3 Expert Tips To Choose A Chaise Lounge Chair

Elegant and stylish, a chaise lounge chair will enhance your room's style and offer a relaxing and comfortable place for reading, napping, and watching films. Equally suited to the bedroom or the living room, choose the best indoor chaise lounge chairs for your home with our top tips.

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What are the Different Types of Chaise Lounge?

Over the years, chaise lounges have evolved into several different types. Discover the best type of chaise lounge for your home right here.

Armless Chaise Lounge

Armless chaise lounges feature a backrest at one end and no arms.

Unlike models with one arm, you can place them whichever way round suits you and your room. They can also be placed along walls to save on space and double as extra seating space for guests.

One Arm Chaise Lounge

One-armed chaise lounges have a single arm that protrudes from the backrest, up to around halfway down the chair. This can be a traditional arm as you would find on an armchair or a thin continuation of the backrest. The latter is ideal for placing against a wall.

This style of chaise lounge is also useful to complement your existing seating arrangements. When you have people over, it can also double up as an extra seat for two sitting upright.

Two Arm Chaise Lounge

Designed purely for reclining, two-armed chaise lounges lose a little in the streamlined looks department.

However, for watching a film or just laying back and relaxing, they make a perfect choice. Great for the living room by your TV or the bedroom, a two-armed chaise lounge is all about comfort.

Double-ended Chaise Lounge

Double-ended chaise lounges feature a backstop at each end and no arms.

Their design makes them suitable for placing at the end of a bed or under a window. Unlike other types of a chaise lounge, they are less suitable for reclining, however, they are still a comfortable and elegant seating solution, as well as a highly attractive item of furniture.

Yellow Linen Blend Two Arms Chaise Lounge
Gray Velvet Two Arms Chaise Lounge
Polyester Blend Double End Chaise Lounge
Warm Beige Linen Armless Chaise Lounge
Beige Linen Double Ended Chaise Lounge
Berry Velvet One Arm Chaise Lounge

What Chaise Lounge Material Should You Choose?

Before you choose your chaise lounge, it is important to consider which type of material is appropriate for your household, budget and lifestyle.


While it is an expensive choice, leather is renowned for its durability, comfort and good looks.

It's a natural choice of material, but it won't be suitable for those who disagree with the idea of using animal derived products. You should also keep in mind that leather is available in fewer finishes and colors than other materials.


  • Highly durable.
  • Flexes with time.
  • Better for allergy sufferers - doesn't harbor dust and mites, unlike fabrics.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for vegans.
Black Faux Leather Chrome Chaise Lounge
Brown Faux Leather Wood Chesterfield Chaise Lounge
Black Faux Leather Rubberwood Chaise Lounge
Ivory Faux Leather Wood Chaise Lounge
Faux Leather Wood Chaise Lounge And Ottoman Set
Black Faux Leather Wood Chaise Lounge


Microsuede chaise lounges are very comfortable, ideal for curling up and relaxing with a good book.

They are also durable and come in a variety of colors. One of the main advantages is that they tend to be much more stain-resistant than other chaise lounge fabrics. This makes them a particularly good choice for families with young children or pets.


  • Easy to remove stains.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Plush, cozy feeling fabric.
  • Durable.


  • Light colors can become discolored from your clothes.
  • Attract hairs and pet fur.
Khaki Microsuede Wood Chaise Lounge
Beige Microsuede Wood Chaise Lounge
Grey Microsuede Wood Metal Chaise Lounge
Grey Microsuede Recessed Arms Chaise Lounge
Blue Microsuede Pine Wood Chaise Lounge
Microsuede Manufactured Wood Chaise Lounge


If you are looking for a natural choice, then cotton is a popular option for your chaise lounge.

One of the main benefits is that it is breathable, so your legs won't stick to it in summer, unlike synthetic versions. It is also highly durable and easy to clean, although take care with lighter shades as it can absorb colors from your clothes.


  • Breathable.
  • Highly durable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dyed in a wide range of colors.
  • Washable.


