3 Expert Tips To Choose A Makeup Vanity

Makeup vanities not only make getting ready for the day ahead nice and easy with all your beauty products organized and to hand. They also make a great focal point for your bedroom, combining style and practicality.

Here are our expert tips for choosing a new makeup vanity for your home

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What are the different types of makeup vanities?

Before you start looking at makeup vanities, decide first on how you will mostly be using it. Are you looking for a classic model with loads of space for perfumes and cosmetics? Do you want a lot of space to store items neatly tucked away? Or is your vanity table likely to be more for show or used mainly as a mirror?

Here are the main types you will need to consider.


A dream for most little girls that grows with us into adulthood, the classic makeup vanity has plenty of space, a huge mirror and ample drawers and shelves.

A little like those big white wedding dresses, while classic vanities have a lot of allure and charm, they are not always suitable for everyone's style.

Ideal if you want a traditional, very feminine look and you have plenty of space, classic vanities are less suited to smaller bedrooms and modern or minimalist styles.

Classic White Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror
Classic Modern Makeup Vanity Set
Classic Luxury Gold Makeup Vanity Set
Classic Makeup Vanity in White
Simple Classic Makeup Vanity in White
Light Wood Classic Makeup Vanity


For fuss-free looks opt for a flip-up makeup vanity. Great if you don't want your makeup and perfume on show but need it all to be ready in the blink of an eye.

Opt for a flip up vanity and you simply lift up the mirror to reveal a concealed storage space under the lid - and voila, you've got all your essentials to hand.

Great for minimalist or modern homes, flip-up makeup vanities feature clean lines and clutter-free designs. They are available in a range of sizes, so you can save space with more compact versions.

As they also double-up as a handy writing desk when closed, flip-up vanities are the most practical option.

Dark Wood Flip-up Makeup Vanity
Grey Elegant Flip-up Makeup Vanity
Brown and White Flip-up Makeup Vanity
White Flip-up Makeup Vanity Set
Modern Flip-up Makeup Vanity in Grey
Small Flip-up Makeup Vanity in Brown


Short on space? Check out wall-mounted makeup vanities.

As they attach directly onto your wall, they save you space. They tend to be shallower than many traditional models for this very reason. You can also store items under them when not in use.

Wall-mounted makeup vanities come in a wide range of designs, so whatever your style, you're sure to find one to suit your home.

As their leg-free design contrasts with traditional models they tend to work best in a modern, contemporary setting, even when traditionally styled, providing an excellent focal point.

Wall Mount Makeup Vanity with Mirror
White Corner Makeup Vanity with Mirror
Light Pink Corner Makeup Vanity with Mirror
Corner Vanity with Mirror in Black and White
Medium White Corner Makeup Vanity


Not sure if you've got enough space to accommodate a makeup vanity? Think again. A corner makeup vanity is an ingenious space-saving solution.

Its three-pointed design means it takes up next to no floor space and most models have built-in storage space so you can really make the most of having a dedicated space to get ready and organize all of your beauty products and accessories.

Which style of makeup vanity is best for my decor?

Once you've decided upon your ideal type of makeup vanity, you'll want to find the right style to match your decor.

Wooden makeup vanities

Best for traditionally styled bedrooms, classic wooden vanities with embellishments and a white painted finish will add femininity and elegance. However, stained or varnished finished can work well in traditional, rustic style bedrooms also.

  • Choose models with cabriole legs and scroll of leaf motif for a more classic look.

  • Pared-back wooden versions that resemble writing desks with natural colors and flip-up mirrors work great in minimalist or modern bedrooms or dressing rooms.

  • Chunky white or natural finish vanities with drawers and removable mirrors tend to look best in rustic style, traditional rooms.

Dark Wood Makeup Vanity Desk
Wood Elegant Makeup Vanity Set
White Wood Flip-up Makeup Vanity Set
Grey Solid Wood Makeup Vanity
Simple White Wood Makeup Vanity
Rubberwood Makeup Vanity with Mirror

Glass-top vanities

This style of vanity works well with a modern decor.

It is also a great choice for smaller rooms lacking in natural light. The translucent nature of glass will make your vanity appear less imposing than one with a mahogany stain for example.

Use your glass top vanity to bring out the elegance in your room, without being over the top. Team it with a modern, fuss-free mirror for a streamlined, modern look, or a one with feminine embellishments for a quirky mix of traditional and modern.

  • Look best in a modern decor.

  • Less suitable if you have a lot of beauty products and accessories as storage is often limited or non-existent.

  • Team with a metal frame for a minimalist look.

Glass Top Gold Metal Makeup Vanity Desk
Glass Top Makeup Vanity in Silver
Glass Top Gold Metal Makeup Vanity Set
Glass Top Makeup Vanity Desk in Silver
Luxury Glass Top Makeup Vanity Set
Metal Vanity Set with Glass Top


Modern vanities often combine glass with a metal frame for a functional style that provides angular lines and sharp contrasts.

These vanities are a good choice for modern or minimalist looks. Keep them clear for clean lines and surfaces or dress them up with a few selected bottles of scent for a feminine touch in your modern decor.

  • Metal framework and structure add a utilitarian, functional feel in dark colors. This looks great in modern or minimalist bedrooms.

  • Choose white coated metal for a more feminine look with scroll details. These models can be space-saving designs for smaller more traditional bedrooms.

Metal 2 Piece Vanity Set with Mirror
Metal Industrial Makeup Vanity
Black Metal Industrial Makeup Vanity
Silver Metal Makeup Vanity Set
Gold Metal Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror

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