3 Expert Tips To Choose Dog Ramps & Stairs

Dog ramp or stairs can make a tremendous shift in your dog's quality of life. It can be heartbreaking - and sometimes a little inconvenient - when your dog simply can't get onto a bed or couch to snuggle with you.

Even worse can be those times at the end of every dog's life, when getting into a van for a trip to the dog park, requires uncomfortable or painful lifting. Dog stairs and ramps solve all of these issues, so we've put together this list of expert tips to help you make the best possible choice

What materials should the dog ramp or stairs be made from?

Material is probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new dog ramp or set of dog stairs. The base material will determine how long your stairs last and how well your pet's weight will be supported. Surface materials can help your pet go up or down but are also important to consider for maximizing your dog's comfort. Let's take a quick look at the best materials for your dog steps or ramp in our first expert tip.

High-density foam

Ideally, the frame or base material for your dog stairs should be made of something both lightweight and strong, so you'll have an easy time moving it around without compromising the safety of your pet. High-density foam fits both of these criteria, being the lightest weight base material for pet stairs while being able to bear the weight of pets up to 50 lbs. Of course, weight-bearing capacity is model specific and should always be verified prior to purchase.

While high-density foam is great for weight-bearing, it is not very scratch, bite or bump resistant. Dog stairs made from this material can wear down quickly, which can lead to rocking or collapsing stairs that risk your dog's health. Rocking stairs can be especially dangerous for elderly dogs who are having issues with stability, so be sure to replace your foam dog stairs regularly.

High Density Foam 4 Steps Pet Stairs in Burgundy
High Density Foam 4 Step Pet Stair
High Density Foam Long Pet Stair
Small Comfort Foam Pet Stairs
Grey 3 Step Foam Pet Stairs
Comfort Foam 3 Step Pet Stairs


Wooden dog stairs have far more longevity than their foam counterparts, but can still fall victim to biting, scratching and water damage. If the finish on your wooden dog stairs becomes compromised, you run the risk of excess humidity encouraging rot, which can destabilize your stairs and lead to falls.

Despite their shortcomings, wooden dog stairs can be phenomenal choices for your décor. While most of them are made from manufactured wood, they often come finished in hardwood veneers that match well, with beige furniture or wooden flooring.

Wooden 4 Step Pet Stairs
Cherry Wood Pet Ramp
Traditional Style Wood Dog Stairs
Black and Cream Wood Pet Stair
Wood and Carpet 3 Step Dog Stairs
Wooden Foldable Dog Ramp

Microsuede and carpet

As far as surface material goes, microsuede or carpet work incredibly well for both pet ramps and pet stairs. Of the two materials, microsuede is softer, making it the more suitable material for pets with paws that become irritated. Unfortunately, however, microsuede is a bit harder to maintain than carpet precisely because it is softer.

Sheets of microsuede are normally very thin, so mud, dirt, fur and droppings all tend to be very visible, which means you'll need to be cleaning your microsuede surface material relatively often. While microsuede is machine washable, it can become frayed when washed often.

What carpet material lacks in comfort, it makes up for in durability. Because carpet material is significantly thicker than microsuede, you can count on it to retain its integrity through washing. It also holds up against scratching and biting far better than microsuede does, which makes it the ideal choice for particularly energetic dogs.

Long Grey Carpet Pet Stairs
Carpet Dog Stairs in Cream
Large Carpet Dog Stairs in Grey and Cream
Cherry Wood and Carpet Dog Stair
Small White Carpet Dog Stairs
Washable Dog Ramp and Landing
Washable 2 Step Pet Stair in Grey
Washable Long Pet Ramp
Collapsible Outdoor Dog Ramp
Collapsible 4 Step Pet Stair
Adjustable Wood 4 Step Dog Stairs

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