Desk Chair Without Wheels 6 Must-Have Features

So, you've decided that a desk chair without wheels is best for you. They aren't as damaging to the floor, they're affordable for most budgets, and your kids are less likely to play with your wheel-less chair since it isn't movable.

Since you're going to invest in a desk chair with no wheels in the first place, make sure the one you purchase promotes correct posture, feels comfortable, and is properly fitted to your body. There's no point in buying an expensive desk chair if you're going to end up feeling uncomfortable after sitting on it for a while.

Certain characteristics can help make a desk chair even more comfortable and functional. Check out these 6 must-have desk chair features to ensure that the chair you have your eye on is worth buying.

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Lumbar support

Probably one of the most sought-after features in desk chairs, lumbar support allows your spine to rest in a healthy and natural s-shaped position and prevents it from slumping after sitting for long periods. The majority of people who work at desks or sit down for hours on end suffer from back pain. This is why lumbar support is crucial. This support is available in different options such as portable, fixed, or adjustable. A portable or external lumbar support is a cushion that comes in various sizes and shapes to match different body types. It can be manually placed and removed whenever you want. On the other hand, a fixed lumbar support comes attached to the backseat and can't be altered nor moved at all. Fixed supports can be quite a problem if multiple people are going to use the chair since everyone's spines are different. An adjustable lumbar support refers to lumbar support that can be manually adjusted to fit the exact curve and depth of your spine. You can adjust its height, depth, and firmness with ease.

Lumbar Support Executive Chair
Lumbar Support Executive Chair


A good chair comes down to a couple of features, and armrests are one of them. Do your upper body a favor by choosing a desk chair with armrests. Better yet, choose a model with adjustable armrests! Armrests prevent discomfort in forearms and wrists and reduce tension and pain in the neck, arms, and shoulders. Bearing in mind that everyone's body differs from one another, the most ideal choice would be to pick a desk chair with adjustable armrests. This way, you can lower and raise them according to your preferred position. Generally, armrests should be placed at a height that lets your elbows rest effortlessly and comfortably.

Backrest angle adjustment

Unlike traditional chairs, most desk chairs feature a backrest that can either be tilted or reclined. But what's the use? An adjustable backrest reduces back pressure after long sitting hours. Using this desk feature as you work will take weight off your upper body while keeping your spine in its natural position. The tilting mechanism is the most widely used among backrest adjustments. It changes the backrest and seat's angle at the same time when you lean backward whereas the reclining mechanism only reclines the backrest. Reclining is most useful for those who suffer from back pain and need to lean backward at greater angles. If you feel like you need both movements, you can find a desk chair that supports both reclining and tilting.


Another useful element to look for in an office chair is a swivel function. A chair that can rotate a full 360˚ will allow you to move effortlessly from side to side to reach certain areas of your desk without straining your body. Your desk chair doesn't necessarily need to have wheels to be able to swivel. There are multiple desk chairs on the market that can revolve even without casters! If you usually grab things around your desk, don't overlook swivel chairs!

Swivel Genuine Leather Task Chair
Swivel Genuine Leather Task Chair

Seat height

This is a very convenient feature for both tall and short users. The ability to tweak your seat's height so that your feet properly touch the ground is necessary for a favorable seating experience. Additionally, a seat that is too high or too low for your desk will only cause fatigue, discomfort, and stiffness throughout your body. An office chair with height controls lets you select the right level for your body and desk, which helps prevent poor posture and muscle strains. Seat heights are normally 17 to 18 inches which can be an issue for unusually tall and short people. In general, your thighs should level with your hips but, that may not always be possible with a fixed seat. This is where adjustable seat heights come in handy!

Metal Guest Chair
Metal Guest Chair

Seat cushion

Although it's obvious that seat cushions make chairs comfortable, they can actually do more than that! Seat cushions are especially helpful in supporting the spine, relieving back pain, and promoting good posture. If you're on the lookout for a desk chair with a seat cushion, keep in mind that there are a variety of seat pads to choose from, with the most popular type being memory foam. You can also choose whether you want a firm model or one that conforms to your body's shape to customize your seating needs.

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