  • Fades easily with sun exposure.
  • Can wrinkle.
  • Light shades can absorb color from your clothes.
Cotton Wood Recessed Arm Chaise Lounge
Giotto Shale Cotton Blend Wood Chaise Lounge
Hardwood Cotton Flared Arm Chaise Lounge
Como Rosewater Cotton Wood Chaise Lounge
White Cotton Blend Wood Chaise Lounge
Antique Gold Cotton Blend Wood Chaise Lounge


Linen chaise lounges add a stylish look of casual indifference with their shabby chic appearance.

However, this type is best reserved for chaise lounges that won't get a lot of use, for example, in the bedroom or a quiet sitting room, not in a busy family living room.


  • Natural fabric.
  • Colored or printed versions available.
  • Crisp feel.
  • Can be cleaned.


  • Not suitable for heavy wear.
  • Wrinkles very easily.
Gray Linen Wood Chaise Lounge
Platinum Grey Linen Wood Chaise Lounge
Black Linen Eucalyptus Wood Chaise Lounge
Beige Linen Wood Chrome Chaise Lounge
Beige Linen Wood Chaise Lounge
Brown Linen Rubberwood Chaise Lounge


Polyester-covered chaise lounges are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors, including satin, velours and canvas.

Polyester chaise lounges are generally cheaper than other materials, making them a good budget choice.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Wide choice of finishes.


  • Some can pill.
  • Can develop static charges.
Mystere Mango Polyester Wood Tufted Chaise Lounge
Marine Polyester Blend Wood Yoga Chaise Lounge
Light Blush Polyester Wood Chaise Lounge
Blush Pink Polyester Blend Wood Chaise Lounge
Emerald Green Polyester Wood Chaise Lounge
Polyester Blend Rubberwood Chaise Lounge

What Style of Chaise Lounge Matches Your Interior Design?

When choosing your new chaise lounge, be sure to pick a model that complements your decor.

Here's which styles look best with your interior design.

Modern decor

Give modern and contemporary rooms a style boost with a chaise lounge.

  • Bright colors work well as feature, statement pieces against a more somber background.
  • Choose simple yet elegant styles for a complete break with traditional looks and look for new fabrics like microsuede or polyester for a modern finish.

Traditional decor

Leather or cotton styles beautifully complement traditional decor.

  • A leather chaise lounge, especially a Chesterfield style, screams tradition. However, if your traditional decor is lighter and more elegant, you may prefer a natural cotton chaise lounge or linen with a light finish.
  • One-arm chaise lounges tend to look best in traditional decor. Look for models that have elegant turned wooden legs with a matching arm.

Minimalist decor

Streamlined chaise lounges look best in minimalist homes. You don't want any fussy finishes that will distract from the clean lines of your chair.

  • Chaise lounges with simple metal frames or legs add sophisticated style without adding distraction.
  • Sleek leather styles are also a good, understated choice for minimalist homes, although you could also try microsuede if leather is out of your budget.

Farmhouse/Country cottage decor

It's all about the rustic elements here.

  • Look for chunky style chaise lounges to go with your country cottage decor. Linen and cotton are popular choices, especially in light-colored shades.
  • Wooden legs and arms work well with rustic decor and will harmonize well with other wooden items of furniture.


Chaise lounges are not typically associated with industrial looks, but with some creativity, they will fit beautifully into your surroundings. 

  • Dark leather and metal-framed chaise lounges are the best options to match the cool tones of industrial style decor.
  • Make sure to opt for simple models with clean lines that are free from embellishments. This will prevent any clashing with other items.

Shabby chic decor

Chaise lounges are the perfect addition to shabby chic design.

  • Romantic, antique French-style chaise lounges look fantastic in shabby chic decors.
  • Choose upholstered models with authentic details such as turned legs and curved armrests and backs.
  • Light colors work best, although you could opt for a brightly colored velvet version or luxurious damask in unusual colors to break with tradition.
Dark Green Velvet Chaise Lounge
Velvet Traditional Tufted Chaise Lounge
Genuine Leather Industrial Chaise Lounge
Pine Wood Polyester Chaise Lounge
Cream Velvet Wood Chaise Lounge
Beige Velvet Metal Minimalist Chaise Lounge

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