighting added for a glowing nighttime display. Santa is completely decked out for Christmas wearing his traditional suit bearing all the presents to be given away to kids on the ‘nice list’! As the inflatable is a product of The Holiday Aisle, you can expect it to come complete will all the tools that are needed for its installation in your home.
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Play Golf Decoration
Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Play Golf Decoration If you are on the lookout for a cheery Christmas scene for your lawn this year, then you'll love this non-traditional inflatable that's also from the reputable The Holiday Aisle. It's a well-constructed, lightweight inflatable that depicts an adorable scene of Santa playing golf and taking a break to beat the stressful Christmas rush! It is made of polyester, which means your display is weather resistant. it will definitely last for several seasons. It is also safe to display even during bad weather. The inflatable comes with all the setup and installation tools needed to ensure you get a gorgeous display for Christmas including lights and a built-in fan for inflation. Even when the inflatable is freestanding, it's best to stake it down to make sure it is secured and grounded. When fully inflated, the scene measures 4' H x 4' 11'' W x 2' 2'' D.
Tall Outhouse Santa Outdoor Yard Prop
Tall Outhouse Santa Outdoor Yard Prop Santa Claus peeping through an outhouse is showcased in this silly inflatable. His face in this display seems like he's almost ready for some Christmas fun! As needed, the display of Santa adorably embarrassed while peeking out of an outhouse will self-deflate for easy storage in between seasons. But, what’s important to remember is the fact that it makes for an incredible addition to your yard this holiday, especially when it's an unconventional depiction of the Father of Christmas! Santa and his outhouse are fully illuminated for a magnificent nighttime display. The entire structure measures 14.3 x 14.2 x 13.9 inches, which means it's quite an impressionable decor. With the built-in fan, your Christmas display will inflate instantly to offer a quick and easy installation. The package will arrive on your doorstep complete with tether ropes and yard stakes to ensure your outdoor display is secured properly to the ground.
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Tips To Choose Inflatable Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It's getting close to the end of the year, and you know what that means! Outfitting the outside of your home with jingle bells galore is a fantastic way to ensure that you feel like you're in the holiday spirit, no matter where you are.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the best type of inflatable holiday decorations to choose; you definitely want them to feel like yours, after all. Let's go over some of the basics in terms of what you should look for when you need some inflatable outdoor holiday decorations in your life.

Because inflatables are such a great way to enjoy the holidays, it can be easy to get carried away with festive holiday cheer! However, for safety and practicality, you have to make sure that you don't buy inflatables that are too large (or too small) for your home.

A good way to start is by simply measuring the amount of room in your front yard that you have available. Mark off the parts of your yard that you will need to have accessible for everyday use, and then measure the rest of it---the part available for decoration---to see the approximate square footage that you'll be working with.

When you're shopping for inflatables, keep an eye on the dimensions section of the product details. Anything larger than the amount of space you have available should be dismissed without a second glance!

Wondering how to stay away from buying decorations that are too small? Decorations that are too small are a much more aesthetic issue than is buying decorations that are too big. Instead of making your yard difficult to navigate, you'll be looking at a holiday decor situation that can't be seen from the road.

To combat this, take out a few different items from your home that are of various sizes: for example, a bucket that's 18" high, an outdoor chair that's 3 feet tall, and so on. If you have friends or children that want to participate, this could be a fun way for them to help! Have them stand in your front yard approximately where you'd want holiday decorations to go (or place your props in those places). Then, go stand across the street, and see what you're able to observe. If you can't easily see your props or friends, then you won't be able to easily see an inflatable with similar approximate dimensions. If this is the case, sizing up might be a good idea.

When you're considering the number of inflatable outdoor holiday decorations you should buy, there are two main things that you need to think about:

  1. How much room you have in your front porch and front lawn area. Having a large number of inflatable outdoor holiday decorations may be fun, but you definitely need to be able to still access your front yard and be able to see your home from the street, for safety and practicality.

  2. You should also consider the nature of the inflatable outdoor holiday decorations you're looking for. If you have your heart set on a realistic Nativity scene, you'll need to buy at least three inflatables to make it recognizable. If you want Santa and his reindeer, you're going to need to buy several! If you're looking for standalone inflatable outdoor holiday decorations, stick to themed inflatables that don't require accessories or other elements to make the scene make sense.

If you've decided to purchase more than one inflatable outdoor holiday decoration, you need to arrange them in a way that makes sense for the story they're trying to tell, and you need to make sure you don't block your view from your home.

When you're looking for an inflatable outdoor holiday decoration, you need to assess a few things to make sure that it'll be perfect for your home. For example, is it important to you that it lights up at night? If so, you'll need to figure out exactly how you're going to power the holiday decoration and make sure that you have an outlet or an extension cord available to make that happen.

Here are a few other features to look out for:

  • Music: Some inflatables come with their own soundtrack to make the tableau even more festive! This might be a good idea if you live in a remote area, so that ambient noise from businesses and other households don't get in the way.

  • Self-Inflating: If you don't want to have to worry about a pump or inflating the inflatable by yourself, get a self-inflating model. It'll save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Automatic Timer: With timed inflatables, you can set them to light up or start playing or moving when you choose (for example, when it gets dark out). This just removes one step from your day, so you don't have to worry about remembering to turn them on.

Although many thinks of inflatable outdoor holiday decorations as a Christmas-specific event, keep your eyes peeled the next time you're driving through your neighborhood around Halloween or Easter! As it turns out, no matter the holiday, inflatables are an option for you to show some holiday cheer.

Wondering what your options are for each holiday, specifically? Here's a quick breakdown of what you might see available:

  • Christmas: Santa, elves, presents, trees, Nativity scenes, reindeer, and more!
  • Halloween: Ghosts, monsters, Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, bats
  • Thanksgiving: Pumpkins, cornucopias, turkeys
  • Easter: Easter bunnies, eggs, Resurrection-themed-inflatables
  • St. Patrick's Day: Four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold
  • Graduation: Year-themed inflatables (numbers), graduation hats
  • 4th of July: Eagles, Uncle Sam, flags

Think carefully about which holidays mean the most to you, and choose inflatables to match that holiday accordingly!