Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Decorative bathroom exhaust fans, especially those with lights, are an important part of bathroom furnishings. They are needed to exhaust excess moisture that could cause mold, mildew and other adverse conditions within the small room.

The Purpose for Exhaust Fans

Many building codes require that bathrooms have an exhaust fan that can exchange the air at least five times a day, especially if the bathroom in question does not have a window. Not only can an exhaust fan clear excess moisture from a bathroom, it can also draw out unpleasant odors and fumes from cleaning supplies. In this way, the bathroom has a good chance to smell pleasant for the next user.

Vented to the Outside

To be effective, the exhaust fan needs to attach to a vent that leads to outside the building. This is part of what builders mean when they say that a house needs to be able to breathe. The exterior vent is part of building regulations in many areas.

Incorporating the Fan with the Primary Light

Illumination is essential for most activities, and finding everything in a bathroom is no exception. Incorporating the fan with the light ensures that when the bathroom is used, the fan is switched on, pulling odors of normal use and even those of cleaning supplies out of the bathroom.

More Than Odors and Moisture

Exhaust fans can do more than whirl away moisture and bad odors. If a bathroom has already started growing mold, a good fan can help pull the spores out through the exhaust vent and away from people. It also gives an opportunity for atomizers to spread a pleasant scent without its becoming overpowering.

Incorporating Beauty with Practicality

Beauty is always important, even for the simplest and most ordinary functions. A bathroom might be a place to attend the most basic of personal needs, but that is no reason why it cannot incorporate elements of good interior decorating. Fixtures that match, attractive globes covering utilitarian light bulbs, and smart decorative touches create a pleasant environment that has earned this essential room the alternate name of “restroom.” Where better to rest than in a room that has pleasant decorative touches and a pleasant, breathable atmosphere. Fortunately, modern interior designs present a variety of fan and light combinations from which to choose. Let’s browse through a few of them, and see which will suit you best.


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Bathroom Fan with Light
Bathroom Fan with Light Whirl away moisture and stale air with this charming bathroom fan with light has cast chrome and swirled marble glass design. The Hunter Halcyon 90 CFM from Hunter Home comfort helps disperse steam that could cause mold and mildew in your bathroom, promoting healthy air circulation. The unit uses two 60-watt bulbs for the light. Bulbs are not included.
Garden District Bathroom Fan with Light
Garden District Bathroom Fan with Light A whisper quiet bathroom exhaust fan hides behind a brushed nickel fitting, ornamented with three hanging light fixtures. The silk road designer cup-shaped lamps provide gentle illumination while the fan disperses steamy moisture from your bathroom. The Garden District 70 CFM exhaust fan and lamp is another offering from Hunter home, design to combine beauty and comfort.
Victorian Bathroom Fan with Light
Victorian Bathroom Fan with Light Hunter Home offers this lovely Victorian bathroom fan with light. The Victorian 90 DFM whirls away moist steam that could cause adverse conditions in your home. The fan draws up the moisture, whirling it away to the outside. It does require an exhaust vent to work properly. A removable finial makes it easy to clean and to replace the bulb when needed.
Belle Meade Bathroom Fan with Light
Belle Meade Bathroom Fan with Light If you like an opulent bathroom, then you will love this bathroom fan and light combo. The housing is a rich brown octagon, trimmed with gold rope, the globe is hand painted with a snowflake design. The air is exhausted through a gap in the base of the light – if you do not know it is there, you’ll never spot the exhaust fan.
Bathroom Fan with Light and Night Light
Bathroom Fan with Light and Night Light Enjoy a lovely light and night light with scrollwork that encases a softly colored glass shade. The fan wicks away moisture, while the lamp provides general illumination. When less illumination is desired – as when you just need a little light to guide you to the facilities, you can use the night light feature.
Bathroom Fan with White Globe
Bathroom Fan with White Globe Enjoy a pleasant bathroom environment as the fan located at the base of the white globe lamp whisks away steam that could cause mildew to develop in your bathroom. You would never know that an exhaust fan is hiding at the base of this light. Note: Requires an exhaust pipe, and cannot be installed in a wall.
Space Age Bathroom Fan with Light
Space Age Bathroom Fan with Light The polymeric grill is not affected by the moist conditions often found in bathrooms. The whisper quiet fan whirls away moisture for up to 96 square feet in bathrooms and can be used to exhaust up to 125 square feet in other rooms. It’s simple dome light and unobtrusive grill work will never be a conversation piece, but it gets the job done.
Bathroom Fan and Heat Combination
Bathroom Fan and Heat Combination It might sound a little contradictory – and fan and heat, but the fan whisks away unwanted moisture while the heater adds a pleasant ambiance. If you are tired of shivering in a cold bathroom, this might be the combo for you.
White and Brown Bathroom Fan and Lamp
White and Brown Bathroom Fan and Lamp This white and brown bathroom fan and lamp from Broan is an attractive combination for bathrooms. The fan whirls away unwanted steam or odors, while the lamp provides appropriate illumination. The brown trim and the white globe create a nicely understated contrast as a ceiling decoration. The entire effect is pleasant without being obtrusive.
Chrome and Alabaster White Bathroom Fan and Lamp
Chrome and Alabaster White Bathroom Fan and Lamp Chrome is often used in bathrooms, and this chrome and alabaster white bathroom fan and lamp will fit nicely with the rest of a chrome-themed bathroom décor. The air is drawn out through a vent at the base of the lamp and whirled away through an exterior vent. The bowl-shaped globe of frosted alabaster conceals two 60-watt lightbulbs.