5 Expert Tips To Choose A Hammock Stand & Accessories

The fact that you haven't got two strategically placed trees doesn't mean that you must give up on your hammock dream! A versatile stand can turn any spot in your garden or patio into your new siesta area within minutes.

Just make sure you choose a hammock stand & accessories that actually match your needs, from style to size and durability. Looking for some help? Well, let's not keep you hanging, then!

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1. What are the benefits of choosing a hammock stand?

If you're not too familiar with this more modern approach to traditional hammocks, check out the advantages of choosing hammock stands:

  • First of all, they're much more versatile than hammocks relying on straps: not everyone has two suitable trees or poles to tie a hammock to, but everyone can use a hammock stand!

  • This also means that you can move it around wherever and whenever you wish. Sun in your eyes? Just turn it on the side a bit. Has it started to rain? Rush it underneath the porch roof!

  • Hammock stands make for an easier, hassle-free setup, too;

  • They're also very durable options, both when it comes to the stand itself and the hammock, as they keep it firmly in place, preventing damage.

2. What are the different types of hammock stands?

There are two main types of hammock stands. If you already own a hammock, it'll be pretty obvious which one you should go for. However, if you're still deciding, here's what you should consider:

  • Standard hammock stands are designed to hold a traditional hammock horizontally, and are just what you need if you want to use it to lie down, relax or take a nap in the garden;

  • Hammock chair stands are taller models designed to hold hammock swing chairs vertically, which makes them ideal to chill out while reading a book or to work on your laptop rather than to lie down.

Steel Standard Hammock Stand
Curved Arc Wood Hammock Stand
Black Metal Hammock Stand
C Hammock Chair Stand
Metal Hammock Chair Stand in Black
Durable Metal Hammock Chair Stand
C Shaped Metal Hammock Chair Stand
Metal and Steel Hammock Chair Stand
Metal Hammock Chair Stand
Metal Hammock Stand in Black
Oval Metal Standard Hammock Stand
Powder Coated Steel Standard Hammock Stand
 Wood Hammock Chair Stand
Whole Wood Hammock Stand
Wood Arc Hammock Frame with Steel Chain
Arc Frame Wood Standard Hammock Stand

4. How is a hammock stand measured?

It's important to measure the length of your hammock before choosing a stand for it.

In order to hang it comfortably and be a bit more flexible when it comes to its height, we recommend adding an extra 2 or 3 feet to the actual length of your hammock.

5. What hammock accessories do I need?

Once you've got the most essential features sorted, it's worth thinking of the hammock accessories that could improve your relax time even further:

  • If you'd like an extra level of comfort when lying down to nap or read, consider adding a pillow. Stick to waterproof materials like polyester so that you don't always have to worry about bringing it in when it starts raining, but keep in mind that you might find your pillow on the other side of the garden during the windiest days;

  • Wheels aren't the most aesthetically-pleasing feature, but they're a handy solution if you're already excited about moving your hammock around the garden to follow - or escape - the sun;

  • A hammock stand means that you don't actually need any tree-straps. Still, they might be worth buying if you're planning on taking the hammock with you when you go camping;

  • Do you always end becoming a mosquito's favorite victim as soon as you step outside? A bug net will allow you to hang peacefully;

  • For some extra protection from the rain, both in your garden and when camping, consider a waterproof tarp when choosing a hammock stand & accessories.

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