15 Wonderful Wooden Shelves For A Bathroom

Bathroom shelves don't have to be plain and boring. Today, a lot of decorators are incorporating gorgeous shelving in their bathrooms to match the rest of their home décor.

You've seen the average and the normal storage cabinets and shelves, but you want something extraordinary. You are looking for a practical and fashionable piece to add to your lavatory.

Well, click no further because we have what you are searching for, right here. Keep scrolling for the 15 most wonderful wooden shelves for a bathroom that everyone is hunting for.

Wood Laminate Connected Box Shelves

Wood Laminate Connected Box Shelves

Wood laminate interlocking box shelves are not only functional but also stylish. The dark square-shaped frame against a light neutral painted wall makes an artistic statement.

They are made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and can be purchased in white or brown. These three connected box shelves are perfect as designer shelves in any artist's bathroom.

The shelves only sit four inches from the wall, which means they hold smaller items better. Add candles, reed diffusers, Q-tips, rolled-up face cloths, and other decorations that match your décor style.

Thin Geometric-shaped Bathroom Shelves

Thin Geometric shaped Bathroom Shelves

Uniquely defined by its thin geometric-shaped metal, this wooden shelf is extremely eye-catching to anyone. The thin metal wiring around the thin wooden shelves gives your bathroom the illusion of more space.

If your bathroom is hurting for space but you need shelves, this a great option. Each shelf can hold up to 33 pounds letting you place heavier items like towels and lotion bottles, on top of the shelves.

Paint the wall a light neutral to make the wiring stand out more. If you want the greyish-white shelves to stand out more, paint an accent wall a darker tone.

Solid Wood Over-the-toilet Shelving

Solid Wood Over the toilet Shelving

This is one of the better choices if you have minimal space to work with and a lot of bathroom items. The two long shelves and six smaller shelves running alongside the toilet add more space and room to store lavatory items.

You can choose between antique chestnut, espresso, graphite, or white painted wood. This shelf is made from a sturdy birch tree and comes with tip-over restraint devices.

The shelving not only adds storage space but also gives a bathroom some flair. For a less cluttered look, put your bathroom bottles on the side shelves, your décor pieces just above the toilet, and your towels on the top shelf.

Two-tiered Wooden Shelves and Towel Rack

Two tiered Wooden Shelves and Towel Rack

Wooden shelves for a bathroom don't have to look fully cleaned up and streamlined. Take this shelf for example. The textured piping plays into the industrial style.

A two-tiered offset wooden shelf goes well against a more spacious wall. The diagonal appearance gives this shelf more movement compared to a vertical bathroom shelf.

Combine green plants and other metal materials to tie into the shelving. Try outlining your mirror or another rectangular piece in your bathroom with this distinctively devised wood ledge.

Hair Appliance Holding Wooden Ledge

Hair Appliance Holding Wooden Ledge

A wooden shelf that holds hair appliances is every woman's dream. Men can use this amazing wooden ledge too. They can place their shaving cream, razors, and toothbrushes on this holding shelf.

The wood ledge can hold up to 10 pounds and it comes with holes that are both large and small. These are best placed next to your mirror near your bathroom counter.

They come in a light wooden brown or distressed white finish. For better color flow in your bathroom, place the same-colored appliances on this shelf. An example of this could be all-black appliances.

Clean Cut Wood and Metal Over-the-toilet Shelf

Clean Cut Wood and Metal Over the toilet Shelf

The slightly diagonal frame gives this over-the-toilet shelf more character compared to over-the-toilet vertical frames. The black and brown wood finish makes for a rich and warm feel to a neutral or warm-toned bathroom.

This shelving option is 61 inches off the ground with a shelf height of a little over nine inches. Three shelves or more are best suited for bathrooms with higher ceilings.

For a more united bathroom, find a bathroom cabinet with similar colors and shapes. To prevent your bathroom items from falling, place them inside a wooden tray that has an edge.

Recycled Wood and Metal Open-box Shelves

Recycled Wood and Metal Open box Shelves

Recycled mango wood shelves are a great way to repurpose wood into something useful for your bathroom. The open back and sides make the room feel airier and more expansive.

Owning two separate shelves instead of two connected ones gives more freedom to place shelves however you like on your bathroom walls. You can choose to rest one on top of the other, side-by-side, or diagonally.

These shelves are best used for decorative bathroom items. Adding in other textures and materials like concrete or stone can give this wood and metal shelf a more contemporary feel.

Tall Solid Wood Floor Shelf

Tall Solid Wood Floor Shelf

A tall solid wood floor shelf is best for a large bathroom with tall ceilings. If you are looking for a nice way to fill up some space in your bathroom, try this shelf for size.

The solid light-colored wood with rattan peel goes brilliantly against light or dark painted walls. This floor shelf can hold up to 40 pounds, making it a great option for holding all your towels and bathroom supplies.

The glass shelving within the wood frame gives your bathroom a clean appearance. Include white seashells and roped accessories for a coastal theme.

