Outdoor Decorative Privacy Screen Panel for Sale

Decorative privacy screens can offer you increased levels of privacy while adding a decorative element for the setting. Decorative privacy screens perform a specific and vital function of adding privacy to any part or area of the home. For this reason, privacy screens are present in most residential structures. Due to the homeowner's need for a privacy screen, the market has blossomed into many varieties and types. The plentiful option is always good as there's no need to settle with a privacy screen that is less than perfect for your situation. On the other hand, the mind-boggling varieties can be a source of confusion. To help you with that, this article is going to serve as a buying guide. At the bottom half of the article, there's also a few product suggestions to help you get the ball rolling.

Placement Type

When it comes to the placement type of the decorative privacy screen, your choices typically fall into stand-alone or non-stand-alone. Each has its own pros and cons. The stand-alone type has the advantage of being very portable and convenient. Since the privacy screen can stand on its own, there's no need to hassle yourself with the installation. Also, you can quickly move around this type of screen as it's not planted to the ground. On the downside, the screen tends to tip over if you are not careful. If the screen needs to be installed, then it's likely to be a non-stand-alone type. Typically, this type of privacy screen needs to be planted to the ground, allowing it to very stable and secure. On the other hand, it's generally more expensive compared to the stand-alone type.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

When shopping for a decorative privacy screen, be aware if it's intended for outdoor or indoor use. An outdoor privacy screen has to be made with durable materials so it can resist the elements. These types are very tough, but they also come with a higher price tag. Since an indoor privacy screen doesn't need to deal with the outdoor elements, this allows a greater leeway for creativity and choice of materials. Typically, an indoor only privacy screen is more stylish. On the other hand, it's less versatile as its ill-advised to place it outdoors. Keep in mind that there are decorative privacy screens that are designed for outdoor and indoor use. However, these types usually come at a higher cost.

Number of Panels

Privacy screens typically come in a number panels and joined together to form a single unit. The most common ones are either in three or four panels. Generally, the more panels the unit has, the more expensive it gets. It's up to you to balance how many panels you want with regards to your budget. However, there are certain types of decorative privacy screens that allow you to join the multiple units together to form one cohesive unit.


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Folding Patio/Garden Privacy Screen
Folding Patio/Garden Privacy Screen A decorative privacy screen made from real cedar wood to give it a more luxurious look. With galvanized steel hardware, you can expect this privacy screen to serve you for a long time. It's also a privacy screen that can fully open and can freely stand on its own.
Artificial Ivy Leaf Privacy Screen Fence
Artificial Ivy Leaf Privacy Screen Fence If you are looking to add a layer of privacy, and you want to do it with style, then this item may be for you. It features artificial, but life-like ivy leaves as a screen. The vinyl leaves are UV resistant, which makes great for an outdoor setting. The product is both strong and attractive, which makes it a good value for your money.
Outdoor Wood Privacy Screen
Outdoor Wood Privacy Screen A privacy screen that comes with 4 panels and fully foldable. With a high-quality treatment, it's resistant to decay, rotting, termites, fungi, mildew, and molds. Made with Acacia plantation hardwood, it's both durable and attractive. The oil-rubbed finish makes it look expensive and adds another layer of protection for the wood.
Mota 4 Panel Room Divider
Mota 4 Panel Room Divider An indoor-only privacy screen that is fully collapsible. Featuring four panels on hinges, it offers excellent functionality and pleasing aesthetic design. The panels are crafted from high-quality pinewood and Paulownia wood for the panels. The two-tone wood style may be subtle, but it makes all the difference when it comes to the vibe it offers.
Langdon Privacy Screen with Planters
Langdon Privacy Screen with Planters A privacy screen that has so much to offer. With its glass design and the luxurious brown-colored wood, it's already a striking addition to any outdoor decor. It also features planters, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for something that is both aesthetically pleasing and offers great functionality. With high-quality wood and treatment, it can be left out even during the winter time.
4 Panel Outdoor Screen
4 Panel Outdoor Screen With a soft-white and elegant pattern, it's an outdoor privacy screen that exuberates with elegance and sophistication. It's made from high-quality plastic, which makes it easier to maintain compared to the wood counterparts. For best results, it's highly advisable to drive the privacy screen at least 8 inches to the ground.
Decorative Screen
Decorative Screen A privacy screen that is both modern and versatile. With its unique pattern design, it looks sleek and stylish. This privacy screen is made from galvanized steel, making it's durability tough to beat. It's also powder coated to make it scratch-resistant and able to resist the elements when placed outdoors.
Rocade Screen 4 Panel Room Divider
Rocade Screen 4 Panel Room Divider An indoor-only privacy screen that is suited if you are going for that elite and sophisticated look. It comes with four panels and elegantly patterned design. Easy to hold due to its hinges, it's easily deployed and stored. The wood is varnished and seasoned, making it durable and robust.
Outdoor Privacy Screen Panel
Outdoor Privacy Screen Panel Once fully installed, this privacy screen can offer you sufficient amount of privacy while letting the air flow in and out freely. With its green and white stripe design, it blends well with your outdoor setting. The high-quality polyethylene screen is specially designed to resist UV light degradation, making it suitable to be placed outdoors all year round.
Privacy Screen
Privacy Screen A very versatile privacy screen due to its unique construction design. A single unit comes with three panels, but the construction design allows it to be joined with another unit. You can join as many units as you can making it perfect for a residential, commercial, or administrative use. The item is fully designed and crafted in the United States.