Christmas Tree Star

As the holiday season approaches, most of us are trying to decide on the best or most unique way of decorating our Christmas trees. If you're like us, then you're also thinking of trimming your tree and decorating your home together with the rest of the family.

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It's undeniable how the Yuletide season is important to all of us. So, why don't you top off your home's main attraction with a Christmas tree star? It's the perfect way of making your tree complete and the most beautiful you've ever seen.

Read on as we've listed some of the best Christmas tree stars available for purchase online. Check them out now!

Moravian Star with White Bethlehem Star

Christmas Tree Star

The first on our list is a gorgeous star from Elf Logic. Because it only weighs 9.9 ounces, you won't have to worry about it toppling over from being heavy. The 12-inch Moravian Star is perfect for both artificial and genuine trees. As its base is wide enough, you'll be able to double or triple up the tree's spires if needed.

What most people love about this product is it isn't glittery but it shines like a real star. But what only a few know is it isn't just a tree topper, but it's also a porch light! Add that with an affordable price tag and you have a Christmas tree topper that's hard to resist!

Star Treetop 10-Light Set, 7-Inch, Clear

Kurt Adler Star

This one's a bit small, but it's perfect for small- to medium-sized Christmas trees. It's an eye-catching lighted Christmas tree star that makes use of 12V 0.72W clear incandescent bulbs. It's a gorgeous 5-point star that is the perfect match to a Christmas tree regardless of its color and theme.

Nowadays, decorative lighted Christmas tree stars come in lights that have a blue hue, which can be hard to pair with most Christmas tree designs. Fortunately, the lights on this Kurt Adler Star Treetop make use of steady-burning warm white bulbs. The set even comes with spare bulbs!

Motion Rotating Illuminated Treetopper

Animated Christmas tree topper

Are you on the lookout for a Christmas tree star that will serve as your Christmas tree's crowning glory? Look no further than this one-of-a-kind, revolving tree topper! Its design complements traditional Christmas themes to more trendy ones. It has a time-honored star that represents the one which led Magi to finding Bethlehem where Jesus was.

But, that's not all! Santa Claus and his reindeers dangle from the guiding star and continuously circle your tree top for a magnificent display. To top all that, the entire piece is even handcrafted and hand-painted! This one's truly a number.

10 Light Indoor Rattan Natural Star Treetop

Rattan Natural Star Treetop

Add a rustic charm to this year's holiday theme with this indoor rattan star tree topper from no other than Kurt Adler. It's a charming Christmas decor that's the perfect addition to your lodge or country-themed Christmas tree.

As it is crafted from natural wood and it has an open twisting design, it will last years without losing its appeal. It is suitable for indoor use and it includes four extra bulbs, an extra fuse, and a plastic cone for mounting.

Tree Top Star

Tree Top Star

When dressing a winter wonderland for this upcoming festive season, it is only natural for you to want that magical finishing touch, which can make everything all the more special. With this Tree Top Star from National Tree Co., you get the best focal point for your Christmas tree as it's color-changing!

It is an incredible way of achieving a festive feeling. It is fitted with flashing LED bulbs and comes with a remote control that allows you to choose from several different lighting options.

Lighted Faceted Bethlehem Star Christmas Tree Topper

Bethlehem Star Christmas Tree Topper

Twinkling like your favorite constellation in the clear night sky, this light-up multi-colored Christmas tree topper is guaranteed to add a glow to your Christmas decor. It's crafted out of acrylic with each point of the star added with a steady burning bulb to add beauty and color to your home's holiday decorations. It's double-sided and great for indoor use.

9.5" Lighted Glittered and Beaded Star Christmas Tree Topper

 Star Christmas Tree Topper

If you're seeking for a meaningful topper for your Christmas tree, then this one's among your best options. It's a beautiful gilded Bethlehem star with clear beads surrounding it. Shimmering in gold, this stunning 5-pointed Christmas tree star doesn't fail in bringing elegance to your home decor. It's also illuminated by ten mini lights. It comes complete with a sturdy wire coil base that attaches to your tree's tip.

Capiz Star Treetop

beautiful Christmas tree star

Add warmth and a glow of light to your space this holiday season with this gold-trimmed Capiz Star Treetop. From its name, you already know it's made of capiz in hues blue, gold, green, violet, and crimson. As its main construction material is lightweight, any Christmas tree can make use of this beautiful Christmas tree star. It's lighted up by clear R42 bulbs and it stands 8.5 inches.

Metal Glittered Star Tree Topper

Metal Star Tree Topper

This one doesn't need any LED lights or bulbs to shine. Its metal construction and gilded finish are already enough to brighten up your living spaces and bring the holiday spirits into the hearts of you and your guests. It makes for the perfect complement for trees of all themes and designs. From a design standpoint, it exudes classic elegance and a luxurious look with its unique texture and intricate lines.

Silver Star Treetop

Silver Star Treetop

Dazzling with its sparkling silver glitter and intricate details, this delightful Christmas tree topper is sure to shine brightly atop any Christmas tree for many holiday seasons to come! It's a brilliant product that makes for an opulent holiday ornament, which may be just what you're looking for to tie your Christmas tree's look together.

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