White Thin Wood Over-the-toilet Shelf

White Thin Wood Over the toilet Shelf

A thin white over-the-toilet shelf can make a bathroom sleeker and more spacious. What is neat about this shelf is it comes with four shelves but gives extra space to sit towels or other items on top of the toilet.

The shelving is made of MDF, and each shelf can hold about 10 pounds. A tip-over restraint device is included making this a perfect shelf for families with young children.

For a farmhouse feel place tin pails and cork-topped glass jars holding your cotton balls and Q-tips on your shelves. Just for looks, add some greenery to your tin pail.

Staggered Three-tier Pipe and Wood Shelf

Staggered Three tier Pipe and Wood Shelf

The staggered three-piece industrial shelf can be nicely fitted on a skinnier vertical wall. Adding a black-framed picture beside it draws your attention to the black pipe outline on this shelf.

Each wood shelf can swivel allowing you to organize the shelves the way you wish. Setting an open wire basket on one of the shelves welcomes an industrial finesse.  

The rough metal piping stands out best with a light background. For a dark elegance paint your wall black and place warm cage lightbulbs on top of this shelf.

Organized Cubby-hole Shelf and Towel Rack

Organized Cubby hole Shelf and Towel Rack

Finding a shelf with cubby holes is a terrific idea for storing towels. The white wood and veneer will match any towel you add to this shelf.

Wooden cubby hole shelves can be purchased in white, brown, espresso, grey. There is a clear gloss finish on all shelves creating a modern impression.

You can easily put 4 towels on this metal two-rod towel rack. Place this shelf near your shower or bathtub for easy access.

Wooden Over-the-toilet Shelf and Cabinet

Wooden Over the toilet Shelf and Cabinet

Sometimes you are in search of a shelf that can both hide messy items and display décor pieces. Well, you've met your match with the wooden shelf and cabinet duo.

Wooden shelves for a bathroom aren't necessarily needed on both sides of a toilet. You might not have enough space to have shelves on both sides either.

To minimize clutter, hideaway all your small bottles behind the cabinet. You can also place toilet paper on the side of your toilet. This works well if you have a toilet centered in the middle of your bathroom.

Solid Wood Crate Shelf With Towel Rack

Solid Wood Crate Shelf With Towel Rack

Wooden crate shelving with a white brick background looks fabulous. There is a rustic charm on this type of bathroom shelving.

Each shelf can hold up to 10 pounds and decorations and bathroom items shorter than nine inches can be placed on the shelves. Crate shelving is a rare design quality found in a lavatory.

For farmhouse style, combine a tin lantern on the top shelf. Bring in nature with small potted green plants and yellow, pink, or purple flowers.

Two-piece Long Wood Shelf With Towel Rack

Two piece Long Wood Shelf With Towel Rack

The long wooden slat bathroom shelf is perfect for making a small bathroom appear larger. The white paint and horizontal lay of the wood slats stretch a wall out.

The warm brown shelf on top draws your eyes upward to whatever décor pieces you place there. The back paneling prevents bathroom supplies from falling behind the toilet or to the floor.

You have the option to choose a white-wash or brown walnut shelf. Go with white for a farmhouse vintage or the brown walnut for a rustic modern touch.

Bookcase Turned Into Bathroom Shelving

Bookcase Turned Into Bathroom Shelving

You might be thinking, that is a bookshelf, not a bathroom shelf. If you have a large enough bathroom, a piece like this will do wonders for you.

The offset alternating shelves and the elegant pattern is a genuine attraction to see. Introducing a cement or stone vase to this shelf is very doable because it can hold 55 pounds.

The open backing and vertical strip prevent your shelf from closing off your bathroom. It is easier to see shapes and colors you place on the shelves, especially when the back wall is painted white.

Buyer's Guide on Wooden Shelves for a Bathroom

When choosing a type of wood shelf for your bathroom, choose hardwood over softwood. Softwoods like pine and fir, are more likely to hold in moisture which isn't something you want in a humid environment.

The deeper your shelf the more attractive it appears. You don't want your decorative pieces and bathroom supplies to seem like they are falling off the shelf. So, make sure anything you place on your shelf doesn't hang over the side.

Before buying an over-the-toilet wood bathroom shelf, make sure to measure the amount of space you have above and around your toilet. You'll want to leave a few inches of space on the sides and two feet above the toilet for maintenance.

To make a smaller bathroom look larger and wider, find a bathroom shelf with a horizontal direction. For example, wood slats that are lined parallel to the floor.

If your ceilings are short and you want to make them look taller in your bathroom, opt for a vertically aligned shelf. Vertically aligned wooden shelves add height to a room.

Industrial home décor styles should use a wooden shelf with piping to connect other rooms to their bathroom. For a rustic farmhouse, choose a white-washed shelf.


A wood shelf is a wonderful way to highlight a bathroom. So, don't settle for bland because there are too many fashionable and unique shelves out there.

Choosing wooden shelves for a bathroom shouldn't ever be difficult. Now with 15 new options to choose from, you'll be set for your next bathroom revamp!

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